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aw stars anon, you are too sweet… <3 i’m so glad that you liked it! i really wanted to try to capture just a fraction of the feeling that the lovely @tyranttortoise put in that scene (which, by the way, have you had the good fortune to read the Red PoV scene posted a little bit ago~? if not you should treat yourself…<3). something about that scene really caught at my heart - the imagery of them looking up at the stars together, that slight heightened awareness and unspoken heat/exciting potential, but in such a comfortable and trusting moment, at peace and alone… ahhh i just loved it so much.

so anyways, here’s an extra gif for your sweet message! hope you like Red thanking you personally, ya cutie ^^


me: gets really mad that I can’t draw something even though I’ve never actually studied it in my entire life

pt 2: spends hours trying to draw something while aggressively refusing to just look at a picture of the thing on google

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“DAMN” headcanons

LUST. -Who does your muse find attractive?

Me, breaths. Alright I’ll just make a list because that’s the easiest way to do this. 

Ryoto ( @cfdualities ) , Nicolas ( @rokenshi ), Xander and Mal ( @rycd ), Erwin ( @cxmmandxr ), Guts ( @malumcanis ), Wayu ( @unityhawkk ), Opal and Hannah - she appreciates Hannah’s looks in a platonic way though ( @filladaluz ), Walter ( @ofwiireiisms ), Kidd ( @locum-magneticum ), Silas ( @aavemii ), Jake ( @goggles-of-jake-keir ), Yui ( @diaboliktheology ), Virus bae ( @retrcvirus ), Sonic ( @txchyon ), Maveric ( @thesealovesme ), Alexander ( @conqucror  ) … She also thinks The Rock is fine as well. 

Okay people, I’m tired and there’s way too much negativity on my dash.

Are you a Skam blog (or multi fandom that post Skam) with tags (!!) and season 4 positive, please please please reblog this post so I can check out your blog!

I want to enjoy these last few weeks of Skam as much as I possibly can, let’s see the good things in life and bring joy and happiness to our dashes!

I finally got around to watching hidden figures, and it’s just,, such a genuinely good movie,, heck

A small announcement

Taking in account the overwhelming quantity of work I have for college, I will be quitting Tumblr for a while.

A day, a week or a month, I’m not sure. Just enough time to breathe and get what I have to get done, done.

There won’t be fanfics, I’ll probably not see any of your posts tagging me, I won’t answer dm messages unless I can.

I have been giving too much of my time to Tumblr and I need to focus on my life now.

I love you all and I see you soon, I hope.

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Ok so, um, what if you wrote something that seemed like it shouldn't be sexy but it turned into some super hot smut? Like Kylo is an accountant and Rey is getting audited - and it's a long, hard process. Or Kylo is a temperamental chef and Rey is a health inspector - and she wants to see if his meat is USDA prime. Lol, I feel gross just having written those, but it's something to consider!

Bahahaha I love them both. 

“I’m sorry Ms. Kenobi, but this process can be long and complicated. You might want to get comfortable, we’re going to be getting to know one another very well as we figure this out.” -pops a button on his button-up- 

I’m dying. I love this idea, especially since it seems so unassuming? Sexy tax accountant sounds like a Halloween costume gone wrong but man, I’d love to see it in a fic with them

Thank you so much!

WW2: Biography

From puppet to master:

  • born and raised to a typical, fairly affluent, family in verona, odessa has always called this city home - and knows, as long as she still stands, she always will. her upbringing was pretty characteristic for a girl of the time - with her parents keen to enforce “domestic feminine” values upon their daughter. determined to make her into a pretty little doll, demure and quiet, her father saw her as a little more than a product to be displayed, owned and one day - sold off to a waiting husband
  • as soon as she was old enough to recognise the situation that was unfolding, odessa formed opinions of her own - which ran in contrary to the expectations of her parents.initially approaching her parents and gently telling them about her dreams and ambitions out of the domestic sphere, odessa came up against a brick wall - with her parents refusing to consider any view but their own, reluctant to allow their daughter to have any semblance of freedom.
  • the turning point came when odessa was eighteen - and her father refused permission for her to attend university. from then on out, odessa stopped asking for permission - and simply did as she wished.
  • without the money to attend university, limited opportunities for women and facing the prospect of being married off, odessa did the only thing she could think of - she turned to the streets and a life of small-time crime. 
  • although she began small, picking a pocket here or there, her operations quickly grew as her skill-set did. soon, she was acting as a fully-fledged thief, light-fingered as she darted into people’s homes at night, silver-tongued as she distracted people long enough to lift the watch from their wrist. liberated by her lifestyle, odessa has never considered going back.
  • all of this changed the moment italy went to war - and odessa began to open her eyes to the world outside of her front door, beginning to confront the political issues that would come to shape all of their lives. disillusioned, disenchanted and downright offended by the attitudes and actions of the axis powers - including their own government - she searched for a way - any way - to oppose them. her opportunity came in 1944, the moment someone from the resistance approached her, trying to recruit her. aware of her very specific skill-set, they argued that the resistance needed her. odessa immediately agreed.
  • since then, odessa has been a fully-fledged  partisan within the resistance, lending her skills as and when they are needed. she’s most often utilized as a thief, sent behind enemy lines as dusk falls. her tasks have ranged widely, from pick-pocketing food and clothing to lifting intelligence documents on troop movements and strategy positions. when she isn’t acting as a thief on the behalf of the resistance, she’s fighting on the streets. joining the resistance has taught her to be handy with a gun - and she intends to use her skills.
  • most recently, odessa received news from her mother (who she hadn’t spoken to since 1940) that their father had been killed by axis soldiers, in a seemingly random attack. since then, odessa has had a renewed passion to stamp out this evil for once and all, determined to avenge the death of her father. they might have disagreed on everything - and he might not have approved of the way she lived her life, but because of those soldiers, they will never have a chance to make things right.

The ties that bind:

  • Lawrence: brother. Although initially close in the early days of their childhood, time has seen the pair drift apart. now, the most appropriate word to describe them is estranged. despite odessa’s issues with her family, in the wake of their father’s death she truly wants to make things right between the pair - and to find a way to reconnect once more. that might not be easy - but with both of them on the side of the resistance, there is at least a starting point.
  • i need more connections asap why am i so bad at this you guys have ur shit together
  • i would definitely like to see someone who odessa maybe once stole from?? whether it be from their business/home. i just think it would be hilarious to have someone being like: “so when you giving back my grans diamond ring huh??”
  • give odessa a secret girlfriend. it gotta be gay.
  • maybe like some people she met after she first moved out and began operating on the streets? someone older who perhaps took her under their wing and made sure she was eating and stuff

Is there, like… a song that is appropriate for the “whoops there goes the whole city now everyone’s dead” moment of your story? I’ve got itunes on shuffle and nothing it’s offering is QUITE cutting it. Come on itunes I need some death songs, I must have some of those?

Am I going to have to make a playlist for this writing scenario. Have I reached that moment.

Hard Times by Paramore just came on and I guess technically true but maybe just slightly too cheerful what with the large amount of death happening thanks for trying itunes