you almost dropped her again

Spotlight || Bucky Barnes || Pt. 4


Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: When your agent decides a publicity stunt is what you need, you’re fallen into the trap that is Bucky Barnes’ life. How long can you keep up with his attitude and antics or will he redeem himself before it’s too late?

Warnings: so angsty i wanted to throw myself off my roof ://

Word Count: 1843 words.

A/N: im so sorry for this angst but the next part will start to become more fluffy woop woop

You have no idea how much I hate myself for doing what I did to you.”

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we call this chapter ‘fluff and foreshadowing’ ao3 link.

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4. Close To

In the weeks that had passed since their fight, things had returned more-or-less to normal for Liam and Sara. Too normal, almost, if you asked Liam: the events that had shaped the first six months or so of their relationship had, after all, been anything but ordinary. Even though he was struggling with the change in pace, he knew that Sara had it worse. While she seemed less restless lately, more inclined towards the amused smiles and quick wit of the Sara he had first fallen in love with, her easy joviality was confined solely to her waking hours. Sara had never been a quiet sleeper, but she whimpered more in the middle of the night these days. Tossed and turned. Stole the blankets.

It was one such night that Liam awoke with a jolt, feeling the cool air of their room on his bare chest, and Sara curled at the edge of the mattress, twisted in the covers. She was talking to herself, her words quieter than a murmur. Liam wished he could make them out; wondered if it would help him decipher what haunted her dreams. When she started thrashing her legs, almost propelling herself off the edge of the bed, Liam instinctively reached out with one arm to shake her. “Sara, Sara,” he whispered, “wake up." 

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The Yule Ball, PT 2

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Hey you guys! Here you have part two for the Yule Ball, hope y’all enjoy it! Made the original character/you a Slytherin, hope that’s okay with you guys. Uh btw, in this fic Harry’s era is in 5th year instead 4th J


Again for probably the hundred time, you twirled in the mirror, admiring you dress. It had taken you hours, if not days to pick your dress. And to be honest you looked super hot, it was a sexy dress but in the classy way.  Your hair was put up, showing your new super expensive earrings, your dad had bought you. The party were slowly starting and almost everybody had already met up with their date to chat around and see each other. Perhaps you should have done the same. Maybe you should have gone to meet your date by now. He was probably already waiting for you. No he wasn’t ‘probably’ waiting for you, you knew he was waiting. Yet something kept holding you back.  

Every single girl from Hogwarts and Beauxbatons were green of jealousy when Dean Thomas invited you. You admit he was hot, and not just hot but you know, hot hot. He had invited you by sending you a note in a horrible potion class with Snape. You had agreed since you’ve always had a bit of a crush on him. Though when the class had ended, Pansy your best friend, had asked you to tell Draco he should invite her to the Yule ball. You had quickly found Draco and he had pulled you into a classroom and instead asked you to go to the ball with him. Not wanting to blow off Dean you had declined making Draco leaving furious and hurt. You hadn’t told Pansy about this, not wanting to hurt any more than necessary.

That was about a week ago, and you had been avoiding your bestfriends like it was the plague. You had stormed out of every class when it ended, not wanting to give them the chance to talk to you.

But from the looks Draco gave you, he didn’t desire to talk to you either. The biggest problem was that you and Pansy shared dorm, so you would stay in the library until curfew and then sneak into bed, get up early in the morning and disappear once again. It was tiring. You were a popular girl and almost every one liked you, but in the end you just wanted to be alone with your two bestfriends. Draco and Pansy.

You heard a knock on your door and you opened it slightly to see who was standing outside. It was Adelaide Murton, a girl you also shared dorm with. “Uh, Y/N, are you coming down, Dean is waiting” she said as the looked at you and your dress. “Salazar, you look absolutely beautiful honey!” she almost whispered, due to her dropped jaw. You grinned and once again twirled in the mirror. “I’ll come down in a minute, just give me 2 minutes” you said to Adelaide. She nodded and closed the door again. You heard her high heels click on the cold stone floor. Quickly you sprayed your favorite perfume on, and decided to meet up with Dean.

He was standing outside the Slytherin dungeon. He looked absolutely stunning.  Unlike Ron Weasley he didn’t wear a traditional wizard robe. Dean was wearing a black suit with a white tie. His hair wasn’t messy as it usually was, he had combed it and judging from his white smile had had been brushing his teeth like crazy. “Well aren’t somebody looking handsome?” you giggled as he held his hand in front of you to reach. He smirked, “luckily I can say the same- or not handsome, but pretty, Y/N you look stunning,” he laughed at his own awkwardness. “Ready to go?” he asked. You nodded and hand in hand you started walking up to the great hall. Every one looked stunning, buuuut you knew you looked the prettiest.

Professor McGonagall along with professor Flitwick and professor Snape, were standing outside the great hall with a long piece of parchment. “Come, we have to check in” Dean said pulling your hand towards McGonagall. “Dean Thomas!” she said with a small smile and looked down on the list. “Yes professor and miss y/n y/l/n. “Ah yes of course” McGonagall nodded and looked at the list and crossed of both of your names off. “Now I’m suspect neither of you have alcohol on you?” the professor asked. Unfortunately your eyes and mind had started to wander. You looked over at Snape’s line. A tall boy, with blond hair was standing, small talking with Snape. His grey eyes, filled with joy. His smile was more of a smirk. You felt like a knife stapped you in the heart. The two of you had been bestfriends since day one. Draco’s family was pureblood like yours. Your parents would have been nothing but happy if the two of you started going out.

A girl walked up to Draco and slipped her hand into his and gave it a squeeze. Like Draco, her hair was blond. It was long, longer than yours. Her dress were hugging her curves, making her breasts look huge. She had a pearl white smile with a red lipstick to match her dress. Her long, skinny legs were tanned. Her face was symmetrical, and her makeup was so much better than yours.

You looked away and felt tears pressing on. You bit your lower lip and felt once again Dean pulling your hand; together you walked into the great hall.

When you walked into the great hall, girls in the corners whispered to each other while looking at you and Dean. With your self esteem being beaten through the core of the earth, and into hell. You could hardly fantasize they were whispering about how pretty you looked. They were probably whispered about Dean. Not only was he incredibly handsome, but also he played on the Gryffindor quidditch team. Many would have chopped their hand off to go with him.

The great hall was filled with happy teenagers. Professor Flitwick interrupted the noise and got everyone to make a straight line between them so the tri-wizards could freely walk up to dance as the first.

It took a couple of minutes before every one closed their mouth. Then the big old golden door opened and in came the 3 wizards and 1 witch with their partner. Harry looked small compared to the other competitors. The others were in 7th year and you and Harry were only in 5th. You knew that Draco despised him, but honestly you’ve never had a personally reason to hate him.  As the 4 competitors were dancing the first dance, your eyes once again found Draco. The girl that followed him were whispering in his ear, Draco was smirking when she pulled away. He put his arm around her small waist and pulled her close into him. In that moment Draco also caught your eyes. His smirk slowly disappeared. You shot him a cold look and gave the girl the elevator look. Draco looked behind you to see Dean Thomas chatting with Ron Weasley. “Really?” Draco mimed nodding his head towards Dean. “What, jealous?” You shot back mouthing. He rolled his eyes and shoke his head and looked at the 4 dancing couples.  

Goddamn it.