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made in the a.m. // i want to write you a song

“I Want to Write You A Song” is the 12th song on One Direction’s fifth studio album, Made in the A.M. It was cowritten by John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, and Ammar Malik.


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My princess (Calum Hood) *part two

|part one| 

Pairing: reader& Calum

Word count: 2,528

Warnings: none

Summary: After throwing an empty promise the first night you rescued Calum from his own death, you did not expect him to return the favor. But when he does, you can’t help but enjoy his ways of teaching you what true freedom feels like.

Although I have been waking up early my entire life, I still feel like I haven’t gotten used to it. There is no particular reason to do so. Every morning there is the same routine and I have no idea why nobody would change it. I wake up, take a shower, have breakfast with father and then the day goes by like the wind. I always crave to stay in bed for a few more hours of sleep, but I am never allowed to. And I don’t complain.

So when this morning the blinding light of the sun comes from behind the heavy curtains, I squeeze my eyes tight. It’s weird. I didn’t hear a knock on my door nor the alarm going off. Slowly opening my eyes, I glance at the time, seeing that it’s a quarter to eight. Fifteen minutes before I usually have to wake up. Fifteen minutes stolen from my sleep.

Suddenly realizing that the curtains couldn’t have opened themselves, I gasp and hold the bed sheets to my chest. Looking towards the windows, I see a figure trying to climb into the room. He is grinning at me, but I still stare at him with shock and surprise.

“Morning, princess.” He whispers and I frown.

“What are you doing here?” I ask shaking my head confused.

“Well, since we’re supposed to find your freedom today, we better start early so we don’t waste any time.” He smiles brightly, probably amused with his own answer.

I didn’t think he was actually going to take in consideration what I said. After our little chat last night, I thought he was just going to run away, forget about everything and not return the favor. But I was definitely not expecting him to be back here so early. Sighing I drop my head back on the pillows, closing my eyes.

“How did you get in here?” I ask still slightly confused. That’s why I need my whole eight hours of sleep, because the lack of fifteen minutes is really messing with my head.

“Oh you know, in the mornings the guards are feeling quite sleepy so it was pretty easy to sneak in.” He answers in a low tone and I mentally take a note to tell my father to change the guards.

Looking up at the ceiling, I think about what I should do. Augustus is going to be here soon to wake me up and God forbid if he saw Calum in here. Last night before going to sleep the whole castle was a mess. All the guards searching blindly for a prisoner that wasn’t even here anymore. But they had no idea who was there last or who helped him because I made sure there was no evidence.

My shoulder is shaken slightly and I haven’t noticed that Calum is now next to my bed, looking down at me. Still holding the covers up to my chest, I swat his hand away, not feeling too content with the skin on skin contact so early in the morning.

“Are you naked, princess?” His lips are curved in a smirk and I frown.

“Oh God, no.” Scoffing I slap his had away again when he pulls at the blanket covering me.

Looking up at the clock I gasp seeing that it’s three minutes before Augustus is going to barge into my room. Getting up as quickly as possible, I go to the windows and pull the curtains back so it would seem like I haven’t woken up yet.

“You need to hide.” I tell Calum who is now sitting on my bed.

“Why? I quite like the view.” He grins and I tug at the sleeve of his shirt.

“If you don’t want your head to be at your feet in less than one minute, you better hide.” I warn him and he gets up immediately.

Searching for a place where I could let him hide, I open the closet but it doesn’t seem like he could fit in there. He could hide behind the curtains,but they will be pulled back afterwards and Augustus would obviously see him. There aren’t that many options and I start panicking because we have only a few seconds left.

“Go under the bed!” I whisper and push him.

“What? No, I’m not hiding under there!” He frowns and shakes his head.

That’s when I hear the alarm and the short knock on my door. Completely freaking out by this point, I push Calum as hard as I can so he falls right on the floor next to the bed, I jump under my covers pretending I am still sleeping, praying to God that he has gotten under the bed.

“Good morning, princess.” Augustus enters the room, pulling the curtains open and moving frantically around the room. ”Breakfast is almost ready, your dress is freshly ironed and I’ve just let the water get warm for your shower. Be ready in thirty minutes.” Is all he says and then walks away ready to leave.

Suddenly, there is a loud sneeze. Placing a hand over my mouth, my eyes widen when Augustus turns around to look at me suspiciously.

“Are you alright, princess?” He asks and raises his eyebrows.

