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Holy crap! D: Yesterday I posted a writing mix, WRITING IN THE DARK, and I thought it would do okay– but whoa the reception to it has been awesome! ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

Thank you SO much to everyone who went out of their way to reblog the post, and a double-serving of ‘thank-yous’ to the people who liked/listened to the mix on 8tracks! I had to turn off 8tracks notifications on my phone because they were coming in every couple of minutes :0

I just want to say that I am super humbled to hear that, something as small as a music playlist, has helped some of you write! You are seriously my writerly friends, and I do this for each and every one of you~ ♥︎

I think… I think I will go with my heart and work on a few more mixes :D

Again, thank you to everyone who made this possible~ ♥︎

So my friend is really interested in homestuck, but he says he's too ugly to cosplay as Dirk Strider.

Now listen a second. 
You all need to help me prove he’s wrong and he could



a great Dirk because

fuck look at him.

Ok now please, do what you want, but help andreaharumonia’s self esteem explode because he thinks he’s ugly.
Thank you for your help :v

I’m not even upset, hurt or angry anymore. I’m just tired. I’m tired of putting in more effort than I receive. I’m tired of holding on for nothing. I’m tired of believing all your lies. I’m tired of you proving me wrong every time. I’m tired of getting my hopes up and being disappointed again.
Los signos como canciones de He is We:

Aries: All About Us

Tauro: Happily Ever After

Géminis: Radio

Cáncer: I Wouldn’t Mind

Leo: Kiss It Better

Virgo: Blame It On The Rain

Libra: Too beautiful

Escorpio: Give It All

Sagitario: Prove You Wrong

Capricornio: His name

Acuario: Pardon me

Piscis: Forever and Ever

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Guys I have 3K followers!!!!  Never in a million years would I have thought this blog would get anywhere and you have proved me wrong.  Thank you all so so much for your support, you all are so awesome you have no idea. ♥♥♥♥

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I’ve reached my goal, or at least enough to work with. I never thought I’d see so much kindness on this website. Thank you all for proving me wrong, and giving me faith in people again. I’ll keep everyone posted on Belly Button’s status. Again, thank you so much. I can’t properly express how relieved I am. We’re not out of the woods just yet, but I have hope.

honestly, clothes doesn’t matter much to me, fashion is nice and can be beautiful, but it doesn’t matter much too. what size I am isn’t important, I don’t care if you don’t like my boobs or my butt, because it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t really care if that boy likes me or not. I won’t cry if you don’t call me pretty. I won’t be sad because of it. but if you call me stupid, I will put all effort into proving you are wrong, I can promise you that.

If Damian were to (for some reason) write Santa Claus a letter:


I do not particularly believe you exist. But as I am generous, I am giving you a chance to prove me wrong. If you happen to deliver all of the items listed below, I might admit you could possibly not be a fraud myth. But do not get your hopes up, I am a creative and demanding child man.

Sincerely my own,

Son of Batman

Hey guys, the awkward potato has arrived on your dash! As you can probably tell from the super amazing edit above (made by the literal angel herself @wintaery ), I recently hit one of my goals!!

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When I was ten years old and felt I was the only person in the whole world that Digimon meant everything to, I couldn’t ever have imagined how wrong I was. Thank you all for proving me wrong and for giving me the most spectacular fandom family. You are never alone guys. We are in this together!

Matt Ruins Feminisms Shit

Whichever feminist purveyor came up with the idea to make feminism synonymous with equality is a genius. They figured out a way to “Trojan horse” nonsense down otherwise reasonable peoples throats.

