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Mafia!Got7 when they think your dead but your just going shopping/ hyung line

Got7 as Mafia members when they can’t find you and think your dead, but your actually just going shopping.


You knew you had forgotten something, but since you really couldn’t remember what, It couldn’t have been something important. Right? Wrong.Turns out you didn’t leave a message for Jaebum telling him you were buying some clothes. Even though you knew he always freaked out when he didn’t know where you were.

You just got yourself a knew dress and left the first store, when suddenly you saw a crowd of people watching the entrance of the mall. You were curious, so you made your way through the people. As soon as you saw what they were watching, you facepalmed yourself. Jaebum was basically waltzing trough the front door with some of his people, not looking very happy.

“Next time you go shopping. at least take a knife with you…”


“What? That’s normal, isn’t it?”

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As soon as he woke up and couldn’t find you anywhere, he would freak out. Did something happen to you? Did someone kidnap you? What, if you’d left him?! He should have watched over you better, he promised it after all.

When you suddenly came into his room, carrying some shopping bags, he would look at you with his eyes wide open, wondering if he should get angry or laugh at himself.

“So, you were shopping? Nice. That was the last time for you tho.”

“But Mark, I need clothes…”

“Who said that?”

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At first, he would just wonder where you were and why you didn’t tell him. He really wanted you to feel free, but he also knew it was dangerous for you out there since he was pretty known amongst his enemies. But you didn’t answer his call and he couldn’t find a message of you anywhere, so he decided to call his people in, panicking a little bit.

“Ok guys, so my lovely (Y/N) is nowhere to be found and I want to know where she is. So get the f*ck over here and search for her or I’ll blow up the Cafeteria.”

(Tries to act calm but is about to burn the house down)

When the guys finally found you at the shopping mall and bring you back, he looks at you with a small, relieved smile. However, his eyes are telling you that you better come up with a good excuse.. or make it up to him.

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“Oh my god, where is she? They kidnapped her for sure. What if they killed her? What if she’s dead?”

He would be going on the other boys nerves the whole day, being sure you were abducted. After all, you wouldn’t run away, would you? He would debate about wether he should waltz into the hiding place of his enemies or if he should save you with a ruse, when suddenly you just walked into the house, completely unaware of what was happening. The other guys would quickly get out of the room, probably laughing at him. However,basically for the first time in his life, Jackson wasn’t amused at all.

“Well, hello. I was just about to blow the world up because of you. But please, make yourself comfortable and don’t mind me… ”

(Doesn’t let you leave the house for the next month at all)

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Should I do this for the maknae line too?

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys liked it~~

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Night People

Prompt: “Can i request a smutty scenario with werewolf v in heat?”
Word Count: 5,160
Genre: Smut
Summary: Around this time of year, Taehyung always advises you to stay away from him, but there’s nothing you want more than to see what he’s like when he’s turned.
A/N: So this is a werewolf AU obviously, but I just wanted to mention that there are some “violent” parts when it gets smutty. Also I know it’s hella long and I’m sorry. Please go easy on my gentle soul.

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3 Days

When it was around this time of year, Taehyung always said it was best to stay away from him. Though you had been friends for years, he never wanted you to see that side of him. He said he was too dangerous and that it was best for you to not see him when he wasn’t capable of controlling himself. You understood that he was trying to protect you, but a part of you had always been curious to see what he was like when he turned. You had seen all the movies and read billions of books, but you wanted to see what it was really like. Of course, you respected his decision and tried your best to silence the nagging voice in the back of your mind.

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Aries:  “You weren’t just a part of my life you were all of it.  Now I can’t let you go without losing myself too”

Taurus:  “Sometimes I’ll walk the same paths we used to tread together, go to the cafes we used to eat in together, lay on the side of the bed you used to sleep in.  I wonder if you do the same”

Gemini:  “I should have known.  When I slept next to and woke up to a different person, when I wished for a side of you I thought was there, and when I stopped expecting you to keep your promises.”

