you all should line up too

  • Aries: Are you my appendix? Because I have no idea how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.
  • Taurus: Do you have a name or should I just call you mine?
  • Gemini: Spell me. (M-E) You forgot the D. (There isn't a D in me.) NOT YET!
  • Cancer: You look a lot like my future husband, I promise to take great care of you and our kids.
  • Leo: I'd rate you a nine out of ten, only because I'm the one you're missing.
  • Virgo: I may not be photographer, but I can picture you and I together.
  • Libra: You remind me of the sun because you constantly brighten up my world.
  • Scorpio: If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, then I'd only have one dollar because you never left my thoughts after the first time.
  • Sagittarius: You must not of took your vitamins today because you look like you're lacking in vitamin me.
  • Capricorn: If you were a triangle, you'd be a right triangle because you're ALWAYS right!
  • Aquarius: I'm good at math ok. U + I = 69, and the value of I is 59 because U are a 10.
  • Pisces: You must be a masterpiece because I want to pin you up against a wall and admire you whenever I see you.
Careful - (AU)

This is a very personal piece to me, for a number of reasons, but mostly because I’m going through a lot of things right now and this is the best way I know how to deal with them. So, I dedicate this to all of you darlings who’ve stuck around through my hiatus and all of my ranting.

Legs tangled and clothes disheveled, a forgotten movie playing in the background, too lost in the feeling of his hands on your skin to pay any mind to the scene playing out.

“You’re gonna have to rewatch this one,” He says with a yawn afterwards, pulling you back into his chest. “It’s good, but we missed it.”

“Mm,” You hum, lazily drawing lines up and down his arm, which is tucked underneath your head. “Should have watched it instead.” You squeak when he pinches at your hip, wiggling away only to have him grab you again. You settle down, commenting here and there on the ending of the movie (ruined now for you, in the best way possible), picking up random bits of conversation from earlier in the day and continuing them now.

You can barely keep your eyes open when he says he has to go, fumbling to dress in the dark. You want to ask him to stay- it’s on the tip of your tongue every time he gets out of your bed. But you know you can’t, just like you can’t ask the million other questions that burn your throat but melt in your mouth.

You have to be careful.

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The stage is all lit up. It’s so bright… Back then, I wished to become an idol… or something that shines. That’s why I was so happy when you found me. It’s like I fell under a spell… I didn’t want it to ever end. But the spell was broken. If we don’t produce results at the ball, the department will be dissolved. So I meant to do my best, but somewhere along the line, it turned into a lie. Mio-chan’s solo activities, Rin-chan’s Triad Primus, my work with Miho-chan too. I tried to see that we were each getting stronger, doing what was needed so the ball would be a success. I meant to give it my all like they were. But everyone was shining, except for me… And I was so scared because I thought I couldn’t.

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

Imagine a college au Loki and Tony up to mischief with friends (Bruce is there too, obviously, someone has to keep them in line), and one things leads to another and they’ve gotta skedaddle before the cops show, but before they go someone asks what they should do about the dna evidence they left behind to show that it was them that trashed the lab, and while Loki’s all

Tony’s just like

because seriously nobody’s gonna come searching for dna evidence for who broke into the school to run some lab experiment that blew up in an epic disaster (totally Bruce’s fault as Responsible Adult in charge) and as Tony and Loki start bickering about whether or not this is a bad enough destruction that they need to cover their tracks better Bruce just calmly points out that maybe if Tony and Loki hadn’t been making fuck-me eyes at each other the entire time they would have noticed when things that shouldn’t have been smoking were smoking and Tony just replies that the only smoking thing he had eyes for was Loki

and they’re both just like 

and bruce is just

Seokjin Singing Appreciation
Seokjin Singing Appreciation

Jin is such an underrated member. I compiled almost all of his singing parts from 2 Cool 4 Skool up to 화양연화 pt.2. I was a bit disappointed when I was collecting all his parts, because there was either only 2 or 3 lines or 1 chorus/pre-chorus that he had in each song. Although the songs aren’t in order, if you can tell which song is which, you can really hear how much his singing and stability has improved. Jin has such a lovely voice; it sounds really sweet… like honey? He works continuously works hard to improve his dancing skills as well as his singing. He’s so much more than just a handsome face. I hope he gets to showcase his voice a lot more in the future. Please appreciate Seokjin.

