you all have to watch this show it's just one season (unfortunately) but it's great!!

marianthehawke  asked:

ok i need to ask, you've been saying that the show for years now has been hinting at dean needing to tell cas something unspoken and preparing him to do so. how/where did you notice that? what makes you say it?

This would be a very long post that unfortunately I just don’t have time for because I have to finish my curse boxes and then hit the road for Rhode Island Comic Con and then immediately leave for SPN Hawaii.  

I’ll try to be concise.  8x17′s original script had Dean say, “I love you” to Cas in order to break his mind control but Jensen didn’t feel Dean couldn’t come out and just SAY THAT so they changed it to the more raw, “We need you, I need you.” 

It’s easier for Dean to talk about NEED than WANT (which makes the “want vs need” theme of this season so compelling), especially when Cas keeps leaving him (because the show won’t upgrade Misha to a lead and the show must keep making Cas leave for various reasons, most of which have an emotional impact to Dean BY DESIGN), but the sentiment then, for Cas and his understanding of “love” was the same.  And in true “we gotta keep making Cas leave Dean” because contract reasons, Cas leaves right after.  The show is then forced to keep this up and the show, in turn, starts crafting a whole narrative around creating a way for Dean to eventually say *exactly* what he needs to say in order to get Cas to stay and feel wanted.  They do this by knocking Dean off his moral structural high horse and addressing his underlined issues regarding being open with Cas. They then tie it intimately into Dean’s issues with needing to save Sam for good measure.  They run Cas through the gauntlet of human emotions and understanding.  Then… we start eliminating certain phrases.  “I need you,” Cas leaves.  “You’re family,” Cas leaves. “You’re our brother,” Cas looks resigned and sad, offers to die with Dean.  None of this gets Cas to where he needs to be in order to stop dying or leaving, which the show condemns by making it something that upsets Dean.  The show… has eliminated quite a lot here.  

A whole structure is given for reasons that Dean and Cas can’t be together, a decidedly romantic structure implemented for lovers.  Most of which boils down to: torn apart by duty.  Heaven and its problems keep pulling Cas back because he feels an insurmountable debt to all the damage he’s cause there… by putting Dean first.  You drape yourself in the flag of Heaven but it’s all been about saving one man.  Dean, in turn, feels a need to always protect Sam and keep him alive (especially if he thinks Cas is gone), which Dean experiences extreme distress over when he chooses Sam’s life over Cas’ safety in 9x03.  The show has eliminated both Heaven pulling Cas and Sam pulling Dean as a plotline as of the moment.  So. We need a new reason why Dean and Cas can’t be together.  Well, for Cas this seems to be “because being with a human is against the rules”, a sentiment Cas has commented on several times before.  And for Dean we’re still on; “I wish I would have been able to say something to make Cas not feel the need to ‘bring me a win’ and that I could have got him to stay.”  

Dean’s so tore up over Cas leaving him again in 12x19 because his need to “bring him a win” is overshadowing Dean’s desire to simply have Cas stay, which he tried to explain with “we’re just better together, you, me,…and Sam).  Cas died for that and Dean feels responsible (even though he textually blames Jack because that’s easier and something tangible he can fight).  And so here we are.  With a structure that separates Dean and Cas through a lack of specific communication and Cas’ hang up over how wrong it is to be with a human, to romantically love a human as a fully powered angel (because this isn’t Dean’s hangup courtesy of S4).  


Dean can’t get Cas to stay with the following (over the course of 5 seasons):

  • “We need you.  I need you”
  • “You’re family”
  • “You’re our brother”
  • You’re the bestest friend WE’VE ever had”
  • “We’re just better together, you, me… and Sam

What then, the show asks us, can get Cas to stay?  This doesn’t have to necessarily be a romantic confession, but the show has eliminated so much that it basically has to be at this point imo.  Dean could say, “Stay, Cas.  Just because I want you to. Please.” and it still may, but the truth is the longer this goes on with the show not making Misha a lead and almost at its end, the more likely something distinctively romantic is needed, the show having eliminated everything platonic already.  And then they make the Empty imply (structure, subtextually) Cas’ feelings are romantic?  And that Cas is fooling himself as to why he wants to return?  Under the simple flag of “Dean and Sam need me”??  I just???  I’ve spoke about the show still possibly having a tragic ending and we could always still be looking at that, but honestly, at this point, I’d consider such a resolution to be a complete structural waste like, OH MY GOD.  So for now we just wait to see what else is eliminated for Dean to say and we watch for how Cas’ hangup over Dean being human will shift with him seeing how Jack’s goodness (and therefore, how angel/human relationship can be good) changes his opinion on the matter.  Because the show is most definitely going to boil Destiel down to one thing by series end: “What can Dean say to get Cas to stay and why is Cas going to want to stay based on what Dean says?”

The Story of 2213 (So far)

Part 1: The History

2213 has its origins in my undergrad program and in my undying love for BBC’s Sherlock. I came to the fandom just after watching series 3 and was astounded by the wonderful meta and investigation that fans had put into examining the show and the original stories on which it was based. I was in my junior year of college at the time and looking for a project for my thesis. The idea of adapting one of the Conan Doyle stories to feature a female Holmes and Watson seemed only natural.

My co-producer and I chose to adapt The Boscombe Valley Mystery, mostly because of its straightforward plot and the fact that it was easy to translate into modern times. Holmes and Watson were made women, remained British, and continued to live in 221B in London. In all honesty, that production read as a BBC Sherlock fan piece (even the original music we had recorded for it had essences of Sherlock scoring) but we had fun with it nonetheless.

Two months after closing night, my adviser and I met to go over my grade for the project.  She gave me a wealth of positive feedback and asked me if I would ever consider adapting such a thing for television. I hadn’t considered it, I told her, and she told me to start thinking about it. She had a contact at Syfy who was commissioning work for their web series division and was willing to put in a word for me if I could get some material together. How could I turn down an offer like that?

The next few months were overwhelming – I graduated from college with a B.F.A. in Theater, emphasis in Acting. It was difficult to keep up with writing during that time, but I managed to draft three episodes and map out a first season before the end of the year. By that time, unfortunately, my adviser’s contact had left Syfy. Disappointed, and overwhelmed with other facets of my life, I put the idea on the back burner.

For the next year, I worked on the show sparingly. It underwent many changes since the original performance in 2015. Watson and Holmes were named “Johanna” and “Charlotte” respectively, they were moved to the U.S. (Seattle, my home – which I know well), and they were moved into a dingy apartment above “Hudson’s Deli” at 2213 Bell Street where they live today.

Part Two: The Show Now

By making the characters women in the modern day United States, I realized that there was a unique opportunity before me to have Charlotte Holmes not only be a “consulting detective,” but also a sort of vigilante for those wronged in the criminal justice system. What if, I thought, she tackled the crimes that were found in the system itself?

Conan Doyle himself was a staunch advocate for justice [x] and often stood up for the wrongfully accused, a character trait he passed on to his great detective. I’ve been inspired while writing this series by incidents of police brutality (and subsequent failure to prosecute officers involved), stories of wrongful convictions, and allegations of cover-ups of police wrong-doings.

That’s the cases themselves, though. At the end of the day, I’m most interested in the relationship between Holmes and Watson (Charlotte and Jo) and how adaptations have been getting that relationship wrong for over one hundred years. It is, after all, the greatest love story ever told.

Part Three: Moving Forward

I’ve been inspired the last few weeks by several Tumblr users to start getting this project off the ground. To those of you who listened to my self-indulgent ramblings about this piece of work, I thank you – you were ever so encouraging. 

I’m now reaching out to the masses to ask for your help. I’d like to self-produce the pilot episode (I have some people I can reach out to to help with this), but I need funds to do so. There will be a kickstarter campaign coming in the next couple of weeks.

I’m also looking for people to read the first thirty pages of the pilot and provide feedback to me. From that feedback, I’m planning to edit/write the rest of the episodes for season one.

And lastly, I’m putting feelers out there for graphic designers, musicians etc. who might be interested in contributing to such a project.

Thank you for reading if you’ve stuck through to the end of this post! If you can help by putting the word out, reblogging, or messaging me about any of the above points, I would appreciate it!



1-Minute Anime Previews

This time around, the reviews are only based on a 2nd-episode impression (save for 1 show), but hopefully it’ll give you a good enough gleam of what you might want to pick up. Perhaps I’ll do a follow up later during season’s end.

Net-Juu no Susume - Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Genre: MMO, slice of life, romance(???)
Summary:  A 30-year old white-collar office lady (Morioka Morika) decides to quit her job and live the self-gratifying life of an “elite” NEET. Finding that her old user account on an MMO has been deleted due to inactivity, she picks up a new one called Fruits de Mer, but this time as a male avatar (Hayashi). Off to a rough start on her new adventure with much difficulty, she runs into the cute and helpful player, Lily, who both supports and introduces Morika to “her” guild. As the players immerse themselves into the game, they take the opportunity to express themselves further as someone else. 
Story: B
Characters: B
Overall: B
Commentary: First off, I have to say, of all the chuunibyou-inducing usernames she crossed out, Morioka decides to go with Hayashi of all things, which is essentially a pun on her name…XD…(t/n: Mori and Hayashi both mean forest). Honestly, off to a fun start with decently likeable characters, a relaxing direction, and some very relatable content. A good portion of my enjoyment definitely stems from the very well-suited Noto Mamiko playing a rather niche but likeable lead for the MMO-genre. So far things seem promising. Worth hanging on to.

Kino no Tabi ~ The Beautiful World ~

Genre: fantasy, philosophy, adventure
Summary:  Episodic tales of a lone traveller and her talking motorcycle, visiting as many new strange and interesting places as she can while staying only just 3-days at a time before setting off once more. What circumstances will await Kino at the next town?
Overall: B+/A-
Commentary: Absolutely solid production qualities. Modern, crisp, and perhaps a bit more compact than its predecessor TV series thus far. Nagi Yanagi is also quite a nice follow-up choice to the retired Shimokawa Mikuni for opening theme. Though the era has changed, a nostalgic essence lingers. I’m actually re-watching the old series right now to get a refresher, but apparently there will be very few overlapping episodes in this new adaptation. My only complaint really would be the lead voice acting. Aoi is…well, growing on me, but I find that she sometimes goes several octaves too high or accidentally drops the acting altogether. Saitou Souma for Hermes though is a major disappointment (the worst role I’ve ever heard him in to date). But perhaps with time, they’ll both grove into the role a little better. In any case, I doubt most viewers will really notice much. Other than that, it’s going good so far. Very beautiful, sometimes disturbing, serene stories that gets you thinking.

Juuni Taisen

Genre: action, fantasy
Summary:  A battle royal between twelve very experienced combatants named after animals of the Zodiac. Last one standing gets any wish imaginable granted to them.
Story: C+
Characters: C+
Overall: B-
Commentary: Really more of a glamorous action show thus far (can’t say I’m really into NisiOisin’s works; though I do love Nakamura Hikaru’s designs). The story is linear, and while the animation is very engaging, the quality does dip a little bit here and there. In-between the vibrant combat scenes though, someone is always doing some seriously long inner-monologue. It almost seems like the pattern for a death flag at this point. Oh well; an action-flick is precisely why I picked it up, and it certainly delivers. And, who knows…maybe next episode, it might throw a surprise my way.

