you all missed me right

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

I didn’t realise it was possible to miss you this much
—  Tenari Ioapo // I miss you all day, think about you all night. I miss the way you held me, it felt so right. I miss the way you looked at me and the way you could tell what I was thinking. I miss you…..I miss youuu….I MISS YOU!!


“I can’t quite believe yet that I’m really here again.”

“Me neither… and yet I’m incredibly happy that you are.”


I felt sad yesterday so I decided to draw the nerds to cheer me up :’) I’ve missed them a lot <3

Closer; Lauren Jauregui smut

Can’t wait to see you tonight!” 

That was the message lit up on my phone. It was from Lauren. Anxiousness rose within me and I could almost feel it building up in the pit of my stomach as I debated canceling. I’d had an on and off relationship with Lauren for about a year now and we rarely got any alone time together. Meeting her first time in LA, we’d clicked right away and danced around the idea of being together now and then. We were both free spirits and I think that’s what’d attracted us to one another right off the bat. Our personalities were electric and we bounced off of one another so well. Maybe that’s why our fights were as bad as they were. With her touring constantly, it made things harder. Not to mention us being a secret, which was why I was wondering why I was going to pick her up from her hotel right now to spend a night catching up with her. This was one of my weak moments with her, but I couldn’t help it. Deciding it was time to get out of my car that had now been parked, I checked myself in the mirror. My makeup was fine and my hair was as good as it was gonna get - pinned up loosely. I had on a floral, low-cut blue romper that was lined with black lace, finished with a pair of black heels. Letting out a long sigh, I got out of my car with a sense of anxiousness building within me. 

Walking into the bar, I see her standing there, looking pretty.  My heart rate picks up as I gazed at the brunette in a black velvet dress that hugged her every curve perfectly. How badly I wanted to run my hands up and down that figure once again. Shaking off the thoughts, I make my way across the crowded floor to approach her. “Hey stranger.” I greet the twenty year old, almost immediately regretting my cliché opening for her. It’d been months since we’d seen one another in person and she already had my heart racing as her arms snaked around me for a warm embrace. “Hey, babe.” She in her sultry, raspy tone of voice, as we kept the embrace up for a few moments before she pulled back to look at me. We stood close to one another, talking over the loud music. My eyes kept briefly falling down to gaze at her figure, how the dress clung to her, accentuating every part of her. We were practically centimeters away from one another’s faces just to hear the other speak. I was fighting every urge in me not to lean in more and kiss her. “Do you wanna go outside?” She said over the loud music. Agreeing with a nod of my head, she took my hand and lead me down the hall to and outside. There’s still a group of people out there, so conversation is still a bit difficult. “Let’s just go to my car.” We tracked off to my car, where we both sat in the front with the radio playing lowly as we caught up, smiling and laughing at old memories.

“Babe, wait..” Lauren’s face gained a look of focus on a smile on her lips as she slowly turned up the volume. The sound of Always by Blink 182 filled the car. Our song. “Remember this?” She smiled over in my direction. “Of course, I do.” I said softly, leaning my elbow on the center console and my head on my hand. “You only let me listen to Blink 182 on our last road trip. Swore, you beat this song to death with how much you played it.” I laughed a little. “We didn’t get much driving done if I recall.” I added, referring to all of the time that we spent pulled over, making up for lost time in the back of my car or in a hotel room from Lauren always being on tour. A wicked grin spread across Lauren’s lips. “You can’t blame me. You always looked so good.” She stated simply as she leaned in a little closer to brush a part of hair out of my face. “Irresistible even.” We had a moment where we were just gazing at one another. My eyes lingered down to look at her plump lips, the ones that I’d been aching to feel pressed against every inch of my bare skin all evening. Although it’d only been a few seconds, it felt like an eternity that we’d been gazing at one another. WIth a mutter of “fuck it”, I leaned in and pressed my lips to her’s. Just how I’d remembered them - soft and tasting as sweet as always, much like the rest of her. My hand lingered across the way down to her core where I slid my hand up her dress. “No panties, huh?” I commented. “Still my naughty girl.” I said while my fingers slowly began to rub circles against her clit. After a few moments of a kiss that grew heated fast and my fingers were moving at a slow pace on her, she broke away and looked at me with lustful eyes. “Wanna relive a few old memories?”