Hoseok appreciation

Danisnotonfire Imagine Sleeping On The Sofa

“I’m being unreasonable? All I asked you to do was do the dishes, for once and you’re telling me that was an unreasonable request!” You asked incredulously and Dan crossed his arms. 

“That’s not what this is about. It’s you constantly nagging me about things. You always say I never do enough, well that’s because I’m the one who earns the money.” Dan hit back and you shook your head, your mouth in a thin line. The fight had started earlier and you were tired of fighting, but refused to give up.

“I see. Well, if you’re fine without me, because you have all that money and if I annoy you too much, maybe I should leave.” You shouted loudly, knowing your neighbours would be annoyed in the morning.

“Maybe you should.” Dan’s voice was cold and you froze, realising that he meant it. You swallowed the lump in your throat and grabbed your things, storming out before Dan had the chance to stop you.

When you were certain Dan was asleep, you crept back into the house, having spent the night roaming the streets mindlessly. The door creaked as you closed it and you listened to Dan’s snores from the bedroom. You bit your lip and debated going to sleep in your bed, but decided against it. 

Instead, you grabbed a blanket and laid down on the sofa, using a cushion as a pillow. You fidgeted uncomfortably, the sofa hurting your back, but knew that you didn’t want to be in the same room as him. Eventually, you found a comfortable position and slowly fell asleep.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Shit.” You blinked a few times, as sunlight poured into your vision. Dan’s footsteps echoed around the house, as he rushed down the stairs. As soon as he saw you, he stopped and visibly relaxed. 

“I…um y-you weren’t in bed.” He mumbled awkwardly and you remembered why you’d spent the night on the sofa.

“No, I wasn’t. How observant of you.” You muttered sarcastically and Dan looked hurt, but you were still too angry to care.

“I thought something had happened.” Dan whispered and you felt a slight pang of guilt.

“Well, I didn’t want to be in the same room as you last night. So I slept down here. Problem solved.” You sat up and Dan sat down next to you, a look of remorse on his face. 

“I’m sorry about what I said. I didn’t mean it and I know that’s not an excuse, but I don’t know what else to say. But I hate it when you’re not here and I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” You smiled at Dan’s sweet apology and wrapped an arm around him.

“I’m sorry too.” You whispered and kissed him. Dan cupped your face and noticed your bloodshot eyes.

“Are you tired?” You nodded, remembering how many times you’d woken up. Dan quietly picked you up and started walking towards the stairs.

“I’ll let you get some sleep, whilst I sort things out.” He promised and kissed your forehead.

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anonymous asked:

What are your favourite Saiouma headcanons?

Oh, boy, this should be fun. I’ll try to limit myself to just a few, because otherwise I’d get too carried away.

  1. Ouma can’t flirt: The most important headcanon I have, and backed up by evidence from canon and from the love hotel scene, to boot. He’ll drop lines like “I stole Saihara-chan’s heart,” “Oh, did you fall for me Saihara-chan?”, “my beloved Saihara-chan,” etc. all day long, but once Saiahara ever seems to be actually, genuinely reciprocating, or worse, you know, actually understanding him or getting to know him, it’s time for Ouma to run. He’s been lying for so long that he believes his emotions are pretty much entirely a ruse, so the idea of actually being understood is exactly what he wants—but it’s also something he hates. He’s a contradictory brat, basically.

  2. The slowest of slow burn ships: For reasons stated above, but also Saihara isn’t exactly the most forthright about his emotions either. He’s so preoccupied with working through his own insecurities and trying to set aside his hesitation with exposing the truth, and then this gremlin comes along who is constantly demanding all his attention. Because to be honest, no matter what AU this took place in, Ouma would always be an asshole who goes snooping around people’s personal lives when he shouldn’t, and Saihara would be so…so tired. And then when he does realize he has feelings for said gremlin, Ouma’s just trying to make a run for it like some phantom thief sprinting out the door.

  3. Smug Saihara: By which I mean, Saihara is still pretty laid back and not actually smug by nature, but if he and Ouma ever were, actually, a thing, it would mean that he’d managed to find a way to understand Ouma, and that therefore he had solved a mystery, of sorts. And understanding the ways in which Ouma thought or worked despite his full intentions to keep being an annoying, enigmatic little brat would leave Saihara very happy with himself for a change. And Ouma would hate it.