What I will never understand about feminists is that they claim to be all about equality, they say this is the fundamental basis for their feminist beliefs; yet will get upset and argue till they are red in the face with someone who also claims to support equality but simply does not think that feminism is really about equality. What always prompts this is me simply saying I support equality but am not a feminist. To which they will cite a made up definition of feminism as though that proves me wrong. You can say the KKK is all about racial tolerance by saying KKK noun- A group advocating the equality of races and the celebration of difference. Convinced? Me neither, this made up definition is meaningless because the actions and ideas of the group are in contradiction with the supposed definition. In the same way simply saying feminism is the same as supporting equality doesn’t make it so. If you want to know what feminism is all about look no further than the name. It’s feminism… it’s not called egalitarianism equalism or humanism. Feminism is the advocacy for the social, political and economic rights of women, period.

 Now some of you might be thinking Matt you’re just nitpicking the terms who cares what we call ourselves as long as we all support equality. You would be absolutely right if feminism itself were at all consistent with your assertion that it is about equality and did not actively promote contradictory policy and ideas. The only thing equality based about feminism is that all feminists claim that feminism is about equality. You could write a book of just end-to-end examples of ideas put out there by feminist writers and philosophers that are not consistent with the ideals of equality. Whenever I point these ridiculous ideas out to feminists they all have the same reply, “they aren’t real feminists then.” Or they say these are just “radical feminists.” Which is some real convenient mental gymnastics reasoning that begs the question… How many times can you really say that before it starts to feel like the feminists who do support equality really believe things that are not consistent with feminist reasoning? Once? Twice? Thirty Times? What about 50% of the time, 51% of the time? If the vast majority of your feminist thinkers are found to display ideas inconsistent with an egalitarian world-view should that not be enough to abandon the school of thought if what you really support is equality? This “not a real feminist” argument that’s so popular with feminists is a textbook example of the no true scotsman fallacy. Look it up if you don’t already know about it. I’ll get to some examples to illustrate my case that feminists do not support equality later. If feminism were really all about equality the concept of its abolishment and replacement shouldn’t seem so threatening. If feminism is replaced by egalitarianism and you’re a feminist because you support equality then what’s the problem? 

As a man my criticism of feminism will always be met with cynicism because of the persisting idea that men fear feminism out of a desire to protect their patriarchy and to continue to oppress women. However I honestly believe feminism (not equality) is terrible for both men and women. For example feminism typically manifests as an attempt to show that women can do the same things men can do. Which of course they can, but this also sends the message that to be valuable a woman needs to be like a man. More often than not I find that feminism berates things that many women deem feminine and praises women for doing things and acting in a way most deem to be masculine. Yes women can be masculine but do they need to be in order to be valuable? I don’t think so but this is the message “feminism” sends. It is not shameful to be feminine and women who are feminine are not less valuable, yet this is the subtext of feminism.

Another criticism I seem to get from feminists is that I’m a male rights activist. It is nearly impossible to be a man that opposes the feminism of today without being called a MRA. Even though if you followed my logic for even a moment you would realize this is an assertion entirely inconsistent with my views. I also oppose in theory the school of thought dedicated to a male only worldview and male only advocacy. Its funny how quickly feminists could identify that men’s rights wasn’t about equality but refuse to think that female advocacy (feminism) isn’t as well. Last time I checked it was feminists who were the ones pulling fire alarms and protesting any speaker who wished to simply discuss mens issues. Seriously look online at some of the protests feminists have staged against anything related to mens issues. Watch them and see for yourself the hatred and bile feminists spew at people (men and women) for simply having another view. As long as feminists exist they necessitate the existence of a mens rights movement. The more they try to shut them down the more feminists just prove that point for me. This is the point of the argument where feminists claim that female only advocacy makes sense because society already largely favours men. While this is true in some ares it is not true in all areas, however even assuming this were completely true there is still a huge problem with this logic. It is the social political equivalent to asking a parent to break your siblings toy because yours was broken. It’s immature, it’s irrational and it is horribly inconsistent with an egalitarian worldview. Not to mention that if you do get your way and a parent decides to do what you want, your sibling (men) will then begin to resent you. Which further hurts feminisms own supposed agenda. If the goal is equality then anything that divides men and women should be considered harmful. And an entire school of thought dedicated to one gender that blames the other does this by definition. Another problem with this reasoning is that it implies that feminists are vigilant and know exactly when to back off in every area of influence. For example do custody hearings still require female only advocacy? This is an area today where society favours women with an 84% win ratio. 