Next thing I knew, we were both in the backseat of my car, just like we had been the last time we were in here. With her straddled on my lap as we shared another kiss, I felt her teeth sink down into my lower lip and tug teasingly at it before crashing her lips back into mine. In a swift movement, the brunette moved to be on one leg. Her tight dress rose up to her torso and my eyes gazed downward to a sight I hadn’t need in months. I felt her hips working down on my thigh, the wetness from her core dripping onto me. “Did I make you this wet, kitten?” I mumbled and she responded with a nod of her head. “You always make me feel this way.” Lauren’s hips rocked down in a slow movement against mine. Her hands made her way up to my breasts where she began slowly kneading them, gripping at them. After a few noises escaped through my mouth, her hands traveled upward to untie my romper and pull it down. I hadn’t worn anything under it, so her eyes widened with lust and excitement. “Shit, babygirl.” Lauren muttered while leaning over to press kisses across my chest, occasionally biting and sucking at my skin. “I’ve missed your body.” She whispered again as she moved to lay me down on the backseat, like she’d done countless times before. Moving down between my legs, she let her index and middle fingers rub against my slit, making my whole body shiver slightly while her lips traveled up my thigh. I’d missed how dominant she’d been with me, handling my body.

My eyes nearly rolled back in my head as I felt that blissful sensation of her tongue swirling slowly around my clit. Fuck, I missed this. My hips practically had a mind of their own as they arched up against Lauren’s mouth to feel more of what her mouth had to offer to me. Her tongue swiped one clean stripe to me before letting her tongue teasingly dip inside of my core before letting it drag back up to suck harshly on my clit. Her index and middle finger slid into me and continued moving in and out of me, curling up inside every now and then so she’d hit the right spots. “Fuck, Laur.” I gasped while my hips start to grind down against her’s. Her hands moved faster in me and I could fell myself getting closer as I tilted my head back against the seat. “Do you want me to make you cum, babygirl?” She asked with a smirk as her fingers moved at an increasingly slower rate. Nodding my head, I looked at her achingly. “Please, I need it.” I nearly gasped, but when I looked up at her, she was sitting back up. “Not yet, princess.” She shook her head while smirking at me. Confusion fell over my face, but it soon faded out when I realized what was about to happen as she stripped of her dress.

The vocalist spread my legs apart once again before moving hers diagonally over mine as she hovered above me. Letting her hips rock down, she moved her pussy to rub over mine. “Bet you just missed this so much. Bet you missed feeling my cunt all over yours.” Words weren’t coming to me right now and all I could do was nod my head as I elevated my hips more so that our clits would brush up against one another’s. Our hips moved in unison with each other and I was writhing in pleasure beneath her. Her hands traveled down to grip at my breasts and I couldn’t help the moans that were escaping through my lips. “I..I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.” I cried out as my hips moved faster, the friction between us growing so, so strong. “Cum, baby. ” She urged as her hand moved to strike my ass. Within the next few moments, my body contorted slightly and I released my high with Lauren. We both whined out in pleasure as we came all over one another. My chest moved up and down heavily as I tried to catch my breath while I gazed up at her. “Get the fuck over here.” I said as I pulled her down to me and let my lips find her’s for another heated kiss.


a bit longer than my usual and more of a back story, but i hope you all enjoy it!! 

Me: Today I pledge to be productive

Brain: But what about all the fanfictions you can read, and you can catch up with all the episodes you missed.

Me: Shit your right I pledge to be productive one day.

