you all just have to bear with me right now

  • England: I wonder where Canada is- ah, it's his pet bear... what's your name again? Kumajirou, right? Do you happen to know where Canada is?
  • Kumajirou: who?
  • England: well, it's alright if you don't know, love~ Here, have a treat~ I'll be going now, so please make sure to tell Canada to call me once he's back home~
  • Kumajirou: ... that was weird... and this again?
  • Canada: hm? Kumajiji, was someone just here?
  • Kumajirou: oh, you're back home, food-giver. England wants you to call him- oh, and while you're at it, could you tell him to stop giving me Marmalade.

Furuta and Kaneki meet. Furuta just easily admits that he killed the Washuus.
Topic shifts to the time with the steel beams.

Kaneki: Why was it me?
Furuta: Eh?

Furuta laughs loudly.

Furuta: It wasn’t YOU.
Furuta: What I was aiming for… You’re so overly self-conscious.
Furuta: So disgusting.

Furuta rolls on the floor laughing.

Furuta: You heard about Rize from Takatsuki, right?

Furuta talks about the Washuu family tree.

Furuta: Now that the old man is dead, I just need to become the Chairman and officially marry Rize!
Furuta: Yay!

Furuta: I want to do the things I want to do.
Furuta: Since I was born after all…
Furuta: I’ll have Rize bear many children for me. Just like in 101 Dalmatians.

Furuta: We’ll be having a debut soon so please do come and play, okay? Ufufu~

And Furuta runs off.

Fuka: King.
Fuka: …No need to follow him?
Kaneki: No, it’s alright.
Kaneki: I don’t think he’ll say anything even if we hit/beat him.

Furuta is heard singing the song he did from the previous chapter.

Kaneki: Perhaps, now…
Fuka: …?
Kaneki: It’s probably convenient for us if Furuta were to get real power.
(like getting promoted to chairman)


I’M SORRY FOR LATE RELEASE !!! MY PLAN WAS POSTING YESTERDAY BUT CONDITION REALLY DIDN’T FAVOR ME !!! my internet connection still not recovered after 3 days so I search someplace which have internet I used as much as I want (other reason is this is weekdays so place like that aways find easier you know)

like I say at the other time, this chapter is about Christmas Day so eventhough  it’s late I still wish all of you happy late “Merry Christmas” for all of you who celebrate it

just like always, japanese not my first language and my english is shit like my internet connection right now so please bear it…
and then again

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Of Cats, Bears, and Pizza

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE!!! I’ve gotten a lot of requests on AO3 and from mysme squad to post more dumpster diving related content, so have this thing I made in roughly 8 hours counting breaks lmao… sorry any glaring errors and the TERRIBLE title

this will go on AO3 soon! the sites giving me hell right now, anyway lets get wild

4972 words, just some good Yooran fluff

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Guys, I’m sorry if you’re not American or if you just don’t care about American politics,  I know I’ve been posting a lot about Dumpster Trash.

But you have to understand how alarming this is. 

This is so bad. 

We thought Trump was just dicking around, trying to show all of us peasants how he can run for president and win just cuz he can.

We thought this was some stupid ego project.

But then he gets passed the primaries and suddenly his outspoken racism, misogyny, and complete and utter dedication to values we find abhorrent are given significance. 

Suddenly, here he is. 

Jerking off all over the desk Obama slaved over and worked day and night to progress our society. 

I’m sorry.

I need to talk about it.

I understand if you really don’t care.

Or aren’t American. 

Just…bear with me, please. 

I’m dealing with a lot, alright.

All of America is dealing with a lot right now, have some compassion. 


