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art tips post

for all the artists following me

  • draw fast. it’ll look messy for a long time but you’ll improve faster than if you spend 4 hours on every drawing
  • if you draw in pencil and have a habit of erasing all of your mistakes, try drawing in pen or marker. i know it’s scary but it’ll help in the long run (i’m speaking from experience)
  • try different methods and mediums but don’t worry about mastering any of them, just have fun
  • if you’re not rich, buy art supplies from the dollar store, not the art store (seriously. i go through a sketchbook about once a month and i’d rather spend $4 on one than $15)
  • there’s no wrong way to learn. you can copy other people’s art if you want to, just don’t post it
  • DO NOT worry about having a consistent style. do not. just draw however you want
  • if you want to make original characters then do it. don’t worry about if they’re original, or a good design, or if they have an accompanying story. make sonic ocs. do it. it’s fun and it’s not hurting anyone
  • try not to kill your back. stand up and stretch once in a while
  • make a folder and save all of your favorite arts for inspiration 
  • draw from life. draw your dog. draw your teachers. draw your desk. draw your own hands (seriously that’s the best way to get better at drawing hands)
  • in general, drawing from life or a photo is better than drawing from a diagram
  • draw whatever you want. draw youtubers if you like youtubers. draw undertale if you like undertale. when i was a kid i drew nothing but shadow the hedgehog and horses. everyone deserves to draw what they want without being mocked, and if people start making fun of you, block them and keep drawing
  • don’t expect to get any notes at first. don’t let it discourage you. if you want validation go show your art to your mom or your friends or your teacher or your grandma
  • take breaks, but don’t give up.

this a post (complete with links, pictures and other tips) dedicated to all of you struggling through what seems to be a hell they call high school. i get it. i struggled through it, all my friends endured it and you’re probably in the same boat of wanting to throw yourself down each flight of stairs that presents itself. but please don’t do that! i’m here to help, friend!! this is a comprehensive list of all the things i learned from my time in high school. i hope this helps at least one person out there! as always, if you guys have any questions, my ask box is open :)

before we get into it: this is a link to my study routine because some people have been asking for it and don’t have a section in this post to put it under so i’m just going to leave it here.

self-care advice:

okay so, i’m going to be completely upfront with you. high school is hard. it’s especially hard if you want to do well. i can honestly say that senior year took its toll in more ways than one when i didn’t take care of myself or pay attention to my body’s needs. so here are some self-care tips to keep you happy & healthy.

1. eat a lot & stay hydrated

when you’re trying to finish a 2000 word essay, or pretty much all but shoving toothpicks in your eyes to stay up studying for an exam the next day, food is your best friend. food helps your brain work better and you’ll find that your concentration levels increase when you study on a filled stomach. there are lots of brain foods out there like dark chocolate, nuts, vegetable sticks etc. but don’t forget to reward yourself with a food of your choice after you feel like you’ve done a lot of work. couple all of this with lots of water to keep you feeling refreshed.

2. pamper yourself

i am completely aware of the fact that high school students don’t have the time to go to a spa or sauna every other weekend. however, you deserve a nice long bath or a good face scrub every now and then. other things you can indulge in:

  • sheet masks
  • body lotion (especially the nice smelling ones)
  • scented candles
  • hand cream
  • nail polish
  • eye masks
  • a good facial cleanser
  • serums
  • bath bombs

and the list goes on. trust me, being physically relaxed plays a big part in how your brain performs. if you feel a bit gross, take a shower before you start studying. it’s little things like that that’ll make a massive difference.

3. sleep

everyone says it, i know. but it’s so important. if you don’t get sleep the night before because you were cramming for tomorrow morning’s exam, go home and take a nap in the afternoon. get some shuteye in one form or another. pls. 

4. believe in yourself

it sounds so weird, and it’s usually not included in posts like these but in my opinion it’s one of, if not the most, important factor in high school success. think about it. if you’re spending those years of your life doubting whether your answer is correct, whether your science report is as good as the next person’s or whether your friends truly like you, you’re using up a lot of energy that could be used for things that’ll actually benefit you in the long run. that’s why my blog is titled “breathe” - because that’s exactly what you have to do, and sometimes that’s the only thing you can do in order to keep going. chin up. you’re going to be okay. you’re doing great. i believe in you. and you should believe in you too. 

organisational tips:

1. plan everything

i’m telling you now, get some kind of planning system. whether you want to use a bullet journal, a planner, a diary, an app, a computer program or your grandma’s paper napkins, seriously just pick something. when you have seven different classes and you have assessment for each, i highly doubt you’re going to remember every task that goes along with them. so, just take my word for it and plan plan plan.

here’s a link to how i used my planner back in high school. 

i also recommend a whiteboard monthly calendar so you can keep track of all of the important dates you need to remember.

2. post-its

i love love love post-its. i honestly can’t stop myself from buying them - especially the cute animal ones. post-its saved my butt when keeping my books organised and easy to navigate. you can use them to separate different semesters, chapters, lectures, topics etc. i also use post-its to mark any questions, sections or subjects that i’m unsure of so that i can ask my teacher about it the next day. i then write down the answer or explanation on a separate sticky note and stick it next to the question so i can refer back to it when studying for exams.

+ look at all the different kinds of cute post-its you can get!

so you can obviously get all your standard, basic post-its.

buuutttttttt, you can also get all of these fun ones too! they make studying a lot easier and a lot more fun, trust me. 

3. figure out a system that works for you

so in high school, i liked having notebooks for each class and having an accordion folder to hold all my papers. that worked perfectly fine for me but there may be other methods that work better for you. i suggest, especially if you’re just about to start or just started high school, that you experiment with different organisational systems to find which one suits you best.

i’ve got a page dedicated to my favourite supplies and how i use them. i hope you can get some inspiration from it in some way. 

motivational tips:


go on google, tumblr, facebook, instagram, weheartit or whatever tickles your fancy and search up some quotes that inspire you. it sounds really corny, but i’m telling you that it works. i had three quotes above my desk and they always used to motivate me when all i could think about was crashing into the comfort of my blankets. i would pick quotes and write/draw them out myself so i could add my own spin on them. i used:

  • “make hermione proud”
  • “effort only fully releases its rewards to those who refuse to quit”
  • “you have galaxies in your head, don’t let anyone tell you you cannot shine”


2. studyblr

this community! it’s the best motivation in my opinion. whenever i was in a procrastination slump, i would scroll through the studyblr tag or scroll through studyblr blogs and before i knew it i’d be ready to study for another hour. it’s honestly one of the most helpful resources, and if it’s available to you then i definitely recommend that you use it!