Cancer:  “There’s a very fine line between understanding someone and making up excuses for someone, and I guess I was just too dumb to see it”

Leo:  “I’d like to think it was all your fault.  But now I see that it’s also mine.  I shouldn’t have let you hurt me, and I shouldn’t have let you be the one to end it”

Virgo:  “You’re not allowed to call me a bitch or an idiot for leaving.  I realized that I deserved better than you, and you should have realized that you weren’t worth my time”

Libra:  “It’s not that there’s too much, it’s actually because there’s a lack of it.  I don’t hate you, I just don’t care.  There’s nothing left to feel, you’ve exhausted and you’ve drained me”

Scorpio:  “It’s funny how much you meant to me.  it’s funny how close we used to be.  It’s funny walking by you in the halls, it’s like passing by a universe light years apart, yet inches away”

Sagittarius:  “You don’t get to hurt me anymore, and don’t be surprised that your heart’s broken.  I was simply returning the favor”

Capricorn:  “From time to time I wondered what it would have been like if I had never let you go.  But then I remembered that it would have been like being tied down to a weight, and suddenly flying alone didn’t seem too bad”

Aquarius:  “Love is weird.  It made me believe in something that wasn’t there, rely on someone that wasn’t there”

Pisces:  “I hate how your presence has bled into every corner of my life. I can’t even turn on the radio without crying, remembering how you would sing all these songs with me”

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Prompt: After sending Steve to find something in your room, he finds….compromising pictures meant for Bucky.

Warnings: Implied stuff, NSFW…obviously.

Author’s Note: It is so late and I have a 7:30am math class but this hit me straight in the face and I had to write it.

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Heart on the Line (part 4)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1433
warnings: phone sex

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Over Our Heads

Title: Over Our Heads

Summary: When Sam leaves you and Dean alone in the bunker to have a movie night all by yourselves, feelings that have been under wraps for years begin to surface. Will it be the start of something new or will it turn into yet another moment you’ve had with the eldest Winchester?

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Word count: 2482

Warnings: Language, the slightest bit of angst. Pure fluff.

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @idreamofhazel ‘s and @impala-dreamer ‘s “Sammy Says” writing challenge. First of all, congratulations to both of you amazing human beings because you deserve it. Second of all, thank you so much for letting me participate, I loved writing this.

Also, I’d like to thank my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for putting up with my whining and for helping me figure out what I wanted to do with the ending here. Thank you so, so much, Emily, you’re the absolute best.

Now about this fic: My prompt was “You mind doing a little bit of thinking with your upstairs brain, Dean?” and is included in bold in the text below. (This is written both from the reader’s and Dean’s POV and includes a flashback in italics.)

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Your fingers curled into your palm whilst you sat on Dean’s bed, head rested against the headboard, body just mere inches away from his as the world in the screen before you came to life.

It was one of those rare nights that you had nowhere to be and nothing to do. Miraculously enough, the world seemed to be doing just fine without you and the Winchesters brothers were more than happy to take advantage of all of that tranquility and stagnation while it lasted. Sam, for instance, had already hit the bar for the night -he had said something about needing to spend some time with himself but you were pretty sure that his sudden outing had something to do with that beautiful librarian that had been flirting with him all week- while, much to your surprise, the older Winchester had decided to spend a lazy night in with you, filled with cooking and silly jokes, wonderfully interesting conversations and laughter.

However, as fantastic as the evening had been, it was getting late and you were getting more and more tired.

Stifling a yawn, you turned to see Dean already staring at you, green eyes bright and wide in the dim light of the bedroom.

“What?” you asked.

He smiled that half-smile of his that always caused your heart to flutter unevenly.

“C’mere.” He whispered, arm draping over your shoulder to pull you to him.

You opened your mouth to object but the look on his face, vulnerable and intense, pierced through your very soul and you leaned against him, letting his warmth seep into your skin and his scent, so utterly and uniquely Dean, to overwhelm your senses, comfortably resting your head on the crook of his neck.

“Better now?”

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I’m reading Act 2 and it’s so goddamn obvious that all the kids are wrong about their guardians from the moment they’re introduced. John, Rose, and Jade assume that their guardians are more negative in their intentions than their parents clearly are/were. And Dave’s exact equivalent is how awesome he considers Bro. All of them turn out to be wrong, and that absolutely includes Dave. It is so obvious that Hussie is yelling at us “don’t trust what these kids are saying, they’re young and naive!” between the lines. John and Rose are too spiteful and distant from their guardians, Jade is…well, a weird case as always. And Hussie’s language when Dave describes Bro is absolutely screaming “this kid grew up in an abusive household but he’s young and convinces himself that it isn’t.” And if you pick up on the obvious faults in the other kids’ logic, you should def pick up on Dave’s. 

