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On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder, that the stars peeked in to see you” happy birthday @amazingphil ! 

Can I view __ as trans/__sexual/me/kin?

I’ve got a lot of these questions over the past several months and I honestly forgot to reply to them ;;; Here’s my answer;

Literally do whatever you want. How you view one/many of my character(s) does not affect me at all.

If you see Emilio as a trans boy because you can relate to his horrible relationship he had with Trent better, then do it. If you see Lucas as heterosexual cause you love him, then do it. If you think of yourself as squid-kin(?? idk if thats right lol), then do it. As long as you don’t force those views on me for them to be canon, think whatever the hell you want.

Though I appreciate the amount of respect you give to an artist for asking (I know it’s been a huge deal with artists lately about “me/kin”), but you shouldn’t have to ask me what to think. That’s just my opinion though! 

I don’t understand artists who highly disapprove others tagging “me/kin”, but it doesn’t mean I don’t respect them. So, don’t push my opinion on another artists please.

avengers preference: first date

(A/N: I haven’t included everyone in this preference, but if there’s a character you’d like me to write then please let me know and I will do it. x )


Steve would be such a gentleman, he’d pick you up at 7pm on the dot with flowers,(that just happen to be your favourite), he’d hold all the doors open for you and help you with your chair when you arrive at the restaurant. Throughout the evening he’d shower you with cute compliments like ‘your outfit looks nice’ or ‘you have an amazing smile’. You’d both swap stories about your childhood and interests, the whole time Steve would stare at you like you’re a goddess, completely lost in your words. When the date is over, Steve would make sure to get you home safely, even if that means walking you right up to your front door. You wouldn’t kiss on the first date because Steve doesn’t want to be too forward, so you both settle for a kiss on the cheek and say goodnight. Once you’ve closed the door Steve would mentally praise himself with a massive grin on his face. 


You would be the one to organise the date, deciding to take him somewhere peaceful like the library or a quaint cafe. Meeting outside the avengers tower, you would link arms with him and confidentially walk to your destination, this would make Bucky feel better about himself and he’d worry less about being in public. At the library you’d show him all the classic books like Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, Oliver Twist and Frankenstein. You’d also pull out your favourites and he’d promise to read them. The cafe would be the perfect place for the two of you to chat. You’d talk about anything, like the people coming in and out of the cafe, or how cute that dog is that just walked by the window. It would be anything as long as you didn’t talk about your lives because Bucky doesn’t have much to say in that area. After the date you’d have a slow walk back to the avengers tower. You’d walk in silence, arms linked, observing what’s around you and enjoying each others company. It felt good to Bucky, like he was finally becoming normal again, you were bringing him out of his shell and he looked forward to more dates with you. 


Tony would most definitely take you to the most expensive 5-star restaurant in New York. He’d also buy you flowers and some jewellery, which he’d help you put on. Most people would probably expect him to be arrogant and talk how successful he is, seeing as he’s already shown he can splash the cash. However throughout the whole meal the attention is on you. He asks about your childhood, your hobbies and interests, and your career. He enjoys watching you talk about the things you love because you’d be so passionate about them. After the meal he’d give you a ride home in his chauffeur driven car and he’d watch you, from the back seat, walk up your driveway and disappear into your house. But he wouldn’t let you leave the blacked out car before giving you a kiss goodnight. It’d be a sweet kiss that would linger with his hand cupping your face. 


Going on a date somewhere public would not be a good idea with Thor, like at the cinema he’d probably ask a lot of questions and be very loud. So the two of you would stay at your place and do some baking. You’d make cupcakes but they wouldn’t go to plan and you’d end up having to redo them about three times. Thor would be in awe on how these round delicious squishy things could come from separate things that look nothing like the finished product. Your kitchen would obviously be a mess, (especially with Thor), so while the cupcakes bake, you’d both clean up. The decorating would be the fun part. Thor would get too excited about the sprinkles and go over board by putting all of them on his cakes. He’d also eat the majority of the icing because it tastes so good. Once the cupcakes are finished, the two of you sit on the sofa and devour your freshly made bakes, while laughing and getting to know each other more.


Your first date with Bruce would be a very nervous one because he doesn’t want to mess up. He’d take you to a museum, either an art one or science/technology one, where the two of you talk and walk while observing the beautiful pieces on display. You wouldn’t have to read the information label infront of the artwork because Bruce would be straight in there telling you all he knows about it. Afterwards you’d stop off at the museum cafe for a coffee. Here you can talk better to each other, knowing you’d having each others full attention. You’d realise what a sweet guy he is and you’d end up holding hands across the table. 