Blend S

Genre: slife of life, comedy
Summary:  Sweet and polite Maika has some killer sharp-glint to her eyes and often runs into trouble expressing herself on account of them. But in order to find independence and pay for her own expenses to study abroad, she acquires a job at a “dere” maid-cafe (Cafe Stile), where the waitresses are given certain attributes…and in Maika’s case, that attribute is “extreme sadist”!
Story: C+
Characters: B-
Overall: C+
Commentary: Not too sure if I find it all that amusing as the gags do get repetitive, but it does have some good moments. Watching this though, sometimes reminds me of the late Fujiwara Cocoa on a couple of points, and it’s a bit heart-breaking. Thus far, Blend S has yet to go the extra mile, but nonetheless, I think this shows caters to a certain taste and is relatively enjoyable enough. Just not sure if I’d keep it in the long run, personally.

Konohana Kitan

Genre: slice of kemonomimi-life
Summary: Kokohana-tei is a hot spring hotel located in an inn town between our world and the otherworldly, where many patrons stop by to enjoy its atmosphere. The story centers around the lives of several adorable fox-spirits who work there.
Story: C+
Characters: B-
Overall: C+
Commentary: I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one yet. It has some cute moments but also some serious slow dips…but…but…the aesthetics. I’m weak to fox girls. Perhaps it might be a nice relaxer for a tea break. Interestingly though, and this is quite out there, but Yuzu and Satsuki have a similar kind of character relationship you’d find in a young shounen manga (between the rival and the protagonist). It caught me a little off guard. 

Kekkai Sensen S2

Genre: action, comedy, sci-fi-fantasy
Overall: B+ 
Commentary: First of all I have to say I’ve never been so absolutely delighted for a change in staff. Like, thank god. First season was a decision-making mess. The pacing for S2 thus far is great. Still sleek and fast paced, but far less arduous and much more true to the essence of the series. There are no more weird, far-off pan shots where it’s hard tell what is being drawn, fewer shaky scene-changes and pretentious soliloquy, and best of all…gone with that tacky, borderline-nonsensical narrative featuring two very inconsequential characters (…whom if you completely removed, would actually just be manga content). My major gripe over Black & White was…not only was their narrative insubstantial, it actually replaced and condensed the screen time of many major characters and important story points, all the while failing to fit themselves into Nightow’s world. Not to mention S1 staff flopped a ton of my favourite jokes. — So finally…this is now the kind of whimsical and otherworldly Kekkai Sensen I fell in love with. I’m not saying the manga was perfect, nor is sticking more rigidly to source material automatically a better choice, but for a series of this kind of flavour, dramatic narrative is perhaps not all that necessary. But if there were to be, I’d like it kept in Nightow’s style. Welcome back in action, KKSS.

Anime Gataris

Genre: parody, meta-comedy
Summary:  Rapid-fire chit chats between characters who are really into anime.
Commentary: Definitely a show that’s a little too fast-paced for me to keep up with on the first watch-through. It’s as if someone was making a YouTube segment on every anime trope there is and condensed it into a half-hour episode. Personally, not something I would recommend; but is definitely something I might keep watching out of guilt-pleasure. It’s a little fun to try and guess which series they might be referencing.

Elegant Youkai Apartment Life

Genre: slice of life, supernatural-fantasy
Summary: When 16-year old Inaba Yuushi lost his parents 3 years ago, he was taken in by his Uncle’s family. However, with family life feeling a little strained, he no longer wishes to be a burden on his relatives and is determined to move out and into his new school’s dormitory. Unfortunately for him—a fire burned it down. At a loss for what to do, Yuushi is eventually led by a mysterious force into renting a room in a unique apartment for dirt cheap. Little did he know…the apartment is home to both human and supernatural creatures alike. Thus, Yuushi’s life becomes entangled in this new and strange world.
Story: C+/-B
Characters: B
Overall: -B
Commentary: Not quite what I expected it to be when I picked it up. It was neither ghost-busting, nor Natsume-esque. Rather, it’s far less mysterious and far more casual than it appears to be. However, I’m already 16 episodes in, and am still thoroughly enjoying Youkai Apartment as my tea-time show (in all its slashy-glory). Overall, the show seldom goes beyond being merely pleasant, with the biggest highlight being Kuri’s episode, but there is a slow and budding potential being built, and I oddly don’t mind just keeping it on the side for the long run. It’s heart-warming and often gets me thinking about life.

On an amended note; Bahamut S2 really roller-coaster dipped at the end there, so that’s my commentary on that; but soap-opera of a plot mess aside, it was still pretty entertaining.

Why Cophine Deserve A Love Scene

Hey guys - so on the back of Paleyfest and some comments made there, plus some discussions we’ve had on here in the past, I decided to put my thoughts together on the subject of sexuality shown between same sex vs opposite sex couples.

One of the many things I appreciate and enjoy about Orphan Black is the LGBT representation, particularly the queer female presence. To have a bisexual lead and a lesbian supporting character (who is also in a relationship, for the large part) where the issues they face are not all about their sexuality is wonderfully refreshing. Cosima is unapologetically lesbian, Sarah is comfortably label free, and Delphine finds her place on the queer spectrum with little dilemma. The stories and the dramas the characters face throughout the show (both within relationships and without) never centre around the character’s sexuality itself - something the show rightly deserves praise for.

There is no doubt in my mind, however, that some discrepancies between the representation of queer and straight sexuality remain. Sex and intimacy is the most apparent. We have seen Sarah and Paul have rampant sex on the kitchen counter, in the shower, and beyond. We have seen Rachel sexually dominate Paul in a gratuitously uncomfortable fashion. Donnie and Alison have sex on the freezer, vigorous sex in bed, and Donnie masturbates loudly into a cup. In addition to this, we have also seen many examples of heterosexual partial and full nudity in the show – Donnie’s butt during the freezer scene, Donnie and Alison during the infamous twerking scene, Sarah and Paul in bed, Sarah and Cal pre-love making and then later in bed etc.

When we look at how same-sex sexuality/intimacy has been shown, there are far fewer examples. Sarah does kiss a girl in a club during Season 4, and whilst it’s implied they have sex, it isn’t shown (and again, it is problematic that her sexuality was used to depict her spiralling out of control in that scene). Felix and Colin get interrupted pre-coitus (and Felix has never had a sex scene either, it’s important to note). Then we come to Cophine. Cophine have been shown in their bras and underwear on one occasion only and that was supposed to be post sex.

To some, this was potentially rather a disappointing attempt to not offend audiences or draw criticism from networks. Surely, they could have implied them to be nude, but be covered by the sheets, thus not needing to break ethical guidelines? After all this was how other scenes between heterosexual pairings were handled. Yes there was an emotional scene at the end of Season 4 which showed their intimacy and love (without the sexual element) beautifully and I do not wish to dismiss that - but while wonderful to see after such a long absence for Delphine, it does not negate the need for a well done and intimate love scene and the audience still want one.

The creators and actors have continually pushed the message that showing Cophine in a sexual context would be to put them “on show for the male gaze”; but the potential message there is two-fold; both that showing lesbian sex on TV is by default gratuitous because it is provocative, and that they as a show believe it’s impossible for them to portray it in such a way that will not appear lewd when broadcast. I think they are doing themselves and the LGBT community a disservice here while also perpetuating a double standard. For, if showing nudity or impmying sexual intimacy between two women undermines the sincerity of their relationship, what were they trying to achieve with Shaysima? It seems either they didn’t mind because it helped to contrast their relationship with Cophine, (the focus of whose relationship they wished to remain intellectual and emotional;) or that they backtracked on/suspended their original statement re male gaze, showing them sexually intimate in the hopes of enticing LGBT fans to move onto Shaysima, as if that was the key to winning fans over.

Further arguments against a love scene are things like Cophine “are not a consistent couple,” and so they do not require a love scene. However, when has that ever been a factor in two people having sex? Sarah has spent the majority of her time NOT in a relationship and yet she has had by the far the most sex on the show. Another justification used is that “the show isn’t all about relationships”. Agreed, it is not ALL about relationships, but this is a drama we are watching, not a documentary, and human relationships are intrinsic to that. While it may not be everyone’s reason, it is still a legitimate reason to watch, especially for the LGBT community, who get so little representation as it is, and that is without acknowledging that OB has repeatedly stated its intention to portray LGBT positive stories.

Further to this, yes some of the sex in the show is not used to display intimacy or romance, sometimes it’s used for comedic purposes or for power and manipulation - I get that, but it doesn’t change the overall picture – straight couples get to have sex and LGBT ones do not. People often list a multitude of plot points as reasons for them not having had the opportunity to have sex, as if the plot writes itself and this is all out of the writers and creators control, but as a work of fiction, 90% of what we see on screen is pre planned and written well before it gets to filming, and if they wanted to create these opportunities, they could.

One thing that needs to be made clear is that we as fans do not need to see actual nudity. We do not desire constant gratuitous sex without plot. We do not want to see “Cophine in bed all the time – and [we’ll] be happy,” as was once suggested. What we want to see is equality. The LGBT community deserves that. If all we wanted was sex we would not have suffered along with this angsty pairing for 4 years, through their ups and downs, distrust, misunderstandings, separation, break-up, Delphine’s shooting and disappearance, and Cosima’s near death experiences.
Evelyne Brochu has said of Cophine “there’s this combination of physical and intellectual attraction, and when you have both you can go a long way” but yet we have not really been allowed to see that physical side.

The show continuously emphasises its equal and non-preferential treatment of the LGBT by choosing “bold” storylines, which unfortunately has often put them in life threatening situations. To truly follow through with this endeavour, it needs to apply in all circumstances. If they can happily level the playing field, and allow “anyone to die” on this show, then why can’t anyone have sex? Allowing them to be sexual with each other, if done in a respectful way, is a valid and necessary element to their love story. It’s about allowing them the same rights and depth as straight relationships. They state it has “the same weight as a straight relationship” but if they have the same weight, they should be allowed the same expressions of love. Equal treatment is the same treatment, not treating them differently. Treating them fairly and respectfully doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive of treating them the same. They can do both. To quote others in the community, “When you treat something differently, you are saying it IS different” and “If we don’t start to treat these scenes as the same, then they’ll never be seen as the same”.

Having said all of the above, I want to reiterate how great I think Orphan Black is. I really do. I wouldn’t still be watching 5 years later, much less constructing my thoughts in such a way, if I didn’t feel this so strongly. I do not wish to ignore the progression the show has offered in terms of LGBT representation, or the positive role it’s played in my life, as I know it has in many others. But just because we love a show, doesn’t mean we can’t expect it to uphold the highest standards of representation for our community. In fact, I think that is exactly what we SHOULD be expecting, since Orphan Black has knowingly marketed itself as an LGBT-positive show.