Basically Hussie knew from day one what he was doing with Bro, the fandom just completely missed it. And it forgets about the other guardians as well.

I have tried to build homes in other people’s
mouths often enough to know it’s never safe.
Words are the most dangerous kind of natural
disaster. There are never any warning signs,
no flashing weather alerts. One minute I am
around the kitchen table and the next the fine
china on the top shelf is broken. I have learned
my way around broken glass, spent too many
days filling my lungs with smoke from the
house fires. My home always ends up over
run with fault lines. All the could haves, 
should haves, would haves, what ifs,
maybes. I am always ducking for cover.
Clutching at door frames. Learning that
hiding out in basements can’t save you
from another person telling you it’s over,
it’s over, it’s over. And there are flashing
lights in your mind. Sirens spilling from
their mouth. The weather alert comes
blaring across the television, but it’s
too late. I’m already drowning.
Favors - pt. 3

Group : BTS

Member : Min Yoongi 

Genre : Best Friend!AU, smut, first time, fluff

Word Count : 4,549                                                            

Description : You wanted to know, how giving a blowjob would feel like since you were quite inexperienced in it. So why not use your best friend Yoongi as a test object?

A/N : so since I got a lot of asks about Favors pt. 3 I decided to rewrite it, even when I tbh totally forgot about it. So, here it is. I hope you like it! :) 

pt.1 | pt.2

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You knew something had changed a week ago when your eyes met your best friend’s intense gaze after another, usual session of sensuality. It was a gaze he had never looked at you with, nor at anyone else before, not even his former lovers. A gaze that sent shivers down your spine, made your knees wobble, and which felt more intimate and intimidating than all the meaningless acts of pleasure you had done on each other for the past few weeks.

There were no feelings nor emotions except for lust and desire rushing through your veins, filling your hazed minds with nothing but the animalistic hunger for the blissful peak you were always craving like opiates. But once the heated moment faded, when your heartbeats were slowing down, you’d go separate ways, thinking not much of what just happened. 

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mouth full of white lies 

tw: dealing with self harm

“you hurt yourself.” trini says

“we fight putties every day of course i hurt myself.”

“that’s not what i mean.” trini says, leaving out the and you know it. what she does instead, is reach for kim’s clenched fist. she can’t not do it any more, she can’t leave kim to stand there drowning in whatever she can’t escape.

the first time trini notices, she doesn’t connect the dots.

the corner of the ship she and kim have claimed as their own is dark, and they’re both beaten and bruised from the evening’s training. it’s a half second, nothing more really, just the dim light catching across some old scars on kims hips. replaying the moment over later, trini’s not sure she saw anything at all. except, perhaps,

a flash of panic in kims eyes as she caught trini’s line of sight, pulling up her sweatpants in the same motion. at the time trini had written it off as some sort of trini-being-gay-related-discomfort,

when trini realizes the reality of it all she wishes it were only that.

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What happened to Lance's sniper team?? There's always at least a group of two, but usually three. There's the sniper, the spotter, and the security. Sniper shoots shit, spotter calculates distance/wind speed/temperature/etc. and the security makes sure no one sneaks up behind them and kills their asses while all this is going on. (Usually at least one person has some kind of more advanced medical training) Not that I don't like ur au, I love it!!! I'm just curious. You're amazing tho!!!

OKAY THIS IS honestly something i should have researched because i never really thought about sniper actually having teams consisting of two or more people and after you sent me this it clicked into place. SO THIS IS COMPLETELY MY BAD i never thought about Lance having a sniper team of his own at all. 

I do have it thought out that as a single team the Voltron Force often switch pairs depending on the mission. Shiro and Keith being the most close quarters combat capable out of all five, usually serve as the infiltrators or the front lines. But if the mission doesn’t require as too many roles to be fulfilled, the support team will get someone else to back them up, or vice versa. 

Coincidentally, Lance and Hunk have more advanced medical training than the other three! :) But now that you brought this to light i’m just like lol i should have thought this through…. Perhaps before Lance joined the Voltron Force, he was with a sniper team of his own. 

