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Early Riser

Title: Early Riser

Summary: Sam likes to get up early, you do not. You decide to convince him to come back to bed.    

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  1334

Warnings: explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  Written for the 100 Kinks List,  #33 - Morning Sex; requested by an anonymous requester

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It's 2033

Fans await eagerly for Phase 6. Rumor has it Murdoc this phase has a robotic body as he had his head frozen before his death.

Older fans reminisce the good old days. Only a few remember the uncensored Saturnz Barz video that was up for half an hour. The others thought it was a dream. New fans think it’s a lie. There’s no proof of Murdoc’s dick being uncovered in the video. Maybe it’s that thing people used to call “Mandela Effect”.

All evidence had banished from the Internet.

But you remember it vividly.

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Lmaoooo I've been watching the note count on your Viktuuri "Are you gay?" vid and I actually cheered when I saw it'd passed 50,000 notes X'D


  • Parents: *says something sexist/homophobic/racist*
  • me: *calls them out for it*
  • Parents: what's with all this new agey feminazi rubish. All that time on the internets had turned you into some sort of lefty liberal. Stop forcing your socialist values on us.
  • Parents: *continues to wonder why I don't come out my room*
Inked - Jughead Jones

Request: I’m not sure if you can come up with much for this, but maybe getting matching tattoos with jughead/cole? Btw I was wrong was absolutely freaking amazing omfg dude

I was really tired so this sucked aha, and thank you so much! >.< Also I am so so so sorry that I have been MIA for so long <3 Also i’ve never gotten a tattoo so sorry for my failure at life.

Jughead x Reader

Warnings: -

Words: 1,787

Nobody had expected a romance to blossom between you and Jughead Jones. Your relationship was no exception when it came to the phrase, ‘opposites attract’. He was a brooding, mysterious author with a sardonic and sarcastic sense of humour, often shying away from a varied social life. 

You, on the other hand, were the life of the party. Charismatic, sociable, late nights and bright colours were your aesthetic. The two of you clashed personality-wise but somehow you had hit it off from the moment you met.

There was an attraction, a real chemistry between you two that none of your friends could describe. The two of you kept your relationship private, inclusive and intimate. You wanted it to be a real and raw relationship, as you truly loved him and the feeling was clearly mutual.

You were smitten for each other and sometimes the words ‘I love you’ aren’t enough. 

Veronica had proposed the idea during a casual get together in the student lounge.

“What are you doing this weekend (Y/N)?” Veronica was leaning against Betty as the attention in the room shifted to you. You were sat on the couch opposite, legs draped over Jug’s lap and resting against the back of the sofa, in a laid-back position.

“Well I don’t know but I think you’re pretty overdue a party or something. I’m dying here, it’s been way too long, I’m running out of shows to binge on Netflix,” Kevin sighed, sinking into his own chair. You laughed before shuffling across the couch so you were now snuggling into your boyfriend’s side.

“Sorry Kev, not this weekend. It’s our two year anniversary and we were going to do something together, just the two of us,” You linked your arm with Jughead’s, as his cheeks flushed pink. 

“Don’t you always do stuff together… just the two of you?” Archie joked, causing Jughead to throw a cushion at him playfully. 

“So what exactly were you guys gonna do?” Betty smiled, genuinely interested. You and Jughead exchanged looks before you sighed with a shrug.

“I actually don’t know… we were kind of hoping for some suggestions. We want to make it something that’s special to us, something we won’t forget,” You replied. Everyone sat in silence for a moment as they pondered possibilities before Archie made an ‘Oo!’ sound.

“Paint balling… go paint balling… and bring friends,” He grinned and everyone rolled their eyes.

“A romantic anniversary Archie, is that really the best you could do?” Veronica gave him a scolding look and he sunk back into his chair, the grin refusing to subside. Betty tapped her nails against the armrest in thought.