Sadly however, even amongst the LGBT community, I often see the subtly internalised homophobic idea that “we should be happy with what we have, don’t be ungrateful.” I would like to think that the creators, if they read this, will see this as the fans going “we love this show and we think you’ve done a great job, but here’s our feedback.” That is certainly my perspective – I loved the reunion scene at the end of Season 4, and considering Graeme has described Cophine as the most important romantic couple on the show, I am hoping for good things in Season 5.

We love the show and we admire and encourage its commitment to showing positive LGBT representation. So trust your stories, Orphan Black and continue to push boundaries – your audience will reward you for it.

since i’ve been thinking about how much i have enjoyed raven’s arc in season four, another thing that is so great about her progression is that she not only immerses herself into accepting Who She Is (science island arc), but also Who She Becomes. aka she is not the “hand” of the group anymore, but has truly developed into a Leader in her own right (”I’m not the chief” 4x02, yes you are).

while the finale of the season basically represents the last act of “ascent” into Leadership (yes, we have yet to see raven in full-on leadership mode - she is making choices, but what her arc is truly about in season four, first and foremost, is gaining perspective), it’s 4x03 that brings raven behind the scenes of a place that she has never seen before for the first time. we start the episode with raven telling clarke that deciding who gets to live and who gets die is her “specialty”, making a point about how she is nothing more than the hand in the group, but much sooner than later that specific line stands in relation to raven herself, as she, the person in charge of all the supplies, has to Think and makes the decision to neither give Abby 7 of the doses that she would need to treat the sick grounders with, nor give any of it to the little girl adria (a single life) that is with them. she gives her reasons, which show that she has a point, especially considering their situation - we deal with a clash of values after all - and create the groundwork of that scene, since it establishes two things:

  1. how raven functions (in the practical sense)
  2. wherein her fears lie

character actions and emotions are a necessity because the more we see of how raven functions and what she (starts) to fear, the closer we get to what (might/will later) drive her as well. issue? unfortunately it doesn’t work if something doesn’t stand in her way. raven needs to be challenged, and in her case the first taste of leadership comes with the taste of failure.

when you consider that raven’s position comes at the cost of human life, since her choices make her responsible for someone else’s death - “the radiation isn’t killing that child. You are.” - you see that her most important moment within the episode is not the one with abby (it is key for her character progression) when she makes the decision to not give away any of the supplies, but when raven is faced with the *result* of her decision once she enters medical:

the real climax of the story takes place during a first-hand experience, when raven watches adria die in luna’s arms and feels loss not just for herself, but for everyone involved. her path diverges one final time, because despite the tragedy surrounding a leadership role and how that affects the people around certain characters (raven/adria), this scene still carries the type of flow that manages to change raven’s entire demeanor.

aka the pinnacle of her journey in 4x03 is that she decides to stay:

the thing about the arrangement in this specific case is that the entire episode at this point determines raven’s personal path, as adria’s death creates the turning point for her and evokes a new desire (she helps Abby and co, instead of going back to work in isolation - and note that she is not depicted as the bad guy, its a matter of learning and not portraying someone as *bad* or *good*).

adria’s death does not harden raven. instead, she is vulnerable. in fact, after coming face to face with her fear, she decides to be completely present.

the difference between clarke and raven’s narrative choices, for example, is that raven’s happen early on in the season, and then come to a certain halt, while clarke’s goes on, throughout the season. that means 4x13 deals with some heavy call-backs to 4x03 in that regard and brings forth the change that raven underwent since. issue: the writers, again, make raven’s desires a key factor when there is something at stake aka her fear comes in the form of clarke herself, since clarke becomes The One who gets left behind.

in that sense, we have the entire story of the 7 doses and the one single life turned upside down and used against our 8 remaining characters at science lab, who try to get to space to survive the radiation. and raven is right in the middle of that; making yet another hard decision - as a leader, but also as a friend, because it is clarke’s and everyone else’s life at stake. so, who gets to live and who gets die is up to her once more (which i will discuss in a separate post, because things play out very differently than the first time around).

and yea, the point of this post? I don’t know. I guess I just really wanted to talk about 4x03 and how raven progresses into a leader. it’s there and its alot and I should write about 4x05 and 4x08 as well just because i fucking can lol.

anonymous asked:

Ok, but, like, in season six they had Rachel Berry sing LET IT FRICKING GO, but for some STUPID reason neither Blaine, nor Kurt, got A SINGLE SOLO Wow ok makes total sense

Nothing about season 6 makes any sense at all.  Stupid?  Abso-fucking-lutely.  But it was pretty clear by that point that she was the teacher’s pet and going to get songs and stories heaped upon her, while everyone else languished on the sidelines.  Not to mention the fact that twice in the final 13 episodes, they gave Rachel basically 4 minutes of air time completely by herself.  No one else around.  That song in the premiere (and did anyone out there really need to hear more “Let It Go” by that point?) and then again in the finale, which infuriated me to no end.  Darren wrote that beautiful song and I couldn’t even enjoy it as much as I wanted to because the whole damn performance was about her.  Just her.  Great, thanks.  Newsflash: this show wasn’t supposed to be only about Rachel.  Its an ensemble - a way too large ensemble at some points - but an ensemble all the same.  And when you start zeroing in on one person all the time, its gets real old real fast.  Perhaps if she was a more likable character, it wouldn’t have been so hard to swallow.  But unfortunately, the more they concentrated on her, the more she showed her true colors and revealed just what a truly terrible person and friend she really is.  I honestly don’t know how anyone could actually like her after season 5.

Season 6 seemed to exist for the sole purpose of deliberately screwing over Darren, Chris, Klaine, and anyone and everyone who shipped them.  Apparently, you didn’t want my money anymore because I barely bought anything from that season.  Like it wasn’t good enough for them because I was there for the Klaine.  Whatever my reason for watching was - I was still watching.  I would have still bought songs if there had been something worth buying.  Judging from the ratings, there weren’t a lot of people who were still saying that by the end.  Every week I read through song spoilers, and nearly every week, I came away disappointed.  “Somebody Loves You” and “Daydream Believer” were the highlights for me. “Its Too Late” is far too upsetting to listen to.

Maybe someday - way way off in the future - this won’t upset me as much as it still does when I think about it.  Its the fact that they were utterly wasted that fills me with rage and makes me want to cry all at the same time.

Elementary S5: I have thoughts and (to no one’s surprise) lots of emotions

So I’m finally doing my summertime Elemenrary bingewatch (since starting grad school this is the only way I seem to be able to watch the show; in a way it’s nice, like a treat I save for myself the whole year long) and I’m struck by the usual thoughts. 

JLM and Lucy Liu continue to be adorable and electric together, and as always I’m super hungry for more of their interactions, more of their emotionally charged scenes, more of their banter. It’s there, but I feel like it’s not quite enough. That being said, they’re both so great I could just watch and watch all day. Also Joan’s S5 wardrobe is STUNNING.

Nelsan Ellis (RIP!) is wonderful as Shinwell and GOSH his chemistry with Lucy Liu @_@ The Joan/Shinwell scenes are FIRE and I ship them so much. I still have a few episodes left so I’m not sure how Shinwell’s story will wrap up, but my god every time he and Joan have a scene together it’s just crackling with tension and pathos.

My biggest gripe about this show has always been and remains the unnecessarily complicated cases, and unfortunately S5 is no exception. 

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AHS:Cult, or Why Ryan Murphy Continues to Disappoint

Excuse the rant, but a guy’s gotta vent. First off, let me just say I love the actual plot. The concept of a character dealing with mental illness that suddenly starts to manifest itself into reality is interesting, and I think so far it’s on track to do a good job of showing how quickly people with mental illnesses are to get written off as crazy. It’s scary, it’s real, it doesn’t feel like a gimmick.

But then there’s the whole concept of connecting it to “Trump’s America.” If you’re going to create a series about honestly living in fear in today’s political climate, this is not how to do it. I’ll give credit where credit is due in that the main couple is a lesbian couple, but that’s about as far as it goes. They’re white, own their own seemingly successful business, and one of them voted for Jill Stein (Sarah Paulson, the main character, who we’re supposed to sympathize with the most… I know, ugh). The other members of the main cast include Sarah Paulson’s therapist Cheyenne Jackson, who appears once, Evan Peters, an avid Trump supporter and all-around dickhead, and his sister Billie Lourd, who is, well, I’m not even sure what’s going on with her. (To be fair, she does interest me the most as her character development is still a mystery. But as of right now, she seems to be playing another villain along with Evan.)

That’s it. These five white people (or white-passing, in the case of Cheyenne Jackson, who I had to google to learn his father was Native American, but this heritage will most likely be ignored within the show) are the main cast of a series based around living with the fear created by Trump’s election.

So, where are the people of color? Well, Aimee Carrero and Rafael de la Fuente guest-starred… in a comic book scene come-to-life, and were promptly killed off by the fictional rebirth of Twisty the Clown. A group of Latino men appeared briefly, solely to showcase the asshattery of Evan Peters’ character, who was the focus of the scene (although, they did get to kick the shit out of him).

And finally, there was the brightest shining glimmer of hope in Tim Kang and Nanrisa Lee. They appear as a married couple in the opening scene, friends (and later realized as neighbors) of Sarah Paulson and Alison Pill. They had an interesting dynamic going as well; it wasn’t a marriage without its troubles, as Tim confronts Nanrisa about being “too busy to vote.” This hope for a focus on an Asian-American couple was unfortunately short-lived. Literally. They were dead by the end of the episode, the first victims (as POC usually are) of the clown cult terrorizing Sarah Paulson (although, unsurprisingly, not harming her).

In Ryan Murphy’s version of Trump’s America, people of color aren’t the heroes, they’re the background victims, which is unimaginative at best and harmful at its worst. We aren’t getting to see them fight to stay alive (Rafael de la Fuente fires a gun to no avail and Aimee Carrero runs and hides for a short while, but Tim Kang and Nanrisa Lee never stood a chance as they were tied up). We don’t get to see them work through their fears, the real, everyday fears people are actually facing in our world — deportation, corrupt police forces, Nazis in broad daylight, to name a few and barely skim the surface. Even that scene of the Latino men beating the shit out of Evan Peters has a catch — they’re being secretly filmed, which will no doubt be used later to further victimize them (as if having a condom of urine hurled at you and being told you don’t belong in this country anymore isn’t enough).

Instead, we’re spending a season watching Sarah Paulson get chased down by clowns. Which, as I said, would make for a great season. Sarah is a phenomenal actress, the clowns are great at being creepy, and mental illness is an important issue to discuss. But it’s not enough to be the season considering itself the horrors of Trump’s presidency. We’ve already seen a lot of those horrors: the travel ban, the attempted repeal of Obamacare and DACA, the transgender military ban (Chaz Bono, the transgender son of Sonny and Cher, also guest-starred as a grocery store cashier who dons a MAGA hat and praises Trump), the pardon of Joe Arpaio, the constant promise of the wall. Notice the victims of those. Notice the people who are fighting for their rights and their lives. Most of them are people of color. Many of them are poor. They are not seeing themselves reflected in this narrative. They are not being portrayed as the heroes, or the sympathetic characters. Even in a somewhat-fictionalized America, there seems to be no place for them.