  • Aaron: (on the phone) I miss you. I'm... I'm not being soppy. I bet you miss me. (sighs) All right, whatever. I'll see you soon, yeah? Bye.
  • Robert: Is she all right?
  • Aaron: Not really. Sandra's not great, so Liv won't leave her. My mum's gonna stay on, keep an eye on her.
  • Robert: I can think of worse places to be. We should go and visit.
  • Aaron: Yeah, (scoffs)
  • Robert: No, no, no, I mean it. I mean, they might be there for ages and I've always fancied Mauritius. We should go.
  • Aaron: When?
  • Robert: Anytime. Tomorrow?
  • Aaron: No, we can't.
  • Robert: Well, I mean, it's not like we got a honeymoon before you got sent down. This is our chance to make up for it.
  • Aaron: I've just got back in work. I can't leave Adam in the lurch again.
  • Robert: He won't mind.
  • Aaron: the probation officer might. I'll have to check with him first.
  • Robert: Aaron, this is important, right. Your mum and your sister need you.
  • aron: She didn't actually say that.
  • Robert: She wouldn't, would she? She's probably scared that you'd get stressed out and do something stupid.
  • Aaron: But I wouldn't.
  • Robert: Aaron, wouldn't you just feel better if we go and visit and check they're okay?
  • Aaron: Yeah. If you can spare time off work.
  • Robert: Anything for you.

anonymous asked:

can you write a angst with fluff ending where yn broke up with mark and then a week later gets drunk and ends up drunk texting mark and she's alone at the place they had their first dte so he goes to pick her up and takes her to the dorms the next day and in the mornign mark isnt there but jaebum talks to her and then mark comes back and they solve their fight

Hi lovely, sorry this took a while, I really hope you like it! x

Originally posted by jintuans

It had been almost a week since you and Mark had decided to end your relationship. Turned out his schedule put too much of a strain on your relationship, there was only so far it could stretch before it broke. The break up was the hardest thing you’d ever done, you had argued and he shouted about how you could work this out and how he would make time for you. You wouldn’t hear him out. You wouldn’t make time for him when he needed it most.

Your heart physically hurt knowing he wasn’t there anytime you wanted to talk or needed a cuddle. You still got a lump in your throat wondering how he was doing and if he was missing you, the thought of him being with another girl was enough to make your heart drop to your feet. 

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— Sir, are you all right? Are you okay?
— Yes, miss. All right.
— You’ll have to forgive me, I’m so inattentive.
— It would be rude of me not to introduce myself. My name is Newt Salamander. Traveled and seeker of amazing creatures.
— But my name is Molly Hooper. And you wouldn’t believe. I also study travelogia!

Melody Gardot – Worrisome Heart

Khuzdul Lullaby
poplitealqueen and goldberry-in-the-rushes
Khuzdul Lullaby


Gilim gilim jalaiglim. 

Thatûr ag zanelekha. 

Zelefsu Khajmîthuh

Zelefsu Kurdeluh  

Nurtul jalaneta.

English Translation

Glint glint gleam.

The stars shall soon shine.

Sleep my little gift

Sleep my heart of all hearts 

Your long day is ended.

I’m loathe to add any commentary (which is surprisingly reserved for me) to this haunting, beautiful rendition, because holy frijoles! Goldberrry, you have once again blown me away with your mad skills. *cries softly, hugs you, covers your shoulder in snot and tears*  You. Are. Stupendous. You bring my wriggling mass of rhymes to life, and this lullaby wouldn’t hurt my heart so much if it weren’t for you. I don’t know whether to thank you or kiss you, you ahh YOU.

And since this will be squeezed into The Seventh and Last, and because she is just a fantastic human being to know, I gotta thank Miss Dets as well. Just… ALL HER EMOTIONALLY STIRRING DWARVISH SONGS.The Iron Hills for me, the Iron Hills for me, theironhillsformeforme I may be a queen, but she’s QUEEN OF THOSE FEELS!

(It kinda devolves into a bona fide headcanon after this. Totally unapologetic).

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Missed You

600 Followers Celebration Submission

Missed You

Jensen x Reader

Warning: Smut

Prompt: @atc74 said: Congratulations!! Would it be okay if I asked for a fluffy Christmas Jensen one?? Thanks Love


“Mmmmm that smell’s amazing,” you came up behind Jensen and wrapped your arms around his waist. “I see someone’s been practicing.”