Wait, You’re Not Together?

In which everyone sees the way they act around each other

Kara still claims they’re “just friends” and “it’s how friends act around each other”

Also on AO3:

Kara furrows her brows as she reads the text one more time.

Because after months (twelve months and thirteen days to be exact), Cat Grant (Ms. Grant) showed a sign that she’s alive, well and is, in fact, up to date on what’s happening in National City.

It’s a simple message, three lines, and Kara surely reads it at least four times and she still doesn’t get it:

10:25am – [received from Ms. Grant] – Just read your last article on L-Corp and Lena Luthor. I hope she treats you well.

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hypnotised (1)

pt 1, pt 2, pt 3

genre: angst
paring: baekhyun x reader

Sound of dripping water mixed with muffled TV in the background was the only sound surrounding both of you. The lights were off and you stared at the vanilla candles next to you with an uneasy feeling that had built up in your lower abdomen. You’ve never liked silence; and silence never was silent. It was tangling and creaky, leaving an unpleasant halo in the air. Sucking on your lower lip your hands trembled underneath white, wooden table. You felt his eyes on you, glowing in the darkness. His slim fingers tapped surface of the furniture and for a moment you thought that he is going to leave you without a word.

“I just don’t understand,” his pained whisper shook your heart with double force. “I thought we were happy, me and you” looking around your watered eyeballs glanced at his person.

“Because we were,” the smell of burned flambeau made your nose wrinkle. “We were and as you might have noticed it is in the past tense”

He slightly moved and emptied glass of whisky standing in front of him in one go. His ruffled, black hair looked oddly miserable while he sat in his grey t-shirt which you’ve bought him long time ago. Dark circles under his eyes showed his fatigue and your bony fingers almost reached out for him only to be stopped in a mid air.

“You know I love you,” his lips trembled and you felt tears leaking and dropping down your face. He searched for something, anything in you and when he spotted your anguish he stood up. “We are engaged, we have planned our future together” soft steps echoed in your ears before you could get up and leave. Baekhyun’s arms caged you from behind with comforting smell of his cologne.

“I know” your sigh was almost not audible when your shoulders shook with your quite sobs. “I’m sorry” you felt him kissing your crown of hair. It was too much. You needed to end it here, once and for all. “I can’t do it much longer”

“Why? Just tell me why” his presence was overwhelming, hovering above you as a hawk. “I need to know why

“It hurts!” he didn’t expect your outburst so he tightened his hold on your limbs and kept  you while you cried your eyes out. “Loving you hurts. I’m in constant pain, Baekhyun. I love you but all I gain from that is hate. I can’t go out, I can’t work because I’m being followed. How am I supposed to function? I’m so tired, tired of this flashing lifestyle and cameras. Sometimes I lay awake next to you and I feel as if my life has been sucked out of me, as if I was dying. It’s not your fault neither your career. I’m just… too weak for that” his chin rested upon your head and you could feel his tense body. “We don’t see each other for months and even when we are together we just don’t talk. We forgot ourselves, Baekhyun. It doesn’t work. We gave in” your hands shoot upwards and you faced him with a frown. “Maybe we did all of this too fast” he looked away, showing his hard jaw line and hidden neck veins. “I believe that we should stop this, now” without looking at him you started to fight with your engagement ring. You pulled it once, twice but it didn’t move so you cursed feeling new wetness on your cheeks. “Come on” your nails scarped skin around jewelry so hard that it almost broke.

“Stop. Stop it!”

Your head shot up. You’ve never heard him screaming, especially at you. His brown eyes shot deathly daggers at your person but underneath that anger there was raging love. His hands occupied your own and gently pulled the band off your digit. Silver metal with small, white diamond nested upon it rested on his open palm while both of you looked at it with different expressions. You suddenly remembered how he proposed to you; so simple yet so endearing. Just like him. Your throat let out terrible sound of your despair when he fisted his grip.

“It’s done”

Neither him or you moved. You could hear his heartbeats in the utter silence and you knew he could hear your heart breaking. Gulping you leaned over the table with sudden nausea. All of the facts hitting you like a waterfall.

“Sit down, you look pale” he guided you to the chair and sat you down as a child. “Do you want water?” when you nodded he went to pour it for you.

