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How Reyes Vidal stole my heart (and will probably steal yours too)

From even before I started playing Mass Effect Andromeda, I was 100% sure I was going to romance Jaal. Jaal all the way. Nothing but Jaal, Jaal, Jaal. I mean, have you seen his eyes? Or heard his voice? That’s one sexy alien.

Jaal and I had a really good thing going, you know. First we became friends. We took our time getting to know eachother. Slowly, our friendship turned into something more. Our talks became flirty and giggly, even suggestive. It was a lot of fun and it was pretty clear where the two of us were headed.

Then, I was asked to go to Kadara. That wonderful planet full of outcasts and outlaws. I immediately felt at home among all those angry exiles. Jaal hated it. He was complaining all the time - about the people, the air, the water, the temperature, everything. “You want to go back to the Tempest?” I asked him sharply. “I didn’t know that was an option,” he answered sourly. It wasn’t exactly a fight, but we definitely had our first disagreement. And it annoyed me, because I had backed him in everything from the first time I met him. But when we got to Kadara and the Badlands, to that place that I really liked, he couldn’t even just stay silent about not liking it. I also had to admit that I was actually freaking out a little bit about how open he was about his feelings. I mean, I know the Angaran wear their hearts on their sleeves, but jfc.

So Jaal went back to the Tempest so the two of us could take a little breather from eachother, and I hung around Kadara port without him, waiting to meet up with some contact with the code name Shena. I was just hanging at the bar, waiting for a person I assumed was an Angaran lady, when a guy behind me said: “You look like you’re waiting for someone.” Ugh yes, and I’m not here to get hit on, so go away. I turned around and he presented his hand for me to shake: “Shena. But you can call me Reyes. I hate code names.”

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I’m sorry what? This is Shena? You are Shena? I giggled like a 13 year old and took the drink he offered me. He then proceeded to give me a lot of important information about Kadara port’s “politics” in a very charming accent. I should probably have paid attention to what he was saying, but I couldn’t stop looking at him. Just when I thought I’d gotten my giggling under control, I asked him about our new mission: “How do I contact you if things go south?” He answered:

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My loins! Seriously, I’m still not quite sure what happened. He left fielded me so hard I’m still dizzy. All I know is that from that point on my heart belonged to Reyes Vidal.

But what about Jaal?


Jaal who?

Misty: Look, an Ultra Ball!
Gary: It’s probably another cheap Team Rocket knockoff.
Ash: I don’t care! If it works, I’m gonna use it! I’m a Pokémon Trainer! And this is how we get things done!
Gary: No, that’s how scavengers get things done. Are you a Mandibuzz, Ashy?
Brock: Now, now, I think we can all agree that Ash’s not a Mandibuzz.
Misty: Though I have seen him eat some questionable things off the ground…
Ash: Floor ice cream gives you health!
Can I just say...

I see a lot of people saying that the gay community ruined “shipping” because of the whole septiplier/tythan/whatever but, a lot of the time it isn’t actual gay people doing the shipping (at least not the ones who take it too far, anyway).

It’s people who fetishize and obsess over gay men (Or just the concept of being gay) and say things like “I’M SINNING” or “omg I’m so going to hell for drawing this.” But, in real life, don’t support gay people all that much. They just use the idea of two gay people to fangirl over, making gay people out to be hypersexual, pervy people.

On behalf of the gay community I just wanted to let you guys know, if you see this, though there probably are gay people who ship septiplier/tythan, from what I’ve seen and experienced, the hardcore shippers are mostly hetrosexual people who have little respect for the gay community. Please don’t think that because the ship is gay that we are the ones responsible for it. There are so many shippers I’ve encountered who say they don’t even support gay marriage but put gay characters (Or in this case, straight people who they obsess over) in overly sexual scenarios to make themselves feel good.

I just hope you don’t think it’s us creating the problem. I’m so tired of my sexuality being a tool for straight people to get off on.

