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Halloween 2016


hufflepuff jenny calendar aesthetic

“i just wanna help.”

Hmmm, which of my OTP is more problematic right now? The person dating the skeevy director with baby mama drama rumors or the one who hasn’t worked in forever with momanger issues and perhaps a low key gambling problem. Ahhh, adventures in OTP…aka the soap opera As the Joshifer World Turns. 


It’s That Time of Year Again :]

Man… 3 years flew by so fast…and I wouldn’t have learned this much if it wasn’t for everyone here on tumblr, so thank you.

Thank you for making my 3 years here amazing. :)

Both pieces are right here:

This anniversary/draw this again fanart was made possible by Patreon. :)

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you are the master of metaphor... what is your secret

THAT IS SO KIND. Definitely not true, but super kind of you to say.

(Iawknow if anyone else does this, but one of my favorite things to do while walking alone is to let my brain be in this highly sensory, very aware, yet very loose and limber place – just practicing noticing, practicing seeing, and letting words float up on strings and do whatever they want to do. Visually it feels like setting a concept down on a big white sheet, open to all possibilities, and seeing little tendrils from other concepts reach out and offer their twisted ends. And you sort of try them on, test the connection no matter how sideways the two threads might seem, and see how many knots you can make.)

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That chapter cover for 76...Do you think it has anything to do with that one time Fai and Kurogane listened to Oruha's song in Outo? Because your analysis really brings that to mind.

The beauty of interpretation is that anything can be connected if you think it does. 


But yes, if we take a look at Oruha’s song here and here, and compare it to the cover for Chapter 76 then HO BOY DO WE GET EXTRA MEANING OUT OF IT. 

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You are so talented in so many ways... And to share it with all of us is so amazing. I'm so happy to be able see your arts and read your work and hear your thoughts. 💖 have a nice day!!

Thank you for such a nice message and I may have flailed and gotten choked up and I hope you have a nice day too because you made my day very, very nice.

It’s honestly such a shame that Oliver Wood graduated in Harry’s third year because can you just imagine him at Hogwarts during the Triwizard?

Like on one hand they cancelled quidditch which would have him going insane (They don’t even play that many games? And there’s only three tasks? Just don’t let the champions play? But whatevs)

But on the other hand Viktor Krum international quidditch Superstar™ is there like Oliver would be the fan boy to beat all fan boys