Ryan Murphy has always stumbled when it comes to making large political commentary. His shows are at their best in the quiet moments, usually a simple, powerful line or moment. (The best line of the episode comes from Evan Peters, who mutters, “There is nothing more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man.”) It’s when he tries to go big that he tends to fall short (see also: the spiraling downfall of Glee, the faux-feminism of AHS:Coven). And with this season, he seems to be shooting for a massive statement. Only time will tell how far short he’ll land.

To be fair, this is only the first episode. The show has time to turn itself around, to right the wrongs it has already created. But judging from the main cast — and the most talked-about guest stars: Colton Haynes, Lena Dunham, and Emma Roberts — it won’t be doing that. Not only do people of color constantly find themselves the victims, in Murphy’s version of America, they must suffer in silence.

Edit: An earlier version of this post miscredited Jorge-Luis Pallo as the cashier in the grocery store. Thanks to the anon for correctly identifying him as Chaz Bono.

rinsolo28  asked:

Sometimes I really ask myself what kind of people the antis are...I mean, I don't ship Jonsa or whatever but if it became canon instead of Jonerys it would never even OCCUR to me to go and spread theories about them not really loving eachother or attack people for shipping incest and rejoycing over their ship sailing? I mean it's not our decision what becomes canon so why hate on us? We're being flamed for enjoying a show basically :( Sorry for ranting but I couldn't help it, Antis make me sad;;

No problem darling I understand. I hate all of the negativity in the Game of Thrones fandom. I’ve gotten over it honestly because I really don’t care what they say at this point but I know it really bothers some others and it makes me upset to see other shippers hurt by them. I don’t ship J*nsa but I’m a firm believer of ship and let ship and I understand that different people ship different things and I’m so happy that people are able to find happiness in whatever they ship. And I know that lots of those shippers are wonderful and they’ve had to deal with their share of negativity too. So I want to say up front that I don’t condemn the J*nsa fandom; just the antis. 

We just can’t listen to anyone who accuses us of shipping incest. Incest isn’t a good thing, but we have to accept that this is a different time and a different world, where it’s perfectly normal (and let me just point out that throughout history there was plenty of intermarrying among royals too). 

Exactly. I guess I’m just not creative enough to come up with such an elaborate explanation for why my ship is actually going to be canon lol. And these theories that antis come up with (particularly the one about Jon betraying Dany and just pretending to be in love with her) aren’t true to the characters that we’ve gotten to know for the last seven seasons. I feel sorry for people who are so bitter about our ship sailing that they have to work so hard to deface the characters and tear down our ship. But we don’t have to let them. We don’t have to listen to them or believe them. Jonerys is canon and we should enjoy it. Lots of ships get hate, but Jonerys gets a lot of it unfortunately. 

I don’t care if you don’t ship Jon and Dany together. That’s fine. But it upsets me when people use rival ships to tear down other characters. Can’t we at least be respectful of other characters? Like, Sansa is one of my favorite characters. I want her to be happy. I just don’t ship her with Jon. That doesn’t mean that I think she’s mean or want her dead. 

But then I guess I shouldn’t be surprised-I think a lot of it stems from the unreasonable amount of hate there is for Dany. And there are some people who just really don’t want to see her happy. It must be tiring to watch a show with a main character that you hate so much ugh. I know I wouldn’t, and I certainly wouldn’t flame people for it. 

Keep your chin up! And never feel bad for shipping what you ship. You’re not alone-there are quite a lot of us Jonerys shippers, especially after the finale, and we’re all in this together. Feel sorry for the antis and all the hate in their lives lol. It sounds exhausting. 

You’re in a great place, with great people-and I feel sorry for people who can’t separate that from a fictional tv show. 

cruciferousjex  asked:

would you be willing to make a list of your favorite lesser know period dramas so people new to the genre can watch them? You post so many pictures of shows I don't know! ty love your blog :)

I absolutely would! (sorry it took me a little while to get around to this!!!! Forgive me!!!)

I’ll start with my three favourites because I feel like they’re lesser known and they are brilliant, in my opinion.

  • Harlots (2017- present) - A drama series about brothels and sex work in 18th century London. Absolutely fabulous, historically accurate in almost every aspect, include the variety of its characters. You can watch it on Hulu and NowTV as well as streaming it online. Also, the DVD of Season 1 is released tomorrow so!
  • Magnificent Century (2011-2014) , Magnificent Century: Kosem (2015-present) - Although technically two different series, MC: Kosem is a follow-up to Magnificent Century. These are two Turkish soap operas set during a period in Ottoman history known as “the Sultanate of Women”: basically a period during the 16th and 17th century where a woman from the Ottoman harem, be she a concubine, a mother or a sister, held considerable power, sometimes even more so than the reigning sultan. The first series of MC is available with English subtitles on Netflix: after that, the rest of the episodes can be watched on YouTube alongside this translation site. Same goes for Kosem, although the first episode was released officially with English subtitles on YouTube and can be watched here. The episodes are all very long: some about 2 and a half hours. But it’s such a great franchise, I love it so much.
  • Peaky Blinders (2013-present) - Set in working class Birmingham just after the First World War, it’s essentially about British gangsters, specficially the Shelby family, though it focuses most on their young patriarch, Tommy Shelby. It’s superb. The cast are amazing (Cillian Murphy, Sam Neil, Tom Hardy…) and it’s just so energetic, political and dynamic. I think I love it for two big reasons: 1) We hardly ever get period dramas about working class Britain and when we do, they’re always miserable and depressing. Peaky Blinders can be miserable and depressing but it also shows these families for what they are: the absolute backbone of this country. And 2) The Shelby family are half-Rromani. I’m half-Rromani myself so to see a representation for me on a primetime BBC TV series has been so good. They speak the language sometimes too! And indulge in some of the traditions. I recently saw Peaky Blinders on a stupid list of “Yet more period dramas about white British people” and it was ANNOYING. It’s been great for Rromani representation. You can watch it on Netflix!

That got super long, so here are a few lesser known period dramas (both films and TV series) that I have watched in my time and would absolutely recommend:

  • Charles II: The Power and the Passion (2002) - Apart from the fact this is about my favourite historical figure ever and is absolute perfection, it also has a stellar cast (Rufus Sewell, Helen McCrory, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves, Shirley Henderson, Ian McDiarmid….need I go on?)… if you want BBC period drama perfection, as well as a foray into the Best Period of British History Ever (the years 1660-1685 I DO NOT MAKE THE RULES), it’s a must-see.
  • Maison Close (2010) - Similar to Harlots in that it’s about a brothel, but it’s set in France in the 1870s. It’s just as gritty and realistic in its portrayal of sex work, though. It was very popular but cut short, unfortunately. Still an absolute must-see! You can watch it with English subs on Amazon Prime, and I assume it is easily streamed.
  • Bajirao Mastani (2015) - This is a Bollywood epic so it does have musical numbers but it’s also absolutely phenomenal. It’s set in the Maratha Empire in the early 1700s and is about the famed Peshwa (Prime Minister), Baijrao, and his love for a Muslim Raput princess, Mastani (who’s also a warrior and swords-woman.) Bajirao is also married to another woman called Kashibai who loves him dearly. It’s about love, it’s about prejudice and it’s about women trying to find some common ground for the man they love.
  • Shakespeare in Love (1998) - This is not necessarily lesser-known but I feel like it’s one of those films you literally have to see, especially if you like period pieces. It’s a comedy, largely fictional and tells the tale of how a young Will Shakespeare came to write Romeo and Juliet. He falls in love with a young noblewoman called Viola de Lesseps, who also happens to be an aspiring actor in a time when women are barred from the stage. Whilst the cast really blows every other cast I’ve mentioned out of the water, the highlight is probably Judi Dench as Elizabeth I. She has about….idk…..15 minutes screen time at most? But she won an Oscar for her performance anyway.
  • Elizabeth I (2005) - There are so many things about the Virgin Queen but this is my favourite since it covers the latter years of Elizabeth’s reign and focuses on both her political and personal life. I especially love her romance with Robert Dudley (played by Jeremy Irons) because usually, we see them as young people and it’s nice to see them older and experienced. Helen Mirren plays Elizabeth and….well….it’s Helen Mirren.

There are definitely more, especially ones set during my favourite period (17th & 18th century) which I don’t mind making another post for. But these are some of my faves!

Game of Thrones has a problem with the way it presents LGBT characters

(This was written after Episode 7 of Season 6.)

I’m not going to deny that Game of Thrones is enjoyable to watch, if not very well written (I’m talking about the show here of course- I have read the books and enjoyed them far more.) But I want to raise an issue that I have hardly seen talked about in real length, and that is that (being gay myself) I take issue with the way that LGBT characters have been presented. This isn’t me expecting HBO to read this and go “This 17 year old on tumblr is right!” This is just me expressing my opinion and hopefully opening up a space for critique which I have seen very little of. Its important that as much as we enjoy media, we remain aware of the issues in it.

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My Hero Academia Introspection– How the series won me over?

I have a deep love for Shonen Anime (and Manga), I have several issues with some of its troupes and cliches, but most of the time they are an experience to which I never say no…even if they may be overly juvenile, even if they may not be the best executed and even if, in some occasion, are just plain and obnoxious…Nevertheless the enjoyment that gives me discover a new flashy Shonen series is one the best experiences that I got from the medium, the creativity, the passion, the scope…especially when that series started as compilation of some of my less liked shonen troupes just to become, one year later, one of my most anticipated series of the Year.

So let make the question, Why My Hero Academia (from here only referred as Academia) works so well?

My initial relationship with Academia was a tricky one, the series was always fun, I won’t deny that, but I have quite a trouble with its themes…

So our hero, Deku, wants to become a “Super Hero” in a world in which people are born with super powers called Quirks, unfortunately he is part of the 20% of the population that is born without a Quirk, despite that he keeps pushing forward to achieve his dream, studying, working hard, never giving up…but even doing that he will never become a hero, as it’s told to Deku and us, the audience, by the best and official N°1 ranked hero in this universe, All Might…Being a hero is a dangerous work and the ones that put themselves in the line of fire are the first in suffer the consequences…and even someone as powerful as All Might in no strange to the consequences, someone like Deku, a weak kid without any kind of super powers, could never stand a chance…

But at the end what means “to be a Hero” isn’t about how strong you are or how talented you are, it’s about the honest desire to protect others, and so Deku, as the true hero that he is, throws himself to this impossible menace in order to save his kind of “friend” Bakugo…he is useless, of course, but his pure desire inspire the injured All Might to give it all and stop the “Villain” and save they…and then we have this fucking wonderful scene with this incredible and inspiring music alongside a beautiful sunset that fits the mood perfectly with a hopeless Deku, broken for the crude realization that he will never  manage to accomplish his dream, confronted by All Might, again, but this time is different, this time his words  are no about resignation but hope 

… and is fucking great…

…then we have this “I have choose you to become my successor, so I will give you my power that make me super buff and is, probably, a game breaker in universe”… you just lost me.

