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What if mama kouyou secretly ships soukoku and whenever tachihara tries to make a move on chuuya kouyou just stands behind the poor guy whilst saying,"forgive me child but your efforts are useless because chuuya is already taken."(random thoughts XD)

- Except Kouyou is probably is a scheming fox lady so she probably knows threatening Tachihara is not gonna bring her idiot of an OTP back together.

- So she lets Tachihara does what he does best (”Hi Chuuya-san would you like to go on a da- I mean platonic hang out with me this weekend”) but she snaps a bunch of pictures everytime Chuuya smiles at Tachihara.

- And then she sends them all to Dazai with a really eloquent caption that basically translate to “Lmao look how happy your ex-partner is isn’t he cute he seems to move on already but you wouldn’t care would you he’s your ex (-partner) after all”.

- From 500 miles away, Fukuzawa sneezes and asks Kunikida if the heater in the office is broken again because the room’s temperature seems to suddenly drop can they just budget a new heater for the kittens.

- Kunikida, knowing the actual cause (bless him) and doesn’t want to spend money on a new heater, throws Dazai out of the room and it’s suddenly warm again.

- “Ane-san, I already said I didn’t care about him, stop sending me pictures of the hat rack” Says Dazai, in a cheerful voice, adding new cracks to his cheap ass phone for the 20th time that month.

- “Sure, I’ll go out with you (to the platonic hang out this weekend)” Chuuya’s voice comes from the other lines, because Kouyou might or might not be holding a bug right next to her phone instead of answering. Ane-san that’s just shady stop it.

- That day Atsushi reports that he has never seen Dazai-san run so fast in his entire life (”Are they having a sales on chazuke is that why he was running”) and Akutagawa reports that Chuuya-san is not available for missions for the next 3 days due to hip problems.  

BTS reaction: s/o participating in fill your guts or spill your guts

thedeadsoldierproxy:Hi! Id like a request where the reader is invited to the ‘Late Late Night Show With James Cordon’ and they were playing ‘Spill your guts or Fill your guts’ and the reader had to decide whether they had to drink the bird saliva or answer the question “Your boyfriend, (N/A), is in a famous Kpop group 'Bts’. You’re also the best friend of Exo’s group member (N/A). My question is: Which group is better?” What would their boyfriends reaction? Please and Thank you!            

It was fun! :D First collaboration with my dear @agust-dogg (btw check out  her blog,she is writing the best reactions for Topp Dogg). I hope that you will have just as much fun reading it as us writing this reaction^^ (this is just written for fun and not meant to offend anyone)  -admin Evv


Choosing BTS:

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Choosing EXO:

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As much as Jin thought that it would be absolutely disgusting to drink bird saliva, he was also a little curious as to what it would taste like. As well as that, he was always up for a good laugh, and you drinking disgusting stuff seemed hilarious to him.
He knew that if the question was chosen, you would for sure pick BTS, as he knew that you liked his band more, he had to admit, at least in his eyes, they were better than EXO. This seemed boring to him, so he wanted you to choose to eat the food, to drink bird saliva.
When you chose question, and answered that you preferred EXO, he was actually quite offended. He was so sure that you would choose him, them, and not betray him like that.
When you came home after the show, he would confront you about it, ranting lively about how he felt about you not choosing him. You would have to apologise to him multiple times and assure him that you liked their music. Even so, he was still offended and all pout-y for a while.
If you chose BTS, he would have a huge grin on his face; even though he knew from the beginning what you truly loved, he was still happy that you said it in front of every one. He felt cocky and happy, and when you came home, he would show his funny, cocky attitude towards you.


Choosing BTS:

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Choosing EXO:

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He really care about his work and music that he is composing.  So you choosing his band, which means his music, would be really important for him. Drinking bird silva would be disgusting so he knew that you would choose question. Now Yoongi is only waiting for your answer. Your opinion was always the most important for him.
Seconda was like minutes. Choosing his band would give him relief, he had new reason to compose and rap for you to be even more proud. Big smile would show at his face. When you came back to home, he won’t say anything but you knew how happy inside he is only by his acting. Choosing other band could hurt him but he won’t show it. He won’t be mad at you, he would respect your opinion. Yoongi would act like always and doesn’t even say a word about this show. Maybe if you would try to start conversation about this, Suga could say that drinking silva disgusted him and that he is glad that you had answered question. He knew that you like his music but after this show he would try even harder. Yoongi won’t be like this for too long. Fav band and love are two different things for him and you two would be happy like always and after few days forgot about that night. 