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Sin Blog

Hey y’all!
So I found a way to kill two birds with one stone (metaphorically of course, I mean, I would never want to cause any harm to any birds) but anyways, yes! I have found a solution to two problems! So I’ve seen that you guys want smut and so do I, I mean, who wouldn’t honestly. And you guys also probably want to see more activeness! My blog’s sort of slow, seeing as I write my full length fanfics on here, and it takes a while to get to requests. However, I’ve created a sin blog!
NEW SIN BLOG: @sinfulskeleton
You can send in things Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, etc., related!!!
This also means: you guys can get quick replies, there’s more interaction, we can collaborate on stuff, you can send in random shit, you can get as kinky as you want, anonymous stuff is encouraged, and there’s tons of sin! Plus, I will be able to be much more active since that would be a more laid back blog where I can answer quickly and instead of full length fics, come up with drabbles and ask you guys for more help with ideas and such! I’m also going to hopefully do some reblogs on there, which is another thing I don’t do on my main blog. And if you don’t know what a sin blog is, you can quickly find out from some of my favorite ones: @smuttyonepilots (Laura) @trashy-extras (Lex) @chubbybrendon (Kaylee) @dailypanicsin (Shirley) and there’s also plenty more! I hope this will be a fun experience and help with some issues I’ve had in the past! This doesn’t mean that I’m getting rid of my main blog or anything, I will still be writing my fluffy mushy happy fanfiction as always and am still taking smut requests on my main blog as well. My sin blog is dedicated mainly for drabbles, quick replies, and to help strengthen hopeful interaction with you all. I love you all very much!
Auden :)

concernedcatfish  asked:

Could you explain your ghost au to me? Sorry I've tried looking through your tags but this would probably help better. Especially who is Missy and what does Maria have to do with it? Also I've seen a ghost Phillip and Eliza, what is the deal with that? Thank you!

The ghost au is an au where Phillip is reincarnated and wakes up one day to find all the ghosts (from the musical) following him around-
He doesn’t remember any of them and he’s afraid at first but eventually get’s used to them.
Missy is one of Phillip’s best friends that likes to show up at very inconvenient times. She sticks around and is constantly confused as to why Phillip sometimes is talking to himself-
Maria is one of the most important ghosts because she befriends Phillip. They get along and they talk a lot which is kind of upsetting to Eliza and Alexander because Phillip can’t even be in the same room as them without being slightly uncomfortable-
The ghost Phillip is from something I call the ghost swap au
It takes place after Phillip dies and he’s the one haunting Eliza and Alexander-
After the duel, Phillip starts haunting Aaron and basically makes his life miserable.
These two au’s connect because after Alexander dies, he just suddenly wakes up as a ghost haunting Phillip-
Sorry if this is really vague and wonky-
The ghost au is just a mess of ideas right now but hopefully we can figure some stuff out!!!

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Hi, I just caught up on March of Progress and it's as good as ever! I would love to know, if you don't mind, what are your own favorite Korrasami fics or writers? (Perhaps on the fluffier side, seeing how they're faring in your fic lol)

Oh hey gosh! Glad you’re enjoying, Anon! And I don’t mind at all, though I regret to say with grad school I haven’t read much lately, so I’ll have to dig into the old memory banks.

The #1 recommendation, probably on everyone’s list, is SimplyKorra’s Seeking Balance trilogy. I certainly wouldn’t call it fluffy, but it explores both characters so well and in such a heartfelt way that I just adore it. Plus, it even manages to take one of the most notorious Korrasami fic cliches and legitimately pull it off, probably the only time I’ve seen it done well. Highly recommended. I would @ them, but I don’t know their tumblr handle if they have one and they sadly seem to have moved from the fandom, alas.

I haven’t worked through all of @ficsandmusings  portions of the now-merged collaborative effort (with @progmanx) Spin the Rails, but of all the fic I’ve read, it’s the closest fic to what I wanted to read, if that makes sense. Very detail and character oriented, broadens and expands the world. Plus, a ton of Asami focus, which is wonderful! It does a much more thorough and complete job of filling in holes in canon than mine did, for the pre-finale portions, and we’ll have to wait and see how my canon-continuation stacks up to the epic Repairs, Refits, and Upgrades. I still think of the finale when I hear a certain song on the radio, though, so that’s a plus.