3. music

get yourself a study playlist. it’s amazing what music can do for your mood. add a mix of songs that will get you pumped to blitz through that 5-star difficulty chemistry question and songs that will help you concentrate when you need to find the right word for that english essay. studying when it’s dead quiet is weirdly deafening to me and i can’t concentrate if there isn’t some sort of background noise. just add whatever helps you - whether it be panic!, classical or in my case, kpop hehe

i have a playlist suggestion on my blog if you want to try listening to some new songs. :)

that’s all, folks!

in all honesty, high school isn’t going to be a walk in the park if you want to succeed. it takes dedication, a lot of persistence and a consistent work ethic. you need to know what you’re aiming for, and you need to want it just as much, if not more, than the person who wants the same thing. my high school experience was stressful and anxiety inducing, but i can honestly say that the rewards on the flip side are very much worth it. you’ve got this. you’ll do a lot more than survive. you will succeed. 

you can do it! i believe in you! 

stay motivated x

I recently had an experience from hell with a group project, which means I also learnt quite a lot about the dos and don'ts.

**I apologize if I come across as salty. I am in fact very salty**

  • If you can choose from a given list of topics, as soon as that list is up, read through the topics and pick one with your group. Leftovers are always the worst most complicated topics.
  • Take no shit - first and foremost, your opinion is important and valid. If your group partners are doing/have written something you don’t agree with, say it. You don’t have to pick a fight, remember that there’s always a subtle workaround to criticism. The best way to go about it is to reason your statements. ‘What you wrote here sucks’ can be turned into ‘I think this would be easier to understand if we were to rephrase it’.
  • Take action - assume that if you don’t do It, no one will. This doesn’t mean do all the work by yourself. It means break up the work and assign it to people, suggest times to meet up, offer to email your professor, which brings me to…
  • Don’t let your group partners email your professor every. single. time. -Your group partners may be a mess but still be strangely willing to email your professor From my experience, professors assume that the one emailing them is doing the most work.
  • Use Google Drive - being on the same page (literally) prevents a lot of drama and generally just makes everything a lot faster.
  • If one of your group partners isn’t doing their part, tell the professor  - doesn’t matter what the professor says about this (if they say it will be reflected on their grade, awesome, but 8/10 times that’s not the case). Then tell said person you informed the professor they weren’t being as cooperative as they should. Bonus points if you can actually convince them the professor said they will lower their grade (yes, if It gets them to do their work, lie through your teeth).
  • Find an ally within your group - you can usually tell who’s on the same boat as you. Talk to them and share your concerns. It’ll be easier to expresa your opinion and get the others to do their work if you know you’re not alone.
  • One last tip on being a team player (aka some general advice), share your references - create a shared folder on Google Drive and upload whatever papers you’re reading because chances are everyone else will also find them useful.

Anyway, I hope this can help you through the hell of group projects. And if all else fails and you end up having to take care of everything, just grit your teeth and remember that this too shall pass.

if there is one thing i’ve learned from the past nine years i’ve been in school, it’s that organization is hard, but organization is key. sure, you might think ‘why should i spent ten minutes a day cleaning crap up?’ but those five to ten minutes each night will pay off when you’re in a hurry and need to find something urgently.

so in this small masterpost, i’m going to give you a few tips + show you how i organize my backpack!

  • get a nice, comfy backpack (here’s some good ones) [x] [x]
  • binders
  • binders will be your best friend
  • binders that are small [x]
  • binders that are big [x]
  • binders of all sizes [x]
  • i usually use a 1 ½ in. binder for all my classes and then a 1 in. binder for math
  • or folders [x]
  • color coded folders are good too [x]
  • once you have two or three binders, or a folder for each class, start orgaNIZING
  • for binders, buy some tab dividers and label them with whatever you want (i usually do homework, classwork, handouts etc.) or if your teacher tells you to label them specifically, do that [x]
  • for folders i usually write ‘homework’ or ‘to do’ on one side and ‘classwork/handouts’ or ‘done’ on the other
  • i keep a pencil case for all my miscellaneous supplies [x] [x]
  • have a homework planner or a bullet journal [x] [x]
  • write in those every day, and you won’t forget anything
  • notebooks that are nice [x] [x]
  • sometimes teaches ask for a specific notebook for their class, that’s okay, follow their rules
  • the biggest tip i can give you is do not ever shove random papers in your bag. take the time to pull a folder or binder out and place them inside. do not use the ‘i’ll organize later’ excuse.

organizing isn’t something i can explain with links to amazon and a shiny, ‘do this and you’ll get it right!’ motivation speech. organizing is something you have to do on your own, but it is so simple and easy that you’ll fall straight into the habit of it. so here i am, telling you that i believe in you and you can do it!!

i hope this masterpost helped! stay organized!

xx bia

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would you mind telling us how to make tattoos

 sure, i will give a tutorial.

I’m going to go into detail so this will be lengthy, sorry :/

How To Make Tattoos (Tutorial)

What you will need:

-Picture of tattoo obvi. (Pinterest is a good website for tatts)

-Some kind of editing program (Photoshop,, Gimp) I have photoshop so thats the only one i can speak for.

^If you don’t have it already you need a dds plug in for your editing program so it can read the dds file. (DDS file is the file that is gonna have your tattoo texture on) The one for photoshop is here (for others, google it)

-Need Sims 4 Studio

- Sim body texture template to guide you on where you’re placing your tattoo. You can find one here.

1. Ok so first thing, when choosing the photo for your tattoo make sure:

-It’s clear and all of it is visible

- Pics of tatts with dark lighting is a no no.

-No pics of tattoos with the tattoo on a angle or where you can’t see all of it, less shadows the better.

-Preferably a white/Paper background (but a pic of a tattoo on skin is possible too)

Good Examples:

Bad Examples:

2. Now Go into Sims 4 Studio:

Click on “Create CAS Standalone” In the CAS Section

At The top click where it says ‘Part Type’ and pick Tattoos

Pick any of the base game tattoos (depending on which base game tattoo you choose is where your new tattoo will be in the tattoo category in CAS)

Click Next, Save your package where ever you will remember it, and name the package file whatever you want your new tatt to be named c:

(pls know the difference between a package file and a dds file, the package file is your final file, the dds file is just your texture)

Export the texture and save as dds file, again save it where you’ll remember it.

Leave sims 4 studio open

3. Open up your editing program, in my case its photoshop.

open up the dds file you saved in photoshop. 

!Make sure every time you do anything with layers, you unlock them by double clicking them or you wont be able to do shit with them xD!

we need a clean slate, so erase ‘everything’ on layer 0. it should be transparent now.

then go to channels>alpha layer 1, and with a black colored brush paint over everything. so now it should just be black. click back on layer 0.

4. Editing Tattoo Picture for alpha layer.

(i always make black and white tattoos, so this tutorial is more for b&w tattoos)

Open up the picture of your tattoo in another tab. 

*if its a black and white tattoo, make the whole picture black and white (sometimes the color is off on pics of tattoos). for photoshop go to image>adjustments>black and white, press ok.

