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Pre-ruffle, mid-ruffle, and post-ruffle Tenth Doctor Hair

David Tennant from the podcast commentary for Tooth and Claw (from the hair-messing-up scene above):

“I love the way Euros [Lyn, director] uses all these shots here to show the ideas all colliding at once

…and I love messing with my hair in moments like this, because it gives Steve, who does my make-up, a nightmare in continuity terms.

I like to keep him on his toes.”

David Tennant Appreciation Week 2016 (theme: smile - because it makes me)

  • Endeavor: Okay, a few kinks to work out, but overall, the people love me. Hey, merch vendor, how are the Endeavor shirts selling?
  • Merch vendor: Very, very, very not good. Not good at all, Endeavor.
  • Endeavor: But what about the masks?
  • Merch vendor: Those especially. Here, I’ll show you. [to little boy] Greetings, young man. Might I interest you in an Endeavor mask?
  • Little boy and Mother: [shrieking] Run, baby, run!
  • Endeavor: Maybe it’s the beard.
  • Merch vendor: No sir, they just don’t like you.
  • Wife: Oh, honey, look at all that great stuff.
  • Husband: Wow. We should load up.
  • Endeavor: Finally, someone with taste!
  • Husband: Oh, let me just… [picks up bust of All Might] This would look great in our foyer.
  • Wife: How much for this handsome fella?
  • Merch vendor: Oh, well…
  • Endeavor: It’s not for sale! Come on! You know what? That’s it. Hell Flame! [burns All Might merchandise to a crisp] There! All that terrible All Might stuff is gone! Now, how about a nice Endeavor coffee mug or a bobblehead?
  • Husband: We don’t want your stuff.
  • Wife: Yeah, we don’t like you. Nobody likes you, dude.
  • Merch vendor: You see what I’m dealing with here?
  • Endeavor: I am your new number 1 hero! I command you to like me!
  • Husband: …No.
  • Endeavor: [frustrated scream]





HE’S SO FUCKN!!!!! GOOD!!!!!!!

My stomach turned to mush I love him

I woke up to these two hanging together at the most romantic Altissia right, so I decided to stalk with the camera to see if I caught any fluffy romance.

Ya know cause OTP but while I waited I realized

I wasn’t the only one staring

ALL those NPC were lined up back there just watching?

So now you know all Altissia NPCs secretly ship Gladnis 

You know, I love you, Gladio, but it’s hard spending the while together with all those people staring. Can everybody please stop? I can see you.


Trifiesta Day 6 - Married Life / Family

In which they wear each others’ clothes.

Ahkmenrah x Reader : Reunion

I don’t own the gif, and I don’t own Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!

“Y/N? My love, the banquet’s going to start soon.  Where are you?”  You snickered behind a pillar as your husband searched for youYou peeked out from around the corner and saw that his back was turned to you.  As quietly as you could, you slowly began to creep over to him.  Taking the opportunity, you took a running start and launched onto his back, wrapping your arms around his neck as he flailed. “Y/N!”  He laughed, craning his neck so he could see you. You slid off his back, and he turned around.  “We need to go, so if I may have the honors?”  He offered you his arm, and you smiled softly as you slipped your arm through his.  He gave you smile in return and wrapped your hand in his, gently leading you to the banquet hall.

That was the only happy memory you had left.  You had been floating for so long, you didn’t even remember the last time you saw the sun.  You didn’t remember what the wind felt like, and you didn’t even remember what clouds looked like!  All you could remember was your husband and the life you shared before you entered the oblivion.    And even that was fading.

“Where is she?”  You heard Ahkmenrah yell from another room in the palace.  “Where is my wife?!” Shortly after their parents had died and Ahkmenrah became Pharaoh, Kahmunrah had seized control of the palace with a team of soldiers, and was holding you and Ahkmenrah captive.

“Patience, my brother.”  You struggled against the manacles around your wrists as your brother-in-law taunted your husband.  “I’ll gladly let you see her.  All you have to do is relinquish the throne to me.” 