“Yes, yes.” I clean my throat. ”I’m fine, do not worry.” He just nods again and finally leaves, closing the door behind him.

Sighing, I fall back onto the pillows, closing my eyes in relief.

“You can come out.” I tell Calum who doesn’t waste another second and crawls out from under the bed.

“That place is dusty as hell.” He rubs his nose, coughing slightly.

“Look, you have to either leave or hide somewhere because I need to get ready in thirty minutes and have breakfast with my father.” I tell him and he shrugs.

“It’s alright, I’ll just wait here.” He jumps on the bed, placing his arms under his head, laying comfortably.

“Just…” I chew on my bottom lip. ”Don’t touch anything, okay?” I say and he rolls his eyes.

After having breakfast with my father in the most awkward silence ever I finally head quickly back to my bedroom. Praying to God that nothing went wrong, I unlock the door and look around. No sight of Calum. Then suddenly, two hands are placed over my shoulders and I turn around quickly. Gasping I look at his amused face as he lets out a chuckle. 

“Very funny.” I mutter and head towards my closet.

“So, shall we get started, princess?” He says and I just nod. ”Well, first you might want to change into something different. Not that your dress is not beautiful, but it doesn’t really seem all that comfortable.” I look through my clothes and finally decide on an outfit, heading towards the bathroom to change.

“Hurry up, time is money.” He calls after me and I just roll my eyes, closing the door behind me.

All of this is so exciting, yet terrifying at the same time. This unexpected feeling I have rushing through my veins, one of fear for getting caught and one of the excitement of doing something totally wrong. There are so many chances that I can get caught and killed right on the spot, but at the same time there are also so many chances of that not happening. So fixing my skirt one last time in the mirror, I hide my gown under the sink where nobody can see it and exit the bathroom.

When I come back in the room, I put on a pair of white flats that I find somewhere in the corner, but I seriously have no idea what my attire is supposed to contain. I think what I am wearing now is pretty average and good for going out. When I look up, Calum is already gazing at me in a weird way.

“What?” I ask and he just shakes his head.

“You just look different, that’s all.” He says, clapping his hands together afterwards. ”Okay, let’s go and break some rules.” He grins.

“It depends on the rules, Mr. Hood.” I say concerned for what he has in mind.

“Okay, first of all.” He says stepping closer. ”I’m only nineteen, stop calling me Mr. Hood, makes me feel old. Call me Calum.” He says stepping up towards me. ”And second of all.” He is now only a few inches away.

He lifts his right hand towards my face and I watch as his thumb softly swipes over my bottom lip, my mouth parting. His eyes are looking intensely at my lips as he does the same for the top lip.

“Don’t wear that lip gloss again. Gives me unholy thoughts.” He mutters bringing his thumb to his lips, sucking on it. ”Strawberry.” He grins, backing away, walking towards the window like nothing even happened.

Opening the window he looks back at me with raised eyebrows. ”You coming or what?” He asks and I try to keep the heat in my cheeks from rising, making my way next to him. ”Time to get dirty, princess.” His lips are curved in a smirk and I frown.

“What?” I ask confused and take a look out the window. ”No way!” I say, taking a few steps back.

“Come on, don’t be a girl.” He rolls his eyes and climbs on the window sill.

“But I am a girl! And that’s really dangerous! I could very easily get hurt.” I say glancing at the tree behind him that he intents for us to climb on.

“Hey.” He says. ”As long as I’m here, you’re not going to get hurt. Okay?” His words are comforting, his warm eyes making me trust him a bit more.

Sighing, I nod briefly. He smiles and turns back around, catching one of the tree branches, climbing on the big old tree and jumping. Gasping slightly, I look down to see if he is hurt in any kind, but he is just smiling up at me, extending his hand. Here goes nothing.

Following his exact same steps, I try to balance myself on one of the branches, holding tight onto his hand. After I finally take small steps and jump next to him, he helps me get down first and then follows right behind. Exhaling a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding, I look at him.

“Now what?” I say and he smirks.

“Now we run.” I don’t even get a chance of thinking about what he just said because he is already holding my hand in his, dragging me along as he starts running.

I have no idea where we are going or why we are in such a hurry, but I just follow him down the path of white bricks. It seems that he is getting closer and closer to the kingdom’s garden, the green place being well seen from afar. I try to catch my breath and keep up with his fast speed. I really do need to exercise some more.

Finally when we get through the maze of perfectly shaped bushes we slow down, Calum falling down onto the soft grass, taking me down with him. Breathing heavily, I look up at the blue sky, the sun coming right in my eyes.