We need to get rid of the background…

If its just a white background, right click on the layer then blending options

Where you see 2 gradient looking bars, the one we will be using is the first bar labeled ‘This Layer’. This will get rid of the majority of the background if its black/white/greys. Now for mine the background is white so on the right where its white im going to more the little arrow over,(be careful when moving the arrow and check on the picture of your tattoo when doing it because it will get rid of all of it when the color gets darker if not careful) move the arrow as much you can without erasing your actual tattoo. **If their is still little tidbits of the background left also if their is things still left INSIDE the tattoo, you will have to manually erase everything with the eraser tool which can be pretentious, but you have to do what you have to do xD***

If the background is black, or darker, use the arrow on the left. It’s the same logic. 

When its someones skin thats the background of the tattoo, its harder to get rid of because the skin has shadows, and in that case you will have to erase it manually :////

(this is way having a clear white background of the picture of your tattoo is so important ^^^)

Now once you have the background gone, all you should see is a transparent background with just the outline of your tattoo. Like So:

Invert the tattoo so that it is white (if its a black tattoo), you can do that on photoshop by image>adjustments>invert. (if the background turns black then go up where i was talking about getting rid of the background :’)

Now select the tattoo by select > all, or you select it by choosing the 4th icon on the side from the above picture and clicking all on it. Then choose Edit>copy.

5. Tattoo into DDS Texture

Go back to where your dds file was, then go to layer 0. Create a New Layer by going to layer>new>layer. Drag the new layer you just made underneath the other layer (layer 0) Then go to file>place….select the SIM BODY TEXTURE TEMPLATE you downloaded. Drag the corners of  the body texture to fit the whole box. 

Then go to Channels>Alpha Layer 1. Click one of the other boxes above, i usually choose the RED one, to see the sim body texture you just placed. Now selecting the alpha layer 1, go to edit>paste. and you should see your tattoo outline pop up (make sure you paste it on alpha layer 1.) now move it to where ever you want, (go to select>deselect to stop seeing those lines on the tattoo outline -_-)  thats what the sim body texture is for to see where to place it.

After that you can delete the sim body texture you dont need it unless you are moving the tattoo somewhere else.

Now go back to layer 0, and where you placed the tattoo on the alpha layer 1, paint over that with a black brush or it wont show up!!

Alpha layer:

Regular Layer:

Before saving make sure you are selected on layer 0.

Now go to file>save as a dds file and name it whatever. When saving a box will pop up, it should be on “DXT5   ARGB  8pp”

Now go back to Sims 4 Studio

Import your newly saved dds file. Your new tattoo should appear, sometimes i have to keep going back into photoshop to get it where i want to and make adjustments.. It’s trial and error with tattoos really.

You can change the picture of the tattoo in cas and all that in s4studio before saving. then save it and just put your package file in mods folder and boom. A new tattoo.

If something was unclear or i didnt explain something well, please message me and ill be more than happy to help you. Happy Tattooing <3

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I have a questiooooon!! >A< what art program do use? What brush do you use?? D: one artist to another OVO PLUS YOUR ART OMFG DKDHSKSHSLSJS SO CUUUUTE 💕 please keep up the amazing work!

AAHh TthHaaANK YOoOU!!! ♡

I use an ipad! I lineart in medibang and color in procreate (i also do all my sketching and doodles in procreate) I own a wacom tablet and ive tried Photoshop and paint tool sai(i think thats it?) once or twice but i needed something portable because i work a lot. And those art apps are too advanced for me o_o like wtf is a magic wand??? OKAY SO as far as brushes go I don’t really use another fancy just whatever comes with the application. I have a folder with my go to brushes in it. i totally recommend going in and fucking with all your brushes settings until you get it just how you like. Almost all art applications allow you to change the brushes settings and i really gottah say if you get it just like you like it it’ll really help you go faster and smoother while drawing. OKAY AND LAST THING– i make a lot of my own brushes. (Anything you see in my art like stars or clouds or hair tuffs, etc are brushes i made) i can not recommend making your own brushes enough. most applications allow you to do this! there are lots of tutorials out there that can help with that (i use youtube tutorials for this but theres a lot online in different places)! I have two brushes named “sexy boi” and “best friend” and they are my favorite!!! i spent a lot of time making them to be my dynamic duo.  BUT YEAH I love making custom brushes there’s no end to what you can create! (sorry if the image below is blurry tumblr hates me)



Genre: I trully don’t know what this is

Character: Seokjin x reader

a/n: this was meant to be a short drabble but somehow it got too long, but also too short to be a full scenario. Please let me know what you think.

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Deep Technology Cleanse Ritual

There’s too much negativity on your dashboard or feed. Your likes, follows, and friends are too cluttered, and there’s not enough of the things that you like. You’re overwhelmed. You turn to witchcraft. 😄

A long, liberating, deep cleanse of your social media, your devices, and yourself.

Prep: Do what you do to get ready to clean your house, whatever makes you feel energized. Throw open the curtains, put your hair up, put on some Madonna, do your thing! Consider some essential oils or incense for cleansing and rejuvenation. This is a highly personalized exercise!

1. Plug in your devices. Phone, computer, etc. Sit among them quietly and visualize a pulsing blue light coming from them, fading into the air. Lay your hands on them, feel the cool of metal and glass, and the warmth of a million things happening at once beneath them. Visualize light glowing binary code rising from the screens and tickling your fingers. Breathe. Visualize blue light pulsing from you as well.

2. Now, we begin! Since we’re here already, start with the people you follow on Tumblr. Weed through and pluck out blogs that are no longer relevant to your interests, that are inactive, or that post things you dislike. Don’t feel guilty because they follow you too, or you followed them when you first joined, or even if they’re a former acquaintance. Think only of yourself, this is a positive environment for you, and you have to shape it to your needs.

3. Now head to your other social media and do the same thing. Twitter, Instagram, snapchat. Be brutal. This is your space. Tip for Facebook: a lot of us have family on there that we can’t delete without causing an incident, but it’s perfectly easy and completely undetectable to hide their posts from your newsfeed, so that uncle that posts all the pro-Trump propaganda won’t know that he raises your blood pressure, but you won’t have to see him. Also clear out your Facebook likes from when you were 14, and if there are any friends you reasonably think you can jettison, do it. Life is too short. Delete, clear cache, and breathe in the sweet smell of not having to see stressful things every minute of the damn day.

4. Next up, phone. (You might want to set up a virus/malware scan on your computer while you do this, to get rid of another layer of grime!) Give your contacts the same once over, block that spam number you keep forgetting to block, delete those texts from your ex friend, and while you’re at it, look for any old friends you wanna reconnect with, and make a note to shoot them a text when your cleanse is finished.

5. Tidy up your phone. Remove unnecessary apps, delete photos you don’t like (or move them onto your computer and start fresh with only your favorite shots), clear your cache on the apps you still want, and if you need to, clean the outside as well. Wipe the screen off with a soft cloth, take off the case and wipe out any debris or residue, adjust the screen protector, whatever you gotta do.