“Romantic dinner, candlelit? Beach walks? Pinterest inspired date?” She suggested, Veronica and Kevin nodding in approval.

“Been there, done that,” You groaned. Jughead rubbed his hands along your sides reassuringly, planting small kisses on your forehead occasionally. 

More silence.

“Oh my gosh I’ve got it!” Veronica shot up, clapping her hands and bouncing on the sofa excitedly. You tried not to smirk at Jughead’s terrified face, clearly anticipating the worst. “You guys want something to like bind you… right?”

You nodded warily. “Just something special.”

“Well… what about tattoos?” She squealed. To your surprise, Jughead actually looked quite impressed by her suggestion, and a chorus of ‘oohs’ sounded from your friends. 

“That’s adorable! They can be something with meaning, symbolism, something that reminds you of one another,” Betty cooed. Veronica looked smug, as she perked a perfectly plucked eyebrow, awaiting your response. Jughead clasped your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze and looking lovingly at you with those heart eyes that made you melt inside.

“Tattoos sounds perfect,” You stared back at him, a small smile forming on your face along with that infamous, smitten twinkle in your eyes.

“Are we sure this was a good idea?” You mumble nervously, picking at your nails as you stood outside the Riverdale Tattoo Parlour. You seemed to forget when you first heard the idea that you’d always had an irrational fear of blood poisoning. You hated needles as well, ever since your first compulsory injection at school. You had previously read, ‘tattoos gone wrong’ stories all over the internet and they had done nothing but fill you with doubt and dread. 

Besides, you couldn’t help but be a bit scared. Tattoos were pretty permanent. You loved Jughead with all of your heart, and he loved you the same, but if the two of you were to ever fall apart for whatever stupid reason, would it really be that easy to erase the engravings on your skin that were supposed to make you think of him.

“We don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” Jughead took your hand in his, his thumb drawing gentle circles on your skin. You sighed, resting your head on his shoulder.

“I want to Jug, I really do. I’m just a little bit pessimistic I guess, I’m not exactly the luckiest person alive. What if something went wrong? I just want this to be special, to be perfect you know…” 

Jughead sighed, stepping out of the embrace and tilting your chin towards him affectionately. “I’m gonna be there with you the whole time. Besides, nothing’s perfect. If it doesn’t go well then it still means something, a perfect reflection of our messed up lives and angsty teenage mood swings,” He smirked, causing you to laugh and lightly punch his shoulder. You gently cupped his cheeks before standing on your tiptoes to place a gentle yet passionate kiss on his lips, followed by a soothing butterfly kiss. Your nerves seemed to simmer, as he took your hand and led you into the tattoo parlour. 

Jughead was talking to the man at the counter of the shop, whilst you were browsing designs. You’d only had a brief talk about what you were looking for design wise. You just knew that you didn’t want the design to be huge, just something small and subtle to have on either your wrist, ankle or neck. You had suggested two small hearts, but Jughead opposed. Another idea you had was key and lock tattoos, infinite signs, each other’s names, anniversary dates but nothing had really stuck out.

“(Y/N)?” A voice called out, and you turned around, only to be greeted by an old friend. Josie McCoy, your party pal. You were on good terms, and although you didn’t attend late night raves together anymore, you were still close. You smiled as she instantly went for a hug.

“Jo, what are you doing here?”

“Band hit its three year anniversary, so I decided to cross a tattoo off of my bucket list,” She pulled down the shoulder of her blue crop top, to reveal the word; “Pussycats!” in thick, black lettering. You stared at the tattoo in awe as Josie showed it off with pride. “Anyways, what are you doing here?” She raised an eyebrow at you.

“Well, it’s me and Jug’s two year anniversary too and we decided tattoos were the way to go,” You smiled bashfully and Josie nudged you playfully.