“We’ve had a doozy of a day.”
“You thought I looked like some kind of freak?”
“I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad I’m not hung like a bear.”
“How is he even walking right now?”
“He looks like he’s gonna walk it off, he’s gonna be fine!”
“Uh-oh-oh, it’s the pancakes! You don’t like pancakes, I will get you somethin’ else!”
“We have go to hide all of the sharp objects!”
“Everyone just stop for a second and let’s talk this out, okay?”
“Nobody wants to hurt anyone.”
“You could’ve fooled me!”
“How ‘bout I make some tea and we all sit and talk this out.”
“When you see a college girl prancin’ around in front of you half naked, you do not call out my name!”
“Oh my God, they cut off his bowling fingers!”
“There ain’t nothin’ up there but pain and suffering on a scale you can’t even imagine.”
“Like I said, I remember weird stuff.”
“I thought it might look kinda intimidating. Does it?”
“I’ve never stood so close to pure evil before.”
“It’s time for you to feel my pain!”
“I’m ready, frat bitch!”
“It’s true. You’re half hillbilly.”
“They’re never gonna believe that.”
“She’s just human. Why don’t you go over and talk to her?”
“Talk to her? What… What in the world would I say?”
“Girls can smell fear.”
“You are a good lookin’ man… more or less.”
“You got a damned good heart.”
“I told you, I’m a zero with the ladies… they hate my face!”
“Dreams are not stupid.”
“There is no truth! Everything is a lie!”
“This vacation sucks.”


The Bears Social Media Team hired me to take a Bears helmet to various haunted spots around Chicago. First off - THAT’S AWESOME! A major sports team asked me to make content for their social feeds, which basically means I’m a member of their team now. Like… right? I think that’s what that means. 

Second, it was a PERFECT way to celebrate Halloween (aka my second favorite holiday). I went to 10 spots all over the Chicagoland area from cemeteries to sites of major tragedies (like the Eastland Disaster and the Iroquois Theater Fire), to places that are just supposed to have ghosts wandering around scaring the crap out of people. 

You can see everywhere we went over on the Bear’s Instagram Page

Thanks to the Bears for bringing me off the bench for this one, and if you guys need anything else - like… some fresh photos of players, or someone to report what it’s like to be a season ticket holder or whatever - consider this an open letter to tell you that I’m down. BEAR DOWN!

NewtxTina: Have You Seen My Niffler Anywhere?

I know this has probably already been done, but I loved the shower post that came out a while ago and wanted to do my own continued version of it because I thought the post was soooo cute.
I could totally see this happening maybe during the beginning of their relashionship or right before it starts.
Also this is my first time writing newtina fics so bear with me here.

“Where are you, you little sneak?”

Newt searched for the crafty niffler he had been chasing all day now. He’d lost it twice already today:
once at the park during a stroll, only to have it escape moments later in the very center of a busy crowd on the street, and now in Tina and Queenie’s home. When he had just walked through the door, it slipped from his case a third time.
It was better that the niffler was loose in the girls’ home, so long as it didn’t leap out a window or something.

Newt could hear water running from the bathroom as he searched for his smart and pesky creature.
He figured since Queenie and Jacob were at dinner, that Tina was in the shower.
He would’ve asked Tina to help him in his search, but he wouldn’t wish to disturb her like that; for he found that very rude to barge into a bathroom while a woman is showering, even if it was Tina, who he had become very good friends with.

Suddenly, the niffler sprang from the bookshelves to the dining table.
Newt scrambled about, knocking things over, in a desperate attempt to catch the creature, but the niffler quickly crawled all up his back, on top of his head and in his messy hair, then lept off and darted towards the bathroom.

“No no no don’t-”

,but it was too late.
The niffler had crept into the bathroom door, which had been left open by Tina accidentally.

Newt expected to hear a scream from her, because the creature had slipped into the shower with her, or at least had made a good bit of noise dashing about, but it didn’t happen.
As Newt approached he could faintly hear Tina humming a sweet tune with the pour of the water, with no other sound could be heard.

Newt knew the niffler decided he wanted to play a little game of hide and seek in the bathroom at, by far, the worst possible time.

Newt had no choice but to go in.

He carefully stepped inside and looked around frantically, wanting to make this as quick as possible.
His heart was beating rapidly and the niffler was nowhere in sight.
Newt couldn’t go around looking through every cabinet and shelf while Tina was in there, completely unaware of his presence, but Newt was very impatient though, very tired and sick of this tedious day with constant chasing with seemingly no end.