“Don’t do it, Ahkmenrah!”  You screamed as the guards watching you scrambled to muffle you.  They ripped a piece of linen from the bottom of your skirt and wrapped it around your mouth, cutting off your shrieks. 

“Y/N!”  Ahkmenrah shouted.  You heard a scuffle coming from the other room.  The door swung open and Ahkmenrah sprinted in, his brother close behind.  The guards easily caught Ahkmenrah before he could reach you and he struggled and yelled in their grip, trying to reach you.  Kahmunrah lazily sauntered over to you, snatching a sword from one of his men.  He shoot your husband an animalistic grin, and held the blade to your throat.  Ahkmenrah froze, his eyes widening. 

“I will not ask again.”  He sneered, pressing the blade against your neck.  “Give me the throne, or my dear sister-in-law will be no more.”  Ahkmenrah stared at you, his eyes conflicted.  You shook your head, silently begging him not to do it.  He looked away.

“Fine.  You can have the throne.  Just don’t hurt her.”  A single tear slid down your face, and Kahmunrah grinned.

“I won’t, I promise.”  He snapped a finger and suddenly Ahkmenrah was forced onto his knees.  “Too bad I can’t say the same for you.   And before you could scream, Kahmunrah plunged his sword into his brothers chest.   Ahkmenrah gave you once last haunting glance before he crumpled to the ground.  Kahmunrah turned to you, ignoring your sobs as he flicked your husband’s blood off of his blade.  “Now, every Pharaoh needs a woman to rule alongside him, and since your husband left this world far too soon…”  He trailed off as he looked at you expectantly.  You glared at him through you tears.

“I’d rather die.”  You spat.  He shrugged nonchalantly.

“That can be arranged.”  He said as he ran you through with the same blade that killed your husband.

Your eyes slowly fluttered open, only to be greeted by the darkness.  You gasped.  Where am I?  You reached out, but your hands were stopped by…stone?  You pushed against it, but it wasn’t budging.  You heard noises, and you hammered against the stone even harder.

“Hold on!”  An unfamiliar voice called out.  “We’ll have you out in a second!”  The stone above you began to slide away, flooding your senses with light.  A hand reached down and you grasped it, letting the stranger help you out of your prison.  You unwrapped the linens from around you heard, blinking as you adjusted to your new surroundings.  “Welcome to the Museum of Natural History.  I’m Larry, the night guard.”  You smiled politely.

“Nice to meet you, my name’s—”

“Y/N?”  Your voice caught in your throat, and you slowly turned around.  Tears sprung to your eyes and you covered your mouth with your hands.

“Ahk?”  He sprinted towards you, snatching you up as he spun you around as you clung to him.  He put you down and pressed his lips to every inch of your face, speaking in between each one.

“How—did – you – get – here?” He gently held your face in his hands. 

“How do you think?”  You covered his hands with your own.  He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead to yours.

“He’ll never hurt you again, I swear.”  You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck as he pulled you close again.  An awkward cough forced you to separate as you looked over at Larry sheepishly.

“Mind telling me who this is, Ahk?”  Ahkmenrah blushed.

“Of course.  Y/N, this is Larry, the Guardian of Brooklyn.  Larry, this is Y/N, my wife.”  Larry’s eyes widened.        

“How come you never told us you were married?”  Ahkmenrah grimaced.

“I thought I’d never see her again.”  He said quietly.  You smiled softly at him and laced your fingers through his.  He gazed at you gently.  “But now she’s back, and I’m never letting her leave my side.”  You were about to answer him, but blaring music interrupted you.  You looked at Ahkmenrah, who was still smiling at you.  “Come on, I want you to meet all my friends,”  He led you out of the room to where the music was coming from, and in that moment you decided that there was no other place you’d rather be.

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I’m grounded. The suit’s down. Sorry, Cap.
Don’t worry, I got it.

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Hair Color (soulmate!Michael)

Requested: yess this genious anon did!