“That’s couple goals right there, I honestly don’t understand how you two got together or how the heck you lasted this long but I live for your relationship. You were polar opposites as well, fire and water, light and dark… yin and yang,” She stood in reflection for a moment before adjusting her kitty ears and saying goodbye to you, confidently strutting out the store, her crop top shoulder slightly pulled down so everyone could catch a glimpse of the artwork on display.

Yin and yang…

A lightbulb went off somewhere in your mind as you frantically searched through the store, looking for a specific design. When you casted your eyes on the matching ‘Yin and yang’ tattoos your mind flooded with pictures in your head of how they would look, perhaps on your wrists. Jughead was indeed the yin to your yang and this kind of dorky but meaningful symbolism was exactly what you were looking for. You walked over to the counter, design in hand.

“(Y/N), this is Jake, he’s going to be doing the tattoos,” Jughead smiled down at you reassuringly as you once again held his hand. Jake shook your hand and sent you a warm smile that helped add to the growing comfort. 

“Hey (Y/N), I’m going to be talking you through the process, how to take care of the tattoo, general things you should be aware of as well as actually tattooing you! Have you guys picked out a design yet?” He was talkative and friendly, and you felt yourself relax. 

“Well we haven’t actu-” Jughead began, but you interrupted him, sliding the design (which had previously been concealed behind your back) onto the counter with a giddy smile.

“These,” You said confidently, beaming up at Jughead, who was admiring the simplistic, black and white tattoos in awe before staring back at you with affection and joy. He looked back at Jake, nodding his head enthusiastically. 

“They’re… they’re perfect,” Veronica took another photo of your matching tattoos, as you stuck out your wrists next to each other, for all to see. The process had felt less painful with Jughead at your side, whispering sweet nothings and comforting words into your ear the whole time, as you did to him when it was his turn. You were still in the phase of cleaning it and getting used to it being there, but that meant you would sit and stare at it a lot.

As intended to, it reminded you of Jughead. The thought of the fact that he had something so similar on his own skin, with the purpose of reminding him of you, sent butterflies through your stomach. You were so in love with him it was crazy.

“Maybe we could get more in the future,” Jughead whispered in your ear, as people stirred around you, trying to get a look. You bashfully smiled at him.

“Like what?” You raised an eyebrow and he looked down in thought for a moment before looking back up at you, straight in the eyes with an evident blush.

“Wedding dates, baby names, that kind of mushy stuff,” He mumbled and your eyes widened. A small pause ensued. “Our bodies could be some kind of journal of our lives and the tattoos tell a story,” He continued, trying to clear the silence his previous words had caused. You felt a wide grin split on your face before letting out a dramatic sigh.

“I mean, being inked was great and all but… I still don’t want blood poisoning,” You shook your head and he chuckled, shoving you off of the couch with a small yelp.

oh wow an imagine get me I’m not dead

Every live performance of Jet Black Heart

Legitimately. Every. One.

It’s simple. I miss michael. I also miss seeing new videos of michael performing jet black heart, my favorite 5sos song, live every night or so. because of this, i made this masterlist of nearly every live performance of jet black heart

((well pretty close to every one,,, please don’t sue me)) ((also if i missed any cities or fucked up anything please let me know xx))

You’re welcome.

Rock Out With Your Socks Out

~North America~

since it was only played at the very end of rowyso… also i think jones beach was the first place it was played but i could be wrong its been over a year

Sounds Live Feels Live



~North America~


  • Melbourne - September 29th ((only half))
  • Brisbane - October 2nd
  • Sydney (1st night) - October 4th
  • Sydney (2nd night) - October 5th ((LAST SHOW IM EMO))

Don’t care for the live performances? 

do not fear. here’s some alternatives:

yes this did just take me like 2 weeks to make.
do i regret it?

absolutely not.


Happy Easter for you guys who are into it, hope you guys all had a good day today. (Or, at least a less shitty one..)

