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Arctic Monkeys in the raw

Requested by @enthusiasm-paraphernalia | Suggest me an Arctic Monkey’s funny moment and I may or may not draw it.

Had a conversation with @rukkilill a while ago about guys wearing skirts, and now my headcanon is that Ville would 100% not know or care about human gender norms, so he’d wear all the pretty outfits. ^_^

For catharsis reasons and because I had feelings that compelled me to let them out.

Rated T | 1.67k

All my love to @winterbythesea for looking this over for me. You are aces. <3

It happens like this.

She is running, her heart pounding, her breath a stab in her throat as she sees the Nautilus breach by the dock. When it steadies, she sees people start to come out of the little door on the top, stepping onto the landing bay and starting to make their way up the stairs. Little dots of people from this distance and yet she is already searching for him.

She gets close enough to make out that Jasmine stands beside the door when she sees him. His hair first, black and messy and matted down to his scalp as he begins to appear from the door of the Nautilus. His eyes next, brow furrowed and eyes looking down as he tries to watch his step on the ladder. Mouth next, twisted into a grimace and already her heart is shouting for her to smooth his brow, to kiss his scowl away.

But he is too far away yet and she is running as fast as she can.

His shoulders only pop out for a moment before he disappears altogether, his shout of pain audible to her even as she is still too far to hold him. But then Jasmine reaches down and takes his hand, starting the whole process again.

Hair, eyes, lips, shoulders.

She takes the stairs down two at a time, pushing through other crew members making their way up.

He comes up once more and this time, she is there when his feet touch the ground. His weight on one foot while the other is bent at the knee, hanging in the air as he leans on Jasmine to stay standing, his eyes still down as he tries not to lose his balance again.

Her steps slow now, her frantic running slowing to a stumbling walk before stopping altogether. He hasn’t seen her yet and she takes a moment to breathe, to steady herself before she collapses on the wood beneath her. But her heart knows no reason, thumping through her veins as her breath shudders through her.


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Fuck fuck fuck where are the words for this?

This is so embarrassing being a writer and not having any words for you,

Only having words for the dumb shit that doesn’t matter and none at all for this very important task,

Which is to make you believe that I love you, I love you, god I love you–

With every minute of my favorite nine-minute-long song.

I love you–alright?–with every inch of your hair, it’s growing so fast, and so is this big hot feeling behind my chest plate,

And I could just get lost in it, you know?, and I could just get lost in the soft dark of your hair.

And I love you with all the water in all the oceans, and all their great big ocean-monsters and all their terrifying strength;

I swear I love you with all the force of gravity and all the pressure of every one-square-inch column of every planet’s atmosphere.

I’m in love with you like how the rivers are all in love with the rain, and also I need you,

Just the same as how the old kind trees all need to stretch out their roots like stretching the cracks out of their stiff tree-muscles in the morning.

I think these words are okay, are they okay?

Okay for now, maybe, but I’m gonna love you more tomorrow, and there’s nothing else on this earth that loves anything the way I love you.


And then I confronted you when I felt like you are slowly drifting away from me, wave after wave. Your once sweet soaked eyes became ice cold and your voice doesn’t give a hint that you still love me. And then you said it: a tsunami brushed you to the coast and before you know it—you are not sailing with me anymore. I wanted to say I miss you even if you are here in front of me—you know, the old you. But all that I can say is that I’m thankful you are here.

Even if you are not, too.

—  an excerpt from @theraserrano’s upcoming book, Cher Ami
Do you want to know what I love best about the tumblr NCT fandom?

On twitter and fansites I can see people giving Donghyuck hate but as soon as I came on tumblr and went to the nct tag all I could see was ‘Haechan is amazing’ 'Donghyuck should be loved and appreciated’ 'Haechan we love you’. That my friends is what a tumblr fandom should be like.

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221B Con 2017 Intro!