I think those are the main, fleshed-out headcanons I’d personally incorporate into almost any fanfiction or AU, but I have plenty of others including but not limited to “Ouma throws himself over Saihara’s lap like a damn cat whenever he wants attention,” “Saihara has to start an intervention on how much Panta Ouma’s been drinking because he’s starting to suspect the guy just never sleeps,” and “they stage detective murder mystery games in their apartment on a weekly basis because Saihara’s getting progressively more competitive about solving mysteries in record time, and Ouma likes lying on the floor covered in fake blood because he’s weird.”

Thank you for asking! Saiouma is a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing more things written about their dynamic.

Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Starter Sentences (ep.3)

☩ ❝ Well, is there anything else we should be informed about the facility?   ❞



☩ ❝   So, what’s up with the pride meeting? ❞

☩ ❝ We were forced to post mortality rates. They’re the only ones who applied.   ❞

☩   ❝ We are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. ❞

☩ ❝ _____. Oh, it’s been far too long.   ❞

☩   ❝ I agree, you are no longer that little girl / boy I used to know.  Look at all those lines on your face. ❞

☩   ❝ Honestly, if you’re gonna have a dick fighting competition with a woman, you must have started off with the world’s cruelest handicap… ❞


☩   ❝ Right this way group B~! That’s right~! Right in front of everyone else~! You’re 80, you’re used to it~! We’re going to look at art and paintings, which I believe are also art, I don’t know~! I’m Cockney, I’m uncultured~! ❞

☩   ❝ Well, my boner’s gone. ❞

☩   ❝ Aye, kind of a mood-killer. ❞

☩  ❝ Why don’t we try this again some other time? ❞

☩   ❝ Of course! Kill you later you monstrous heathen. ❞

☩   ❝ You too, you Catholic sociopath. ❞

☩   ❝ You want some coffee? ❞

☩   ❝ So, the letter you sent never specified the purpose of this meeting. ❞

☩ ❝   Consider this a business transaction. I have two pieces of information that I wish to trade with you. ❞

☩   ❝ And what could you possibly want in exchange? ❞

☩ ❝ So you want an apology from me? ❞

☩   ❝ Well, originally I’d ask you to apologize for being a scum-sucking, blaspheming, ignorant, Protestant pig sow! But in this case, the sins of your _____ are of greater concern. ❞

☩   ❝ Dear_____,  I wanted to send you this friendly little letter to inform you of your imminent demise. If you are curious about the frequency of which I’ve sent these letters, it is merely to instill as much fear as I can. As if basting a turkey. Which I will then proceed to have sex with. ❞

☩ ❝ That’s right. I’m going to FUCK the fear turkey. ❞

☩   ❝ So, that apology~? ❞

☩   ❝ I can’t help but ponder the frightful headway we’d make if _____ put that sort of energy into _____ job. ❞

☩   ❝ Not as long as it’s an order. ❞

☩  ❝ I think I have an idea. ❞

☩   ❝ Did you know you have vacation days? ❞

☩   ❝ I have vacation days!? You mean I can leave anytime I want and not get yelled at over the phone? Because, seriously, it’s always over the phone! Mostly because I don’t like to argue with her / him in person. I get a boner; it’s super awkward. ❞


☩ ❝ Scarlet Tampon to Sticky Sock. The Crimson Fucker has checked in. I repeat, The Crimson Fucker has checked in. Also, I’m choosing the god-damn nicknames next time. ❞

☩   ❝ So, if this doesn’t sound weird, would you maybe like to get a drink later? Hit up a club? ❞

☩   ❝ You’re not my friend. You’re my bodyguard. Make it past two weeks, I might learn your name. Until then, you’re spare blood. ❞

☩ ❝   What did you do? ❞

☩   ❝ Alright. But you can’t be mad at me. ❞

☩   ❝ Okay, first, I was minding my own business- ❞

☩   ❝ BULLSHIT!!!

☩  ❝ And exactly what happened whilst you were “minding your own business?”