Jughead Jones x Fem!Reader- Rapunzel- Part 1

Wanted to base something off a fairytale and thus, Rapunzel came to mind and then this happened and I dunno? It’s very loosely based on the story

Warnings: Abusive parenting

Second and third person used!

Words: 1663

 (Part 2)


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Trust (Idol Couple!Yoongi)

Plot: #34: “Trust me.” + #37: “You’re cute when you’re all worried.” with idol couple!Yoongi

Word Count: 625

A/N: so the idol couple series is actually one of my favorite series and I can’t believe I haven’t written for it more bc I love it so so so so much it’s so much fun to write and imagine, and just to explain the series for everyone that hasn’t read the original post, it’s about idol!reader and idol!BTS being in a relationship, so the link for this post is idol couple with Yoongi (here) which features young!Yoongi (here) which is about being childhood best friends with yoon

The public didn’t know about your relationship with Yoongi, not yet at least. You had spent the last year having hidden dates, takeout in Yoongi’s apartment or a late night movie at your apartment, the both of you dressed in baggy hoodies and sweatpants. You had known Yoongi for as long as you could remember but spending time with him now was different than it had been as eight year olds. There was an element of secrecy now, the both of you never giving any hints that you were in relationships, coming up with ways to avoid the question without being too obvious.

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Radio 1 Breakfast Show
27th September 2016
Radio 1 Breakfast Show

The team discuss Harry’s Another Man magazine cover, or as some might say, him singlehandedly saving the magazine industry.

Alternatively titled: ⬜⬜⬜👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻


Ryan and Brendon’s old livejournal posts are why I am alive

My First BokuAka Week - A small Summary

This week was my very first @bokuakaweek and it went amazingly well! I really just wanted to say thank you to all the amazing team members who answered questions, made up prompts, and constantly looked out to reblog everyone’s work! If you want to give them a cheeky hand next time they allow volunteering and you can even join their team! Either way, I appreciate all the hard work y’all put in <3!

Now that that is out of the way, lets talk results!
I have gained about 15 followers this past week (My goal was 5!) So hello to all you internet dorks! <3 I had a goal of 10 notes for each picture and every one got above that!

General Photo Summary 

[Day 1] - The “awww so sweet and soft”


[Day 3] - My fave but yet the least popular oops

 [Day 4]  - The funny one that led to first case of a bunch of people reposting

[Day 5] - Another unpopular one but aww they sparkle

 [Day 6] - This is toooooo cute omg

[Day 7] - Seems legit

Amazing People

@greendoodle / @tetsookie : They said the nicest thing about my art( thank you! ) and their writing is so suspenseful :) Seriously!! And I’m just saying you may find a cute Akaashi smiling if you look around  (I recommend following their greendoodle account because their reblogs just calm me when im taking a break from drawing) 

@pesky33 : If you’ve ever wanted a skateboard AU you’ve found the right place!! Pesky33 here has some a m a z i n g fan art of all your fave Haikyuu babes! (Also they LOVE Ennoshita Chikara and anybody who loves him can’t be a bad person)

@sopaipillasvoladoras : If you want to cry over a single piece of beautiful art here is the place! Their selection of color will have you in awe as tears spill down your face. Honestly their art deserves wayyyy more notes and reblogs!! If thats not enough to send you over there then they also reblog gorgeous Haikyuu art and art in general! 

Special Mentions!

Thank you to @tie-dye-cookie @burningocean @serilia-night @bro-kuroo @hooothoot @oikagayssss @labyrinthlovesong and Yuiab and hinekosama (Who i could not tag :\  )
All of you lovely people showed me support through out the week and I can not thank you enough!! It honestly got me through the week and I really did notice <3 
Thank You Everyone!!  

EDIT!!!: I really thought i put this in here but everyone on the Special Mentions list can request a drawing!! I do need a few days rest but I really do want to show my appreciation !

No Broken Hearts - Part Two

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Genre: Angst

Part One // Part Two

Word Count: 1,694

Summary: If he thought you weren’t good enough, then it was his own loss. 