No one asked for it, but just in case someone wants to know, LOL

Name: Steph / Stephie / Stephers … 

Pronouns: She / Her or whatever makes you happy :)

Age: 35

Located: Ontario, Canada!  

What do you do in fandom?: Nothing much, really. XD LOL. I write meta, shitpost, draw, and enjoy making people happy and feeling welcome and loved.

How long are you staying?: Thursday night to Monday morning 

How are you getting there?: Flying

Cosplays: I sadly do not have any ready… Unless y’all want me to dress up like Sora from Kingdom Hearts LOL

Roomies: @yorkiepug

Where to find me: This is my first 221B Con, so I have no idea. Most likely wandering around with Sandy, but probably mostly at panels and fun events! We’re going to the burlesque one of the nights!! :D

Drinks: Ah yup! Sandy intends to get me wasted. She may regret this; I get very silly, cuddly and whiney when I’m drunk. Or cry uncontrollably… don’t let me drink whiskey. The one time I did, I cried on the floor until I sobered up 2 hours later.

Hugs: YAS OMG YES PLEASE. Seriously I don’t get much human contact in my real life, I intend to stock up my Hug Stores until my next Human Interaction Event.

Pictures: Absolutely, but if you post them please ask me first! AND I want to reblog them if you have them! 

Anything else?: I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting people, except I have this ONE teeny tiny issue: I am SHIT at making friends in RL, and am shy as fuck and tend to stick by people I am already familiar with until I am comfortable with the area. YOU will need to come to ME, introduce yourself, and then we’re friends! PLUS I’M REALLY REALLY bad with associating names and faces (hence my dislike for constantly changing URLs…), so please don’t be offended if I forget your name. PLEASE. It will take a few times for me to remember them (this is a large part why I have such social anxiety and mostly spend my time alone)

FINALLY, this is my first 221B con, and I am SO EXCITED to meet my Tumblr friends and soon-to-be friends!! DON’T BE INTIMIDATED BY ME, PLEASE. I am actually a smoll dork in real life and seriously am nothing to be nervous over.

Contact info: Ah, at the con it might be a problem because I am Canadian, and I will get charged up the ass if I turn on my data on my phone…. so I need to be anywhere wireless, LOL. OTHERWISE, I have iMessage, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and Tumblr! DM me and we’ll get personal ;D

Reblog this intro: Sure if it makes you happy!

I remember when I was a flame,

Burning dark and you were the rain,

I smouldered and glowed

Until your rolling thunder passed me by,

You were the rain,

You wouldn’t hurt a fly.

But I loved you, despite being fire,

Whatever touched me

Called me hurtful, a liar,

All I wanted was to hold

Someone so close,

I loved you, rain

More than the plants,

More than most.

I asked you day after day,

“Won’t you rain some more today?”

I asked you to please stay

But the flowers wouldn’t have it that way,

Rain, your heart was kind

When you paid mind

To my request,

I told myself once you were closer

I would tell you how I loved you in earnest.

I’ll never forget that stormy day

When you came for me, rain,

You blew the leaves away

And I burned brighter than ever

For you were my spark

And I wanted to see

That I burned for you,

And hoped you would rain for me

The lightning crackled

And then there was silence

Before you came in sweeping

A grand force of nature near violent.

You swept closer and harder,

Pelting the stones,

I was but a flame

If mortal, you would have rattled my bones

I cried out to you,

Come closer, dear rain

Let me tell you I love you,

Again and again,

So long I spent watching

You from afar

You kindled my fire,

You lit up my heart.

You came close so fast,

All I remember

Is proclaiming my love

And becoming ember,

I told myself,

Perhaps this is true passion,

This is how it will last

I had never felt

Love before you, rain

So I told myself

As you doused me

That you had accepted my love

And I would give it to you again.