Choosing BTS:

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Choosing EXO:

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He was waiting for this interview all week. Now, finally, he was sitting in front of the TV, waiting for your answer. Hobi knew that drinking bird saliva was something that you wouldn’t want to do, so now he was only waiting for your answer. He wanted to be sure that you would choose BTS, but there was always a slight chance that you were thinking that EXO is better. When he heard the name of his band, he would be all hyped and happy. He couldn’t sit in the same place so he would run to the boys to tell them that what you said. Of course, when you’re back, he will start making conversation about your choice and he would be hyped and happy again. This wouldn’t end that quickly. He would make you say this a couple of times for him, to hear it personally. Hobi doesn’t feel better than anyone, but this boy would be incredibly happy that you enjoy his music and appreciate his hard work.
Second option-choosing Exo could be harder to accept for him. Hobi could feel jealous that his s/o is more interested in other bands than his. He would feel insecure too, thoughts of possibly losing his gf/bf would come into in his mind. Hoseok at first place would talk about this and make sure that he doesn’t need to worry about losing you and he would tell you openly how he feels.
Choosing the other group is not that big a deal for him, but still, he wanted to know what you thought. Hobi would be sad for a few days, and even if his mood would go back to normal, he would still remember your words. 


Choosing BTS:

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Choosing EXO:

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Tbh, I feel like he would be one of those members who don’t care what your answer is going to be. You had always supported and helped him when he went through a hard time, or when he was writing songs. Regardless of your answer, he will still be asking you about your opinion for his songs, or for help to compose one. When you told Namjoon that you are invited to the “Late Late show” he would be so very happy for you, that you were allowed to be a part of this show as that meant that your popularity would rise. Drinking bird saliva? It did sound quite funny to him, but if you were to really drink it, he was sure that it would come to his mind every time he was about to kiss you, at least for the next few weeks. Of course, you choosing BTS and not EXO would make him happy, and right after your interview ends, he would call you to tell you his opinion, what he thought about it; not only your answer, even though you saying how proud you were of your boyfriend would make his heart flutter; obviously he already knew that you were feeling this way, but saying it out loud in public, for everyone to hear, would affect him. He would also tell you how well you did, and that he was very proud of you for even coming this far.
Choosing EXO could touch him a little bit, but really, only a little, he honestly wouldn’t care about this too much. After all, it was just a silly question in an interview, and he knew that there were things more serious than that. What mattered to him was that you had fun on the show, and that it would be really good for your prestige. Also, he was happy for you that you didn’t have to eat that disgusting thing. If you asked him about what he thought about you choosing EXO, he would insist that he was fine with it, and you being his gf/bf didn’t mean that you have to enjoy to his music, and his music only. You two would forget about it faster than you thought, and I’m talking about both answers here.


Choosing BTS:

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Choosing EXO:

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Jimin was on his world tour in America, so he decided to surprise you by visiting you during the recording session of the show. He was standing backstage, but you could clearly see him. He smiled and was happy to see you receive all the attention you deserve. When James gave you a choice to drink bird saliva, you looked at Jimin, who shook his head to show you that answering question would be better. But when someone translated this question for him, his facial expression changed. He was looking at you with his eyes wide open, waiting for your answer. He was nervous. Jimin is not the kind of person that would tell you to listen to his music only, but he was still nervous about what you were going to say.
When he would hear BTS, he would be the happiest person on the world. His gf/bf did not only love him, but his band and music too. What more could he want to be happy? You would see how happy he was so you would smile too, and maybe if James noticed him and you looking at each other he would invite him to join this interview and Jimin would shyly say how he feels about you choosing his band. Hearing EXO from your mouth wouldn’t make him happy (I’m a genius, I know). A sad expression would show on his face, and when you looked to check how he felt about this, Chim would show you, with sad smile, that he was totally fine, even if he wasn’t. He didn’t want to hurt you. He knew that you would still support him and the boys. Maybe he would talk about it with the boys, to ask them if he should start to feel insecure. He wasn’t sure how to react. But seeing you all smiling and happy after a successful interview, his worries and all of the bad emotions would disappear and your happiness would infect him.