He needed to ask Tina where the niffler could’ve gone, for she may have seen it somewhere and she only hoped it wouldn’t bother her while she showered.

He stepped closer to the curtain and could faintly see a dim silhouette of Tina through the pink fabric.
He quickly turned his gaze and decided a direct and fast approach would be best, just to get it over with.
He was overly impatient, dreary and just needed to be able to relax without the problem of the niffler breaking out of his case every three seconds.

Newt then quickly pulled back the shower curtain and Tina, frightened, began to scream.

“Have you seen-”

Her screams drowned out his words as she covered herself with her hands.
She hadn’t even realized who had actually halted her showering routine until she turned fully to face Newt.
He then reassured,

"stop screaming it’s just me! Have you seen my niffler anywhere?” he questioned, looking around.

Tina grabbed the curtain from his grasp and used it as a makeshift towel, considering the real ones were on the shelves on the other side of the room.

What she had forgotten though, was that since she was holding the curtain so close to her body, you could barely enough see through the lightweight curtain and when Newt turned to face her once more, he couldn’t help but stare at her up and down for a split second before moving his gaze to the floor.

"No! You think I wouldn’t have noticed one of your creatures running through my bathroom!”
,Tina yelled at him as her cheeks began to turn bright red.

She figured out his eyes had just trailed all over her naked body, sending a shiver down her spine.

"I-It is in here s-somewhere though. I-I wouldn’t have come in otherwise.”
,he stuttered nervously, directing his eyes from Tina’s to the floor continually.

The niffler used this as his opportunity to escape.

It then hastily sprung from a bathroom cabinet and sprinted from the room as fast as he could.

"Hey! You get back here right now!”

Newt dashed after him.
Fortunately, when the niffler turned a corner, it banged its head on a table, with a thump, stunning it for just the moment Newt needed to grab it hastily and shove it back in his case, for good this time.

Meanwhile, Tina was still startled, surprised, but most importantly, embarrassed as she finally let go of the curtain and cautiously returned to bathing, hoping for no more interruptions.
She heard footsteps approach soon after though, and felt the nervousness all over again, but was then calmed once more when Newt said,

"So sorry for that! Won’t ever happen again, I promise.” and shut the door to the bathroom.

I know this is pretty short, but I could do a sequel of this.
It would take a few days though, and it would be fun of course.
But anyway, I really hope you guys liked it! 😊

Inside Out sentence meme
  • Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.
  • Think positive!
  • I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear.
  • Remember that funny movie where the dog died?
  • You remember how she used to stick her tongue out when she was colouring?
  • Dad doesn’t love us anymore.
  • All right! We did not die today, I call that an unqualified success.
  • Six years of drama school… for this.
  • Can I use that swear word now?
  • Called it!
  • Wait, did he just say we couldn’t have dessert?
  • I’m too sad to walk. Just give me a few… hours.
  • When I’m through, ___ will look so good all the other kids will look at their own outfits and barf.
  • I’d tell you, but you’re too dumb to understand.
  • And did I mention I love your dress, its adorable?
  • Who’s you’re friend who likes to play?
  • You can’t focus on what’s going wrong. There’s always a way to turn things around.

‘Course I was worried about ‘em, are you kiddin’?  Half the town was on fire and a giant goat was rampagin’ right outside!

And yeah, I was out lookin’ for ‘em when I found th’ first few stragglers.  The whole town was a minefield, y’know?  Mabel’s friends, that Northwest girl…I—I couldn’t just leave ‘em out there.  Besides, even if you’ve got a cold, rock-solid soul like me, it still tugs at your heartstrings t’see a kid—and an eight-headed, uh, bear-thing—all injured and cryin’ like that.

Anyway, I’d bring ‘em back to the shack, which is a pretty decent safe haven right now.  Heh, wouldn’t you know it?  You can protect tons’f people n’ property with just a simple combination of—

Eh. Hold on. Better keep things quiet…Don’t want word gettin’ around to that triangle freak.