“It’s okay. Someday I’m gonna be with you…” (fanvid by @teamhodgins)
If you know one thing about Bellarke it is that one day, somehow, somewhere they are gonna be together. And on the one hand it hurts to see them with other people, but on the other hand this is part of their journey. Part of their great love story we all want. And it’s worth waiting for.

obuun  asked:

Omg omg pls i need to discuss this with someone expert on sherlock. So im rewatching the series for the second time (im.fairly new to the fandom hehe) and i just noticed janine and sherlock never had sex! Ive always thought they did! And second of all, when she was leaving the hospital room she says "you shouldnt have lied to me, i know what kind of man you are, we could of been friends" what does she mean by what kind of man he is? Is she implying she knows hes gay or something? Pls

Im sorry maybe its all common knowledge for everyone who has been a fan longer but i rly rly need to know

Hi Lovely!

Yes, that is a common belief to “sort of paying attention” watch thrus – that Janine and Sherlock had sex – but that scene at the hospital absolutely proved that they did not. And she is ABSOLUTELY implying that Sherlock is gay – she knows he is; this is implied at the end of TSo3 when she says “whatever you are”. I personally think that they are using each other to get what they need – she to get out of Magnussen’s claws and he needs to get into the tower – so it’s a mutual agreement to “be in a relationship”, and what she says at the hospital is for the benefit of whoever may be watching Sherlock (possibly Mary, since she did return to threaten him). 

This isn’t proven canon, but it’s my best explanation for her. I do think she’s somehow involved in the whole Moriarty business (given that Sherlock has placed her with the Furies in his TAB Dream). I do think that Sherlock genuinely liked her though, since she was nice to him, and wanted to help her get out of Magnussen’s grasp. 

There’s also the theory that she and Mary are working together, one that I also support.

For my Sam & Jared girls...

and all other walks of the SPN fandom that love reading, may love editing, may love beta-ing or just being a supportive ear (or eye)…

Is anybody interested in helping a sister out in brainstorming for a new Jared series I would like to write?

You know when inspiration hits, you gotta jump the train…

And before anyone asks, yes it’s technically apart of my upcoming fics so it’s not necessarily new, I’m not abandoning any of my current series (Gasoline, The Game)

Please share if you may know someone, anyone!!!

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taygirl24  asked:

I hope you know we all all here for you. We all love you and see who you are as a person and have fallen in love with it. We will gladly listen to your problems as you do for us, and we will try our best to cheer you up the same. We love you so much G. Always remember that ❤️


I just want to take a moment to thank everyone in the ST fandom. I joined the fandom not really knowing much except for the newer movies and no one lectured me about “being a real fan,” everyone I’ve talked to that shares this interest has been so welcoming and kind, I haven’t seen anyone tear each other down but I have seen them build each other up.

This is such a great fandom to be in, whether you’re reading, writing, drawing, or just enjoying and I’m glad to be here with you all <3

Was hoping to be back working on stuff today but in my hurry to hurry back to normal life I’ve rushed early so I’m going to be MIA longer than I expected. I will try my best to get back to any messages I have when I have the time. 

I also want to thank everyone who liked, commented sent messages on any platform etc. I’m feeling the love and if I didn’t reply I apologize I’ve read it but my mind isn’t 100% there so I might have forgot to send back. I’m very sorry. Hopefully be back next week some time :D 

Love you all and hope all is well with you.

Just In Case

Good morning, afternoon, etc. my friends, and just in case I haven’t stopped by quite as much as I usually do, or have missed you entirely this week, I have an excellent excuse…and if you give me a couple of minutes I’ll come up with it. Attempted LOL.  Anyway, the past few evenings I’ve been busy working on a very pleasant side project, and hopefully you’ll all know about it in the next day or so.  In the meantime I guess I’ll just have to play international man of mystery (Possible Austin Powers Reference).  Love those movies, but not nearly as much as I…

Love you all,
Mike <3

Hi lovelies! I’ve done this once before, long ago (it was probably not long at all but it’s really outdated so I wanted to redo it.

- Must be mutal with me (sorry, I just want this one to be people I know!)
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