Choosing BTS:

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Choosing EXO:

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He’s friends with EXO too, so he wouldn’t mind if you chose them. No matter what your choice was gonna be, he would be hyped. For him, the most important thing in this will be that you’re in a famous show, and that you’re famous enough to get invited to shows like this. He doesn’t want you to drink birds saliva, so he really wanted you to choose the question. Taehyung was making up scenarios in his head about how he should react if you wouldn’t choose his band. Would he be offended? Sad? Mad? After a few minutes he came to the conclusion that he didn’t care, and this is your opinion so he had to respect it even if he wouldn’t like your choice. Of course, if you would choose BTS, he would be excited, proud, happy, hyped, pleased, smiled etc. When you’d be back the first thing that he would do would be giving you the BTS merchs for biggest fan. He would still be talking about this, all in butterflies. You choosing EXO won’t affect him that much. He’d still be happy for you to be in this show and happy that you are not lying only because he is your boyfriend. When you’d be back at home, he would act mad and sad. Even when you tried to apologize to him, and say that you really like his music too, he would be like this. After a few minutes he would show you his smile and you knew that he was joking. Then he hugged you tight and said that he missed you a lot


Choosing BTS:

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Choosing EXO:

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I feel like he would be excited for you drinking  this strange saliva . He wanted you to choose drink because it would be more fun. Question was easy, to him. He was sure that you would choose his band. When the time to choose came, he sat closer to hear it better. If you would choose bird saliva he would be extremely excited and of course he would be teasing you forever about it and thoughts of you having such difficulties to choose one band would take his attention too, but not as much as the saliva. When you chose question, he would come even closer to the television, out of curiosity. Jungkook never listened to you better than now. Here is the question - which band will you choose? He would he more happier if you would choose him and not your best friend. He believed in you. Maybe your choice wouldn’t affect your relationship, but if you were to choose EXO, he can tease you and if you would like to something from him, Jungkook will be like “Ohhh. Go to your favorite group which is EXO, not BTS”. Tbh, if you choose BTS he’d still tease you (this JK peoplee, teasing king). “you think that we are that great, huh? I knew it, I knew that you’d choose us”. No matter your choice, the teasing was already waiting for you

The Boy Next Door

Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by @natasha-baggins - “Hello! Could you write this au with Jason please? “You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yardwork” and Jason has a thing for the reader? Please and thank you!“

A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind hun, sorry it took so long!! I really hope you like it!

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You had lived in Gotham all your life. It was dirty and crime-ridden and teeming with social problems, but it was familar and comforting and beautiful in the way only home could be. That was why when you finished school and offers came from Metropolis and Bludhaven and Jump City, you turned them all down in favour of Gotham University.

People called you crazy, but you didn’t care. It was a little too far from your neighbourhood to commute everyday so you’d still had to move, but it’s proximity to home meant that you could visit your mom as often as you liked. Which, admittedly, was often. Growing up it had just been you and your mom, and now that you were in college she was living on her own. You knew that she didn’t mind too much, but she had always been your number one confident and best friend, and you missed her company more than you would admit.

It was during one of your routine nightly phonecalls that she told you about her new neighbour. You were sitting at your new kitchen table (student standard, nothing to brag about) drinking hot cocoa in your pajamas.

“We have a new neighbour by the way,” “Oh yeah? Have you met them yet?” You drummed your fingers on the tabletop absently. It wasn’t an unusual statement, people were moving in and out of the house next door all the time. Apparently the roof leaked, and the landlord was a pain. The news didn’t exactly surprise you. “Mmhmm. I met him just this morning, even though he says he’s been living there for almost two weeks now I’ve never seen him before. He’s a very nice young man.. and handsome too,” You could hear the teasing tone in your mom’s voice, and groaned exaggeratedly.

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Happy Birthday Suho, I hope you enjoy your day very much ♥

‘Homesick’ A Vld Fanfiction

Prompt: Poison

Wordcount: 1216

Characters: Pidge Gunderson mostly. Everyone else pops up.

Ship: N/A

Title: Homesick

Ngl I lowkey don’t like this. I finished it all in one day, and I wasn’t feeling very inspired. That and I finished it at 1am. So apologies, I hope you like it nonetheless.  

I chose food poisoning for this? It’s also an AU, up to you really what kind, because I don’t go into the specifics. 

10:00 am:

“Breakfast.” Keith announces, striding straight into Pidge’s room - without knocking, which of course irks her. “Bacon and eggs. Greasy and unhealthy, just the way you like it.”

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Hi Pals!!