6. We have now reached the most fun part: Reintroducing things you like! Start with apps on your phone; find some new games to replace the ones you’ve got bored of, get a photo editor to have fun with all the selfies you’re about to take, try out that neat new app you heard about. While those are downloading (make sure to sort them into folders appropriately! Organization is your friend!) start finding pages to like on Facebook, and accounts to follow on Tumblr, twitter, Instagram, whatever else you like. You don’t have to subscribe to every single thing that interests you, but if something grabs you, go for it! you can always unfollow later!

7. Anything else bothering you that I didn’t cover? YouTube recommendations? Group chats that are no longer relevant? Unsorted photos? Weeds in a neglected Animal Crossing town? If you’ve ever looked at it on a screen and sighed with exasperation, now is the time to take care of it. Wipe off your computer screen, and if you have compressed air, clean out your keyboard. If you’ve still got the energy, tidy the workspace where you spend the most time with your devices.

8. Sit back and enjoy your good work, and the lasting effects for months to come! Repeat whenever necessary!

9. BONUS: Tuck away sigils for productivity, positivity, or whatever else you feel you need in your devices! Inside cases, in files, on wallpapers, etc. You may also wanna cleanse the room however you normally would, to make sure the negativity and stress you scrubbed out of your device is gone for good!!


So, here we are, my first spell! I’ve had a couple others in the crock for months, but this is the first one I’ve felt confident enough to finish. Go forth and own your technology, and don’t let it own you.

5 Ways to Make Your Life More Organized

1. Organize your email. As students, we are constantly being sent emails from classes, work, professors, announcements, etc. The possibilities are endless. It can be so annoying to have to trudge through millions of emails just to find the one you need, so if you organize your email into folders, it makes it much less of a chore.

2. Keep your classes separate.  Different colored folders and spirals are a must. Also, I like to keep my classes organized into different compartments of a plastic drawer set. You can even just get a simple desktop divider, but make sure you have a set place for all your different classes. Nothing is worse than showing up to class with the wrong day’s schoolwork in your backpack. 

3. Make To-Do Lists. I for one will never accomplish something unless I write it down. For whatever reason, seeing something listed with a blank box next to it just gives me that much more motivation to get it done knowing I can check it off at the end of the task. Tip: Use colored pens and pencils to differentiate tasks (i.e. blue for school, green for work, pink for appointments, etc.) 

4. Clean/do laundry once a week. Every Sunday (or whatever day works for you) clean up your room and do your laundry. Nothing is worse than having to do multiple loads of laundry in one day because you’ve let it pile up for so long. Also, cleaning up in intervals makes your life less stressful and chores way easier! I’d take 20 minutes once a week over 3 hours once a month any day. 

5. Organize your files. Digital clutter is the absolute worst. Just take a minute out of your day to sort through all those pictures on your phone, deleting the ones that are duplicates or blurry or just plain useless. Do this on your desktop as well. Make folders for your documents, organize photos by dates and times, and create a reasonable system that you will be able to keep up with.

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Hi Sifi! You've probably answered this question before, but how do you make videos like the "My whole family" video you made? How do you keep all the frames together and organised? I love your art sm 0:

I have a folder where I put all my art (big pieces, stuff im working on, things im proud of, commissions), and a folder where I have all of my temporary art (tumblr asks, practice sketches, concept designs) and I’ll make a folder inside the temporary art folder, and call it “My whole family” or whatever the video is for. Then I will save each picture from firealpaca into there, including an mdp file with all of the different layers for each picture. 

These files can have up to 40 layers of pictures because I like to do it all in one mdp file. I’ll name them something like, “my whole family1, my whole family2″ and so on and so forth. Once you get into a groove of saving pictures, it can be a relaxing process. But when you’re done, you just wanna take a break and relax your tired clicking fingers. So I’ll go watch a youtube video or two and then return to editing. That’s basically how I do it, and it’s pretty simple.

Finally, I’ll go through and put all of the pictures into my video editor’s media library, and edit the video. It takes around 30-40 minutes to make sure it’s perfect, but it’s always awesome to see the ending result. I hoped this helped!

hey everyone! it’s my very first chatty post ahhh! here are some tips and tricks i’ve been using since starting school about 2 weeks ago!

• get LOTS of sleep
i cannot stress enough how important sleep is, especially during the first months of school. i know you could all be thinking “psh, getting sleep while in school seems nearly impossible with all the workload i have.” NO. if you sleep enough (6-8 hours is a good amount), you’ll see that you can get rid of stress easier and be able to concentrate better. i usually set my sleeping time around 9-10 pm and if i don’t finish my work by then, i’ll wake up earlier than my usual wake up time.

• stay hydrated
i usually start my day with a glass of cold water to shake my spirit up ( i kid you not, it works so well). throughout the day, i’ve made it my goal to drink at least 2 liters of water. it’s kept me chill at most times and i’ve also noticed that the bags under my eyes aren’t so bad as they were before (bonus!).

• get acquainted with a routine
in the mornings, i have quite a consistent routine. after drinking my glass of water, i take a bath then do some school work while eating and waiting for the bus. when i have extra time or wake up earlier than usual, i find myself scrolling through social media. i think this will be quite helpful because since it;s morning and not everyone is a morning person, at least there’s something constant in what you do. you won’t be all over the place.

• do your homework the day it’s given/stop procrastinating
i’ve had a bit of difficulty with this recently, to be honest lol. i know that essay is due next week, but i’m telling you right now: do it. get off tumblr and just do it. you’ll have it so easy once the deadline is approaching. while everyone’s cramming, you’re all chilling with nothing left to do. plus! you get extra time for yourself, watch a bit of tv *wink*.

• start using a planner/bullet journal
i started bullet journalling since january 1st and i can say it’s made me the most productive person i’ve ever been in my whole entire life (such hyperbole). but i swear to the heavens above, it’ so so SO helpful. you can log your tasks, and events, and plan head, and record your habits, and do whatever the hell you want. you don’t have to be doodly and creative and all like your favorite studyblrs, just find a system that works for you and lets you get your work done!

• have organized notes
this tip will save your soul. use folders, binder, clearbooks, whatever the hell you want. just keep those notes organized. have a separate container for each subject. keep those hand-outs given by the teacher, they are SO important. make notes that YOU understand, and don’t make them only for the pleasure of seeing beautifully made notes. who cares if your notes are ugly? at least you’re acing that test!

• take breaks
reward yourself. you did enough. i usually follow the pomodoro system wherein i study for 25 minutes (or 50 if i’m feeling it) and take 5 minute breaks in between. do what you want with those 5 minutes. if you want to study consistently, then do that. but always remember that if you think you can’t take in any more information, stop. take a rest, you deserve it.

• make more friends
i know you’re going to say you’re introverted. i am too. just try. i’ve made a few new friends in the first 2 weeks of year 9 and it makes me feel like i actually have a social life (and that makes me really happy).

• go to school with a smile
just do it. this needs no explanation. it’s going to make you feel better about yourself.

