you all proved me wrong


Holy crap! D: Yesterday I posted a writing mix, WRITING IN THE DARK, and I thought it would do okay– but whoa the reception to it has been awesome! ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

Thank you SO much to everyone who went out of their way to reblog the post, and a double-serving of ‘thank-yous’ to the people who liked/listened to the mix on 8tracks! I had to turn off 8tracks notifications on my phone because they were coming in every couple of minutes :0

I just want to say that I am super humbled to hear that, something as small as a music playlist, has helped some of you write! You are seriously my writerly friends, and I do this for each and every one of you~ ♥︎

I think… I think I will go with my heart and work on a few more mixes :D

Again, thank you to everyone who made this possible~ ♥︎


I’ve reached my goal, or at least enough to work with. I never thought I’d see so much kindness on this website. Thank you all for proving me wrong, and giving me faith in people again. I’ll keep everyone posted on Belly Button’s status. Again, thank you so much. I can’t properly express how relieved I am. We’re not out of the woods just yet, but I have hope.

Update: I am moving in tomorrow! The day is here for me to start a new life and slowly move into a higher state of recovery. This summer started off very very rocky. And by that I mean the day I moved out was also the day I was in the mall bathroom bawling my eyes out. I’ve read somethings I wished I never did and I thought I’d never recover from how truly broken the year made me…
But then, one day right before e3 I saw that there was going to be a kingdom hearts discord chat for the event. Having no one else to really watch it with, I made an account. And because of that its brought me to a group of wonderful people who never fail to make me laugh everyday.
Along the way Voltron came out, bringing me to talk to even more amazing people on this website that I would’ve been too shy to otherwise. It was a series that I really allowed myself to get invested in, something that I hadn’t been able to do (not even with fates) in a long while
And now compared to May 29 I’m stronger, better, and ready to get back up and head into a brighter tomorrow. I’m so grateful to have made so many wonderful new friends on here who have helped me laugh again and truly feel like I DESERVE to smile and see a better day. So cheers to a brighter future. As the Wonder Woman Sansa stark says, My skin has truly turned from porcelain to ivory to steel.


I often wonder if you miss me at all but your actions and stubborn attitude prove me wrong.

I was always scared as a kid to speak up to you but I’m 20 now and I finally spoke my mind.

Six months later and you still refuse to talk to me. I’m sorry you didn’t like what I said but I’m not sorry that I finally had the courage to say it. Never mind protecting me from boys who may break my heart because you beat them to it.

I’m sorry you’ve messed up your life but I won’t let you ruin mine. Because I deserve better then a dad who was never around.

~ your only child

its funny how anti sjws get the most offended when you bring up the fact that treating marginalized people with respect shouldn’t be overwhelming to you

like that person who tried to “prove” me wrong but all she did was prove my goddamn point like the moment she brought up “femanazi” (nice antisemitism btw) thats when i stopped reading lol

Im done being verbally, emotionally, and mentally abused by people. I know i’m worth more than they perceive me to be. I’m not a failure. I’m not a mistake. I’m me and i will continue to do me. I’ll prove you all wrong. I’ll find my happiness and i’ll find my success.