I need to take a break off of tumblr for Saturday due to being sick, turns out a flu is going around and I thought I was getting better, turns out I was very wrong, so I am not going to have a queue for Saturday, I might have a new The Revenants chapter up tomorrow if I am feeling well enough to write, so sorry my Pals!! I hope you all understand!!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Saturday!! 💕💕💕

All of the love

~ Rocky

We don’t talk anymore

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader / Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: Angstyyyyyyy

Summary: After an awful break up, both Steve and (Y/N) are ready to find love in people that are unfortunately too close to everyone. 

A/N: Not a request, I just had to. Million thanks to @thedoctorlivesthroughbooks for reading this beforehand!

“I guess this is it then…” your bottom lip trembled and bit had to tug your teeth on it to make it stop for once. “We really don’t have anything else to talk about…”

“(Y/N), no…” Steve pleaded, reaching out his hand to hold yours. “Don’t do this…” It broke his heart to think of letting you go, and the fact that you were actually taking the step tore him apart completely. He didn’t want to as much as you didn’t, but the decision was made and you didn’t want to take more time; you would have changed your mind. “Baby, I love you so much…”

“You said it yourself,” you shook your head, “we are not the same people we fell in love with… just let me go now, don’t make this harder,” you freed yourself from his grasp and turned on your heels. It was hard for you to let go of a man that had seen you fall more times than you had ever expected, and he helped you get up in each one of them.

You never looked back.

We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t talk anymore like we used to do.
We don’t love anymore,
What was all of it for?
Oh, we don’t talk anymore like we used to do.

Natasha had you against the ropes, and even though it was just training, she took it very seriously. You tapped her forearm to make her let you go and panted heavily trying to get your air back in your lungs. You propped your hands on your knees and felt the judging stare of another set of eyes. You recognized the heavy steps right away as they were approaching you from behind.

Nat gave you a meaningful look and you stood straight again. She nodded at you and you turned around to see the intruder. It was Steve. You hadn’t stopped seeing him because you were too an avenger, and you weren’t willing to quit that life just because you two had broken up. You moved on from him, and he had moved on from you… with Natasha.

Things were very awkward, and you decided to run away as fast as possible from there before it got even weirder. “I’ll see you guys later,” you waved your hand and both and jogged your way to the gym doors. You shook your head trying to push Steve away from your thoughts. Truth be told, you had really, really moved on from him, just as he had done.

You weren’t sure if you hated him or something, but you just couldn’t see him in the same way. You were not friends anymore and you preferred to keep your distance around him; Nat was the jealous type and especially when she was well aware of how important you were to him.

I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking,
you’ve been looking for.
I wish I would have known that wasn’t me.

Hey Wilson, there’s a party at the Avengers’ tower. I have no date, why don’t you come with me and be a nice lad?

That was the few words you used to tell the newest avenger to join you in your solitude. As far as you were concerned, he was single too and that was very convenient. You had set your eyes on him the very first moment you two met, and he was failing at playing it cool around you, so the setting was perfect. You’d be in your best clothing and he would do the same, so why not?

Deal, but don’t call me a lad again. We’re in fucking ‘murica, get used to it.

Cause even after all this time I still wonder
why I can’t move on
Just the way you did so easily.

You and Sam held hands throughout the night, and in the moment you least expected it, he gently leaned in to kiss you. It felt amazing, it was really all you needed. You felt a bubbly and nervous giggle when his lips parted from yours, and you had to pull him again just to let him know that it was true what you felt.

“This is good,” he whispered against your lips, “this is real good,” he cupped your face and you held on to his wrists, unaware of the person who watched the scene so attentively.

Something inside Steve broke into a million pieces; his heart most probably. Even though he was with Natasha and he was admittedly very happy next to her; he couldn’t deny that he still had some strong feelings for you and you had been the most important woman in his new life.

Don’t wanna know
what kind of dress you’re wearing tonight,
if he’s holding onto you so tight,
the way I did before.

He saw how you two danced together, and how Sam held on to your waist and how you seemed to melt in his arms. You looked so different now to his eyes, it was a whole new (Y/N), but you were still the same person he had fallen in love with and that he couldn’t forget.

That night he wished he had stopped you from breaking up with him; he wished he had said something to make you change your mind, but there he was, with a broken and sinking heart, watching how you finally slipped away from him in someone else’s arms.

I overdosed,
should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

He shook his head and turned around to look for Nat who eagerly received him in her slim arms. Steve danced the night away with her just to try to forget about you and Sam, because he knew damn well that he couldn’t.