“Thank you” sipping cold liquid you felt as your whole body burned. “I’m fine. I just… I’m” you lost your words and your gaze fell upon his crouched form. He looked so young in the shadows. You tucked his hair behind his ear. It was silky and so familiar to touch that you had to back off. How could you survive without him? “Maybe you should go” it was for the sake of your sanity. He huffed and closed the distance between both of you.

“How about no?”

“Please, I’m not up to another argument” you ran your hands over your tresses and stared at his bare face with red eyes.

“I have an idea. I think we should try it” on his lips ghosted small smile but it vanished too quickly. Before you could replay he stood and left you in the kitchen. You followed him and you found yourself amused by his doings when he put his shoes on.

“So you are leaving?” your back tensed when he looked at you with a blank expression.  

“You’ve wanted me gone, right?” you managed to look unaffected by his cold voice and blinked away tears escaping your eyelids.

Yes, yes I have. Goodnight” he nodded and got out of your apartment.

Your whole person curled into itself so much that you could hear your bones cracking and screaming from pain - not only physical but emotional. You placed hand on your lips to prevent your soft screams of desperation from coming out.

Ding. Dong.      

Freezing you stared at the entry with unknown for you feeling.

Ding. Dong.

Your steps were cautious  and painfully slow but when you opened the door your heart leaped in your chest. And God, it hurt.  

“Hello, I thought that we could begin again. My name is Baekhyun and I love pizza with pineapple but I know that you hate it so you pluck it out and call me gross when I add it on my slice,” you gripped the frame so hard that your fingers almost broke. “I don’t mind staying on the corridor but I would be glad if you let me in. Both inside your apartment and into your life

You looked at him and with a heavy heart you decided. 

Virgin (M)

Pairing - Sehun x Reader
Genre - Smut
Word count - 2418

’ll admit it, I’m a virgin. It’s not like I’m saving myself until marriage or anything special like that, but I wasn’t going to whore myself out either. I mean, no one’s ever tried anything with me. Mostly because I was the nerdy girl in the class. 

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anonymous asked:

yo man love your blog it's breaking my heart! also hc that lance won't let anybody talk him down negatively cuz only he is allowed to do so. he knows he's a piece of trash but like hell hes gonna let someone tell him that.

Awwww… I don’t like breaking hearts, but I’m glad you like my blog. 

Honestly, I’m torn between a Lance who takes all the shit, and a Lance that takes no shit, but here have a few head canons of a Lance that takes no shit;

-Lance will tell you to “Shut the hell up, before you say something you regret.”

-He’s done this too almost everyone, and when they do step over the line, they should run. He will snap at you. He won’t physically hurt you, but angry spanish ramblings and sharp words come. 

-Do. Not. Tell. Him. He. Is. Useless. 

-Seriously don’t. Just don’t do it. 

  • He will straight up tell you exactly how he hasn’t been useless.
  • Its not pretty 
  • He once made someone cry because they called him useless, and he blew up at them in such a manner everyone knew that they had fucked up.

-He will think the worst of himself, but the second you try to put him down in a way that is not playful, he will literally revolt.

Yeah, these sucked

The Enchanted Forest

I was… musing today, and I realized something about my storytelling tastes.

While I love the “enchanted forest” trope, I can’t help but notice its many flaws. I can’t help but take issue that they almost always follow the Mirkwood model: dark, dreary, misty, almost definitely dying or sick in some way. Now, don’t get me wrong: a swampy, fungal forest of near-skeletal trees and perpetual darkness is nice. I like the idea of a necromantic wood.

However, here is one thing that the Mirkwood model doesn’t take into account: death might corrupt life, but more often, it feeds it. Nature thrives on death. Decaying things fertilize the soil so roots can stretch larger and stronger than ever. Rich moss grows over the corpses of old trees, spreads its carpet over bones. Nature is the ultimate recycler for the old and unwanted. Life and death - growth and decay - are so delicately intertwined, you can almost never have one without the other.

So here is my question: Where is the forest that is just… too green? too verdant? It doesn’t reek of death; it’s not choked with mist and whispers; the trees aren’t half-dead and leering. There’s nothing obviously wrong with it. If anything, this forest is brimming with life, with mighty, moss-covered branches, green leaves glowing with sunlight, plush carpets of ferns, the twitch of a deer in the underbrush. It’s rich. It’s living. It’s beautiful.

