you all must be crazy



I am not a jealous person. At all. But, dammit!!!! I’m so freakin jealous that she has a baby llama! Look at him!!!!! 😍 She lives a bit far from me, but oh well…I think a visit must happen soon!

I love that you all are supporting my crazy book habit. 😂 @amater-photographeur, this is strictly my to-read stack–I’ve read The New Jim Crow and Girl at War, but none of the others. And, there are about ten more on top of Walter’s kennel right now. I recently traded in a bunch of books and got more at Half Price Books, and people bring me books all the time, so that accounts for some of them. I have several book shelves, but they’re already full!

Today was an insanely busy day at work, but I still managed to get in an hour of bike riding with Conner before dinner. It was only an hour, but I was exhausted. Damn daylight savings time change! I like the light lasting longer, but my body doesn’t adjust easily to the change. 😩

Jungkook as your boyfriend:

·        Playing cool when you’re with the friends.

·        It’s so hard to wake up in the morning.

·        But he likes to wake up because of your touch.

·        He will make your birthday party just for you two and will be dressed like that.

·        He really loves different stuff for couples.

·        We all know that Jungkook just a crazy kid. So you must be ready.

·        But also he is a shy kid.

·        If he is depressed you are the shelter where he can talk about his thoughts.

·        Rapping to make you feel better.

All Time Low Starters:
  • “I think some dude just grabbed my junk..!”
  • “The truth is I’m such a dick.”
  • “Somebody call the police!”
  • “Merry Christmas, kiss my ass.”
  • “I need a friend..”
  • “Do you really need to see an ID?”
  • “I feel like a bad joke.”
  • “I take a drink ‘cause the truth is hard to swallow.”
  • “You make me wanna tear my fucking hair out.”
  • “Don’t you think it’s kinda crappy what you did this holiday?”
  • “Better suck up your pride.”
  • “Take my hand.”
  • “I’m losing hope.”
  • “You’ve gotta let me be.”
  • “I’m a waste of chances.”
  • “Long live the reckless and the brave!”
  • “Does your lack of conscience tell you everything’s all right?”
  • “You can try on my clothes.”
  • “Little brat must be crazy.”
  • “Aren’t you sick of sleeping alone?”
  • “Who’s laughing now?”
  • “Tell me what your best friend knows that I don’t.”
  • “There’s nothing surgery can do..”
  • “I’m calling that bluff.”
  • “You were never a friend to me.”
  • “Do you want me or do you want me dead?”
  • “I’m a walking disaster.”
  • “I swear, I never meant to hurt no one.”
  • “This love was accidental.”
  • “I was never good enough.”
  • “I’ve got a watch, but I don’t have time.”
  • “Like.. what if we’re aliens?”
  • “I’ve got my hands full of unhealthy obsessions.”
  • “Pass me another bottle.”
  • “There’s a monster standing where you should be.”
  • “Please stay.”
  • “She’s pissed that she had to wait.”
  • “I’ll take you out, though I’m hardly worth your time.”
  • “When will the princess figure it out, she ain’t worth saving?”

(I would love to write the actual scene so much! Cause I got an idea that just won’t stop bugging me! Also- TOTALLY listen to this song it would be amazing for a scene in Spn finale!)

Open my eyes
Your burning light

Well and they lived a happily ever after.” you said with a small sigh, your back turned to Dean – Jensen and the camera.

He jumped for a second, a frown setting on his face.

Who are you?” he asked in a dee voice.

Open my eyes
Your burning light

Who am I? Does it really matter anymore?” you asked in an eerily calm voice.

Open my eyes
Your burning light

Oh excuse me if I bothered you!” he said sarcastically “Must I attract all the crazy chicks.” he grumbled to himself.

Oh auntie Amara was a little bit nuts yeah, but I am fine I assure you.”

Au-auntie Amara?” Dean frowned deeply.

Semi but still-” you shrugged, your hands falling on the sides of your white dress.

Who the fucking hell are you?!” Dean roared this time, ready to pull out his gun. Maybe it wasn’t going to do much to an angel but- you said something about semi. What hybrid angels now?

Open my eyes
Your burning light

I don’t think it maters who I as much as-” you trailed off, finally though slowly turning to face him. Dean’s posture straightened and his expression didn’t look like one of utter shock, but still.

What I am.” you breathed out at last and the camera turned to you to reveal your face at last.

And the music got on a full blast as Dean merely frowned at you and you smiled at him.

Heaven help me (can you help me now)
Heaven save me from myself (can you save me now)
I’ve been losing my religion
headed for collision without you


This is my response to this AMAZING JASON THEORY WHICH ALL OF YOU MUST READ by pllawesomeness

My response: I lost the first copy of my response so I am doing my best to quickly recreate my mini “response theory” I have going on here.

I have always believed even before we ever knew an episode named “framed” would happen that Charles had been framed for something Jason did and that is what landed him in Radley to start. I think the wrong kid was sent to Radley. Look at how the horrible stunts by A have affected Jason’s life. Jason is devastated from all of this and we need to remember the way Mona thinks about this. If A was caught in a photo, that’s because A wanted to get caught. A plans, A doesn’t act without knowing who will suffer from what happens next. A knows who all of the victims will be and that means A WANTS Jason to react this way.

I’ve always believed Jason was strongly connected to this Charles story in a way that Jason has to be the target for Charles to feel satisfied. I’ve speculated about Jason having MPD, which while I admit is complicated, would be great. Even less complex would be Charles needing Jason to break down so that he would regain the repressed memories and learn of his real actions.

Charles probably WANTED Jason to take a drink, it would help his plan. I’ve always tied Jason’s drinking behavior into the story, and let’s think about what we have seen of Spencer under the influence and consider that Jason could likely have similar episodes. Without knowing it, he could be having flashbacks of Charles and what happened to him. The show has made a point to reveal that Spencer and Jason are related and that they are “wired the same,” and therefore always in each other’s faces.

Charles’s age suggests that Peter was very much in the picture around the time Charles was born. Peter and Veronica Hastings know about Spencer’s memory issues and I believe that Jessica knew about Jason’s as well. The Hastings parents and DiLaurentis parents share one weird thing in common and that’s having children with memory blackout issues and NOT WANTING THEIR CHILDREN TO ACCESS THEIR SUPPRESSED MEMORIES. Even if Charles isn’t peters son, Peter would be affected just as Jessica would if Jason were to remember some instances of his past. Jessica needed Peter on board, and they’ve had a secret agreement between them which was never explained.

In the dollhouse, Charles victimized a confused Spencer to the point where all she remembers is being covered in someone else’s blood and is left wondering if she has hurt someone. Charles could have chosen this particular gruesome form of torture for Spencer because of her close relation to Jason.

Charlie Charlie Challenge

I don’t care if you don’t believe in demons, spirits, poltergeists etc; Please just be safe while playing this “game”. The game if about contacting the spirit world, only apparently it’s not a spirit you’re contacting - it’s a demon. I don’t know why anyone would want to risk letting a demon in. Y'all must be crazy. If you’re wise you wouldn’t touch it. But then again everyone’s curious when it comes to shit like this. Again, I don’t care if you don’t believe in it, just be safe, know what you’re doing, and be wise.

God knows it’s was everyone else does.