This is entirely personal issue of course, I have a personal bias against some of these tropes, I hate chosen ones, I hate purely altruistic heroes (Protagonists), I despise characters that win because they are morally superior and etc, etc. and don’t get me wrong, I think that any story and trope can be interesting and good…

I don’t know if there is already an existing archetype for this kind of characters but for the sake of this argument I will call it the “Onodera Archetype”…and it puts together some of my more despise character traits in one simple and hateful package.

I hate you honey…and the rest of the cast of Nisekoi, I sorry guys but you just suck. Except Ruri (And Shu) she is awesome.

But then Shokugeki no Soma gives me Tadokoro, who embodies a big part of the “Onodera Archetype”, but the think here is that the show actually takes his time to develop Tadokoro, she is more that “oh she is so shy and innocent, how cute”…No she is a fucking character who happens to have self-confident issues in a highly competitive school setting and she has to face that problem, she needs to grow if she wants to stay relevant in universe and to us the audience and she does it and its fucking great.

Tadokoro, she is pretty good

…and she is the perfect example of who you took something that I may not like and make love it

And why is the point of this overly long rant?…Because Academia plays with this tropes, to my genuine surprise, pretty well.

I like that Deku has to work his ass to be able to inherit All Might’s power and I like that that is attached to his character arc, a training it’s not just only a process to just become more OP, it also an opportunity to flesh out a character (And again I love that the series maintains Deku’s honest and passionate hard working nature nature) and develop it, I like that he has no real control over One for All and that his battles during this first season (And these three episodes of the second season) are fought no with an ultimate “special move” nor a moralistic monologue (Hi talk no jutsu I’m really glad that you are not here…for now at least) but with the results of his abilities gained thanks training and studies…that are fucking attached to his personality and develop

(This may be sound no so big, but I’m sucker when in a series with super power the actual fact of have powers are plot points attached to the respective characters)

Deku admires Heroes therefore he studies them, he admires Bakugo for his confidence, his presence and powers and he thinks that he’ll become a great hero, therefore he knows the extent of his powers, his tics, how he think and he respond in his own personal way, as fearful kid who lacks confidence, fighting with his methodic moves a careful planning, for the purpose to defeat, to be recognize by this figure that always overwhelm him and admire, it’s not overly complicated and it can be argue that the fight could be better paced, but even with that, it was a really meaningful character moment that scream to me “I have something meaningful to say ” and I also liked that the fight isn’t a resolution but just setting up for both kids development in the future.

…There are more issues that upset me and they are even more point that I love about the series, but this not an analysis but a reflection in this show that I just keep watching, initially, because it was the sequel to Tiger & Bunny that we never got (STILL WAITING) that become this genuinely great series that hook me in playing with tropes that I usually don’t like and which led me to this great second season with which I’m just having a fucking blast.

So My Hero Academia, I Fucking love it .

PD: For the record I think that the series starts to get really fucking good once Deku start to assist A.U., and the series is not bad before I just have some problem with the execution of his themes.

PD2: I don’t care of what anybody says Hatsume Mei is best girl.

Some Chinese Cartoons

One day I’ll add pics and make this actually formal and stuff. But for now…

我为歌狂/Music Up:

Summary: Two musically talented, insanely popular high school guys - but that’s about all they have in common. In fact, they hate each other’s guts. And yet, through complicated circumstances, they and two others join to form a four-man band, “OPEN.” Both individually and as a band, they face a variety of problems: financial, academic, familial, romantic, and everything in between, in order to pursue their dreams. (52 eps)

Commentary: This is set in modern(ish) day, real world. Made in 2001, so keep that mind when considering the animation quality. They do have a lot of good songs, since this IS a show about singers and pop bands. Overall the tone is pretty light. Some things are a lot more dramatic than they need to be but that’s fantastic. And a lot of the problems are highly relatable. Development of characters and relationships is def one of the selling points. HUGELY nostalgic for me and a lot of Chinese people it seems haha

Links: the second opening.

战龙四驱/Go For Speed:

Summary: Two years ago, the genius high schooler Fei won the minicar (4WD) racing Nationals. But only shortly afterward, he disappeared, with only a short note hinting at why. Now, his younger brother Dragon follows in his footsteps, designing and creating his own minicars to compete in the tournaments and steadily working his way up through the rankings. Along the way, he meets many people, makes friends and enemies, and struggles to find Fei and his reason for leaving. (64 eps)

Commentary: Modern/slightly future-day, real world (Shanghai!!). Okay so this show is based around like the gimmick of “minicar racing” - not sure what to really call it. The races are surprisingly fun to watch actually imo, with the technological abilities of the minicars, interactions between players, and obstacles to pass… but you’d probably have to decide that for yourself. For me, the biggest draw was probably the surprising number of subplots, which explore the complex relationships between all the characters - literally every single side character is well established and developed. Family and familial relationships play a pretty big role. Revenge and forgiveness are there too. I got hooked into this show when it was airing on TV solely because of one character haha. Caveat that it starts slow, I don’t know how much you’d actually like this, there needs to be some suspension of disbelief, and the animation quality isn’t fantastic… rip

Links: (a trailer, in english for some reason even though i’ve never found an english dubbed version of this and don’t want to. It mostly focuses on the racing aspect, but as before, don’t let that fool you, it’s surprisingly deep. Come for the races, stay for the chars) since when was this on youtube?? :o WAIT HOLY SHIT SINCE WHEN DOES THIS HAVE ENGLISH SUBS THIS IS A GAME CHANGER AAAAA NOW LIKE I MIGHT GO REWATCH THIS - just kidding, only the first episode. Man what a letdown

弹珠传说/Danzhu Legend:

Summary: This is a world where people have Danzhu battles: competitions involving channeling your magic energy into Shooters to launch marble-like Danzhu at targets. These objects have great power, but, so far, no one has decided to take advantage of it… until now. One day, a young boy who has always dreamed of becoming a Danzhu battler is chosen by one of the five Legendary Shooters. He journeys into the mountains to seek training from the Danzhu Master, where he meets the other four Legendary wielders and learns that their job is to stop the evil threatening to take over their world. (52 eps)

Commentary: Fantasy world. So this is like your pretty standard “boy discovers power and works to save the world” story, but still enjoyable in its own right. The gimmick of this are the aforementioned Danzhu. The Guardians are also very important; all Shooters are linked to a spiritual animal/creature/something that’s the basis of power. The battles are all very cool! Quick disclaimer: for various reasons I am more familiar with this show than maybe any other of the ones here. This fact made me appreciate how much potential this story had, but also made me realize all of its flaws. There are a lot of things it could have done better - character development jumps to mind, because aside from the MC and one of the antagonists, most of them don’t change all that much. Also there’s lots of recycled animation. Just keep these caveats in mind. However, I still found the adventure/plot/magic very exciting to watch, a healthy dose of idealism and humor as well as tension/smarts/raw courage, so if you’re interested in that aspect more, I’d recommend this!

Links: ALL THE EPISODES ARE ON YOUTUBE ONCE MORE PRAISE this is very helpful for me because when i needed them to be on youtube, someone had like taken all of them down, which was very upsetting, but now they are back again, glorious playlist isn’t in order but you should watch the opening theme to get a feel for it - if you want even more of a feel, watch to 4:50, which is kinda like a prologue and a better summary of what I said above lol

开心宝贝/Happy Heroes:

Summary: Just read what’s on tvtropes tbh haha (link below) (Ongoing, 10 seasons, 52 eps each (except season 8 which was 40 eps) )

Commentary: Imo the best seasons were 3, 5, 6, and 8. After 8 the animation style changed a bit and the humor quality kinda went down…well, that might just be me, though. Either way, though, there are so many amazing earlier episodes, and I’ve gotten really attached to all the characters. It being a kids show, there’s no super deep plot or lasting impact of anything (aside from the last arc of season 7, heh. I remember watching when it came out in 2014 and flipping out bc I did NOT expect that, knowing HH) but it’s still thoroughly enjoyable. There are also two movies: the second movie is kinda confusing and meh but the first movie is pretty good and I think you can find it on youtube. In fact I believe all the episodes are on youtube, but I imagine you have those links already

Links: is the channel with everything. Watch the trailer for season 8! It’s v epic and got me hyped when it released.


Movie 1: (there are english subs too! haha)

Movie 2 isn’t worth watching trust me

星游记/Rainbow Sea:

Summary: Years ago, a man dressed in all red made a declaration to the universe: behind the largest black hole was a mysterious place called Rainbow Sea, a place where any dream could be fulfilled. Enchanted by the stories, people from across the universe joined the man in red in his journey. Unfortunately, no one ever returned. Rainbow Sea was scoffed at as a myth and a lie. The man in red was cursed, nicknamed by people as the Red Demon. The sinister organization known as the Galactic Eyes quietly gained control of the Solar System and numerous other star systems, sealing off the planet where the Red Demon had come from, Earth, and forbidding any ships from entering or leaving. Now, ten years later, the Red Demon’s son Maidang has reached adolescence and is determined to fulfill the pinky promise made to his father before he left: to reunite with him at Rainbow Sea.

Commentary: Quality stuff right here. Best part is the backstories of all these characters, there’s some really moving stuff. The characters are p great - Maidang is so inspiring, Gudong is highly relatable, Diya is awesome… The art style (esp for their eyes) is really nice. …Not much else to say off the top of my head, esp since the story is far from over, but even if it starts off slow, this is definitely worth your time!