☩   ❝ So I was just chillaxing in my room like a baller, and then all of a sudden these schmucks kicked in my door! One of them yelled out, ‘ Get on your knees!’ and I responded with: I’m not your mother last night!! And they took exception to that. But you know how that song and dance goes. And I killed all but one of them. ❞

☩   ❝ What happened to the last one? ❞


☩   ❝ So we’ve sent, like, 10 guys up there and we haven’t heard back. Think everything’s alright? ❞

☩   ❝ Naturalmente, don’t worry about it. Of course everything’s fine~! ❞

☩  ❝ Buddy, my friend, do I look like the kind of guy who would go back on an agreement? ❞

☩   ❝ You’ve been, like, really quiet for, like, five minutes. Oh, I know why you’re angry! It’s because I _____, isn’t it? ❞

☩   ❝ Hey guys, how’s your health plan? ❞

☩   ❝ _____.  Be honest with me. What are we looking at in terms of collateral? ❞

☩ ❝ I heard you know how to make an entrance! If I had known you were going to do all this, I’d have hung some Union Jacks for you. ❞

☩   ❝ Hold on! Did you put all of this on for me~? Who are you? ❞

☩   ❝ And they fucking bought that?? ❞

☩ ❝   You cheeky dick waffle!

☩   ❝ Hit me~! Whoop-! ❞

☩   ❝ Oh my God, why are they doing this outside?! ❞

☩   ❝ Oh, come on, that was on purpose!!

☩  ❝ Hey Dandy Dick! You missed! WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP~! ❞

☩   ❝ Could use a drink right now! Not used to seeing this much of my own blood anymore… ❞

☩   ❝ Guy’s got magic cards… and magic hands! ❞

☩   ❝ Tell me _____, are you a betting man? ❞

☩ ❝ I believe that’s your shtick  ❞

☩   ❝ I’d like to make a little bet with you, vagabundo.

☩   ❝ GET SOOOOME!!!!

☩ ❝ I’m getting real tired of this shit! ❞

☩   ❝ OM NOM NOM NOM! ❞

☩   ❝ The fuck is this? The fuck is that?? The fuck are those?! ❞

☩   ❝ Hold on-! I need to tweet about this… ❞

☩  ❝ _____, is something the matter? ❞

☩   ❝ …It’s the fucking-  ♩NAZIIIS♩! ❞

☩   ❝ But _____, now zhat zhey know of our plans… ❞

☩   ❝ Ah, _____, but that iz the plan~! Now that zhey know our plan, zhey will plan around our plan, and zo we zhall in turn plan around zhe plan zhat zhey are planning around our plan!! ❞ 

  • Jin: Okay, where should we order from?
  • Maknae line: *names 3 diffrent places*
  • Yoongi: I want chicken
  • Namjoon: we always do chicken
  • Hoseok: And, I want chicken too
  • *argument breaks out*:
  • Jin: Shut up! You guys always make this hard. Such a pain in the ass!
  • Yoongi: Oh please, we all know the only pain in YOUR ass is Namjoon *Maknaes and Hobi nod*
  • Jin: O.O
  • Namjoon: its ok babe, at least they agreed on something
  • Jin: *slaps Namjoon upside the head*
BTS Reacting to their S/O using a cringy pick-up line on them.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Yes Anon. You are amazing and I love you and now I get to use my moves to wow all of you.

Jin - Are you a vampire? Cause you looked a little thirsty when you looked at me.”

Jin would be surprised at your random pick up line and stare at you confused, with the faintest smile on his lips. He’d be quick to come up with a short, clean comeback, and spend the next twenty minutes coming up with new ones with you.

Originally posted by hugtae

Suga - “You like sleeping? Me too! We should do it together sometime.”

He laughed at your obvious attempt to flirt with him, and just nodded with a smile. He didn’t know if you’d meant it in a dirtier way, but he was fine with either version.

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

J-Hope - “Hey, tie your shoes! I don’t want you falling for anyone else.”

Hobi would absolutely love your adorableness and give you a huge grin. His smile wouldn’t fade as you continued your sweet torture, and he’d eventually come up with own.

Originally posted by hobisu

Rap Monster - Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see!”

He would laugh at your cliche pick up line, even though they weren’t new to your relationship. It was almost like a competition to see who could come up with the worst one.