Your first date wouldn’t actually be your first date, more like your 5th or 6th date because Peter’s Spider-man duties kept getting in the way. He’d feel extremely guilty for messing up all the attempts at a first date and you’d be pretty pissed off at his stupid excuses. So when Peter finally does get the time to take you on a date it ends up being at stupid o’clock in the morning. He’d throw stones at your bedroom window to wake you, which scares the hell out of you because you have no idea of his plans. After creeping out of your house in pyjamas and a hoodie, Peter would take you to an all-night-diner where the two of you would talk over milkshakes. The best part of the date would be when Peter takes you to the rooftop of his apartment and you both watch the sunrise, a fluffy plan wrapped around both of your shoulders.  

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May I please request "Bridge of Nose: Treasuring" from the kissing with meaning prompt you recently revolved with Leonard Snart? And thank you so much for everything you've written for us and all the love you show us. <33

Leonard is funny when it comes to affection. He doesn’t quite withhold it but he isn’t passing it out left and right, even to you. Receiving affection though, he is even worse with and knowing some of the things he’s been through, you don’t blame him.

You roll over, propping yourself up onto your elbows to stare up at him as he hunches over the blueprints for some museum. In all honesty, you didn’t want to know what he was planning. 

He scribbled on a pad of paper before huffing and crossing it out. Whatever he was planning obviously wasn’t going so well. He leans against the desk, pushing his head between his arms and tapping his foot.

“Len, you good?”

“Peachy.” He says, looking up at you with a scowl on his face.

Sighing, you manage to push yourself up from your awkward position and stand next to him, eyes scanning over the blueprints. You’d never quite had the knack for understanding them. 

“You’ll figure something out. You always do.” 

Leonard looks up at you from where he hangs his head, an uncharacteristically genuine smile across his lips. That makes you tilt your head and look at him in confusion. 

Before you can even ask why he is so happy, he presses a kiss to the tip of your nose and the bridge of it, making you wrinkle your nose and furrow your brows.

“What was that for?”

“What was what for?” He smirks at you, already jumping back to making his plans.

Some Tg British hcs

1) So instead of Tokyo, the obvious choice would be London, which I would guess would also have the similar systems of different wards and such. The first and most secure wards would be around Kensington and Westminster (proper high class) and the worst area and ward would be the east end of London where all the ghoul gangs terrorise the neighbourhood. But the crowded streets, countless homeless and constantly visiting tourists make for some great hunting ground between the ghouls.

2) Anteiku would be a pub instead of a cafe, somewhere in North London like sutton (nothing too big or small) where all the local ghouls visit. Since Tracey (touka) would be underage to handle alcohol, she just helps out around the place like cleaning whilst Kai (kaneki) is hired to become a bartender. Like in canon, Tracey trains Kai in combat to fend off the gangs of tracksuit clad chavs that would often target him at night and teaching him the ways around the area (social wise, that is) whilst Kai helps in Tracey’s studies in college to one day, hopefully, give her a chance to enter the University of London, which Kai attends himself.

3) Tracey and Kai decided to take their foster sister, Hannah (hinami), to the all the iconic museums (which if you didn’t know are in some of the posher areas in London) and once they returned, they were followed by a particular high class ghoul by the name of Shaun Toshington (shuu Tsukiyama) who’s very much intrigued by Kai’s unusual scent. Of course, considering the area he’s in, no one likes him, judging by how snobbish he is about every little thing and being a prick whenever and wherever he could.

4) Just re imagine the scene kaneki asks touka for cake and then imagine the same thing except replace cake with tea. VIOLA British version.

5) Aogiri is now the biggest underground drug dealers in London, owning most gang territories whilst killing off any and every human that gets in the way. Think as Emma (eto) as the jk Rowling of this au whilst owning half of London in her hand

(Just something to pass the time. Please tell me if you actually want more, though.)

(But seriously, if I had to give up tea when becoming a ghoul I WOULD DIE (true story))


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Your blog is full of the art of others, because you are completely without imagination, nor real passion. You accumulate art and facts of the art as if it is a reflection of you and your kind, when the truth is that you are empty. You will never create anything beautiful or worth speaking of. Scum.

Are you a guru? The amount of ‘facts’ you can get from someone who posts art is staggering! I have learned things from you, i myself did not even know. Things like: All people who visit a museum with classical art are ofcourse empty, loveless people without imagination…. My blog is full of art of others, because i am not a narcissistic, egoistic dick, who can’t take pride in what others did and wants to tell other people only about himself. If you see your nation as an extended family, the art i post is made by your relatives and i am proud of them for that. If you’re not a pussy, skip anon next time and show me all the beauty you create for others in this world. Maybe i will be proud of you. : )

The American Explorer (Part 2)

(Y/N: Ok, so, apparently the first part was well received. Hopefully the second isn’t terrible. Gotta build-up to the reader getting her sea-legs so to speak. First part can be found here:

Part 1

Warnings: Sass. Swearing.

Pairing: 1920′s!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2100 )

The next moments of your life were chaotic at best. Your attempts at screaming as you were pulled down further were masked by the water, water that was getting darker and colder as it pulled you under. Or maybe it was that thing with the glowing eyes.

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