• do it for yourself
always remember that your grades are not for the pleasure of your parents, or anyone else in the world. they’re for you. they’re for you to marvel at and work on. do it for you. if you can’t do more and you’re growing irritated at yourself, just stop. don’t force yourself to do something you know will only make you shut down.

always remember to breathe and relax, it’s only school and it’s only a small portion of your life. it’s your life. so don’t stress too much :) hope you all find this helpful! i’d love some feedback!

How I Stay Organised With Dropbox

Okay so after my ‘lil post about cloud storage there was some interest in this post, so here we go! Also there will be lots and lots of images, so I’ve put it all under a read more to not clog up any dashes. And with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s have a look at my dropbox!

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[ PART 3 OF 3 ]

This is my third and final part to my mass icon tutorial. In this tutorial I will show you how to apply coloring to the icons and how to save them ALL at once.

The three parts of this tutorial:

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I’m reposting this guide thing so that I can keep formatting and tag it and stuff. So again…



Time Management and Organization

  • Don’t procrastinate your stuff. We all say that we won’t, and then it’s three in the morning the night before your Extended Essay is due.
  • Make a plan for what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. If you set a schedule for a project (especially if it’s a group project) it will be ten times easier to complete. This is especially useful if the project is your Extended Essay.
  • This tip is especially useful if the project is your Extended Essay.
  • Keeping a planner is critical unless you’re the kind of person who can remember literally everything. In that case, why even study? But in all seriousness, you will forget things and there will be consequences. You can minimize the occurrence by writing everything down in your planner that you have to do.
  • On the subject of planners, I would suggest one that has enough room for each individual day but also has a calendar page for each month. This way, you can write down important dates on the calendar, and plans for each night on the days.
  • Stay organized. Get folders, binders, Lisa Frank trapper keepers - whatever. As long as it holds your stuff and keeps it together and organized. You need things to be in the right place when you need them. Realizing that you lost your history syllabus three days before the final is not something that you want to experience.
  • Personally, I like to color code. It keeps everything according to a certain color and you can match your notebooks with your folders. It also makes things easy to find and associate and just helps generally with organization. Plus, I’m anal retentive and won’t take my history notes in any notebook that isn’t blue. 
  • Try generally not to waste time. I am 100% guilty of this - let’s get real, I run an IB blog. If you need to blacklist sites like tumblr or twitter or whatever, do it. We all say that we’re going to be productive, and then realize that we’ve tweeted more words than we’ve written in our essays. Oops.
  • That being said, take breaks. Staring a computer screen for four hours isn’t going to write that essay any faster. If you’re getting burnt out, take a small break. Don’t get carried away, but let yourself recollect. 
  • Plan ahead and all that jazz. If you know you have a debate tournament Saturday and a Biology lab due Monday, build in some time to do things.
  • Try not to shut down when everything comes crashing in. Just sit down, take a mental break, and get to work. Just do it, don’t complain. Okay, complain a little, but then get to work. The faster you do it, the faster you can go to sleep.
  • Speaking of, build in time for sleep. It’s important. Sure, it becomes a little bit of a contest to see who can run off of the smallest amount of sleep, but really everyone just ends up crabby and then you get sick. Manage your time effectively so you can sleep, because it is hella important.

Class Help

  • Use your resources. There are a ton of things out there that you can use to help you. These include but are not limited to: sample EE’s/IA’s/Papers/Essays, guides from IB survivors graduates, textbooks, IB study guides, IB forums, other IB students, and Wikipedia.
  • IB Survival:
  • (if you’re Biology) Bio Ninja: (there’s an app too, and let whatever higher power there may be smite me where I stand if it isn’t what got me through IB Bio HL I)
  • There’s a bunch of other things too: ask, and you shall receive. Those are what I’ve mostly used. You can look up tons of past papers and stuff. Just google “sample [insert subject] Extended Essays” or “good Musical Investigations” or whatever you need and things should pop up.
  • (If someone knows more about websites/other help resources than me, please add to this list.)
  • Message or talk to other people in IB or those that have gone through what you’re doing. I am always open for questions, although this blog may not always be active once I enter college next year. People know tricks, and everyone has different methods. It helps, really, and most people will be cool answering questions and stuff.
  • Make friends with your teachers. Do your best not to get on their bad side, because the more they like you, the more lenient they will be to help you out in your time of need. Plus, they can be pretty awesome people.


  • Stay on top of your stuff. CAS is hella easy to forget about in the midst of classes, especially in your first semester of IB. However, if you don’t do it and stay on top of it, depending on how lenient your CAS supervisor people are and your school is, there is a chance that you could be barred from getting your diploma as early as the end of your first semester of IB. Just do it.
  • You can use weird stuff for CAS. If you wonder if you can propose it, you probably can. You can also create activities. For example, a couple of years ago an IB class at my school created an IB Kickball league for CAS and some of them proposed it as “Planned and Initiated Activities” and it counted as Activity. 
  • Literally, if you think it, you can propose it.
  • You can also use normal stuff that you do. Like I’ve been involved in Band since my freshman year and the past two years I’ve used Band Camp as Creativity and Action. It doesn’t have to be some outrageous project.
  • Don’t get behind on CAS.
  • Ever.
  • You will regret it.

The Extended Essay

  • Get this thing done over the summer.I cannot stress this enough. You are going to be dealing with things like college applications and senior year things in your senior year. You do not want have the EE hanging over you like a sword through all of this.
  • I did not do my EE over the summer. I regretted it for the majority of my first semester of senior year.
  • Pick something that you know you will like. Don’t pick a topic because it sounds “easy”. Protip: It’s going to be work anyways. Might as well do something that you at least somewhat enjoy. It’ll make immersing yourself in it for 6+ months a lot less painful.
  • You know, you should really work on it finish it over the summer.
  • Play to your strengths. Choose a subject area that you know you’re good it. Maybe you think that modular forms and the Taniyama-Shimura-Weil conjecture in mathematics is super cool, but your English teacher just said that your last essay was a 7 on the IB scale and you’re struggling to keep your math grade at a C. It might be wiser to choose the subject area that you’re stronger in. 
  • Plus, modular forms and Taniyama-Shimura-Weil are super cool, but…yeesh. That’s so over my head it’s in orbit.
  • That being said, if you have a passion for something, pursue it. You have the choice of what you want to make happen and how much you’re going to put into it.
  • Make a plan. Setting deadlines for yourself and sticking to them will keep you honest and keep you on track. It is a whole lot easier to do your EE in pieces rather than trying to cram the entire process into the last two weeks before the deadline.
  • Do the gosh-darn thing over the summer.
  • Choose a supervisor that you like and who will be helpful to you in your process. Mine was super cool, and I got lucky. A good supervisor can help you out so, so, so much especially if they specialize in your topic area. We have one teacher at my school that is super good with Latin/Roman history, and so most of the essays under that subject will go to him for supervision.
  • Make sure that you have a good research base for your essay. For me, I didn’t really realize what I needed research-wise until I made a basic outline for my essay. But whatever you need, make sure you get it. Outline what you are going to cover and what you will need for it. Filling personal requirements is easier than searching blindly in the dark for possibly useful sources.
  • Get your research done, then start writing your essay. Then you can just write, and not be searching for more information in the process.
  • You know what you’re going to love? Having your EE done because you finished it over the summer.
  • Do your best to get as close to 4,000 words as you can, but don’t have tons of word filler or superfluous information. The less fluff, the more good stuff and the more bonus points you’ll get with your grader.
  • Compare to the rubric. It exists. You should know it and reference it because it tells you exactly what you need.
  • Read a lot of really good EE’s in your subject area. It shows you what the best look like, and gives you an example to follow.
  • Peer edit, and tell them to be brutally honest.
  • Did I mention that you should do it over the summer?
  • Ultimately though, the endgame is that you just need to pass your EE. It doesn’t have to be an A, although you should strive for that. All that matters is that you pass it and pass ToK and then neither of those will keep you from getting your diploma.
  • Also, even if you do fail your EE or ToK, what you’ll get is the failing condition. What this means is that you need 28 diploma points from your exams and all that to get your diploma instead of 24. So you still could get your diploma, but it’ll be harder. 
  • So really, even if you’re finishing your EE at 4 a.m. the night before it’s due, you’re not completely sunk.
  • That won’t matter though, because you did it over the summer.