Links: all the episodes. The opening theme/sequence was what got me hooked, you should def watch it (up to like 1:20 or whatever, then if you want like a prologue watch to like 3:07)

26 eps so far. Season 2 and after are apparently going to be “web movies” instead of episodes, something like 60 minutes each, and will cost money (rip) but I’m sure they’ll show up for free somewhere eventually. Fingers crossed this’ll be soon. Wanna join me in hiatus hell :DD


Summary: Kan is happily chatting with his closest friend on an ordinary school day when, all of a sudden, he finds himself pulled into an alternate fantasy world. This world is filled with Zinba, large and powerful creatures that may form bonds with select humans, called Linkers, for immense battle power. After becoming a Linker with one of the strongest Zinba ever to exist, Kan joins the peacekeeping Dux force of the kingdom of Toria and fights against the various evils threatening the land, all while trying to find his way back to his own world. (52 eps)

Commentary: Okay, so you know, I wouldn’t recommend this as much as some of the others on this list, esp since it’s the most recent Chinese show I actually watched, but it made enough of an impact on me to have it worth talking about. I started watching bc a) it showed up as recommended for me on youtube, b) the opening is SICK as HECK, and c) the protag of this is voiced by the same person as the protag of DZL, and generally looks/acts kinda similar haha. Anyway, overall thoughts: basically, it had a lot of unrealized potential. The world and the character designs are AMAZING. I liked the animation. The plot is interesting, with a surprising number of plot twists as to who’s the real ultimate villain. But there could have been So Much More development – we could’ve gotten more thorough backstories for the main crew, for example, or seen more of the world/magic/tech, but instead a lot of the people as well as Zinba just… exist, as static and boring entities. There were like two interesting characters total (Kan’s aforementioned “normal” friend being one of them heh). Kan himself was suuuuper annoying, esp at the beginning. (can you tell I really appreciate/prioritize the characters of a show?) However, some moments were quite well done and epic, and I wrote some fanfiction and commentary on basically every episode, so it holds a place in my heart. Also, there is a full English dub lmaooo (the voices suck but the translations for names/places/etc are interesting) (episode 1 has 318k views??? That’s a TON for a chinese cartoon)

Links: the opening which is good and worth watching, full playlist, lol


THE PJ’S (1999)

an American stop-motion animated television series, created by Eddie Murphy, Larry Wilmore, and Steve Tompkins. It portrayed life in an urban public housing project, modeled after the Cabrini–Green Housing Projects in Chicago. The series starred Eddie Murphy, and was produced by Imagine Entertainment by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, The Murphy Company and Will Vinton Studios in association with Touchstone Television.


Ahh, the PJ’s, what can I say about it that millions of other haven’t said before me. It managed to carve out a successful viewership for itself on prime time television as an adult focused animated comedy despite stiff competition from The Simpsons and South Park.

I feel a bit of shame in saying that I didn’t really watch it. I didn’t watch much of The Simpsons either but that’s a story for another day. I’d catch bits and pieces of the PJ’s here or there  and be enchanted by the stop-motion animation but I never sat down and watched it until it was shown for a brief time on Adult Swim year later.

I enjoyed it quite a bunch. I mostly had the show on as background noise while I was putting off sleeping but I still felt entranced by the animation just like when I was a kid. I also got quite a kick out of the many antics of the residents of the Hilton-Jacobs Projects, particularly all of the zany, hyper-exaggerated personalities. The quality of writing was pretty high, I didn’t understand a lot of the jokes since they made references that kind of flew over my head but the fact that they had so much energy in their lines is what really made me laugh.

What is it about this show that made it an award winning hit with audiences and critics? I wish I could answer that question but I just don’t know. Is it the fact that Eddie Murphy was attached to it? Is it because it had a similar sort of style of humor to The Simpsons but wrapped up in a totally different package?

Let’s maybe get an idea from some folks who might know better. Today we’re joined by both Ash and Pix so let’s turn the platform over to them.

Ladies first so Ash, what do you have to say about the PJ’s?

Growing up not only as a young black girl living in the projects but also growing up on Wallace and Gromit , Gumby , and of course a big fan of Eddie Murphy , The PJs truly spoke to me .

Despite running 3 seasons , having an ensemble voice cast , and collecting prestigious accolades ( Emmys and one Annie Award ) this series still falls under the radar unfortunately . But it’s the year 2015 and the nostalgia bandwagon is still running high right ? so I am more than happy to add my two cents and hopefully introduce others to this series .

In this age of tumblr , the discussion of representation is discussed more than ever if you ask me so this a good time to discuss this series’ entertainment value and what it stood for.

Eddie Murphy was one of the masterminds behind this series , in addition to that he also lended his voice work along with prominent black talents such as Loretta Devine , Janet Duboise , and Jenifer Lewis . It gets much better knowing that brilliant George Clinton blessed our ears with his sounds.

Our show’s main character Thurgood Stubbs was rather obnoxious for the most part but nonetheless entertaining , had this character just arrived in the year 2015 he would have been picked apart by people who didn’t consume the product . It’s very fortunate that this series was released when it was because it didn’t really sugar coat what it was like to live in the projects and I can tell you first hand that if you had this upbringing there was most likely a Thurgood in the neighborhood as well as the nosey elderly lady ( Mrs. Avery ) who often got under people’s skin.

Some people may not like to see these things displayed in the media because they feel that stereotypes are being perpetuated. But due to the time of it’s release and the lack of social justice hovering , it allowed people to say “ Hey this show speaks to me ” and while it may not have been embraced like the Simpsons was , as I mentioned earlier it lasted 3 seasons and collected a few Emmys as well as an Annie Award which speaks volumes .

For anyone interested in this series you are in luck since the show is now airing on MTV2 which again says something about it’s worth .

While it may not appeal to the suburban prudes and the hive mind , this show represents people in other corners of the country who can laugh and say “ We have one of those in my neighborhood ” I just hope that those individuals can be open with their satisfaction with the series .

And Pix, how about you, whaddya got for us?

You know I remember really wanting to like The PJ’s when it first came out.
There were a lot of elements within it that should have made it an instant winner in my book.

It’s animation style was claymation, which besides MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, was never utilized in the states, especially for television. It a major network show that stared a black cast, which was also nearly unheard of in the late 90’s. And it partially came from the brain of Eddie Murphy, who despite his “Party All The Time” shenanigans and many career missteps, is a comedian/actor who arguably will be mentioned in the same breath as Richard Pryor when it comes to the most influential black comedians.

On paper, it’s was a bold show. Heck, even now a show like the PJ’s would still seem kind of ahead of the curve.

Yet despite all these elements, I was never really a huge fan of this show.

It’s not bad.

In fact, it’s fair to say that FOX has had much worse when it comes to an animated show starring black characters (side eyes to the lazy Cleveland Show). But there are a few inner and outside elements related to the show that made it hard for me to really love it.

On the inside, most of the humor or jokes were actually kind of hit or miss. Cheap even, coming off at times as something I would have found during the opening days of UPN.

Yeah, anyone else, remember “Homeboys In Outer Space?”



That’s not to say that you can’t do stellar urban comedy. In fact, FOX showed that you could years prior thanks to legendary sketch show In Living Color. And the PJ’s at the time could shine as well to me, but never to the point that you would expect from something related to Eddie Murphy, Larry Willmore, and Matt Groening.

But maybe the real problem is that The PJS never had enough time to fully become as great as it promised to me. A lot of animated shows have rough starts before becoming fan favorites. I mean there’s no way you could look me in the eyes, and tell me that the first couple of seasons of The Simpsons, although charming, were a bit rough compared to the onslaught of comedic gems it delivered later before withering. And maybe that’s the case with this show. It did only last three seasons. Maybe season four would have been the one to fully convert me.

We’ll never know.

Pretty differing viewpoints but insightful none-the-less. Thanks guys



3 seasons worked out pretty good for this show in my opinion. It was kind of losing steam, by the end of season 3. There’s also the fact that there was rumors  persisting the show of Eddie Murphy leaving due to disputes with Fox executives or he was just b-flat busy with a movie meant that the series was losing one of its main draws. So it’s probably a good thing that it was cut before it started to overstay its welcome.

All and all, this was certainly an enjoyable watch and an example that black animation can survive on prime time t.v.

Caroline Forbes Meta Part 1 - Defense against shi*t haters say !!


Author’s Note: This is a two part meta. Part one will deal with the hate the character Caroline Forbes has received, particularly when she was human. This is also for those who still believe vampirism changed her. She was always this person, we just never looked deep enough to see it.

Part 2 will deal with some of the instances TVD has downplayed Caroline’s epic moments - moments where her personality and the qualities that made her the character I stan, where at its peak.




TVD at its inception, shed light into Caroline’s insecurities, both as some one who craved love in her life and as a friend. But on closer examination however, I find that these insecurities are not unfounded.

Bonnie-Elena-Caroline Dynamic

Season 1 is full of instances where it is obvious that Bonnie and Elena did not treat Caroline the same way they treat each other. They did not share with her the same information; they did not include her in plans. And they certainly treated her like a silly over-the-top blonde who was undeserving of their attention. Almost like, they were better than her.

Drawing from canon, Caroline in high-school was the popular girl; the head cheerleader. So it’s not like she did not have people who didn’t want to be around her. It was more of a question of who she wanted to be with. Think about it, these are the two girls she grew up with and spent all of her childhood knowing and loving. Yet these are the very two girls who seemed to ignore her and preferred eachother’s company to hers. Especially in the beginning of Tvd, it is easy to notice that Elena and Bonnie did more things together and Caroline had to barge her way into their little click to be noticed.

Perhaps, one of the reasons she was insecure is because these two ‘friends’ made it so damn hard for her. 

The fear and intense dislike of being left out is something that she carries with her for quite some time, even after she turned.

S5x20 Caroline to Stefan

Sucks to be left out of the loop

While for TVD fans this is all about Caroline being jealous of Elena, it’s more than that. Caroline had been left out of the loop far too much by Elena and Bonnie. They didn’t even tell her about vampires walking around Mystic Falls and attending classes. Even after being attacked and compelled by Damon and attacked by Logan - they still didn’t think it necessary to tell her about these things roaming around, killing people. So I would imagine it came as quite a shock to realize she has been lied too and kept in the dark all this time and that it took turning into a vampire herself to be deserving of the truth. Harsh.

Then she sees that the one friend who she has come to know quite closely ; someone she thought was close enough to tell her anything, was deliberately keeping something from her. Hence the question - “we are friends right? We tell eachother things, we trust eachother”. She doesn’t want the pattern she had with Bonnie and Elena to repeat itself with Stefan.


The Double Date

This is an instance where Caroline’s insecurity is highlighted.

Now, this Matt/Caroline, Stefan/Elena double date happened in S1 of TVD. At the time Elena was portrayed as the central character, the protagonist if you will. And we all think, the protagonists can do no wrong. Or at least, that is the preconceived notion that many harbored while watching this scene. As a viewer, one is inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to the main protagonist, rather than the girl playing the supporting role, which in turn makes it easy to point fingers at this supporting character and call her silly.

But once the prejudice is put aside, and the situation is looked at objectively, one would realize that had any one been Caroline on that double date, they would have had to have skin made of titanium to not feel insecure.

Here is a girl who is dating someone who was totally in love with her friend. She is still not sure he is completely over Elena. This was not about Elena’s feelings for Matt. This was about Caroline being unsure of whether Matt is over Elena. So she bravely sets up a double date, to get the awkwardness out of the way, to settle into the new normal of Elena dating Stefan and her dating Matt. Only, during the date, her boyfriend and friend start reminiscing, leaving her completely out of the loop. Now this is enough to make any girl squirm and had the roles been flipped at the time, TVD fans would have rushed to Elena’s aid, (because she is the protagonist that we are supposed to root for) and would have put down Caroline as being insensitive. But unfortunately, no one came to Caroline’s rescue and she was painted as the shallow, silly one.  

This was not even the only instance where Matt while dating Caroline showed a preference to Elena. So I would go so far as to say that her insecurities were warranted. And any girl in her place would feel the same way.

Lets give the girl a break.