“What was that?” I try to say and he shrugs.

“We just had a little run.” He pants and I frown.

“But why?“ He shrugs again.

“This is just a part of freedom, don’t you think?” He asks rhetorically. ”Running away from your problems, from the people holding you back. Knowing that they might be following, but you finally took matters into your own hands. That’s what I call a small piece of freedom.” He smiles slightly, looking at me from the side and I smile back, looking again at the cloudless sky. ”And also, we couldn’t risk your guards seeing us.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I whisper.

Spending the day with Calum wasn’t bad at all. I like talking to him, about his life as a free young man who can do whatever he wants. I actually envy him for being so carefree and having no problem in the world. I want that, I want it more than anything.

“So, princess. I have been talking all day about myself.” He says and nudges my foot with his. ”Tell me about yourself.” He smiles and I just shrug.

“I don’t even know what I should tell you.” I look up at the sun, slowly fading away, the sky turning from its baby blue color to different shades of pink and orange.

“Well, how about starting off with your name?” He cocks his head to one side and I only now remember that I haven’t actually given him my name.

“Oh, right. I’m Y/N.” I smile and he nods.

“Y/N.” He mutters the name for himself, almost like he wanted to know what it would feel like rolling off his tongue. ”Pretty.” He grins. ”How old are you, Y/N?”

“Seventeen, soon to be eighteen.” I sigh, placing my chin in the palm of my hand, looking down at the ground.

“For someone who’s turning eighteen soon you don’t seem to be very excited.” His foot nudges mine again. ”Why is that?”

“I just wish I had a bit more time.” I shrug and he frowns.

“Time for what?” He asks and I look up to see the moon slowly taking its place high on the sky.

“Time to enjoy the small bit of freedom I have left.” When he looks at me perplexed I clarify. ”As soon as I turn eighteen, I am going to become a Queen. And I don’t think I’m mentally prepared for that.” I shake my head, just thinking about that making my eyes go glossy.

“And you don’t even have a say in that?” Calum asks quietly and I shake my head.

“Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it.” I say biting my lip. ”It’s not my choice.” I feel my eyes getting heavier with tears with every word spoken and I try my hardest to keep the tears in.

“That’s fucked up.” I don’t even flinch at his bad language choice because it’s true. It really is fucked up.

“I just wish I wouldn’t have to be trapped here for the rest of my life.” The first tear falls down my cheek, my voice cracking a bit. ”I wish I could take risks, make my own decisions. I wish I could choose how to be happy.” More tears come streaming down my face.

“Hey.” Calum whispers softly, coming next to me, placing his hands over my shoulders.

“I want to know what this feels like, a life so carefree, so weightless from all the problems surrounding us, I want this, I want to feel it, I want-” I almost choke on my own words.

“Shh.” Calum hushes me rubbing his warm palm over the small of my back, pulling me closer so I can rest my head on his shoulder.

I want freedom.” 

A/N: It’s finally done! Sorry for the long wait. Do you guys even want a next part? lol

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“I love Bomi so much. That’s why I want to marry her. When I’m with her, I feel like I’m actually a good person.”
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The Makeup Brushes You Need...AND Deserve

Okay, looking at all the different makeup brushes they have out there is super exhausting. Sometimes, I want to dump all my money out on the counter and just start crying. But! The hardest things to tackle are often the most worthwhile in the end, except I can’t really vouch for that on account of how easy it is to order a burrito. Main point: once you get a good arsenal of brushes on hand, your makeup will improve drastically. Even the cheapest of drugstore makeup you have will look better, and that’s why I consider it to be the most worthwhile makeup investment you can make. The most worthwhile investment in general is still pizza. But I digress. Listen, you don’t need to buy a giant $400.00 brush set and call it a day. I’m gonna break it down with some of the more essential brushes you should purchase individually.

On Brands: A lot of you asked if expensive brushes are worth it.Short answer is yes. You can spend a lot of money on great brushes by Sephora, Tarte, MAC and NARS. They will never fail you, but they could steal all your money and leave you hungry, which is also like failing you. If you have the budget for this, awesome and buy me dinner. If you don’t, Elf, Real Techniques, Sigma, and Ecotools are all reasonably priced brushes you can find online or at the drugstore. All of the brushes listed are available for any budget..but I’m focusing more on the TYPE of brush rather the brand of the brush.

Okay, here we go. List of brushes after the break!:

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