Anyway, every day I’d have my daily searches for Dipper and Mabel, and every day I’d end up bringin’ back more an’ more survivors.  Heh, guess that’s how the shack got so full so quickly.

Still…Still felt pretty empty without those two, though.

Whoa, whoa, hey, you all are actin’ like I was made for this or somethin’, no, trust me.  If anybody’s destined for greatness, it…it ain’t me. 

Heh, it’s kinda funny; back when I was runnin’ for mayor, I was just lookin’ for a little respect from the townsfolk, y’know? Now I got all the respect I could ever ask for, and it’s under the worst circumstances.  It’s more of a responsibility, at this point.  I never “expected” t’be chief of all this…heck, I never expected t’be anythin’!

…If you wanna know what it feels like, it’s basically like bein’ mistaken for “the mysterious science guy who lives in th’ woods” all over again.

I’m no genius…but hey, uh, s-sometimes y’gotta do what y’gotta do!

Look, I—I’m tellin’ ya! It’s not like I did anythin’ special!  I just happened t’be at the right place at the right time with th’ right resources.  Like, y’know, shelter, a baseball bat, an’ three cabinets worth of brown meat!  

Well, two cabinets now.  Them manotaurs eat like there’s no tomorrow.

And speakin’ of “no tomorrow,” that’s the other thing—you don’t go around tellin’ kids that they’re never gonna see their families again, or that we’re all gonna turn out as stone or…or worse.  You just don’t go around paradin’ that!  Besides, none’f that’s gonna happen—and that’s not even me sugar-coatin’ it.  I’m gonna make sure it doesn’t happen.

You said it, kid—I’m responsible for everyone in th’ shack, and that means it’s my responsibility to kick some triangle a—er, butt.

Look…Ford’s gone.  Most’ve the town is gone.  And for th’ longest time, I thought Dipper and Mabel were too.  But if there’s anythin’ I have experience with, it’s pushin’ through, even when it seems completely hopeless.  Whether that’s—I dunno—shadowboxin’ light-heartedly in front of the kids to make ‘em feel safer, goin’ out scoutin’ for food when no one else is feelin’ up to it, and yes, even stickin’ by that McGucket guy when he’s havin’ one’f those breakdowns of his.  

It’s no walk in the park, but how else are we gonna take down this Bill guy, eh? We gonna let him step all over us?

I dunno about you, but I’m not gonna let some triangle make a fool outta me. I’ve got a whole army’f fighters at my side, and I don’t think any’f us are willin’ to take “no” for an answer.  We aren’t goin’ down without a fight—heck, we aren’t goin’ down at all, got that?!  No matter how we all got here, this place is our home, these people are our families, and, well, it’s time t’take it all back!

So yeah, this whole “chief” thing was never th’ plan, and I still don’t think I’m some hero for it…But dang it, you can bet every cent I’ve ever invested in this shack—I’m gonna be the best leader I can be.

Either that, or die tryin’.


P.S. To the anon that made that “joke” about my brother: After we bash this triangle to a pulp, I’m comin’ after you.

“I never thought you would still be with me.”

Anders, your gratitude at the fact that I not only like you but am romancing you is simultaneously touching and heartbreaking, but right now it is also standing on the trap that I’m trying to disarm, so if you could just move to the side a little…


Letter he writes to you before he dies


Dear Princess,

{y/n} let me start off with how much I’ll fucking miss you. I cannot bear the thought being without you, especially because I can’t help it. I wish I do t have to leave you. I just wanna go back to where we started, because I’d live it all over again. I just want to be with you, and never have to go. Right now, you’re laying by my side in my hospital bed. You’re sound asleep after you had a hard day. Fuck. I just thought of how I wont be there for you on your hard days. {y/n} I’m so sorry this had to happen. By the way, I left you a video on your phone of me singing “You are My Sunshine” I know it’s cheesy, but you’re my sunshine, and my little penguin. I may be leaving, but don’t give up on your life. Be strong for me. I know that in this world, you’ll do some incredible things.