After you finished a few more drinks, you begged Mina to take you home, filling her in on what had just happened. She had readily agreed, even suggesting to ditch the guy she had been flirting with to spend the night with you but you had refused. It was bad enough that you were forcing her to temporarily leave to drop you off at home- you didn’t want to ruin the rest of her night and needed some time to yourself.

Once you had reached your apartment, the tears were released. That was the night you allowed yourself time to cry, promising that you would not cry again after this.

The morning after, you had awoken to a pounding headache since you hadn’t consumed any food or water after your heavy drinking. It took a solid hour to convince your body to move from the warm cocoon of blankets.

Once you entered your kitchen, the memories came flooding back. Your eyes started tearing up, causing you to scold yourself. At this point you weren’t trying to cry about how he didn’t love you, you were mourning his absence. 

Taehyung had wiggled into your life and left such a huge mark that you weren’t sure it’d ever heal. Everywhere you looked reminded you of him. 

Time can heal anything, you repeated to yourself, desperately trying to console yourself. 

After the first week of self-pity and rage towards Taehyung, you hit a large dilemma. 

Besides leaving the house for school and your job, you had remained mostly at home- too lazy to leave. After all, you had food and internet at your home. Nothing else was needed.

That was until you ran out of snacks and groceries.

“God, why can’t someone just deliver groceries to my house?” you hissed under your breath as you changed into some fresh clothes, carefully avoiding the drawer you knew was filled with Taehyung’s clothes and belongings. You had always told Taehyung to leave his stuff in there since you hated the mess he tended to leave behind. But now that you two were no longer together, you still hadn’t mustered up the same courage you had gotten in the club to go and return it. 

It was a short walk to the supermarket near your apartment and you made a beeline for the snacks the minute you entered. After loading up your cart with enough snacks, you moved onto getting some groceries.

Oh god, what should I make tonight? You continued down the aisle, eyeing down the food, not paying attention to your surroundings.

Your cart ended up clashing against someone else’s, causing your eyes to flit up to whoever you had bumped into.

It was the bartender from the bar you had caught Taehyung cheating at. Your breath hitched slightly.

“Oh! It’s you,” he smiled warmly at you. “How have you been?”

Your mouth felt dry as you contemplated how to answer. He already knew about the breakup and it honestly seemed like a stupid question to ask you.

As if he could hear your thoughts, his face turned bright red and he looked away. “Actually, don’t answer. That was stupid of me to ask especially after… Um, I mean…”

You chuckled at his nervousness, knowing he had no ill intentions. “No, it’s fine. I’m okay, thanks for asking,” you smiled brightly at him and his body relaxed. There was something about him that just made you want to spill everything you had been keeping in. Don’t get ahead of yourself, Y/N. He’s just being friendly, you chided yourself.

“I’m Jaebum by the way, I don’t think I introduced myself that night,” he stuck out his hand to shake and you accepted it. 

“Y/N,” you replied and watched as he analyzed your cart filled to the brim with food.

“Uh, you gonna need any help with carrying those groceries?” 

It was a little crazy how quickly you started trusting Jaebum. First it was allowing him to enter your home with your groceries, and now you two were meeting up almost everyday. If you guys weren’t out, you were at each other’s house- usually yours.

After the mess Taehyung left you in, you welcomed the stability Jaebum offered. He was so caring and had been your support system. Through his encouragement, you finally decided to return Taehyung’s stuff.

“Isn’t it weird that I waited so long to return it to him though? He obviously doesn’t care about it if he didn’t come to get it,” you muttered in protest as Jaebum packed all of Taehyung’s belongings into a box. He let out a sigh and turned to face you.

