you all saw this coming uvu

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First of all, i hope you're okay uvu i love you. And i saw you start reblogging bnha and tododeku and i was wondering if you have considered writing some tododeku for the future c: your writing is so wonderful <3

awwwww anon i lov u too <3 i’m actually working on a tododeku fic rn. it’s about 9k at the moment and i hope to wrap it up before it hits 13k bc god. here’s a snippet: 

“Here we go!” Midoriya sings out as he comes back through the door. The bouquet has been placed in a beautiful blue vase, a pale brushed glass with a white bow tied around the middle. “This one doesn’t usually come with a vase, but since you’re going to the hospital, you’ll need one.”

“Oh,” Shouto says, oddly touched that Midoriya thought so far ahead. He moves towards the counter, reaching out and touching the edge of the ribbon gently.

“No charge,” Midoriya continues, peeking up at him through his messy hair. Shouto frowns, pulling his hand away.

“There’s no need for that,” Shouto tells him. “I can pay for it.”

“Let’s say that it’s incentive for you to come back,” Midoriya says, and then turns pink all along his freckles. “Not that you – I mean, I’m not saying you have to come back, but since you’re a first time customer–”

“I will,” Shouto tells him, feeling hopelessly pleased when Midoriya smiles tentatively at him.

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have you or will you draw upd8 art of dirk's reaction to seeing jake dead bc that would be so sad 8'-) your last one made me cry a million tears hhhhhh

I already drew that last year 8’) I don’t think I’m drawing anymore sad things for now, I mean I still have one thing from the other day I haven’t posted but it’s not sad (sorry about all those tears bruh)

Anon:Jake was stabbed with Dirk’s sword Karkat was stabbed with Terezi’s Hahaha haha ha ha :)

“shipping” hahh a

Anon:Oh goodness, PALE johnrose tho (johnrose anon is back)

yeah that’s ok with me uvu

Anon:I just saw your art and I’m in tears. I wanted to ask if you think Rose is going to die from her injuries, and is it bad that I almost hope she does because I don’t want to see her have to go through this without Kanaya

not sure, maybe ;( if she does tho she might come back if her death doesn’t get counted as heroic and then John would have to prevent Kanaya from dying