I’ve gotten a good way into @sniperct’s Absence of Light before, as mentioned, Grad School. I very much wish to pick that one back up as it’s another epic plot-first story. That I haven’t finished it is no fault of the writer or story itself–blame my accursed schedule.

@darling-gypsum‘s Parts to Play starts as an alternate-timeline, then segues nicely back into near-canon and covers a lot of hidden moments during the series–of which there are a ton. I remember it being very cute and endearing.

There’s not really a lot of AUs on my list, I have a weird mental block with them where they don’t make sense to me once you remove the characters from their setting. I’ve nothing but faith, though, in all the great things I’ve heard about @thejennawynn ‘s Fieldwork. Really neat premise, I know she put a ton of work into detail, and also a lovely person.

There’s tons of other shorter pieces I liked that have all kinda blended together at this point, unfortunately. Skimming my history, Poetoaster’s “Sorry, were you sleeping?” covers Asami’s letters to Korra, and really leveled me with one brief line. Again, not fluff… hah, guess I don’t read a lot of fluff-centric stories!

There’s a few longer ones that I was turned off by for various reasons, but I don’t like to badmouth or discourage people on a public forum, that’s bad form. Chat with me directly, I could explain why, but when it comes down to it, anybody helping keep the fandom alive and improving their art by writing is A+ in my book, even if I don’t care for their story. (Though plagiarism DOES drive me up the wall!)

I keep meaning to check out Instincts of a Fearful Body based on premise and reputation, but have not yet found the time. But it’s certainly on my radar and has a lot of potential! It’s got a really good kudos to hit ratio, if you’re into math and stuff.

There are many many many other wonderful writers, both past and present, whose shorter works have brought me smiles–these tend to be the fluffier ones you asked for, that I’m having a hard time naming, haha). And tons of absolutely wonderful korrasami people still about on tumblr. I’m not sure if I warrant a mention in most of those circles, but perhaps one day, eh?

Thanks for the ask! :D

like y’all know i’ll ask for shit for my birthday because i love gifts but money is super tight and if you’ve seen my blog the last few days you’ll know that i’m not exactly sure what my paycheck will be looking like from work since they severely fucked us over with their unprofessionalism and also my mom and i are super behind on bills so i won’t be able to replace it and any money i have is probably going towards bills and transportation and you guys know i’m a photographer and right now i literally can’t save a single picture so if someone could scoop that TB up that’d be so amazing literally anything you’d need just let me know because i’m scrambling trying to make space because i’m in mid edit rn and this is the worst time for this to happen 

like i hate seriously asking for stuff but like if you can help that’d be amazing, if not i completely understand <3


Probably some angara are. I’d imagine pretty much every species probably has at least one part of BDSM and there would be people who are and aren’t into it.

As far as headcanons go, go nuts with it if you want. I personally don’t see Jaal being into it much besides sensory deprivation, like having Ryder blindfolded and just using bioelectric fields for unexpected skin tingles all over. But the beauty of headcanons is that you get to decide what’s canon in your game/universe.

Like I’ve always seen Garrus as somewhat eager to please/subby in bed and would probably like light bondage with either biotics or just any sort of tie and probably being slightly masochistic in the sense that he likes Shep to get a bit rough sometimes.