…At first.

But then: should trees really be that big? the vines on that treetrunk: you could swear it’s thicker than it was yesterday. And the deeper you get, the greener the forest gets, until you start to wonder if this really is right, if this is normal of even a happy wood. It’s as if the forest itself - not the individual parts, but the whole - is alive and breathing. You wonder.

Until, one birdsong morning, you wake with your ankles wound with ivy. You shake them off and move on;you must’ve entangled yourself in your sleep.

Until a lone cougar attacks. After a fight, you kill it. But, as you sigh relief, it stands back up and flees into the ferns. You could’ve sworn you killed it. You must’ve been wrong. 

Until, the next morning, the cougar’s clawmarks are replaced by lines that might be greener than flesh should be, and slightly too wood-like in texture. The bloodstains on the moss have been replaced with pale trillium.

Until you take a terrible fall - one that should have broken each of your bones. A rock opens a gash in your side. By all rights, you should be as dead as the cougar. But, the next morning, you stand back up. Oh, you’re stiff, and you ache: but you can move, and the hole in your side has been replaced with the same woody almost-flesh as your cougar scars. It’s tougher than it should be, but it works.

Until, one day when you’re in the wood, your foot unexpectedly breaks through that carpet of moss. You free your ankle from what you expect is a rabbit hole, but instead it’s a 



You prod the mossy lumps around you. The moss takes more force than it should take to break, but one by one, you confirm your suspicions: each of them is a ribcage or skull. Moss and roots have spread over a field of bones.

Because this forest - this forest is feeding on necromancy. It is literally living on death.

A stem grows from your side - the same place that was split by the stone - and begins to bloom.

NCT 127 Reaction - They Find Out You Have A Tattoo

A/N: I really need to do shorter reactions, so I’m like typing this up as fast as I can before 11:30pm because I gotta wake for college at 6am lmfao.

Request: NCT 127 reacting to you having a tattoo? love your blog btw :p


Yuta just stares at the tattoo on the bottom of your back with his usual shit eating grin on his face, hoping that he could see more of your body as he was getting extremely turned on.

You wouldn’t happen to have any more hidden anywhere, would you?


Silently wonders to himself where else he’d like more tattoos on your body, complementing whether or not to book you in for an appointment at a booth or not.


It was too warm one night and you decided to wear pj shorts and one of Taeyong’s loose shirts to bed. The next morning you heard your apartment door open and Taeyong walking straight into your bedroom just as you were climbing out of bed giving him a lovely exposure of the matching tattoos on the front of your thighs. 

Well damn, y/n, that’s gotta be the hottest morning surprise you’ve ever gave me.


Legit surprised that you even owned a tattoo in the first place and was internally screaming. Despite his protests for you to cover it up it wasn’t because he didn’t like it, he god damn loved it and he didn’t want to get too excited in public.


Originally posted by honeyxxxmoon

Asks like 400 questions along the lines of, “Shit did it hurt?”, “Oooh, should we get matching ones?” and “Does it wash off in the bath?” So you have to buy him a temporary tattoo to make him stop asking questions.


Rethinks his whole life choices and instantly falls in love with you all over again, never hesitating to kiss you over and over until both your lips are blue and purple.


All you know is that one minute you were showing your boyfriend your tattoo and the next he was throwing you onto the bed and climbing all over you like you were an adventure play ground. 

How about you go for another paint job today and then we’ll go for round two?

Drabble: “Inertia”

Author: @2moms-0fucks

Rating: PG 

Summary: (I can’t believe I wrote this) The fidget spinner craze has attracted a new victim. 


“What the hell is that thing, Mulder?”

His lips purse in a perfect “O” as the plastic pronged toy spins atop his middle finger in a swirl of white and lime green.

“It’s a fidget spinner,” he tells her, as if such a word is a part of her everyday lexicon.

“A whatta spinner?” she asks with raised eyebrows.

“Fid-jit spinner,” he explains slowly, letting each syllable roll off his tongue. “ It’s the latest craze,” he tells her without removing his eyes from the swirling toy.