I will never stop loving you baby, Luke


My Little Peach,

I’ll be right there with you every step of the way. {y/n} I don’t want to say goodbye, so I won’t. I can’t. Goodbye means goodbye forever. I don’t want to leave you at all, let alone forever. Think of it like I’m going on any old tour. It’s a given that we will miss each other, but we will be reunited again. I promise you that. I hate myself for leaving you darling. Especially this early in our lives. I just released an album, and you got into the college of your dreams. All will be good again. Trust me, Love. It’s so hard for me to understand that this is all real. It should be a dream. I’ll pinch myself and wake up in bed, you cuddled against my chest as I hold you tight. This time, I really can’t say except for that I’m sorry. We definitely weren’t expecting any of this. I know you know that I love you with my whole damn heart, which is no lie.

I’ll always look out for you, Calum


Hello Love,

I never ever wanted to give you this note, but here we are. I couldn’t help but to think about all the things you’d have to do without me. Intentionally, this was never supposed to happen. This jacked up our fairytale completely, and has turned a beautiful thing into Hell for the past six months. I tried to kick cancer’s ass, I really did try. Eventually, things got too heavy and I’m literally shaking as I write this letter, Boo. Know that I kept fighting for you. You were my reason to keep going, and the baby. Leaving you two will be the hardest thing I’ll ever do. I’ll never meet our baby girl, but when she’s a little older, please tell her about me. I want my little girl to at least know who her daddy was, even if the stories are really embarrassing.

Love you always my queen, Ashton


Dear, {y/n}, my love, my world, my everything.

If you’re reading this letter right now it means that cancer has won my battle. I honestly don’t want you to be sad or anything. My life was the best one anyone could have ever given me. I had a really, really kick ass one at that. I got to see everything i wanted, go everywhere i wanted, and I met people i could have only dreamed of meeting, mostly you. You stole my heart when we were eighteen, and six years later you stole my last name. Im sorry we really didn’t get to enjoy much of our lives as newly weds together, but I want you to think of all the good times we had every now and then. Like the time when we traveled to the Bahamas together, or the day of our wedding. Im sorry i didn’t get to have a family with you. Im sorry i didn’t get to grow old with you. Most of all I’m sorry that i left you. The worst things in life come free to us—and that was exactly what happened. Please never quit making so many people laugh and smile. I’ll be there by your side either in spirit or where i always will be, in your heart. Now i don’t want you to be lonely the rest of your life. I want you to find someone who makes you smile that adorable smile and laugh that laugh i love, and will miss, so much. Whoever he is, I hope he treats you well and vise versa. Move on, but never forget.

I love you to the moon and further, Mikey



Last Saturday, I left some gear behind the stage of the Che Cafe with the intention of picking it up when I had more space in my car. Today, I opened my guitar case to find that my guitar was not there, with the strap (which I keep strapped to the guitar at all times) neatly folded in the storage compartment. I don’t care what happened; I just want my guitar back. I am fucking bummed and pretty upset right now.

There is a sticker on the back of the headstock that says “KIDS” (whywouldyoutakethat), and a sticker behind the body that says “SHUT DOWN THE CHE, EXPECT RESISTANCE.” It’s a Johnson JS500.

Please contact me if you see this guitar or know what might have happened to it.

- Matt Bear (858) 413-6204

To anyone who is terribly offended that there will be a woman on the $10 bill, I want you to know that I understand your plea, and am here to alleviate your pain. Just send your $10 bills to me and I will take them away from you. 

PO Box 8779 Uramysogonisticasshole Drive

Get Over Yourselfville, UT 84960

Again there is no maximum, I will take any money you cannot handle. I will bear the burden of all that cash. And honestly if you just have to get that money out of your life like right now, I do have a Paypal and I will accept wire transfers.

And if you can’t stand that Benjamin Franklin was a profound Women’s Rights advocate, Lincoln abolished slavery, or that  Alexander Hamilton had been known to write many love letters to men, again I will take that money away from you any of it. Like literally any of it. 