And there’s people who agree with that and people who don’t, but headcanons are always fun and add depth to things ^.^

@gaysagainstcoriander HOLY SHIT ok so omg like these videos, i was so into them when i was like 12 and they were still airing- did you ever have an ipod classic? remember how you could download videos onto them? yeah, yeah, i did all that- like it had a website i used to visit every day too; anyway but yeah the horses, theres a big pervy horse and a smaller horse that just says random shit (i mean they both say random shit, but yeah)

this is the youtube page and id rec watching like a lot of the vids with fair warning that this is a c/ishet white guy in like 2007 so its probably not completely up to par (tbh ive not seen anything horrible so far in my rewatching but theres a decent number of vids i havent gotten to and its been nearly ten years since ive seen them) but SHOCKINGLY extremely good still in that very bizarro adult swim way- in fact with subjects like youtube comments and cute pet photos you can argue that its an early adult swim style satire of internet culture as we know it today, and certainly of how youtube originally was

also the following videos which are all great imo

holy shit ive never seen this one until today im a fake stan kdfhglfgh

theres 1 tasteless joke in this one but otherwise iconic

this one features Premium Horse Content a lil bit more and is generally great 

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I always felt like Zayn was in some ways groomed to be the 2nd breakout star of 1d, the "alternative Harry" if you will, to fans who wanted an alternative to a clean-cut mainstream superstar. Were it not for his mental health, he probably could have been. His messy departure did him no favors and had this stark contrast with diligent good guy Harry who fulfills all his obligations before embarking on a new shiny career. The other 3 were always pretty much the 'Hufflepuff' to the media.

I’m laughing because I haven’t read Harry Potter (I’ve tried, multiple times, and just can’t get into it) but I think based on Tumblr house posts the Hufflepuffs are seen as the sweet, boring, plain ones? Is that right?

And interesting idea about Zayn! 

while im on the subject: why do all of the most peddled ‘nerd shirts’ seem to be mashing two entirely unrelated ‘nerd culture’ things together. I once saw a Legend of Zelda/Back to the Future shirt. I’ve seen Harry Potter and Pokemon. Who exactly is going to buy all of these Doctor Who/Portal crossover tees.


Yuri on Ice - Skating Animation Changes Between the TV and BluRay/DVD Version

On the left, you’ll find the TV version, while on the right you can see the DVD/BluRay version.

As you probably noticed, they have re-animated Minami’s kick in his Free Skate, and they actually show the jumps in Leo’s Short Program instead of cutting to the audience.

From what I gathered, they also reduced the amount of audience shots in Phichit’s program, but since it was comparable to the one from episode 11, I decided not to feature it here. There were also some prominent improvements in Yuuri’s Free Skate in episode 5, but those were again mostly sequences that we’ve seen in later episodes in all their glory (that most likely just weren’t completed by the time ep 5 had to air).

Apart from these, I haven’t seen any changes in any other skating sequences, but if I missed something, then please tell me so that I can feature the gifs here.

Okay guys. I’m gonna be real with you for a sec. The Captain Underpants movie is coming out in June, and y'all in the LGBT community and those who support it should totally make sure you watch it!! The movie is based off a 12-book series. In the last book, one of the protagonists, Harold, is revealed to be gay. This is super huge for an elementary series of kids books!!

The movie coming out is based on the first four books (that I’m aware of), and if it does well, Dreamworks will probably finish making the series. It would be so important to have that sort of representation for young LGBT kids seeing this movie!! I’ve rarely seen movies where kids are revealed to be LGBT, and that would be such a huge stepping stone!

Anyway!! This movie looks really fun and exciting on top of having the two protagonists that are minorities (Harold’s best friend George is black, and both boys have AHHD). So support it if you can!!

everytime someone criticizes an art style of a show i just have to sit silently as, I–an animator–know art inconsistencies happen. Even in anime–esp since the animators are rushed for time.

Have u guys seen the sailor moon reboot (left) versus the blue-ray where they had more time in the world to fix their shit (right)?

imagine if your teacher was like “okay 12 page essay analyzing the all of the symbolism and metaphors in Shakespeare’s Hamlet” due tonight before midnight. You’d rush through the whole hecking thing–you’ve never read hamlet your entire life–you’d sparknote that shit–it’d be the saddest paper you’d ever turn in you’d probably get flagged down for grammar/syntax errors and plagiarism. That is what the networks are like to animators.