Being a part of IB

  • This is where IB gets pretty nifty. When you become an IB student, you are becoming part of a worldwide community of people that are doing the same thing that you are.
  • It’s pretty freaking cool.
  • The IB community is real, whether you’re on tumblr, a forum, or going to college. I had an interviewer on a college visit that was from a country other than my own and had graduated IB in 2008. We were  able to talk about IB at great length, and it was a great common ground.
  • It’s important to get to know the other people in your class as well. Depending on your school situation, the size of your IB class can vary. Some schools around the world are entirely IB. Others have IB classes that have less than 10 people. Personally, my IB class has about 40 people in it. We’ve all had the same classes with each other for the past year and a half, and we all got to know each other pretty well.
  • Be friends with the people in your class and work together. This thing is so much easier when you are working through it with other people, and I cannot stress this enough. Being able to work with others and share resources is invaluable. Someone makes a Quizlet for the biology quiz? Be the one to step up next time and share your history study guide.
  • I’m not saying cheat. I’m saying don’t leave a man behind and help each other out. You’re going to need one of your classmates sometime, and they’re going to be more willing you help you out if you’ve helped them out of a tight spot in the past.
  • Plus, it’s a lot of fun to have classes with the same people if you actually like them and get along with them. It makes for some good times and lasting friendships.
  • Basically, collaborate and enjoy the fact that you are a part of a global community. This is my favorite part about IB. The fact that I can run a dumb blog and have 250 people read it that understand exactly what I’m talking about is something that astounds me. It’s incredible, and has expanded my world view so much. I live in the middle of the freaking US, but I’ve had conversations with people from all over the world. It’s pretty awesome, and that’s something you should be aware of and appreciate.

Trust me, you like Google a whole lot

  • Google Drive is your best friend. Drive has saved my butt so many times. 
  • If you don’t know about it, it’s this funky little thing that Google has made that allows you to save documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. online on your account. 
  • You can share documents and stuff with other people super easily, and the best part?
  • You can edit them together in real time.
  • Four people could be working on the same outline on the same, and if one person types something, it would show up on the other three people’s screens as they type it. It’s awesome for group projects.
  • Plus, Google+ hangouts are basically Skype but with multiple people and collaborative Sporcle. It’s especially useful when it’s midnight and you have a project due the next day that is only half finished. You can all be video chatting while you work on a presentation together on Google Drive!
  • If you don’t have a Google Drive or a Google account, you should do that and tell your entire class to do it. It makes sharing resources so much easier and working a whole lot less painful. It will be a very good decision.

Final tips

  • Push through it! Things will get tough. You might experience some tough times, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s hard. You can do it. Really.
  • Stay organized. Stay organized. Stay organized. This is critical. Doing your assignments and studying is a lot easier for you to do if you have your materials on hand.
  • Be friends with your class. It makes this whole two year thing more fun.
  • Stay on top of your stuff. Staying ahead is better than trying to play catch up.
  • Do your EE over the summer.
  • Reach out to others who have gone through IB or have some experience in whatever subject area you need help in. In my experience, most people have been pretty cool about answering questions.
  • Do things that you enjoy as well. Try not to be the person that is only school and no fun. Stay focused, but let yourself do you every once and a while. We all need a weekend where we binge watch something on Netflix or write an entire album’s worth of songs. Whatever floats your boat.
  • Try to have fun! 
  • Did I just say have fun?
  • Yeah, I did. If you’re going into IB, chances are that you’re up to the challenge and probably haven’t been super challenged before (Ayyyyyyy, the majority of the US public education system represent!). Embrace the challenge, and do your best. Working hard can be fun. Try to enjoy yourself. It makes everything a lot less painless, and to some degree it is a conscious effort.
  • You can do it! I promise!

This was a super long thing that doesn’t have probably nearly enough, and I’ll probably add to it or make another one in the future. But this is what has come out of my experience, and most of what I have to offer. I really hope that it helps people out! As always, I am always available for questions even if this blog isn’t actively being run like eight months from now. 

Best of luck!

Interview: Erin

Today we’re joined by Erin. Erin is a fantastically talented visual artist who specializes in traditional mediums. Her attention to detail is absolutely amazing and the pictures she sent to go with her interview show that she has an incredible eye. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I do mainly traditional work with pencils and fine tip felt pens. I haven’t done much digital work recently, but I really enjoy working in Photoshop when I have the time. Overall, I like working small and packing detail into whatever I’m drawing.

What inspires you?

Since starting a fine arts degree in August, I’m finding that seeing people around my own age working hard in their own styles and making incredible work is very inspiring. We all push each other to do our best work, and it really shows when it comes to final critiques. Professionally, I’d say artists who work on large-scale movies inspire me, as that’s what I’d like my career to turn into one day. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was what first inspired me to become serious about art.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Watching the special features for movie franchises like the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter really got me interested in a career in art. Whenever I see a film I love, I immediately run out and buy the art book and absorb all I can from them! I’ve always been creative, and I’ve been drawing since I was little, so a career in art was always where I was headed. Even though I still have a long ways to go, seeing my own improvement keeps me passionate.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Not really. In some of my digital pieces that aren’t watermarked, I hide my initials very subtly all over the place.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

Whatever your chosen medium is, do it a lot! Even if you think what you do isn’t the best, the only way to get better is to make mistakes and try again. That being the most important factor, try to also keep inspired by the people around you. Keep a folder full of pieces and artists that you look up to, and don’t be scared to emulate the parts of their work you like. See a colour palette you like? Try it out! Like how somebody draws eyes? Try drawing that way! Eventually you’ll arrive at your own unique style that feels natural to you.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