I’m Never The One

This is the dialogue that either made you love her or hate her as a character. Here she basically talks about never being the one, for the guy she wants.

S1x01 Caroline to Bonnie:

How come the guys I want never want me”

The operative term here being, the guys I want. She is not asking for just any guy to pick her. She doesn’t want all the boys to fall at her feet. She doesn’t want the most popular guy to date her. What she wants, is the guy she likes, to want her back. Sounds like a reasonable demand to me.

Yet the haters have turned this into her being a whiny little girl. Truth is, everybody wants to be loved. Caroline was unabashed and candid about it. That is the only difference between her and everybody else. Wanting to be loved does not equate to being shallow or weak. It’s what makes us human. In fact I would go so far as to say that it takes courage to be honest about something like that and say it out loud, even if it is to a friend.



In Season 1x16 after the disastrous double date, Elena saw that Caroline was not feeling great about herself and instead of trying to understand where shes coming from she just goes straight to, “you’re being ridiculous”.

S1x01 Caroline opens up to Bonnie about her insecurities and is met with “ Its not a competition” to which she replies, “yeah it is” . .

In both instances, neither friends try to get to the root of the problem that’s nagging Caroline. Elena just dismisses it as Caroline being silly and Bonnie like a lot of the TVD viewers just looked at it as Caroline having a melodramatic moment. She is not taken seriously. Or rather, her fears are not acknowledged; they are not addressed and are just left intact to grow and intensify.

While I understand how it’s easy to shun a character who thinks it necessary to compete with her own friends, I would suggest a deeper look into why she feels it’s a competition.

It is a competition for her because that’s what she’s been doing for so long. When she made this statement, she was already essentially competing for the affections of all those who mattered to her at the time. Her two “best friends” who ignore her a lot of the time and who don’t take her seriously; her father who is basically MIA; her relationship with her mother is strained and she is difficult with Liz simply because she feels  her mother prioritizes work over her. So at this point in her life, it’s not attention that she craves, its undiluted affection.


She doesn’t even try and he picks her.. …and I try.. so hard..” [S01x01 Caroline to Bonnie]

The one thing we know about Caroline is that the girl is tenacious, she never gives up. She gives it her all. Whether she was born like this or whether her circumstances drove her to imbibing this quality, or a combination of both, we can’t say for certain. But she tries. She tries hard with her friends, with school, pretty much everything. She tries in the hope that her hard work will pay off. That the friends she loves will accept her; so that the mother who she thinks prefers work over her will put her first. She applies the same try hard methodology to boys and unfortunately it backfires with Stefan. So yeah she had a moment. You would too had you been trying so hard at everything and not succeeding in any department – her friends still make fun of her, her relationship with her mother is strained and now the boy she likes told her flat out that its not going to happen.

So yeah she had an emotional moment. It’s not her being weak. It’s her being a normal human being whose hurting. 


Steroline honorable mention. Coz it’s my meta and I can :P #SorryNotSorry

In fact the only one to acknowledge and quell her insecurities was Stefan.  This is one of the reasons I love Steroline so much. When he saw that she was feeling insecure, he didn’t just brush it aside or make her look stupid for feeling the way she did. Instead he was open and honest right back. He understood where she was coming from, and he didn’t want her to feel that way. Because there is no one else with whom he’s more honest and open with than her. So he tells her - “I didn’t want you to think any less of me”. This was him not only telling her everything, but it was him being vulnerable by sharing with her his own insecurity, that she might dislike him for what he did. Which takes me to 6x21 where he says “that’s what falling for someone is, it’s being vulnerable”. And the beautiful part, she didn’t think any less of him, She saw his insecurity behind the words… because she listened. It’s part of the beauty of Steroline, how they can read between the lines..  [Caroline: I hear everything… Stefan:only when you listen..]

Steroline feels ! 


Okay back to Caroline Forbes. 

She tries so hard because she just wants to be loved.

Caroline to Matt [S01x08]

Do you ever feel like there is not a person in the world who loves you?

Kind of an odd statement to come from the popular cheerleader don’t you think. Most TVD viewers attribute this statement to her unreasonable insecurity - her biggest character flaw. Yet no one takes into account that she’s just lonely.  You can be popular, be in a room full of people and still feel all alone.

This dialogue when looked at in conjunction with another one - gives more insight into the psyche of Caroline Forbes, the girl.

Caroline to Elena [S01x16] “You don’t get it.. Why would you.. You are everyone’s first choice - the operative word her being “Everyone’s”. ‘Coz at that point in Caroline’s life, she felt no one put her first.

To Matt she essentially says she feels NOBODY loves her. Which is her saying she has no one to fall back on, no one who she can count on, no one who puts her first and loves all of her.

Her words to Elena she voices what she sees Elena has - EVERYONE’S first choice. Which is something she tries so hard to be. What she wants, is for the people she loves, to love her back. She wants the people she prioritizes to prioritize her.

This is a girl who’s father recently left them. Who’s constant complain is that her mother does not spend time with her.  She feels that her mother basically loves her job more than her.  She’s the girl whose friends tolerate her, but don’t care for her the way she does them. Both these statements aren’t just about unrequited love for a boy.. she basically feels that there’s no one who is on her side.. no one she can rely on completely. .. NOBODY.. not.. no BOY.. NOBODY. What she wants is to feel important to the people who are important to her.  



Here is what I don’t get. Elena has dated 3 boys so far.. well 4 if you include Liam. And Caroline has dated 3 – Damon, Matt and Tyler. Klaus wasn’t a relationship.

Stefan and Damon have slept with innumerable women. Yet that all seems to add to their desirability factor and Caroline is left holding the Slut Placard. Why?

‘Dating’ Damon was a bad judgment call. She was at an emotional low and she needed validation. She thought she would find that in Damon. Instead she was abused. But she learnt from her mistake. Even with Klaus wooing her left, right , center, she never agreed to be in a relationship with him.

In fact Damon goes so far as to call her “Prudy-Trudy”. Implying that she is NOT promiscuous. Apart from the Klaus one night stand (which lets face it, was her getting him out of her system), she’s never really had a fling. Both her relationships with Matt and Tyler were real. She gave it her best effort. Especially with Tyler. 

So the whole premise of calling her a slut, is IMHO, pure, unadulterated - shit.



Allow me to throw canon at your face - Vampirism does not change who you are. It only amplifies your existing traits. Both good and bad.

The Caroline Forbes you see now, personality wise, is of the same make and mould as her human version.

About Caroline, no matter what her flaws are, when push comes to shove, you are gonna want that girl by your side Stefan to Tyler

This statement was made after she was turned. Drawing attention to the fact that Tyler was very much aware of the traits that many found irksome and that vampirism did not magically erase it. But what Stefan is trying to say is that, there is more to Caroline Forbes than what meets the eye. She may look flawed from a certain angle, but there are qualities in her that make her a perfect ally/friend - someone you really want on your team. And that has nothing to do with her vampirism. That has everything to do with the person that she is.

You grew into yourself” [4x03 Stefan to Caroline]

Grew into yourself as opposed to, you took a U-turn and left behind your human self. It wasn’t a transformation, it was a natural evolution of Caroline Forbes. Think of it as a coming of age story, where the character goes through doubts, fears, takes a few wrong turns, only to come out being the person they were always meant to be.

Caroline would have gotten there eventually, vampirism or no vampirism. Which is why it irritates me when people say Human Caroline was a waste of space while Vampire Caroline is awesome, because they are in reality, the same person, ie:- AWESOME !

Caroline at her core is the same person she was as a human. Tenacious, loving, caring, empathetic, neurotic, control freak… her insecurities too reared it head at certain points, which again attests to the fact that she hasn’t really changed, she just leaned to control her flaws better.

That’s what makes you, you[Stefan to Caroline 5x17] - The fact that she wouldn’t kill Tom Avery is not what made her a good vampire, it was what made her Caroline Forbes. And that’s what Stefan knew more than anyone else. Because he actually took the effort to get to know her and he saw her for all that she was.


Double Standards

Its funny how her ‘trying so hard’ made her unlikeable as a human but not so much as a vampire. Because it was great when the same tenacity was applied to say.. bringing Stefan back from the dead. Or keep Stefan’s ripper side in check. Or when she helped stefan overcome his PTSD. Double standards much? You can’t have the cake and eat it too. So, either you hate that she never gives up and tries too hard, or you love that part of her; you can’t hate it but love it when it works to your (or your fav character’s) advantage. 

Truth is, throughout the seasons we see that she continues to try her best. The only difference between human Caroline and vampire Caroline is that her focus is changed as a vampire. Her world is not just about school, friends and family anymore. She is suddenly thrust into this world of vampires, werewolves and orignals. Right from when she is turned there are people trying to kill her. She has to do everything she can to survive and to make sure her friends survive. Vampirism did not change her. It just gave her different priorities. 


So to sum it up, she’s the same Caroline. So next time you feel the need to say, Oh, she is better now that she is a vampire… don’t.


Part 2 coming up….

Dean Winchester and the End of Free Will

Dean Winchester, as a character, has plenty of qualities his fans appreciate. He’s tenacious and irreverent, every inch the witty protagonist. He even coined the term “Team Free Will.”

Both he and Sam fought for it in the early seasons, struggling to face the Apocalypse on their own terms rather than as puppets. And they did.

Sam’s story and his beliefs have consistently borne out the idea of free will. He overpowered Lucifer when he was destined to end the world. He chose to believe that even monsters can be saved, and that–furthermore–people can choose whether or not to be monsters, that it’s not what you are, it’s what you do that matters. He overpowered his own addiction to demon blood and chose to resist the urges to give in every day. He tried to support Dean when he was fighting the Mark because he knows from experience that the most powerful force for change can often be a person’s force of will. He has made mistakes, but he has never put them on anyone but himself.

That’s where things get sticky, though. Dean also says he believes in free will, and maybe he does–maybe he did. But if indeed he does, the narrative and his own actions are working against him. Dean coined the term Team Free Will, but he doesn’t seem to be an active member of it.

This analysis can be seen as highly Dean-critical in parts. Please proceed at your own peril. *

* If you never want to see any of this, feel free to blacklist the tags “wank for ts” and “dean negative,” which is a catch-all term for anything from idle questioning to strong censure.

Keep reading

TV Recommendations by Type

Hey guys!  Sorry I dropped off the face of the planet!  Anyways, I’m back with some recommendations of TV shows I think each type might like.  Granted, I’m an ISFJ and I like all of these shows (I watch too much TV, I know, I know), so it’s not as if they’re specific to a single type.  Watch what looks interesting to you, even if it’s for a totally different type.

ISTJ- The Middle

The chaos that is the Heck household is sure to make the ISTJ both cringe and feel 1000% better about their life choices.  These people are clearly not the organized and put together individuals that Si and Te make ISTJs, but watching the Hecks misadventures never gets old.

ISFJ- Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is not only ridiculously funny, but also has the most heart of any other recent comedy series.  The show is clever and warm, with a plethora of unique characters that ISFJs will enjoy getting to know and love.  I can’t say enough good things about this show, because it combines humor and emotion in a truly fantastic way.  