“But they get breaks so they have no excuse” It takes a week to animate 6-10 seconds, on “breaks” between new episodes is when they’re most likely working on new episode animation and most likely when a network has them on a deadline.

Alex Hirsh had to sleep under his desk when he directed gravity falls. What people fail to realize is that it’s A LOT OF WORK. If there’s art inconsistencies don’t blame the animators–blame the network big guys who give them no time to get a project done!  Can they go and fix it? Most of the time, no.  Would they go back and fix it if we could? Probably!!! What’s stopping them from fixing it? Keeping their jobs. Turning in something is better than nothing. And let’s not forget that most american animation is exported and done in korea, so on top of story-boarding they have to send it overseas so that animators can work on it. It’s a long process.

Don’t blame mistakes on what the big guys up there tell animators to get done.Things go wonky all the time especially if we’re rushed, that’s a human thing that happens. Ever been in a overly-busy Starbucks and they got your drink order wrong? Same situation. What Networks need to do is be more flexible on artists so that they can get their shows animated quality over quantity–not the other way around. But they have a schedule and they want things done quick–unfortunately. And that sucks for animators.

no offense but i love the slow burn zelink in botw? i love how zelda doesn’t like him at first but he grows onto her, and becomes a beacon of support and inspiration for her? i love how he starts telling her his deepest secrets, like why he doesn’t talk, and i like the little pieces of advice he gives her? i love how close they are at the end of it all, to the point where zelda is telling him to run and leave her behind when the guardian spots him– something she may have not done if she just saw him as some “disposable knight”. i love how she writes in her diary that she wishes to talk to him more, like she wants to spend more time with him to get to know him better. i just– I JUST LOVE HOW YOU CAN SEE THEM START TO CARE FOR EACH OTHER ON A PERSONAL LEVEL!!! I LOVE ZELINK!!! THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST IN-DEPTH AND DEVELOPED RELATIONSHIP I’VE SEEN BETWEEN THEM?

Motherfucking Antisepticeye Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfucking glitching bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit Goddamn person who thought of bringing the glitch bitch into our lives goddamn all in our face fucking shit i cant even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Antisepticeye man Motherfucking neon green tennis ball head shit you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking cut his own throat with his bare hands and fucking green hair shit Antisepticeye I’m very tired No man I’ll just talk about the glitch son thing all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the glitch thing fuck dude I just saw it a year and a half ago fuck Antisepticeye man he fucked over his fan base with all these glitches and that video man and shit man or did the theories fuck this guy who thought of the glitching shit I don’t like glitches I cant think of who the fuck thought of the glitches and shit all I can think of is the video where the guy thought of the glitches and shit who the fuck thought of the glitching and shit



Emma Thompson, Very Serious Dramatic Actor™

Mrs. Lovett, what a charming notion                                                      Eminently practical and yet appropriate, as always!                                    Oh, Mrs. Lovett                                                                                            How I’ve lived without you all these years I’ll never know!

The Day Before Worlds thoughts
  • Medvedeva is so bored she’s become a triple triple factory. Is she gonna #yolo the judging system and throw an invalid triple for shits and giggles (again)?
  • Pogorilaya skates last. Oh man. If that’s not the ultimate test for one’s nerves I don’t know what it is. It’s like hmmm okay Anna okay you’ve been consistent all season. But are you really consistent?
  • Hongo is probably dreading this competition more than anyone. She knows she’s gonna make a mess, she can’t avoid it but she’s trying to accept it. 
  • Kostner’s lutz is back. Is she gonna land everything? *drum roll*
  • Osmond has yet to keep her butt off the ice in the FS
  • I know everyone is excited about Tursynbaeva landing quads in practice but. Have you seen her lately? Is she cured of the tano disease? 
  • Bell and (Karen) Chen are almost as unpredictable as the men’s FS
  • Someone somewhere will call Mai Mihara Mai Miyahara 
  • The weight of Japan is on Mihara and Higuchi’s shoulders. Mihara has proven she can take it but it’s a big challenge for Higuchi 
  • It’s the last competition before Marin Honda is crowned the queen of JSF, enjoy it. Or dread it, there’s no in between. 
  • Haven’t seen Wagner in a while and it hasn’t been a good season for her. She can either pull herself together or - you know. 
  • Can you believe Gracie Gold isn’t here wow 
  • Will the Chen vs Hanyu battle live up to the hype or are they gonna sing some pop songs while Fernandez #yolos his way to his 3rd gold medal 
  • Will Uno survive after 1001 competitions this season 
  • Will Jin get it together
  • Will Chan get it together 
  • Actually, will any of the men get it together 
  • Oh yeah Denis Ten still exists 
  • The men’s event can only go two ways: Guinness record for most number of quads landed in a competition vs Razzie record for most number of splats splatted in a competition 
  • Pairs and dance… idk man I hope Sui/Han win and I’m pretty sure Papadakis/Cizeron won’t defend their title. 