Right now I’d place myself as heteroromantic, sex-repulsed asexual.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

The people in the field who know my orientation have either been nonchalant or politely curious. I’ve had a few classmates even approach me privately during after-hours studio time to ask questions. It was a little nerve-wracking to be honest, but it’s been very encouraging to have encountered such a positive reception. I’ve had very negative receptions outside the field, and the way I’ve dealt with that is to acknowledge that we’re a small, fairly unknown community, so getting confusion or seemingly rude remarks from people is to be expected. Take people’s words with a grain of salt, and encourage them to do their own research.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

Probably that it just means a person’s shy, or naïve about sexual relationships. For me, sex-repulsion happens totally separate from my feelings about a person. I could have a sexual relationship if I wanted, but I’m just not in tune with people feeling sexually towards me, because it’s not something I understand or can reciprocate. I had to end my last relationship because I thought I was just ‘too shy’, even though the anxiety I was having over things as little as kissing was part of my asexuality (though I didn’t know it yet).

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Don’t feel like you have to nail what you’re feeling down to a bunch of labels, because chances are, none of them will fit perfectly. It’s important to not try and define yourself right now, especially if you’re younger. Things could change for you, so just take yourself one day at a time and find people who will be there for your ups and downs. Following blogs like this one that shines a positive light on the community is a good step towards being okay with yourself. Chin up, kiddos!

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

My Tumblr art blog is neon-biology, and if you like daily updates and doodles, I post tons of stuff to my Instagram, aberrantbiology.

Thank you, Erin, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.


ok so a few years ago I found an old XF fic rec archive that was organized based on super intricate categories for what the stories were about or what they contained. Like there were larger categories like “Stories Where M/S Have Sex” or whatever but then within that folder there were subfolders with more details like “Stories Where Scully Gets Pregnant” or “Stories Where Mulder & Scully Do It In A Hotel Room” with long lists of all the fics where those things happened. I remember the archive didn’t always have links to the stories; sometimes just their titles with the name of the authors so you sometimes had to google the story…

I can’t remember the name of the website. I know it was older, like late 90s, early 2000’s at the latest… I know this might be vague but I also remember that the website had a maroon and gray background.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about ? It was a really good fic rec website and I’m so angry at my past self for not saving the URL somewhere. PLEASE HELP

As many of you have seen, I’ve been working on some planning sheets for a while. At first, I didn’t think about putting them online I’ve made them as templates for my personal usage, but many of you wanted to know where I’ve got them from and some have asked me to put them online.

So that’s what I decided to do! I want to share my planning templates with you!

I made an ASSIGNMENTS SHEET for those who like to keep all their assignments in one place with their respective mark.


The next one is a TIMETABLE with place for 6 classes per day.


You can also get my PLANNER SHEETS. Here you can choose between two versions. The A4 one contains a whole week/7 days and the A5 version contains 5 days (mon-fri).



If you like to have all 7 days displayed on a sheet of paper then you should better check out my WEEK PLANNER. You can use it from hour to hour(24 rows) or you can write the time yourself.



And lastly my MOTIVATION sheet. A quote for every day of the month to help you overcome whatever holds you back.


And if you want access to the entire folder, all you have to do is  CLICK HERE.

I would be so happy if you will tag your pictures with #adelinasprintables so I can see how you used my sheets and give them a like!

Alrighty Then - Harry Styles

{ Harry Styles - Dad Styles Series - “Family Man” Part Five }

All -  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |


{ Four Weeks Later - Five Weeks Along }

“Now if you have any questions just go on ahead and ask them. Just remember not to worry yourself or you’ll drive yourself mad.” The doctor was better than either of us expected her to be. “Just before you ask, you’ll get your first ultrasound picture at nine weeks.” The doctor was putting some papers away in a folder labeled Styles, {Y/N} {Y/M/I}.

{Y/N} looked at me, signaling me to go ahead and ask whatever questions I might have. I took a second to think about it and opened my mouth to speak. “Is it normal for her to orgasm without even the slightest touch?”

The doctor took a seat on her rolling chair without a back. “Let me explain some things to you, then I’ll get to that. Basically,” she sighed and {Y/N} sighed as well. “Your baby is the side of a sesame seed at most. She’s getting the urge to have to use the restroom more and there is some pressure on her bladder. Now with women who aren’t even pregnant, there are some who can orgasm without touch. Let that me thought or anything else except touch of course… Back to the fact that you are pregnant - you’re just a little more delicate and since it’s happened …”

“Once.” {Y/N} replied, her cheeks flushed as if she was embarrassed.

“Once, I predict it’ll happen in your pregnancy maybe a few more times. Then again maybe it was a one time thing.” I nodded, looking from the doctor and back to {Y/N}. I didn’t ask {Y/N} what any of her questions would be before we got here. I expected for all three of us to drown in questions from her.

{Y/N} shifted on the table, her hands clasped on her perfectly sized thighs. “Do I need to exercise while I’m pregnant? Like is there too much any kind I can’t do?”

“Nothing drastic! No machines, more yoga and pilates if you care for that sort of thing. You’ve probably seen those films of ‘pregnancy workouts’ no? That kind of thing you can also find on the internet of course.” The doctor smiled, happy with {Y/N}. She then went on to mention women who come in here that are more or less pregnant than {Y/N} don’t even mention exercise - they believe it to be a free pass for nine months.

“Also,” {Y/N} bit her lip, “do you know when our due date will be?”

“I’ve estimated it from the time you gave me your last menstrual cycle, I say,” she then looked down to the file and peered at it. “You’re looking at July 25th next year.” She smiled and we concluded our very first pregnancy-doctor visit - or whatever they call them.

{Y/N} drove to the doctors so I slid into the passengers as she buckled her belt. “Surprised you didn’t ask a million questions.” I commented as we drove back home. {Y/N} rolled her eyes and laughed just enough to let me know that was rude. I’ll admit I didn’t think it was rude but everything always comes off different to the person you’re talking to.

“Didn’t want to scare her plus I didn’t want to know stuff I don’t need to know right now.” I felt bad for some reason, seeing the expression on her face.

“But you wanted to secretly, didn’t you?” I rubbed her thigh, lining circles and figure eights on her leggings. “Alrighty then…” I didn’t know what to say to her.{Y/N} only nodded slowly. I knew she was loaded with questions but we forgot about the topic. “Is there a particular time we get to start the nursery?” I tried hard not to smile as wide as I possibly could - honestly the second most exciting thing of this pregnancy for me.

{Y/N} smiled even wider than ever. “Well we have to find out the sex first! We’re going to find out the gender at our baby shower - right?”

“Absolutely, I was hoping you’d suggest that because I was about to.” I chuckled for a minute or two, “can’t we start our nursery now? Why do we need to know the gender?”