Originally posted by forjimin

Jimin - Somebody call the cops, because it’s gotta be illegal to look that good!”

He’d blush and smile once you said a pick up line out of nowhere. Jimin would find it’s sweet that you were comfortable enough to say such an embarrassing thing to him so easily.

Originally posted by sxy-jmn

V - “Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work for it?”

He’d teasingly roll his eyes and look at you with a cute aegyo. V would come up with his own pick up line, which would most likely include an innuendo, and make sure to tease you too.

Originally posted by bts-x

Jungkook - Are you a Pokemon? Cause I’d sure like to pikachu!”

Jungkook would be the perfect example of a cringe attack. Of course he would find it sort of cute, but this little ‘innocent’ ball of fluff would just smile with disbelief and laugh at you.

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- Admin H

dating xiumin would include...


smol baozi yayy


  • oka although xiumin may look vvvvv sexyay
  • he will be the cutest, fluffiest bf ever
  • like kms holy crud
  • he wouldn’t be too talkative
  • but he’d be an amazing listener
  • you two would be always cleaning the house
  • due to the neat freak he is
  • shit
  • most dates would be at home drinking coffee and snuggling
  • he would be such a cuddly person!!!!!
  • you two going to the gym together
  • and not so subtly checking each other out
  • coffee all day everyday 
  • OooOOooh pick up lines oh god 
  • “Y/N r u whale ???///”
  • “cause we should humpback at my place” *perv face*
  • him bringing bread and cake from your favorite bakery after a long day for you
  • he would be very very very shy
  • staring into each other’s eyes intensely
  • him acting like he’s on his phone but secretly taking pictures of you
  • him being super protective
  • he wouldn’t say “i love you” a lot
  • but would make sure you feel loved
  • when he does say it……
  • he’d say it at the most romantic times
  • like when you two are watching the sunset and after just sitting there stargazing
  • “words can’t express how much i love you Y/N”
  • random love notes on the fridge
  • cheeky AF
  • you occasionally poking his abs and him screeching
  • overall just a perfect and adorable relationship <3

I hope I will never have a daughter
Because girls are lined up for a slaughter
Of society’s idea of what they should be,
Erasing idea of what it’s like to be ‘me’.
“You shouldn’t wear this, it doesn’t look pretty.
Smile more and don’t be greedy be it for knowledge, attention or love,
Take what you are given, it should be enough.
Don’t act like this, they think you a slut,
Don’t think too much and keep your mouth shut.”
I hope I will never have a daughter
So she wouldn’t be pressured to act all 'proper’,
I hope I will never have a son
So I won’t have to mourn over what he has done.

#ThankYouBones Week - Day 2

11 temperance brennan character growth moments 

  1. The Blackout in the Blizzard: “When you and I met I was an impervious substance. Now I am a strong substance.”
  2. The Hole in the Heart: getting into bed with Booth. The song Halo by Beyonce should have played because her walls came tumbling down.
  3. The Movie In the Making: The ending lines by her about being the mother of the world’s best car salesperson. Everybody’s “grow up” lines were just perfect for who their characters were and their character development and hers were too.
  4. The Patriot in Purgatory: “I could avoid it all before. I had no one in my life. But now I think of those people, and I think of you. Any one of them, it could’ve been you.”
  5. Brennan placing her trust in Booth even though he had told her that they shouldn’t marry and she still didn’t know why (Pelant).
  6. Her entire arc with her father. All of it.
  7. Brennan reading Sweets’ psychology books (when he was living with her and Booth). Like, for someone who hated psychology… that is huge.
  8. Actually going to a therapist in season 11. See my above comment.
  9. Her speech at Sweets’ funeral.
  10. Her eulogy to Ripley the dog in The Finger in the Nest. She bonded with that dog and wanted to make him a part of her family but couldn’t and that eulogy to the universe and to Ripley is lovely.
  11. Proposing to Booth. 😍💯👏💖👌

smolsickficwriter  asked:

do you write for any fandoms outside of black butler? =)

Funny you should ask! I actually had this sitting in my drafts for a few days and I haven’t gotten around to posting it!

I’ll happily write for Black Butler, Free!, Yuri on Ice, Percy Jackson (this goes for Heroes of Olympus too!), and Ouran High School Host Club.

