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please excuse my terrible graphic edit, i’m still a bit tired. but waking up to see 200+ followers was seriously a great boost of my day. it means a lot! thank you so much, you guys. i was a bit hesitant on bringing my bonnie back from the grave, but just seeing how nice and amazing you all are, talking with you guys, laughing with you guys, writing feels with you guys, it’s seriously the best. thank you, you guys. i better just write all the urls down before i get even more emotional. whoops.

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ive-always-been-a-dreamer asked: Wooow, you’re extremely talented. I’m really happy that the cast + Jason love your work, It must be so rewarding. I have a request please if It’s possible of course :) : Murphy and Emori seeing each other again in season 3. I just love this two *_*

Ow you’re cute ♡ there’s a lot of you who came and say to me that my art is like super cool and everything, and that makes me soooo happy that it makes me cry (it’s not obvious yes, but I read all of your messages and I’m looking like a shit sometimes). And yes! It makes me all the more happier when I saw actors or other people of the staff of the show which retweet my art or put them as their tweeter icon (as Devon or Jason). So thank you all, that helps me being confident about my art ♡

Sooooooo! For your request, I don’t know how to draw a meeting of these two as it could happen in season 3, but I already had a request about those two so here’s the little thing :)


I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, but tonight, I hit 1000 followers! 

I was hoping to have the money to do a proper giveaway to show my appreciation, but alas, I don’t have the means at the moment. In the future I will try to.

But in the meantime, thank you to each and every one of you for putting up with my screenshots, shitposts, personal stuff, and whatever else. You guys are amazing. <3


I had the craziest dream that Mona was uber A all along and Caleb was helping her….
Judging on the promos, it’s clear mona isn’t A..she might be redcoat?
And Caleb-yeah he’s good with all that tech stuff and hacking…but poor Hanna! I don’t want him to be involved…


So I spent the whole morning/afternoon helping out a food depository, volunteering to pack food for those in need, and I come home to find that our family has grown to 2,000+. I honestly don’t even know what to say.

1,000 followers have joined this blog in the small about of about two weeks (or less). I am so flabbergasted and amazed and honored that so many of you guys like my blog. I have been trying to think of something that I could do for you guys to thank you, but I have no idea what to do. I have been looking for time to work on a project for you guys, but I have no idea what to do.

I am writing this to thank you guys so much and I know this is bad timing, but I think I need to take tomorrow off from the blog… I feel so bad for doing this to you guys after all you guys have done for me and all the kind things you guys message me.

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I can’t even explain to you guys how much I appreciate every single one of my loves. You guys are absolutely awesome. I can’t believe that it’s only been a month and I have 100 BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE FOLLOWING ME. well 104…. Your asks and your messages to me mean alot to me. Every follow makes me smile. Every note makes me rush to my phone. You guys have made what would have been a boring, monotonous summer an exciting one for me and I thank you for that.

I think I’ve hinted at it but, it’s finally time. I’m adding 2 groups to the K-Love list: GOT7 AND SEVENTEEN!!!!!!! I’ve been a Igot7 ever since they debuted and I fell so hard into the Diamond life and I think they’ve sucked me in. So, you can start sending requests for them!! I am going to start REACTIONS. So, you can ask a question like “How would saidGroup/saidMembers react to this?” and I’ll answer. Sorry, no gifs. 😢 I’m still struggling with the actual programming computer part of tumblr.

Also loves, feel free to send me anything. I might take a while (:P sorryaboutthat) but I’ll get to you! I also do private ships as well if you want to do a ship, but not have it be as an anonnie. Tell me what loves you want on the K-Loves list or what I can do to make this a blog you love to see on your dash. Look forward to some scenarios coming out in the next 2 days and more ships. Thanks so much loves and much love to you. 😘

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Today in Palestine

A house was burned down resulting in the death of an 18 month old. His 5 year old brother has third degree burns on his entire body. 100% on both legs, 5% on one arm, and 90% on the other arm. He also has burns across his chest and face. The word “revenge” was found spray painted, in hebrew, outside of their home. His mother and father are both in critical condition suffering burns as well.

A protest was held as a result of the aforementioned incident, where youth were shot resulting in injury and death. One of the deaths has hit close to home as it was a 17 year old friend of my family’s. My cousin spent his afternoon in the hospital to find out now (at 2:30 am) that his friend has passed away.

I want to make it clear who the perpetrators are, and have been, in every single one of these cases: Israelis.

What is happening in Palestine is not a war. It is not a conflict. It is not whatever title you give it to help yourself sleep easy at night. There is an oppressed and there is an oppressor. It is genocide. It is heinous. I will not stand for it anymore and I hope that you won’t either.

When you read about the Holocaust and apartheid and the civil war - did you ever question what side of history you would be standing on? If you’re not on the side of Palestinians, if you’re not making the effort to educate yourself further on what is happening in Palestine, then I can tell you what side of history you would have been standing on, and what side of history you are standing on now.

I refuse to stay silent any longer. I refuse to play the part of the peaceful Arab in the hopes of distilling any stereotypes. I refuse to mind my peas and q’s to make you feel better about your own discomfort and guilt surrounding what is happening in Palestine. I refuse to shy away from discussions to avoid conflict and stirring of the waters. I will make my voice heard for those who cannot. I will make the voice of our murdered children, parents, grandparents, best friends, and neighbors heard. They didn’t die so I would stay silent. They didn’t die so the world would stay silent.

When I go to bed tonight, I will sleep easy, because I will know what side of history I stood on. When this is written about in text books, in the same way that the Holocaust and Slavery and Apartheid are written about, I will KNOW that students in history class won’t be disgusted by / questioning my actions. Will you?