“Well, do you really want his stuff lying around your place forever? And he’ll know you were busy with school so don’t sweat it. Stop trying to make excuses to get out of this, Y/N,” Jaebum laughed while you flopped back onto your bed. You knew that you had to return his belongings but the thought of seeing him again tore you apart. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there right with you. He won’t bother you.” You smiled at that, truly grateful for everything Jaebum had done for you.

“Thanks, Jaebum- for everything,” you mumbled and you could feel him shift on your bed. His hand gently rested over yours, fingers intertwining with yours.

“No problem, I’ll always be here for you. Now let’s go and return his stuff.”

After ringing the door, it was quickly opened by Seokjin, whose face looked shocked at your appearance. He let out a sigh of relief and embraced you.

“Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in forever,” Seokjin questioned, pulling you away to look into your eyes. You gave him a tight lipped smile in return before gesturing at the box in Jaebum’s possession.

“We’re here to return Taehyung’s stuff,” you replied as Jaebum handed it over to Seokjin. He glanced between Jaebum and you, face scrunched together as he tried to figure out what was going on before asking, “Um, why are you returning his stuff?”

You hesitated, not sure how to say it but Seokjin beat you to it. “Oh my god, you didn’t break up with him did you? Is this your new boyfriend?” You scowled at Seokjin.

“No, Taehyung cheated on me so we’re over. Jaebum is just my friend,” you hissed causing Seokjin to gasp. 

“I-I’m so sorry, I just thought… I didn’t even-” Seokjin stammered and you knew he was being genuine. He was an open book, never good at lying so you knew he would’ve told you if he had known. 

“It’s fine, just make sure he gets his stuff alright?” With that you started to head back to the door but a door creaking open stopped you. Out came Taehyung and you both froze.

“Y-Y/N? What are you doing here?” Your whole body begged you to just book it, to run away from Taehyung but you were never one to let your problems control your life. You were not going to run away from them.

“Returning your stuff. Don’t worry, we’re leaving now,” you coldly stated. Just the sight of him brought back a wave of emotion. All the rage and hurt came bubbling back and you knew you had to leave before you said anything you would regret. 

“Wait, who is that? You found someone else so quickly?” Taehyung growled and you snapped. 

“Oh, I’m not one to replace people that quickly. Unlike someone else we know,” you snarled back at him and Taehyung flinched. His eyes glinted in anger and Seokjin moved to stop him but he was too late.

“Sorry that I felt the need to find someone else.” You stared at Taehyung, shocked at his cruel words. All the hurt was consumed by anger and you knew that at this point there was no turning back.

“You know what, I’m sorry too. I’m sorry I wasted so much time on someone who didn’t deserve any of love. You’re pathetic, Taehyung. I gave you everything and you still wanted more. I’m glad we’re over.” The room fell silent and you felt someone nudge your arm. Jaebum gently took your hand and led you out of the room before anyone else could say anything. 

Jaebum wrapped an arm around your shoulders, guiding you towards his car. He pulled the seat belt across you and made sure you were buckled in before starting the car. He knew that what you wanted most was silence to reflect on what had happened. The tears started to fall as you registered the damage that had been done. 

Through out the month of being away from Taehyung, a small part of you had thought that maybe your relationship was still salvageable. A part that grew tinier and tinier with each passing day of no word from him. A part that was completely smashed apart after today. You knew that it was time to say goodbye to what you and Taehyung had and to move on.

Goodbye, Taehyung.

Taehyung stared blankly at his bedroom ceiling. The words you said repeated in his head, reminding him of what he had done.

Looking back, he couldn’t even remember what had driven him to betray you. 

Y/N’s right, I am pathetic, he thought to himself- tears clouding his vision. You were everything he had ever wanted and yet he had taken it for granted. You both had been together for so long that he had just assumed you would always be there. He had taken advantage of your kindness and tendency to easily forgive him.

Now, he had nothing. 

He knew he had lost you the minute he willingly left the bar with the girl, only to leave her to come home and let out his frustration at himself. He knew he should have stopped seeing another woman. There were so many things that he knew he shouldn’t have done but he didn’t know how to fix it. You were one of the best things that had happened to him and he had destroyed that. 