I just hope you’re lying next to somebody
who knows how to love you like me.
There must be a good reason that you’re gone.

You went to the bar for a well-deserved drink. You had danced with Sam almost all night and you were not used to such prowess. Your dates with Steve included watching movies and making out at home, nothing that involved that much movement. As you waited, your ex showed up to ask for a beer too. An awkward silence invaded the scene, even though the music was extremely loud.

“So… you and Sam…” he started. You turned your head to him and nodded nervously; you weren’t aware that he had seen you and you weren’t sure if you feel guilty or not. “He’s a good guy, but I didn’t know you liked him…”

“It just happened, I guess,” you shrugged. “So, how are things with Nat? She must be looking for you,” you looked around to see if she was indeed, but she was dancing with Sam; they were really good friends. “Oh, she’s dancing with Sam.”

“We haven’t talked in a while… I mean, properly.”

“I know—” you shook your head and rubbed your temples—“and I’m sorry, because we’re mates, and we’re on the same team and everything but… I just don’t know what to say…”

“It’s not your fault, (Y/N)…” he assured you, taking his hand to your shoulder and lingering just a second before he quickly pulled away. “I should man-up and say something, I’m the one who’s almost a hundred years old,” he chuckled, and you couldn’t help but to do it too. It had been so long since you two laughed together so naturally.

“I’m really glad you found Nat,” you said in an absent minded voice, “she really loves you…”

“She’s good,” he nodded, just as absent as you were.

Every now and then I think you
might want me to come show up at your door,
but I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong.

“Yeah, so is Sam…” you replied, “but he’s nothing like you, Steve. I love you, I still do, and I don’t think I can ever forget you. Can we please try to go back to what we were? We can find ourselves again, or we could fall with who we are now, but please don’t let this die. I can’t bear the feeling of being without you…”

The music still blasted loudly, and everything that was in your head was the sound of the words you’d never say. You saw Steve walking away as both Nat and Sam walked closer to you; the last one walked a few steps more just to wrap you in a warm embrace that could almost fix your broken heart together.

Don’t wanna know
if you’re looking into her eyes,
if she’s holding onto you so tight the way I did before.

But there they were; Steve and Nat held one another as if their lives depended on it. You cupped Sam’s face, pulling him closer to your lips. You did like him, your feelings for him were real, but so were your feelings for Steve. It was like having your heart torn into two people, two very different people.

I overdosed,
should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

You shook your head and looked at Sam; you could’ve sworn he had heart eyes just by looking at you. In the end, it would all get better in time, for all of you.

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How would Sans and papyrus react to accidentally making their S/O upset by snapping at them or saying or doing something really hurtful out of anger, and their S/O runs off and shuts themselves in their room crying. (For UT, US, UF, and SF,)

UT!Sans: Sans works a lot of jobs and sometimes it gets a little stressful. He snapped at you for telling him that he should get some food and rest and shit shit shit he didn’t mean to make you so upset. He’ll leave you alone in your room while he beats himself up for being so mean. You were just trying to look out for him. Eventually he’ll get your favorite food or snack and try and coax you out of your room. He could teleport in, but he doesn’t want to invade on your privacy. When you finally let him in he’s just going to pull you to him and apologize. You’re important to him and you made a good point in what you said, he had no right to act so harsh. Your concern is valid, he has been working himself to the bone lately. He’ll make a big show out of eating something (kinda) healthy. Then he’ll let you drag him off to bed and make sure that he gets some rest. He’s very affectionate in a way to make up for himself.

UT!Papyrus: One thing that really annoys him is laziness. If you’re the kind of person who leaves stuff laying around when you’re tired it’s going to really annoy him. But he likes you so he doesn’t want to say anything. It builds up under a long time and then suddenly he has a really bad day and he comes home to your things just thrown around the house and WHAT THE HECK HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO PICK UP YOUR STUFF?!? He regrets it as soon as he says it. And he feels even worse when he sees the tears start to well up in your eyes as you scramble off the couch and into your room. He feels so terrible and he doesn’t know how to console you so he just picks up your things and puts them in a pile on the couch. There really weren’t a lot of stuff if he’s honest, and he doesn’t know why it made him snap. He hand’t even told you that if was something that annoyed him. He’s going to knock on your door and gently apologize. Then he’ll come in and put the stuff away in their right place. When he’s done he’s going to hug you and apologize even more. He is very sorry for making you upset. He doesn’t like messes but he’s okay with a few things laying around, maybe you could compromise? The rest of the evening is spent cooking dinner and talking more about things that the both of you feel the other should know.