At the moment, I’ll only do certain characters from Voltron, as I’m not sure I could do them justice.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line!

Also, I don’t just write emeto! You can hit me up for all your sneezing, omorashi, and general illness related needs!

anonymous asked:

What a great evening-I love her honesty! I may not have been brave enough to say anything to her when she signed my book last night and just stood there grinning like a twat but I am grateful I got to see her in person finally after being a fan from afar for so long! Will kick myself forever that I did speak to her! Also wish I'd had the courage to meet you all too, maybe they'll be any other opportunity for me to brave!

Hey anon! You should have come by and say hi! We had a fantastic evening! Sadly, we gave up the signing, because we were almost the last in the line and we thought we would never gonna make it but it was really really great!

anonymous asked:

Could you write a fic off of the dream you had about Alistair in the hospital? Maybe you could add some smol, precious BF Julius trying to calm him down?

Yes, of course, I love a good excuse to torture Alistair. And ‘smol, precious BF’ is just the perfect way to describe Julius. Although he sticks up for Alistair in this. You learn new things about Alistair too. You find out that this boy DOES NOT like hospitals. He doesn’t like trusting strangers to poke him with needles and assault him with weird equipment. He’s also got a SUPER high fever, which is why he’s freaking out through a lot of this, haha. The poor boy. Anyway, I hope this is okay. Swearing again, we all know Alistair.

“His fever needs to come down, we should get a line in. Do we need to contact the parents?”

“Apparently not. He came in with his boyfriend, but we told him to stay in the waiting room.”

Alistair blinked dazedly, not really taking anything in. His body felt very heavy, and he hurt all over, his head most of all. He was lying back on an unfamiliar bed, surrounded by strangers in blue and white, poking and prodding at him without even asking permission. It was bright and hot, and Alistair could smell disinfectant and sickness in the air. Alistair mumbled uneasily, scanning each face, trying to find Julius.

“Alistair, honey? You’re gonna feel a little scratch, okay?”

Alistair felt somebody grip his wrist, turning his arm over. He turned his head weakly - and spotted a female nurse advancing towards him with a gigantic fucking needle in her hands, ready to puncture his skin. Alistair snapped properly awake abruptly, yanking his arm away with a yell, making the nurse jump.

“Don’t! Get that away from me!” he yelled, panicked. The nurse with the needle pulled a sympathetic face, but a stout nurse with a firm face stepped away from the bed of another patient, frowning. 

“Stop that shouting! How ridiculous, a man of your age shrieking like a toddler. We can do this the easy way or the hard way now. I’ll hold you down if I have to, but the IV line is going in either way,” she snapped sternly.

Perhaps the tough-love strategy was effective with her other patients, but all it did was make Alistair panic completely. He was dazed and bewildered with fever; all he could see were two sinister strangers who were trying to jab something sharp into his arm. Julius wasn’t there, he was all alone with these two creatures. He began to scream, thrashing in his hospital bed, trying to clamber desperately out of it. The firm nurse heaved an irritable sigh.

“Suit yourself,” she murmured, and suddenly gripped Alistair’s shoulders with her strong arms, pinning him down to the bed as firmly as if he was tied to it. The nurse was formidable, with arms as thick and pink as hams, and Alistair was weak from the fever - he couldn’t move at all.

That did it. Alistair hated to feel trapped - he didn’t even like to be told he couldn’t remove his seatbelt on a plane. His yells increased in volume, echoing through the ward so loudly that all the other patients craned to look, wondering if he was being murdered.

“No! Let me go! Let me go, you fucking bitch!”

His voice was more strangled with fear than anger - situations he couldn’t control made him nervous, and hospitals were by far the worst. Now he was being forcibly held to the bed, Julius nowhere to be seen - he began to gasp in terror, his chest tight, tears seeping from his eyes. The firm nurse tutted heartlessly, but the nurse with the needle seemed kinder, softer.

“It’s okay, honey. It’s just an IV, to bring down your fever. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Alistair was far too deep in the throes of a fit of feverish anxiety to pay attention. He continued to struggle against the firm nurse, howling all the while.

“No, don’t touch me! Get off! Julius! JULIUS!”