With a roll of her eyes, she crosses her arms and leans against the doorframe, eyeing it skeptically. “What’s the point of it?”

He shrugs, and holds it up, pinching the center between his thumb and middle finger. "No one knows.”

She grimaces. “Then why are you playing with it?”

Another shrug. “Saw some kids with them in front of Joe’s when I ran in to grab a pack of sunflower seeds–”

“–You bought this at a gas station?”

“They’re everywhere, Scully. Remember the hacky sack craze of 1994?”

She considers his answer, looking to the ceiling with a purse of her lips. “Not really, no.” She shakes her head. “I was too busy keeping your ass in line and out of jail a couple of times, if I remember correctly.”

He smiles with a nod in concession, spinning the toy once more and balancing it on his thumb now instead. “I was told all the cool kids are doing it.”

“Uh huh,” she hums skeptically.

He smiles lopsidedly. “Actually, you should enjoy this, Scully.”

“Should I?”

“Yeah,” he grins, “It’s all about physics.”

She lifts an eyebrow. He catches her look and smirks. Holding out his hand to her, she sighs reluctantly and extends her arm. Turning her hand palm up, he tenderly holds her wrist steady as the toy continues its spin atop his finger.

“Imagine you have a rotating object,” he starts, keeping his eyes on her small hand in his palm, “and you want to change its rotational motion from, say, counterclockwise…” He stops the toy, and pushes the prong in the other direction, “…to clockwise.” She nods once, watching with amusement as he transfers the spinning toy from his finger to hers. “So….,” he continues, slowly removing his hand and watching it spin on her finger, “we must consider two things: mass…,” he drawls slowly, “and–”

“Distribution about the axis,” she finishes for him, keeping her eyes fixed on the toy.

“Very good, Miss Scully,” he croons deeply, and she feels herself blush.

“Do I get an A?” she asks with a slow blink up to his eyes. 

“Why don’t you stop by my office hours later, and we can discuss your grade?” he leers suggestively, and she nudges him with her opposite elbow, cursing softly under her breath when she knocks the toy off balance.

Chuckling, he leans against the doorframe and mirrors her earlier position.  "It’s all about inertia,” he says, watching her perfect the pattern. “It’s cool, huh.”

“Weirdly relaxing,” she tells him, raising her brows as she proudly demonstrates her ability to spin it for greater lengths of time.

“You *would* find it relaxing.” 

She huffs. “What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“Oh, you got a light up one?!” William exclaims, as he enters the kitchen and tosses his backpack on the table.

“Light up one?” Scully asks, ceasing the movement of the toy. William huffs his dissatisfaction at the ineptitude of his old-as-dirt parents, and lifts the toy from her hand. Sighing in annoyance, he pinches the white ends of each prong, and Mulder’s mouth drops open as little green, red and blue lights appear on the tips.

“I didn’t know it did *that*!” he says excitedly, pushing off the wall.

William demonstrates the new swirl of blinking colors with his own mastered hold of the toy. “See?” he says, holding it out in front of him. “Kind of looks like a UFO when it spins, doesn’t it?”

Scully holds up her palm to her husband. “Don’t even start, Mulder.”

There is more than one position in a movie theater

I work at a movie theater that recently got renovated.

Prior to the renovations, we haven’t had large scale updates in decades. Needless to say, we were never busy.

But since our theater is no longer falling apart, people are actually coming (fucking shocker right?)

So all these fucking “”“"regular customers”“”“ who use to come when it was always slow suddenly think we don’t know how to handle our fucking business just because they actually have to wait in line.

We have 4+ lines selling both concessions and tickets and it’s not enough.

We sell out of almost every show.

The lines seem crazy, not because we aren’t handling it well, but because there are THOUSANDS of people a day when there used to be 300 tops.

Today I’m tearing tickets: directing people to their movie while simultaneously making sure no one sneaks in.

This BITCH walks up to me and demands that since I work here, I need to go sell tickets. “The lines are too long. This is ridiculous. You should be out there.”

I’m sorry you can’t handle a ten minute wait. Maybe you shouldn’t show up the minute your movie is about to start. Or better fucking yet, order your ticket online and don’t wait at all.

I look her in the eyes and say, “There is more than one position at a movie theater. Selling tickets is not my fucking job.”