Losing you left behind a gaping hole in his heart that he wasn’t sure would ever be filled.

A/N: ahhh, just wanted to thank everyone for the great feedback I got! still not sure if i’ll make a part three or not, so let me know your thoughts! 

❅Merry Christmas!❅

In celebration of the holidays, please have this winter headcanon extravaganza~

  • One year, Kagami invites Kuroko over to his house on Christmas Eve. Kuroko explains to him, “Kagami-kun, in Japan, typically couples celebrate that day together.” To which Kagami blushes and stutters, “S-shut up! I know that! Are you coming over or not?!”
  • And with both of them knowing those implications, with Kagami’s cheeks red and Kuroko’s ears pink, they spend the whole day together.
  • Thanks to Kagami and his holiday cooking, Kuroko discovers a love for eggnog.
  • Kuroko wears a big, fluffy Santa hat around the holidays. Kagami nearly dies, of both laughter and how cute it is.
  • Then Nigou wears a matching Santa hat and Kagami’s in twice the trouble.
  • Kuroko has this habit of breathing onto chilled windows, then absentmindedly writing Kagami’s name or the characters for “love” in the condensation. It drives Kagami crazy with embarrassment and overwhelming affection.
  • Kagami makes the absolute best hot cocoa. It’s so rich and sweet and amazing, that Kuroko nearly swoons when it touches his tongue, especially when Kagami adds a dash of vanilla just for him.
  • It’s so much colder in Japan than it ever was in L.A., and Kagami’s never prepared for how much it snows. But it’s okay, because Kuroko’s always there to wrap his scarf around Kagami’s neck.
  • And when Kagami forgets his gloves, Kuroko gives him one of his own, then promptly twines their free hands together to shove in Kagami’s pocket. Kagami conveniently “forgets” his gloves a lot after that.
  • Both of them try to build a snowman together, but it devolves into an impromptu snowball fight after Kuroko tries to give it Kagami stick-eyebrows. Kuroko inevitably wins with an ignite passed snowball to Kagami’s face, though it’s a moot victory when Kagami tackles him and rolls with him in the snow.
  • Kuroko’s favorite part of winter is wearing fuzzy socks. It quickly becomes one of Kagami’s as well when he realizes how unbearably adorable Kuroko is in just one of his shirts and slouchy socks.
  • And Kagami’s favorite part of winter is waking up in the middle of the night with an armful of Kuroko, tangled together in search of warmth, and burying his face in Kuroko’s hair, just so Kuroko responsively nuzzles back in his sleep.
  • Finally, Kuroko carries a sprig of mistletoe, just so he can reach up and dangle it in front of Kagami’s face, and even though it isn’t technically above them, he still indulges Kuroko in a dozen mischievous and laughing kisses.

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Being an idol came with its challenges. You were often hungry, tired, and homesick. You spent too much time in the practice room and too little time actually living your life. There was always someone watching your every move. You lived in a dorm with several other people. Strangers ridiculed you on the internet. And you had to put up with all of that with a smile on your face or it would all be ten times worse.

But there were the good parts, too. You got to do what you loved. You gained an extended family through living with your group members. You had fans who loved you. Your company was better than most about treating you and your group well. You just had to look on the bright side sometimes.

However, one thing that you weren’t really sure about was the shipping. Fans shipped you with different members of your group, they shipped you with members of other groups; it was just something that happened. The only time it bothered you was when it got taken too far. Which was exactly what happened when it was announced that your group would be collaborating with Monsta X for a special end of the year stage.

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Here’s what you missed on “WE’RE GOING ON HIATUS”


The Artist and the Meme:

Internet n00bs:

A wild phol appeared:

I spy Love Eyes Lester:


no phil all you had to do was spell it ~ 6/3/16 Internet Takeover