“Hey! What the hell are you doing to my boyfriend? I can hear him right down the hall!” It was Julius, having come dashing from the waiting room when he realised that the shrieking patient was actually Alistair. He took in the scene in front of him, Alistair struggling desperately against the nurse, panting and in tears. He felt fury rise in his chest.

Julius was generally an effervescent person, with a temperament as mild as a mother’s milk, but now he turned on the firm nurse with a murderous expression, as if he was about to tear her head off. He was a small boy, barely over five foot, and looked a good deal younger than nineteen with his fluffy curls and big eyes - but the nurse gasped at his expression, backing away in fear.

“You let go of him!” Julius thundered, his voice so shockingly mutinous that even Alistair paused mid-scream, bewildered.

“How dare you hold him down when he’s clearly in such distress! Do you not have ears, you heartless witch? He doesn’t like to be restrained like that! If you were having difficulties, you should have called me!” he shouted, stamping his foot in his passion, fuming. 

The firm nurse huffed a little indignantly, but she looked rather worried now, her face pale. She stepped back from the bed as Alistair pulled himself into a sitting position shakily, reaching out for Julius.

“J-Jules, I’m gonna…”

The panic had made Alistair’s stomach churn painfully - anxiety always did - and he barely had time to sit up before he was heaving into his hands, vomit spraying through his fingers. The nurse with the needle quickly thrust a cardboard emesis bowl in front of him, which Julius took hold of, rubbing Alistair’s back gently as he coughed and gasped. Julius turned to glare at the firm nurse as Alistair retched again, bringing up a thick wave of puke into the bowl. 

“I don’t want you treating my boyfriend again tonight. If you come near him I’ll lodge a formal complaint,” he threatened darkly, and the firm nurse backed away sharpish.

Julius turned his attention back to Alistair, making his voice soothing. The red-head was still hunched over, spitting out saliva, his cheeks flushed with fever, but he was smirking at Julius.

“Look at you, showing off your claws,” he muttered, chuckling, still rather dazed. Julius shrugged.

“I was mad, okay? You think you’re done?” He handed the soiled bowl over to the other nurse when Alistair nodded, taking a wet cloth from her to clean his boyfriend up a little.

“Here, give me your hands, I’ll clean the sick off. Try taking deep breaths, you need to calm down now. What was all that noise about?” Julius asked, carefully sponging the vomit from his boyfriend’s hands. Alistair fell back against the pillows, scowling.

“They’re trying to stick a needle in me, Jules. I don’t even know them, and I couldn’t find you. And that bitch nurse was forcing me,” he declared dramatically, his eyes glazed over. Julius propped an elbow on the bed, brushing the dishevelled red hair away from Alistair’s face gently.

“I know you don’t want the IV, but it really will make you feel better. It won’t hurt for long, I’ll be right here now,” Julius said. Alistair shook his head stubbornly.

“Nope. Not happening.” Julius paused.

“You know, Alistair, I was really scared when I brought you to the hospital. You were burning hot, you wouldn’t focus on me and nothing you said made sense. You need an IV to keep you from getting so sick again. I don’t think I can watch that a second time. Come on, for me?” he urged gently. Alistair struggled for a moment, biting his lip. Then he sighed heavily, offering his arm to the nurse irritably.

“Fine… But only because you asked me, Jules. You better tell me when it’s coming!” he demanded, as the nurse advanced with the needle. Despite everything, she smiled.

“Okay, honey, you’re just going to feel a little scratch,” she said, quickly pushing the needle into Alistair’s skin, taping it in place against his arm. Alistair drew in his breath.

“Ow! That wasn’t little!” The nurse giggled, shaking her head.

“You’re a fiery one. Red-heads are always little vixens.” She turned to Julius. “Both of you should try to get some sleep. We’ll be monitoring his temperature, checking every two hours. Make sure he’s drinking water, okay?” she said, before bustling off quickly, going to attend to her other patients. Alistair scowled at the drip, holding his arm out stiffly.

“How are you feeling?” Julius asked softly, trying to distract him. Alistair scoffed.

“In hospital. High fever. Just shrieked the place down and puked in my own hands, and now there’s a huge needle in my arm. I’m feeling fucking fantastic, Jules,” he grumbled sarcastically. Julius laughed.