Words: 1103

A/N: okay, I don’t know if this worked or not, I could use feedback if you have any. Also I’m so sorry to the lovely anon who requested it! It did end up in something else, so just request again, if you want a different imagine, cuz it’s honestly a brilliant idea!! Well done Anonstein (get it? Einstein and anon mixed together?)
But if you liked this then cool. Also I might do a small series with the storyline, what do you guys think? Did you like it? :) (long a/n, sorry ;) )

PART 2! - PART 3! - PART 4! - PART 5! - PART 6!


Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.

You were getting really tired of your soulmate. You just wanted to get past college without anyone drawing too much attention to you. But when your soulmate being a hipster, apparently, he would always change his hair color. When he changed it for the hundred time, you got tired of his shit.

“Your hair color changed though the night, huh? “ Your roommate Sally pointed out as she sat up in the bed. You sat on your own bed, hunched over your computer. You sighed and gathered your hair to look at it. It was now mint green, different from yesterday’s blonde color.

“I’m getting really tired of him, Sally. “ You mumbled looking over at Sally. She had been your friend since the first time your soulmate changed dyed his hair. She walked over to you in class, asked you about it and laughed her ass off. Ever since she had followed your soulmate changing hair color.

“I have an idea. “ She got up from bed and walked over to the table with all of her makeup. You weren’t good with makeup. You, of course, knew the basics, but whenever it was something fancy, Sally would help you. “I’ll help you get back at your soulmate. By dyeing your hair. I’ll pay!“

You watched her with surprised eyes. You actually never thought of that. At first, you were quiet. You had to think it though. Would your soulmate change it back to green immediately? But then again, there wasn’t really any harm in trying.

“Okay! I’m in. “ You got out of bed and sat down beside Sally, looking at her while she was doing her famous smoky-eye. “Dye my hair. “ Sally laughed at you, throwing her red locks behind her back.

“I will. If you go on that double-date with me. “ You lifted your eyebrows. Sally was somehow weirdly obsessed with boys – even though they weren’t her soulmate. You didn’t get it. Why waste time on that when there clearly wasn’t a future. “To have fun!” she always answered, wiggling her brows.

“Saaaallllllyyy! “ You whined, shaking her arm, making her mess up her eyeshadow. She took the brush away from her eyelid, closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“First of all, you just ruined my look for the day. “ She said with wide, angry eyes. “Second of all, why won’t you go to the concert with me? Tomorrow night, please? “

“I don’t even like the band! Or the guy!” You stood up, whining about Sally’s solution and throwing your hands everywhere. Sally just sighed, trying to save the smoky-eye.

“I’m not saying you’re gonna have to kiss him, Y/N! “ She put down the eyeshadow and turned her head towards you. “Just go on the double-date, listen to the band and go home. It’s a concert, you can’t even hear him talking to you. “ She smiled because she knew that she had you convinced.

“Fine. “ You murmured, sitting back into the chair beside her. “Now do my makeup. “

Later that day, you both went to the hairdresser. You were both very happy about the choice of the color – pink. If anything, you would love to have pink hair. As you sat in the chair with Sally on the sideline, you thought about your soulmate. You didn’t know anything about him. You didn’t even know if it was a him. You and Sally had just concluded that, since you were most attracted to guys.

“How do you think he’s like? “ You asked, out of nowhere, while the hairdresser was bleaching your hair. Sally looked up from the magazine she was reading with a confused look, not knowing what you were talking about. “My soulmate. “ She breathed and tapped her black-painted nails against her cheek.

“Outgoing, maybe. Either really happy or really dark and gothic. “ You could see what would make her think that. It sounded fine – as long as he wasn’t a psycho. The hairdresser automatically joined your conversation.

“So it’s the soulmate’s fault, this mint-green hair? “ She laughed with her glove-covered hands massaging the bleach into your hair.

“Yeah. It sucks. “ You said looking yourself in the mirror. You didn’t look all bad with Sally’s makeup on.

