you all planning a coup de tat can gtfo for all i care

I’m about to go off on this anon and to the people in this group who are planning to leave, I hope you leave TONIGHT after I break it down. Ever since certain people have joined this group, ain’t been nothing but issues but I can fix that tonight if I have to because I’m not the one. You think Alia’s bad? Ha! No. I’m the real mean one.

Ya’ll mad because we’re a tight-knit group of admins that aren’t slacking off and taking shit. Do you not realize that if we don’t be the way we are, we’ll end up like every other group that used to be in the tags? There’s a reason we’ve been able to survive this long but it’s cool. I’m going to put you in your place and then you can either deal with it, or get out. Makes no matter to me because everybody’s replaceable. We are 52 blogs strong but we were once 10 blogs strong and we were just as happy so don’t play with me.