“We can’t decorate a room pink and then have a boy.” We arrived back at home, going back up to our bedroom on the rainy Wednesday to take a nap.

“Who said we were going to decorate our nursery pink or blue. {Y/N} we have to be super creative or our child will hate us when they’re older!” {Y/N} laughed, lying down with her hands on her stomach.

She giggled a little bit more, motioning me to get on the bed as well. “We can decide that later. We have so much time to worry about that kind of thing.

{ Four Weeks Later - Nine Weeks Along }

“I’m making the cake for you two’s baby shower.” Gemma told us as us three stood in the kitchen making lunch.

{Y/N} smacked my ass hard, “I told you she would want to do it.” I was becoming more and more confused by {Y/N}’s emotions. One minute she could be upset - on the edge of crying and then she’s happy and excited about possibly anything. She also has been picking fights with me which I read would happen sometimes. I honestly didn’t think that half of the things that have happened would occur.

“I expect it’ll be good.” I joked with Gemma seeing how excited she was for something that’s months away.

“I’m gonna get going, have to pick Charlotte from school.” Gemma picked her things up, waving and closing the back door behind her. I stood in the kitchen, on the other side from {Y/N}. She didn’t seem to have any particular expression, only staring at a book Gemma had when she was pregnant.  

I walked over to the kitchen to start making dinner, bearing the silence enough to hear {Y/N}’s taking of each breath. She’s giving me the feeling that we’re fighting even though I have no clue what I’ve done. What she thinks I’ve done. “Would you like steak, chicken or do you have any other preference?” I stood next to her smiling sweetly at her out of true feeling. She blew me off, shrugging and flipping through the pages of the book. I kept smiling but turned and walked to the pantry. Once in the pantry I let my smile fall and had a fit on the inside.

“Apparently pregnancy in the first few weeks threaten relationships.” {Y/N} said, no specific tone in her voice. Not terrified, nor upset nor happy which would leave me a little suspicious.

I didn’t answer, I only gathered things to make some steak and potatoes. I could feel her staring at me as I turned the oven on and rolled my sleeves up. Neither of us said a word, I only went along preparing everything as I usually would any other night. {Y/N} walked around near me, grabbing some water and walking to the bar stool where she originally stood. I felt awkward standing there cooking, knowing she was probably staring at me as I did so.

I finished earlier than I expected to, placing some on a plate for her and then some for myself. I handed her the plate and she smiled, thanking me. Both of us ate in silence until {Y/N} finally brought it all up. “I’m fucking pissed you don’t seem interested in me now that I’m pregnant. I know this is the biggest joke of all but I feel as if you’re cheating on me…”

I nearly choked on chicken, making that terrible - deep throated cough. “Honey!” I moaned sorrowful. “You’ve got it all wrong sweet baby.” I leaned my hand on the back of her bar stool back and placed my other hand on hers that sat in her lap. “You’ve never been more wrong. I’ve wanted you so much for the past few weeks. Gemma and my mom said not to pressure you about it. I didn’t bother because I read in a few books I got and online that you’ll feel fatigue and that’s not the best feeling to have when having sex. I’m sorry baby…” I leaned my forehead against hers softly. “I love you and I could never imagine thinking about another woman - even if you ever left me I would only be able to love you.”

“You’re so sweet.” Her voice was cracking softly as she let me rub her cheek. “I don’t understand these emotions. Harry I’m not ready.” She broke into a fit of sobs and coughing. I grabbed her a tissue and cleaned everything up. Telling her to come with me to the living room. I sat down in the huge chair we keep in the corner near the coffee table and bookshelf. I pulled {Y/N} into my lap, getting a blanket and pillow from the basket under the table. I got {Y/N} all snuggled up and cuddled her till she stopped crying and could speak to me.

“I’m not going to be a good mother.” She rubbed her nose against mine, her lips softly brushing mine.

“Who knows. Maybe you’ll be the best mother. All that matter is that you do what you think is right, we do what we think is right. Our main goal is to raise a well rounded kid that knows right from wrong and wants to make something of hers or his life. Baby you’re only a woman right now - you haven’t experienced it yet.” I whispered to her, rubbing her legs and up to her thighs.

{Y/N} didn’t need to respond I knew that she understood everything I had told her. Quickly she fell asleep, completely limp with her blood red cheeks beginning to turn back to normal. I turned the tv on and just at there for awhile as she slept which she probably hadn’t in days. I fell asleep as well, waking back up around two in the morning. I threw the blanket to the couch and left the pillow on the edge of the armrest. I lifted her head slowly, sliding her into the chair as I stood up. Picking her up bridal style and turning the lights off.

I took her upstairs, carefully laying her down under the covers, tucking her in. I went and retrieved {Y/N} and I’s wedding book. I pulled my vows out that I had written on a piece of stationery I found in Louis’ house when he was writing his boyfriend that’s currently stationed. I looked them over a thousand times, getting under the covers as well.  

I looked over at a medium sized blue box with a perfect white colored bow I tied at least ten times and still am not happy with it. “Happy Anniversary baby girl. I guess the hormones made you forget.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do a tutorial on how you crop your icons?

Sure thing. There’s also THIS tutorial here by druiidae on her old account in case mine is a little too complicated to understand (sometimes I can’t explain things to save my life). Please like or reblog if you found this helpful.

All you’d need is;

—- Photoshop (any version works) 
—- Screencaps 
—- A PSD 
—- Photoshop Bridge (or not at all because I’ll show you both ways)

We’re going to turn this Elena screencap:

into this icon;

Here we go !

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A well organised folder can be the key to making revision and coursework a million times easier. Everyone’s needs for folders are different, so I’m not going into specifics, just into my methods of making my folder easy to use. 

Get the right folder- choose the size and type of ring binder/lever arch file that is best for your subjects. I personally have one small ring binder for each subject, with a big lever arch file to store old notes when the little binders get full. Others use one big file for everything, or use big files at home and store current work in a plastic wallet. The best is whatever works for you 

 File dividers- for me, these are the only way I can keep my files organised all term. Paper are fine, though plastic ones are longer lasting. I buy packs with 10 dividers-if you don’t use some in one folder, keep them and use them in another. Mine are labelled only with a number so I can change the folder round if I need 

Sticky notes- these are an easy way to create non-permanent labels for each section, useful if you might want to reuse dividers, as well as making your different labels clear 

Index- one big sticky note with a list of all your sections, with the number of the section will make it easy to find things

Section content- I use smaller sticky notes to label each divider with what it is meant to contain, to help me remember and so it’s easy to look for specific pages. In the “essays” section of this folder, for example, I have a label with the title of each essay, in the order I wrote them, and I’ll be adding my grades for each one

To Do list- I use another sticky note on the first divider to keep track of homework and other things I need to do for the specific subject. This has proved easier for me than trying to note down homework in a planner 

Include index cards- I hole punch index cards that have chapter summaries for content based lessons like Biology, and for English I have cards with things I need to remember when writing 

 Good luck and have fun organising!