INFJ- Orphan Black

Oh man, this show.  So good.  Probably my favorite on this list at the moment.  Anyways, Orphan Black has an intricate and deep plot that the INFJ’s Ni will love unwinding.  It also raises a number of questions about the moral implications of scientific advances, which would appeal to both Ni and auxiliary Fe.  

INTJ- Revenge

The intensely complex plans of vengeance Emily Thorne takes are sure to excite the INTJ’s Ni and Te.  Unfortunately this show went a bit downhill from the second season onwards, but the tightness of season one is really something to behold.  Later seasons aren’t terrible by any means, just not as strong as the first one.  

ISTP- The Amazing Race

Every leg of the Amazing Race features teams traveling to different countries, completing tasks that test their nerve, intelligence, and social graces.  All of these things would excite the ISTP’s Se, and trying to figure out the most efficient ways to get around the world would be perfect for a dominant Ti type.

ISFP- Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is always great for a bit of romance and a bit of excitement, whether that comes in the form of a hospital shooting, a plane crash, or a flash flood.  These will appeal to the ISFP’s Fi and Se, and title character Meredith Grey is an ISFP as well!  

INFP- Happy Endings

Very kooky show that was gone too soon.  The oddball humor will surely appeal to the INFP’s auxiliary Ne, but the show is understated enough to suit the style of an introvert.  So sad that this show only laqsted three seasons, but at least the episodes are so packed with jokes that they necessitate rewatching.  

INTP- 30 Rock

Another very strange, very layered show.  Arguably the wittiest show on TV in the past few years, which will work well with the INTP’s Ti.  Also does a great job satirizing and skewering societal trends and illogicalities, which smart-asses will find wildly entertaining.  Oh, and Tina Fey is an INTP too!!  

ESTP- Survivor

Survivor is the ultimate adventure, which is exactly what Se craves.  What’s really interesting about the show (which I have devoted far too much time and thought to lol) is how variable every season is, which would similarly excite the adaptable and quick-thinking ESTP.  Some seasons are stronger than others, and for first time watchers I would recommend Borneo (1), Amazon (6), Pearl Islands (7), China (15), Philippines (25), or Cagayan (28).    

ESFP- Friends

A classic show about, well, friends, which are extremely important to the social butterfly ESFP.  The ESFP will appreciate the flawed but lovable group living in the ever-exciting New York City and can indulge in the constant humor of this television titan.

ENFP- Gilmore Girls

Another personal favorite, the ENFP’s Ne will give it as good a chance as anyone of keeping up with the wicked-fast paced dialogue on Gilmore Girls.  The show also has a ton of emotional moments, often centered around familial matters, which will operate well with Fi.

ENTP- Summer Heights High

Incredible, incredible satire, which will be immensely appealing to the Ne-Ti combination of the ENTP.  The format of the show itself is intriguing, with Chris Lilley playing the three main characters, and the ENTP is sure to appreciate his ability to embody such cutting caricatures. 

ESTJ- Scandal

It’s realllllllyyyyyyy satisfying watching Olivia Pope get shit done, and I don’t even use Te like the ESTJ does.  Scandal will also appeal to Si because of its monumental, presidential nature and the characters’ attempts to navigate through the bureaucracy of Washington.

ESFJ- Parenthood

SO. MANY. FEELS.  Every episode of Parenthood is packed with family drama and emotion, which suits the ESFJ’s dominant Fe and auxiliary Si.  Additionally, the acting on this show (especially that of Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman) is absolutely beautiful.  A fantastic drama about family and life in general.

ENFJ- Heroes

A show that is devoted to the idea of having a greater purpose for the good of humanity, Heroes works perfectly for an ENFJ with Fe and Ni who feels like they’re meant to do something big.  Like Revenge, this is a show that kind of crashed after the first season (Season 4 made no sense.  To anyone.  At all.), but man was it amazing in its prime.

ENTJ- How to Get Away with Murder

Rounding out the Shondaland trifecta is the newest show of the bunch, which the ENTJ will find appealing for its intricate plot and intensity.  Annalise Keating is BA, like the ENTJ is, and she refuses to back down from anything or anyone.  This one only has 15 episodes, so you could finish it by tomorrow! 

So those are my suggestions!! Hopefully you’ve found something that looks interesting to watch this summer.  I really love all of these shows and think any of them would be a great choice.  

ok so I wrote this out on another persons post but I just feel it's necessary to be its own post

To all the people bitching about this season-

(again in reply to people claiming this season is “messy) The storyline isn’t a mess, it’s just that you don’t like it. there’s a huge difference.

Fiona is struggling to find herself, she’s constantly going from guy to guy because she doesn’t know how to not be with someone. that was made blatantly clear in the last episode. she’s also having a hard time since all the kids are growing up and she doesn’t have a household of people who depend solely on her.

Ian is moving on from Mickey, and realizing that not all relationships consist of fist fights followed by fucking. he’s starting to realize that there are "normal” people out there. ‘normal’ meaning people who can go out on dates and hold hands and dance at weddings together. despite what everyone seems to think, Mickey wasn’t good for Ian. Ian needs a stable person, someone who isn’t in prison, someone who has a real (legal), steady job.

Debbie is having a baby because she felt her whole life was so far out of control that she just wanted something of her own. she wants something that she can love and hopefully give the stable family life she never had. but the father ditched (which is far too common) so we’re left to watch Debbie try to be the best single mother she can. her storyline is heartbreaking. we’re watching a young girl try so hard to be happy.

I feel Carl’s storyline is the strongest it’s ever been. he’s learning that he doesn’t need to fit the stereotype of a kid from the ghetto. he’s learning that he doesn’t have to end up like Nick, and that he is -in a small way- lucky. Nick never had a chance, all he knew was juvie and he never learned how to handle his emotions. Nick was actually a fucking fantastic representation of a kid in the ghetto; someone who is so used to opression and anger that they don’t know anything but it. as someone who grew up in a similar situation as the gallaghers (my moms a drug addict who beat the shit out of me daily, my dad was a recovering drunk who was never home because he was working 3 jobs just to try to keep food on the table. I went to my mom’s place every weekend because of her visitation rights and she basically just used me as a punching bag and a way to milk more money from the system. there were weekends that I literally didn’t eat because she didn’t have food or money to feed me), it all hit very close to home. Carl saw that he has a chance to not end up like Nick. He has a family who loves him, he’s white so he doesn’t have to deal with racism, he has an older brother who was able to leave the south side, and he has learned to handle situations without immediately doing something impulsive (as Nick did.) what nick unfortunately went threw was the turning point for Carl to try his best to get out of the south side. he’s still struggling but he’s trying. I think its an absolutly amazing storyline.

Lip is in college, living in a sorority house, do you really expect him to not fuck everything that moves? right now, I feel he is being used as sort of a north star (for lack of a better, less cliché term) for the rest of the siblings. he grew up in the same situation as them and he has found his way out and found his way (hopefully) to success. he’s a great inspiration to the rest of them in that sense. and it wouldn’t be shameless if there wasn’t atleast one full on sex scene in every episode. if THATS bothering you why the fuck are you watching it? I thought they established in the first episode of the first season it would be a heavily sexualized show. and, it’s clear how much he doesn’t know what to do with his new found life, he doesn’t know how to be in the “real world.” hence his alcohol problem. this, again, shows the effect of living your whole like in the ghetto. he’s finally got something good in his life so subconsciously he’s trying to ruin it because he doesn’t know what else to do. he feels he doesn’t deserve it.

Kev and V are struggling to raise two kids while owning a failing bar and trying to keep their heads above water. and V’s speach to Carl about how fucked up it is that he just put some cornrows in his hair and decided he was black was AWESOME. when she said that, I literally clapped at the TV. how she talked about 400 years of opression makes you black, not cornrows was just so powerful.

like I said, I grew up going between my mom’s place in Camden, NJ and my dad’s place in Frankford, Philadelphia, PA (both shitty areas) so I grew up in a practically identical situation as the gallaghers. all the characters are so so much like the people I grew up with, myself included. I relate to fiona especially, but I won’t get in to all of that. I honestly don’t understand why people insult the writers when it’s not really their fault. you just want to see exactly what you wanna see and nothing else. this isn’t a ~happy~ show. this isn’t the love story of ian and mickey. this is a gritty, raw show. if you’re looking for story lines that don’t revolve around people living in underprivileged areas, this isn’t the show for you. you gotta realize the people in this show aren’t gonna handle situations the same way people who grew up in “normal” situations would. this is the only way the gallaghers know now to act, it’s the only way they know how to handle things, so you can’t expect to come into the show and have them act the same way you would. I went (and am still going threw) a lot of the difficulties that they are. I still fight the instincts that were ingrained in me.

the whole family is fighting what they believed to be an unbeatable fight. they grew up all thinking they’ll never be anything, that all they’ll ever be is poor ass kids in the ghetto. we’re watching them realize that they can be more than the south side, but how much work that will take. “just because we’re born here doesn’t mean we end up here.” THATS what the storyline of this season is. it’s crystal fucking clear; nothing messy about it. if you can’t see that, there’s clearly something wrong with you.

as for the Mandy thing, I assume they brought her back in attempt to shut up the swarm of 12 year old girls bitching about ~gallavich~

anonymous asked:

It's so pathetic the way you glorify Carol like she's like a big deal or something. If she was so great they'd put her in front and not in the back of posters and trailers. She doesn't really matter but if people look at your blog it's like she's the main character or some important factor here. Look at how much amc promoted bethyl and beth? Nothing about carol or Caryl at all? People don't promote her cause she's not all that great. You need to get a life.

Hi there “friendly”,

I am not sure you are aware of this but you have actually stumbled upon a CAROL/CARYL blog, which unfortunately for you means that the content you are browsing is going to be mainly focused on CAROL/CARYL objectification and…umm glorification. 

Posts that inform, celebrate and ‘flail’ about CAROL/CARYL are kind of the point and basically the sole purpose of this place. 

Regretfully your opinion on the CAROL/CARYL status and how much love and praise they should receive OR how BIG OF A DEAL you believe them to be, was not taken into consideration when this blog was set up. 

I am sorry for the inconvenient butthurt the content you personally exposed yourself to has caused BUT I want to remind you that the material that’s got you so worked up is something you chose to peruse and browse without anyone forcing you to do so. 

You didn’t have to come to my blog and you certainly didn’t need to familiarize yourself with its content the way you obviously have, and therefore you messaging me just to tell me that I LOVE something too much only serves to reveal your insecurities about what you’ve seen.
Otherwise why tell me I am wrong - why not just ignore me, my pathetic blog and simply move on to something you actually love?! 

All you did was help me create more CONTENT YOU WONT LIKE!

This CAROL/CARYL Celebration Is On You!


“If she was so great they’d put her in front and not in the back of posters and trailers.”

You mean like CAROL being on the COVER of Entertainment Weekly, front and centre, between Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln?!

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