“How can you still be such a snarky ass when you’re so sick?” he chuckled fondly. Alistair shrugged.

“Must be a natural talent.” He reached out to Julius, tugging at his shirt. “Come lay with me… The bed is big. And I’m cold,” he said, opening his eyes imploringly. Julius smiled, clambering onto the bed beside Alistair, wrapping his arms around him. Alistair moved as close to Julius as possible, pressing his face against the smaller boy’s chest.

“Oh Alistair, you’re burning! I feel like I’m huddled up next to a little heater,” Julius said, hugging Alistair tighter. The red-head groaned miserably.

“Ugh, I feel like shit. The room is spinning…” he mumbled, squeezing his eyes shut. Julius ran his fingers through Alistair’s sweaty hair gently.

“Try to sleep. You’ll start to feel better soon, I promise,” he soothed. Alistair obeyed meekly, exhausted now, snuggling into Julius. He muttered something as he fell into a doze, his voice thick with sleep.

“Can I take the fucking needle out yet?” Julius laughed a little.

“Don’t you dare try! Not quite yet, Alistair.”

  • Wise Mind: Okay. Things are heading in the direction of Not Good™ and it would be best to remember this line of thought is only temporary and will pass. Go to sleep. Take on tomorrow refreshed.
  • Emotional Mind: okay that sounds Great and thanks for your input, but what if we just stay up and remember all the ways you're failing and think about how everyone else hates you and you should hate yourself too

CLYDE: Since I got grounded, I turned my phone’s volume off because I didn’t want my dad to hear it and take it away from me or anything. 

CLYDE: I guess I kind of forgot about that, because Token’s actually called me like a bazillion times.

CLYDE: Maybe if he decided to call while I had my phone out I would have answered it. So really, it’s all his fault.

CLYDE: But, I should probably call him while I still have some battery left.

CLYDE: Ring ring, bitch.

TOKEN: Dude! Where are you?

TOKEN: Why is the call quality shit?

CLYDE: Um, because you’re on the line. Owned.

TOKEN: I’m serious, Clyde.

CLYDE: We’re lost up in the mountains or something.

TOKEN: I said I’m serious.

CLYDE: No, I’m being serious too. Here look I’m gonna send you a picture.

TOKEN: Dude, no wonder nobody’s in class.

CLYDE: What? Seriously?

TOKEN: Yeah, check it out.

CLYDE: Dude, sorry for stealing the class.

TOKEN: No, thank you. Because of whatever’s going on with you guys, there’s no class today.

CLYDE: Aw man.

TOKEN: Sucks to be you.

CLYDE: Wait, aren’t you gonna ask what happened?

TOKEN: Well, I assumed it was Cartman’s fault. Am I wrong?

CLYDE: No, yeah, you’re right. Him and his group.

TOKEN: Are you going to die?

CLYDE: I don’t know. Maybe?

TOKEN: Well, don’t. If Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Eric do stupid shit all the time and they come out alive, I’m sure you can be fine too. 

CLYDE: Ugh, fine.

TOKEN: Keep in touch, okay?

CLYDE: Hahaha no my phone’s almost dead.

TOKEN: Steal Craig’s phone, then.

CLYDE: No way, man, He’s already gonna beat me up later, I don’t need a bigger smack down than I’m gonna get already.

TOKEN: If one of you doesn’t call me every so often I’ll give you the biggest smack down of all when I see you next.

CLYDE: God, okay dad, jeez.

CLYDE: I gotta end the call though, I don’t really know what’s going on but we’re headed towards something that looks sorta spooky and I gotta act scared with the rest of the group so I don’t look like a jackass.

TOKEN: Later, dude.

CLYDE: Later.

emilydoesthings  asked:

First off, I wanted to thank you for all your coverage of the musicals! Second, how amazing was Book of the Atlantic? Did it live up to any expectations you had?

I honestly didn’t have any concrete expectation besides wanting to enjoy myself lol And I did enjoy myself so it’s all good. The actions were breathtaking and the characters shined as they should have.

I tend to not put too much thoughts on minute details or any specific scenes/lines. The same team didn’t screw up BoC and BoM, I knew it’s unlikely for them to screw up BotA to begin with.