Think of it like this society is like a pendulum when it is to the left society favours men and to the right it favours women. In the middle (pendulum not moving) is equality. Historically the pendulum has been to the left favouring men. What feminism does is it pushes the pendulum free but provides no stopping point (equality) so the pendulum swings and heads in the opposite direction, swinging with great momentum toward the right, a society that favours females. Are men and women equal in everything no of course not. But feminism saturates just about every facet of our society and still exists and is applied to all areas including the ones where equality has already been achieved. I wouldn’t claim female favouritism is where we are as a society at all. I claim only that feminism is the forward motion driving us to that point and there are some clear signs that confirm this hypothesis. There are already examples of areas of female favouritism and privilege,It’s an indication that the place feminism will eventually take us is not equality. For example men are highly disadvantaged in the courtroom. they receive harsher punishments than women, are awarded custody far less often and are far more likely to have their claims of assault and harassment ignored altogether. My argument here is not that society is fine and everything is equal so feminists should go away. My argument is that if feminism is the driving force equality will pass by quickly in the rear view mirror. It will eventually and inevitably give rise to a female favoured society. If you support equality the prospect of an oppressive matriarchal society should be just as distasteful as a patriarchal one. If it isn’t you are a hypocrite and you should stop claiming to be in favour of equality right now. However if egalitarianism is the driving force and the stopping point, the pendulum stops moving and remains fixed at a state of equality.

I said earlier I would talk about examples of feminist thinkers promoting inequitable ideas so here are just a few of them. One feminist writer stated that women are actually better than men because women can give birth and men cannot. The implication here being that a woman can do anything a man can do but a man cannot do anything a woman can do. The word better is always a real good indicator of an egalitarian view right? Another writer states that the only way to be a true feminist is to be a lesbian. Only by being with another woman can you truly be free of male oppression. This is typical of the–you don’t need anything from men mentality that feminism will never truly shake. How can any straight woman support an idea like that? Now feminism wants to deny the need for companionship for most women? That sounds like an idea that is incredibly harmful for women. Another writer claims that social institutions like marriage exist only to oppress women. It’s even taken so far as to claim that vital aspects of society like medicine also exist only to subjugate women. By painting perfectly legitimate institutions as being instruments of men to oppress, you further alienate men while also turning women away from things that should benefit everyone. Nobody wins with ideas like this.

The weight of an idea is not what it says it wants but the effect it has. These next examples are not ideas started by feminist philosophers to my knowledge but were started by everyday feminists who applied the principles and subtext of feminist thinkers. One idea is that men are to be feared or hated and treated as antagonists. The idea to castrate has even become a mainstay for people who think like this. This has given rise to a concept called Shrodingers rapist. The idea being that all men are potentially rapists and should be treated as such for the safety of all women. This idea is one that a reasonable feminist will say is ludicrous and should not represent what real feminism is all about. Is it really so much of a stretch though? With the endless harping on the evils of patriarchy and the male oppression of women. Along with the principle of a strong female push back in order to balance the scales of history this is really not such a long jump in reasoning. It also fits nicely in line with feminists who advocate lesbianism. It sends the message that men are so horrible and dangerous that you should not even be fraternizing with them. The feminists who support the reasoning that leads to these ideas but reject the application out of a misunderstanding of what they are supporting are like someone saying that Mein Kampf is a great book everyone should read; then are horrified by the holocaust.

