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maybe RFA+Saeran finding out MC is pregnant

I did general pregnancy headcanons too bc there was more to write!

Yoosung Kim

  • He was elated when he found out
  • You two had been wanting a family
  • But you were worried that this was all too soon for him
  • He couldn’t be happier, though!
  • He likes to give you backrubs
  • Takes off work to take care of you as it gets later in your pregnancy
  • Cooks you any food that you’re craving, and makes sure you drink lots of water and take your vitamins
  • It would all pay off when you hold your healthy baby girl, though


  • You were worried about what he would think
  • He never talked about wanting a family before
  • So your hand was shaking as you held the positive test
  • When you told him, he was nervous, but so happy
  • He was scared he wouldn’t be able to be a good father, with the way his job kept him so busy
  • Sometimes, his nerves would keep him up at night
  • He wanted to give his baby a happy life
  • One much better than his
  • All his fears would melt away, though, when he saw his baby boy’s bright eyes for the first time

Jaehee Kang

  • You and her had been planning to have a baby
  • Though she offered, you wanted to be pregnant
  • After lots of planning, you finally chose your donor and was impregnated
  • She was so excited for motherhood
  • Would be very neurotic about making sure you were being safe
  • Super important that you’re relaxed, and super comfortable
  • She would be worried your baby wouldn’t like her as much
  • But that made it so much better when your baby girl reached up for Jaehee’s face with a smile

Jumin Han

  • He always wanted one child, no more, no less
  • So when you announced your pregnancy, he was happy
  • He got you all the best doctors, and due to his job you could stay in bed for most of the day
  • But something came up
  • At one appointment, the doctor said a word Jumin wasn’t prepared for: twins
  • He wasn’t unhappy about this, it just put a wrench in his plans
  • He wasn’t one for spontaneity, especially with something this big
  • But he knew everything would turn out alright when he met his sons
  • Their glowing, happy faces brought him to tears


  • He had been scared to have a family because of his own upbringing
  • The fear of him turning into his own father made him hesitant
  • So when you told him that you were pregnant, he panicked on the inside
  • He knew he wanted this deep down, but his fear consumed him
  • He started working less so he could focus more attention on you
  • When he was feeling especially insecure, he would ask to hold his ear up to your tummy
  • But the day he laid eyes on his daughter, he knew his life would be all about her, and he would never let anyone hurt her


  • He was excited to be a father, though when confronted with it, he felt a bit nervous
  • But he knew that your shared love would guarantee their future happiness
  • While you were pregnant, he asked to take a few photos
  • Not for any eyes but his, though, he didn’t want you to feel exploited
  • You just looked so beautiful and glowing
  • When you started getting closer to your due date, you were feeling more anxious than him
  • He would try his hardest to comfort you, even if it was difficult sometimes
  • Your new baby boy made all the pain worth it, though

lol when people make u pay $25 for 1 pose, like lmk when that actually works out for you, most of us don’t even have all the DLC, what makes you think we’re going to pay extra for something we’re gonna use like once or twice lmao

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If y'all have no one volunteering to voice act gaster and if y'all are doing gaster theme or darker yet darker then I'll volunteer for gaster

I can tell you watched the FAQ that says everyone is cast because you left a comment on it, and yet here you are saying “I WILL BE A VOICE ACTOR” despite giving no proof that you can act worth a damn, no correspondence besides “I WANT TO BE A VOICE ACTOR WITH YOU GUYS”, and most of all no self-awareness because clearly paying attention to the video that says “we’re all cast” or watching videos that have Tom, our Gaster actor, is beyond you. 

- Alex

This is the last post on this topic, I swear. I just wanted to share with you all that this morning, I was able to pay my car payment and my electric payment and I have you beautiful people to thank.

I’m not quite on top of my finances, but I am a hell of a lot closer than I was 3 days ago. Because of you all and your generosity I’m able to take necessary steps in the right direction.

I can’t thank you all enough.


The hugodamien secret ending extended cut

Modern AU: Sanji being a stylist and Nami being a nursery school teacher.


do you know what I’m seeing? // panic! at the disco

eat your heart out <3

I told myself I was going to do another giveaway thing at 1500 if I ever got there but I had stopped checking until recently, so- I love you all lots and super appreciate your awesome rays of sunshine beaming into my darkness :]

My giveaway this time is going to be;

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To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.

D'you want to go to the ball with me? part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Harry is sitting alone at the ball further away from the dancing crowd, bored to death.

Harry: *gritting his teeth*

Draco: Only good at dancing with dragons, are you, Potter?

Cho comes over, a bit flustered from all the dancing, not paying any attention to Draco.

Cedric follows Cho out of the crowd. He looks at Harry and winks playfully.

the end

casting director’s notes: the best Draco Malfoy @space-marauder

the best Cho Chang @arabella-prongs

the best Cedric Diggory @dobbyisafreeblog

so i really wanna make sure we get as many copies of turf wars sold so we keep this korrasami train going for years to come. i also have come into some money mysteriously… i am willing to purchase comics for people who maybe can’t afford them. all you have to be willing to do is either give me your address or put the comic on your wishlist on amazon and give me a link to it. either way it’ll be handled through amazon.

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I don't like clowns tbh, I'm more of a cowboy person, cowboys are much harder to take care of than most species of clowns as they need huge open spaces and greener pastures but it all pays off when you hear their loud yeehaws. They are solitary creatures and are magnificent to look at in the wild; my Sheriff type cowboy once showed me an amazing lasso trick that you rarely see in captivity.

cowboys are hardly comparable because theyre such a unique and different pet altogether. with clowns its a lot of fun and ruckus and though the space requirements aren’t much more than a large circus tent, they do tend to make a lot of noise and mess, whereas cowboys need acres upon acres of open land that doesnt need much upkeep (you can mow it every now and then, but if you let the grass just keep growing eventually you can train them to cut it themselves- it’s a territorial/grooming instinct that they might be happier if they can express. personal choice though)

not to mention clowns may require a ton of fun props and gags that are relatively cheap individually but add up rather quickly, but cowboys NEED ranch animals to thrive. you know i walked into a petstore once and saw a cowboy setup with a fucking plastic horse? like, the machine ones. THAT was being sold as this “deluxe play equipment” as an “upgrade” from rocking horses. it pissed me off. if you can’t own a horse, don’t get a fucking cowboy. and yeah sometimes that can be enough to satisfy their rancher needs, but if you can sustain a small herd of cattle, that’d definitely be the optimal setup.

“oh theyre cute i like the spurs on their boots, but i dont give my cowboys real ranches because i dont like hearing their little calls” that call is of a satisfied vaquero who is confident in his territory and welcoming challengers (its in their nature.) if you are repressing that need & that call, youre literally repressing their happiness and youre a gunsel who shouldnt be handling ANY pets.

Finally adding another to the dark armor collection \o/

[Lance] [Pidge] [Hunk]

KNK dancing to Hello Bitches is everything I didn’t know I needed

To all my overachievers who don’t get praise from parents and loved ones anymore because it’s just expected of you to do well: I’m proud that you passed that test, I’m happy you graduated with honors, I love that you try your hardest all the time.

I know sometimes the lack of support and encouragement from those whose opinions matter the most to you can be disheartening, but keep pushing through and being the amazing person you are.

So, I see many people talking about how Liam Payne has changed, he’s dressing up differently, he’s not the same, etc. 

And I’m like, oh yeah he’s totally changed, except he’s always been wearing similar kind of clothing. Liam Payne in the years gone by:

And this is Liam Payne recently

Aside from the chain, the clothing hasn’t been all that different but ANYWAY