“Sounds like me and my husband. “ She said with a small chuckle. “Believe it or not, this hair isn’t natural. “ She pointed to her blue hair. You all laughed a bit at the comment.

“Your husband’s okay with the blue hair? “ Sally asked her looking up from the magazine.

“Yeah. He had to. It was this or rainbow hair, I told him. He’d rather have blue. “ You all three laughed, but not in a “this-is-hilarious” kind of way. More of a “this-is-just-a-laugh-to-be-polite” kind of way. Sally returned to her magazine as the hairdresser finished up.

“There. We’ll let it sit for a while. Don’t move too much. “ The blue-haired hairdresser took of her gloves and threw them in the bin standing by the chair. “Call if you want anything. “ You nodded. After a long time, what felt like 18 hours, she came back. Sally had started on the third magazine, after reading every single word on each page. When the hairdresser came back, you were dying to ask a question.

“How did you know your husband was your soulmate? “ You asked eagerly, loud and fast. Sally looked up to hear the answer to that question.

“I just… I don’t know. I just knew. “ Was her answer. It was kinda disappointing. You were expecting a whole essay to find your soulmate.

As you were lying in bed, trying to concentrate on the schoolbook you were reading, your thoughts wandered. Somehow, the fact that you picked your own hair color made you more confident and you liked the baby-pink hair. Sally sat across the room on her own bed.

“Remember what you promised me, babe. “ Sally said, referring to the concert, that you would love to miss. You just mumbled “yes” and continued reading.
“Do you think he’s gonna change the color?” She asked, looking up from the same book you were reading. You turned around so you could see her. You really didn’t want the color to change now. You loved your unicorn-hair, so saying goodbye was actually making you kinda sad.

“God, I hope not. “  



Five years ago, I had many girls on my Facebook and one day I commented on a girl’s photo saying “you’re beautiful”. Farah saw this and she sent me a Facebook message. I just read it as I was going through our messages… She wrote…
“Girls choose their best looking photos to upload on Facebook and omit the ugly ones, they want attention from guys, any guy, just so they can feel good about themselves and start to show off, all this is acting upon shaytaans impulse. You should know better than to call a girl ‘beautiful’. You’re sending messages, wrong messages that would land you in nothing but trouble. Trust me I’ve been there, it feels like a magic wonderland but it’s all masked by shaytaan because in reality it’s nothing but hell and dragging you towards it. Take my advice and be a role model for everyone on your profile”.
I deleted all girls off my page and to this day, I have none on my friend list. I’m thinking of her as I need her advice, she was always there to advise me and she shaped me to be who I am today! All brothers and sisters can benefit from her advise!
Subhan Allah. Wallahi the women are the Queens of Islam.. You’re all precious pearls… Hide your beauty for the sake of Allah and you can beautify yourself all you like for your husbands…
When a man goes out looking for a diamond, he will try his hardest to locate the most precious, expensive one which had never been seen or touched by anyone… He won’t go for the one that everyone has seen and touched.
My inspiration once again comes from my lovely sister Farah, she taught me a lot as I grew up around girls in college.. Her advice saved me from getting into any relationship up until now alhamdulilah. If you are in a haram relationship, it is never too late to turn to Allah swt because nobody is perfect.
May Allah swt protect our sisters in this life and the next. Ameen.
—  Ahmed Hamoodi Saeed

It’s no wonder Sherlock wanted to get his parents out of the flat as soon as John showed up - or rather he wanted to get his mother out of the flat. The mother who’s just like Sherlock in every way. She’d take one look at John and expose Sherlock without even knowing the gravity of it all.

“Oh hello, you must be Sherlock’s boyfriend. Pleased to meet you.”

“S-sorry…. what?”

“Oh, you don’t have to pretend, dear, it’s written as plain as day all over Sherlock’s face. You look much like my husband, even down to the way you dress. A veteran, too - Sherlock’s always had an eye for soldiers.”

“He has?”

“Oh, for as long as I can remember! One time, when he was seventeen, I found all of these military magazines—”

“For God’s sake, Dad, get your wife under control!”