Another erroneous feminist idea that promotes misandry is the popular feminist concept of rape culture. RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) has come out saying that the idea of rape culture is not only a myth but it’s a harmful myth for both men and women. Rapists are responsible for rape not culture, blaming patriarchy and an entire gender for the evil of some of its members is idiotic and plain wrong. It would be like me judging all women for the stupidity of feminism. the idea of rape culture diminishes male victims and some supporters of the idea even deny that males can be victims. If equality is all you really want then what are you trying to preserve by refusing to abandon feminism? If it’s in favour of something that also promotes equality but is without the hateful and disillusioning/misleading militant backdrop of misandry then what’s the issue here? Could it be that you don’t support it because of equality? Could it be that you simply believe that it is a benefit to you so it should be supported despite its logical and ethical problems?

And let’s be honest even the older form of feminism that did good things for women isn’t needed anymore in North American society. In North America women have a right to: Vote, drive, dress how they want, go to school, marry who they choose, get divorced, own property, go out alone, be uncircumcised, have a career and get help when abused. While we’re on the subject of the rights women have– don’t give me that tired nonsense about women making less money for the same work. Yes there is a wage gap but it has nothing to do with gender discrimination. No company in their right mind is paying someone less solely because they are female. Show me any example of a man and a woman who do the same job for the same company, with the same amount of time put in with equal levels of seniority where the woman makes less money. It doesn’t happen, there are many reasons for the wage gap, none of which are discrimination. One reason is that more women work less hours in order to care for children. Another reason is that men tend to pursue more financially rewarding careers than women do. Do some research before prattling on about imaginary barriers that many women seem to have bypassed without trouble. If women could be payed less just for being women there would be no men in the workforce if a company could use that as an excuse for cheaper labour then they absolutely would. Anyway I digress, people who continue to support feminism because of the accomplishments of the past are like Germans who still support the Nazi party because of all the things Hitler did for the German economy. Accomplishments of the past do not make up for the hate of the present. Feminism is not what it once was and should not be supported like it is. Feminists here cry oppression whenever someone disagrees with them or they feel disrespected in any small way. Try living in a country where women are burned and tortured and have to continue to live with and make nice with their attackers. That is true oppression and a true violation of basic human rights, stare rape and the irrational fear that you might be attacked by a man at any moment is not. The modern North American feminism trivializes real victims and real societal issues by trying to make all women the victims of all men. Feminists have blatantly created a new us and them mentality by making patriarchy and by extension men the scapegoat for all of societies problems. If that strategy sounds familiar at all you should then see why the term feminazi is so applicable to modern feminism.

I support equality and I will never be able to believe that you do if you also support feminism. You don’t need to be pro feminism to support women. Being pro people should be enough, last time I checked people includes women. Feminism is a cultural hydra and it’s wishful thinking to think it will ever die completely. But hopefully one day reason will prevail and people will be convinced to be a little more critical and really take a look at what is being taught. Hopefully one day the only people who will claim to be feminists are the hateful irrational people who embrace the inequity of its ideas. To the rational people who do support equality and claim to be feminists it might be time to jump ship and board one that is actually heading where you want it to go.


Thank you for making the impossible for me! At the beginning of my Simblr, I thought that nobody would follow me but your proved wrong. I love you all! Let’s celebrate with “Grandma’s Memories” Paintings Set!

See the world in the past through your grandma’s eyes! Did  she use to be a town elite or a farm girl? Those paintings warm every home with the memories of the past!

The set includes 7 paintings, some of them including different variations.

Originals meshes used from:


Red is my favorite color, darling

drunk is what I like to be my love

the blood is warm on my thighs, darling

no, I don’t think about you at all

The pills are clouding my thoughts, baby girl

I hope you’re having fun my love

I don’t have the will to live, baby girl

tonight, i don’t feel anything at all

This is purely scientific, honey

this is the deepest I’ve ever cut my love

don’t think I’m doing this for you, honey

who am I kidding, I know you’re not thinking about me at all

I’m gonna wake up tomorrow, sweetie

I know I’m gonna see another day my love

they are still not enough to get to my veins, sweetie

this time I’ll laugh, I promise, I won’t shed any tears at all

You proved me wrong, ma Cherie

the world is more cruel than I wanted to believe my love

you proved me right, ma Cherie

I wasn’t worth anything, after all