I understand your pain, just give me your money.

Wasteland Guide destroyed

Well it is official. All the work I did on the Wasteland Guide is gone. Kaput. No more. The tablet is non responsive and I can not afford to get it repaired right now. @the-porter-rockwell told me to use google docs so that is what I am going to do now. I will just have to redo the nearly hundred pages I had in there. Thankfully I did not do any drawings yet or I would be really annoyed. 

So bear with me while I try to get the information together again and redo it. Also if you had any ideas feel free to retell them to me because I have most likely forgotten then after I wrote them down and wrote about them. I also need to talk to a few people again and get their info that they submitted. 


“If your situation isn’t getting any better there’s no point in being miserable about it. You might as well make the most of what you have. That’s just life. Life shits in your face every now and then so might as well just grin and bear it. ”

-Jacksepticeye 2015

Undertale brings out the deep quotes from Jack.

Screenshots from Undertale #2! :D

Okay in all seriousness that part I quoted from this part of  the video is really making me think… I’ll be honest these last few days I’ve just been in a completely off mood because I’ve just been feeling so negative lately because of this frustrating situation my life is in right now. But I’ve just been dwelling on everything that’s negative and wrong in my life instead of appreciating all the good I do have even if it isn’t a lot right now. I’ve kind of realized that lately…I’ve been pushing a lot of the good and positive that’s in my life away because I was just letting all this negativity get to me and eat away at me. Now without giving away personal stuff about me I’ll admit I’m not completely okay at the moment. My life right now is not the best and a lot of it isn’t fair or my fault and I can’t change a lot of the negativity that’s in it right now. But it’s fine to not be okay and admit that you’re not too. Life can have ups and downs that you can’t control but negativity is never permanent and things DO get better. :) So while you’re going through negative times try to be as positive as you can even on days when that can be extremely hard. I mean don’t hide all your negative feelings away because those need to be felt  but don’t let the negative eat away at you because then you’ll just never expect things to get better when they will one day. :)  Good god this only the 2nd episode of this series and its giving me deep thoughts and making me realize how I’ve been acting lately. xD

But yeah I really like this game and I really like this series so far. I haven’t seen Jack smile so much at a game since Shadow Of The Colossus. Not that I think he wasn’t having fun with any of the games since then but it just hasn’t been in the exact same way that series was when literally every part of that series he just had this huge smile on his face. This is only the 2nd part of the series and you can tell Jack is having so much fun with this game and it’s so nice to see. :) I’m having fun with this game too even though I’m just watching Jack play it. I love the characters even minor ones, I love the writing, I love the 8-bit style and I adore the music of the game it’s awesome! :D I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME BUT I CAN’T BUY IT CAUSE I’M BROKE! xD 

I can already tell this series is going to be fantastic it’s already is! :D

Hi baby.

A short note to you, right now you’re sleeping by my side. We were watching the maze runner and playing Pokemon and you got fed up and you had a headache and you cuddled yourself into my arms and you fell asleep. You snuggled into me like you couldn’t bear to let go of me and it has to be one of my favourite things you have ever done. I can’t quite believe we’ve been together now for four months, it doesn’t seem real and just too good to be true. You, you are way too good to be true, sometimes we argue and we have our rough patches but the distance puts a huge strain on us and we still battle through it. Right now you’re still wearing your tshirt and your back is sweating all up on me and I don’t even care, is it weird that I find you sweating cute? Also some what attractive? I don’t know. But I do. I wanted to right this now, as a late anniversary present to you, my perfect boy. Because even though I have no idea when you’ll see this I know you will love and appreciate it. I can’t wait to spend more time together over the next few weeks, I can’t wait to spend my birthday with you in just under 4 days, I’m totally still 19;). Anyway, I guess this is just a big I love you, as all the I love you’s are. Because I love you huge amounts, and want to be soppy and tell the world.
I hope you’re sleeping well, I hope you’re feeling better and I hope you smile when you read this.
I love you Dan.