Yuri on Ice - Subtle Differences Between the TV and BluRay/DVD Versions - Episode 6, Part 5 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

The TV version is the one in the left column, while the BluRay/DVD version is the right one. (In my screenshots, the TV version has the little toolbar at the bottom.)

This time the changes consist mostly of things that we’ve seen before - Minako and the audience are redrawn and the names on the character’s jackets are fixed to look more professional.

And that is all I have for you for now. I’ll be back with more comparisons once volume 4 is released. I’ll probably post some final thoughts on the animation improvements in a separate post, but for now, I hope to see you again soon!

Introducing the POC!Potter Week of March 19th-25th, from @emmelinevvance and @swearwolflupin!

What this is: If you didn’t already know, the two of us are talking practically 24/7, which means we see all the same things and if one of us hasn’t seen something, the other will probably send it to them sooner or later. Both of us have noticed something pretty obvious - the lack of people of color, aka POC, in the HP fandom. Even if the character is minor, they’re immediately fancast as white (can you sense how salty we are?). According to Emily, “Ok I’m always a slut for jily and I love all edits of them, but I’m also so sick of James being cast as Pasty Generic White Boy™,” which brings us to this!

How it works:

  1. Reblog this post, and if you’re participating, send us an ask and we’ll add you to the page!
    1. If you’re not participating, maybe tag it as signal boost? That way we’ll know who’s who.
    2. In the ask, give us a one to two line description of you please! Or a short quote you like :)
  2. Tag us in your creations in the first five tags (We’ll be tracking #pocpotterweek)
  3. Make sure it includes some mention of a character as a person of color, unless they’re canon poc!
  4. For types of creations: be sure to send your questions our way if you’re not positive about anything!! Adiba’s South Asian and Emily’s white-passing with Armenian roots so we’ll try our best to answer them!
    1. Fanart/Gifsets/Edits/Aesthetics: The fancast should be POC! Mixed race and white-passing counts, if anyone was wondering, and so do Jewish fancasts!
    2. Fanfic: Describe their appearance or have them do something that makes it clear they’re poc: (for example, have the character use a second language, have them study a language for their culture, etc.)
    3. Playlists: The fancast in the cover should be POC or a song should be in a different language/talk about being POC!
    4. Submitting headcanons to the @hp-headcanon blog (which we also run): Essentially the same rules as the fanfic!
  5. We’ll reblog your posts!! We’ll tag them with your url and the type of creation ^.^ 
  6. Even if you don’t participate, follow us to see everyone’s amazing creations! And maybe our blogs too ;)

The themes:

  • Sunday - Marauders Era
  • Monday - OOTP/Death Eaters/Hogwarts Professors
  • Tuesday - Lightning Era
  • Wednesday - Founders Era
  • Thursday - Favorite Ship
  • Friday - Next Gen Era
  • Saturday - Your Choice!

One last thing - We’re posting this early to ensure that everyone gets to see this, please reblog this to spread the word ^.^ We’re incredibly excited to see all of these!