Jensen laughed, “well after the last time I tried to make lasagna for you I knew I needed to get it right.”

“Hey, you tried, that’s the important thing.” Leaning around him you brought your nose closer to the pan and inhaled with a sigh, “that smell never gets old.”

“While this cools down I want to show you something,” Jensen took your hand and led you to the front door. Handing you your coat you slid on some shoes and followed him outside.

“I know you were kinda annoyed I didn’t help you clean today before everything tomorrow, but I was trying to get this done before the next storm. Still getting used to winters outside of Texas,” he laughed as he led you to where he wanted you to stand. “Okay, stay here.”

“It’s freezing! Hurry up!”

“I’m going, I’m going,” Jensen yelled as he ran back to the front of the house. Plugging in the extension cord the entire house lit up.

“It’s beautiful!!” Jensen ran back over to you, pulling you into him.

“I know how much you love Christmas lights so I wanted to make it special.”

“It’s perfect,” rising up on your tip toes you gave him a quick kiss before shuddering. “It’s perfect but it’s freezing.”

Jensen threw his head back and laughed, “let’s get you inside before you become a popsicle.”

As you shrugged out of your coat Jensen headed for the living room, “you want a fire with dinner?”

“Is that even a question? I’ll dish up.”

Curling up with blankets in front of the fire the two of you ate and laughed, reminiscing on the past couple of Christmas’s you spent together.

“You ready for the craziness tomorrow?” Jensen asked as he moved closer to you so you could sit between his legs and lean into him.

“The craziness will come whether or not I’m ready for it.” Leaning back Jensen nuzzled his face into your neck as he pulled you tight to him.

“Mmmm  I missed you,” he murmured into your neck making you giggle.

“I’ve been right here all day. How could you miss me? And if you say it’s because I’m short I’m going to smack you.”

Jensen’s laugh shook your body, “I meant I missed holding you.”

“Is that all you missed?” Jensen knew by the tone in your voice where this was going.

“I missed kissing you.” Smiling against your skin he pressed hot kisses into your shoulder, moving his way to your neck and jaw line.

“I missed your body.” His hands began to wander, running up your sides, resting to cup your breasts.

“I missed your moan.” One hand trailed down your stomach as the other gave your breast a firm squeeze. His hand slid between your legs, pushing them apart.

“I missed your taste.” His hand came up to slide below the waistband of your pants, his rough fingers instantly finding your clit.

“I missed you screaming my name.”

Circling your clit you pressed your hips into his hand, beginning to rock into his touch as his other hand slid under your shirt, finding your nipple and rolling it between his fingers.

Just as you moaned his name his hands pulled away.

“But I guess you didn’t miss me.”

Check out the smutty one shot that follows here: xxx

e��v�� H

it’s fine


it’s fine

i wanna know the lies
behind those eyes
i know that’s not just a look
and dry eyes prove me right

all the beats you’re missing
the meetups you’ve been skipping
sneaking quick trips to the seaside
letting the waves drown the noise

it’s fine, you’re doing just fine
angels need to rest too
that halo will still glow

when you feel as if there’s no place for you in this world
it’s fine cause you can take refuge here
i’ll be keeping in you my heart
till you feel strong enough

so hey i know things aren’t too smooth now
dictionaries torn apart searching for the definition of home
digging deeper seeking for love at the bottom
mountains aflame just to get that grade

it’s fine, you’re doing just fine
angels need to rest too
that halo will still glow

how about trips to the library
museum-hopping on weekends
nature trails today
perhaps just a cup of warm chocolate

it’s fine, you’re doing just fine
angels need to rest too
that halo will still glow

let’s take the world head on
embrace anything life throws at us with a chuckle
specks of dust can’t hold us down
it’s fine, we’re fine, you’re fine


@tw.amtrying | a timely reminder. keep it up y’all, you’re doing just fine. ask box’s always open if anyone needs to talk :)