UF!Sans: When Sans is in a grumpy mood he is not fun to be around. Combined with Papyrus nagging at him he’s a ball of repressed anger. He’s going to be low-key aggressive and he can’t take it out on Boss, so unfortunately you might be the output for his anger sometimes. Most of the time it’s just harmless remarks and a lot of sarcasm. It’s not really mean and you both know that he doesn’t mean anything with it. But sometimes when he’s really f*cking tired and you’ve done something to really annoy him he will snap at you. He can be very mean when pushed enough. When he realizes what he’s done though, all the anger is replaced with an oh shit feeling. You’ve locked yourself in your room and he can hear you sniffle trying to be quiet. Now he’s even more mad, but at himself. He’ll leave to destroy some shit into oblivion to get rid of it. When he gets back home he’ll text you from the living room until you come out so he can apologize. After that he doesn’t bring it up again. He’s just trying to focus on being on his best behavior for the rest of the evening.

UF!Papyrus: He nags on you a lot, to be honest. Small things like cleaning up after yourself or not doing a task well enough. He means well, it’s actually because he’s worried about you but sometimes he’s a little harsh. Sometimes he doesn’t even notice that he’s doing it, or that what he said might’ve been a little mean. If it ever gets bad enough that you lock yourself into your room and cry. Well it’s a wake up call for him. He looks back on how he has been acting towards you and he realizes he never gives you any damn breaks. He knocks on your door and formally apologizes. He doesn’t like admitting that he’s done something wrong, but you’re more important to him than his pride. So he eases up on the nagging. Compliments don’t come naturally to him, but he makes an effort in showing you what he likes about you. You’re his s/o, that can only mean you’re the very best.

US!Papyrus: Papyrus is the kind of person who teases others to no end. He knows exactly how to get on your nerves. If you’re a smart mouth like him, you’re gonna have the funniest and most sarcastic conversations you could ever dream of. It’s all wonderful, except sometimes he doesn’t know when to quit. In the beginning of your relationship he didn’t take your ’’stop’’ seriously. First time he actually made you so upset you cried he freaked out. He learned his lesson. After apologizing he took you down town and spoiled you rotten. Anything you looked at in a store he’d buy you, even if you told him that you didn’t really need it. This is still his go to move whenever he f*cks up. It’s not that he’s trying to buy your affection, but he wants to make sure that you knows he loves you.

US!Sans: As I said before, Sans’ mood goes up and down. He’s happy most of the time, but when he’s sad he’s devastated and when he’s angry he is mad. He’s not an aggressive person and he’d never hurt you or anyone else out of anger. But if he’s pushed enough, it aint a pretty sight. He doesn’t like people criticizing him, even if it’s justified. And you’re his s/o. If you’re criticizing a decision he’s made, or an order he gave someone in the guard, it really bothers him. He doesn’t want to hear that from you and he gets sort of desperate in a way. Sometimes, if he’s holding a glass or something he might actually throw it to the ground and tell you to do a better job yourself. It’s his way of stopping the situation from escalating further. When he realizes that he actually scared you though, he’s even more devastated. He didn’t mean to scare you, never ever ever. He apologizes and then makes the two of you have a long talk and at the end, both of you feels a lot better. To apologize  even further he takes you out on a date. He goes all the way and somehow manages to plan the perfect night out, he’s quite the romantic when he wants to be.

SF!Sans: This guy does a lot of crazy things that could drive anyone to tears. He wants to be better than everyone else, it’s just the way he is. And sometimes that backfires on him and makes him subconsciously push you down. He kind of assumes that you know how great you are, you’re his s/o after all. He wouldn’t ever date someone who wasn’t first class, and neither should you. It’s simple logic. So he can afford to be a little mean, right? When he notices that he pushed the line too far he doesn’t know what to do. Part of him wants to just leave you alone and try and forget that he made you so upset. Fortunately he is smart enough to not listen to that part. To apologize he goes all out on everything. Gets you the best food in town and becomes your servant for the week. He needs to show you how you deserve to be treated.

SF!Papyrus: He gets some low points every now and then where he will doubt himself a lot. He doesn’t think he deserves you, and he doesn’t want to keep you in a relationship where you’re pulling all the weight. You deserve so much better than that. So he drinks a bit to much and decides that he have to make you leave, for your own best. And stupidly enough, the only thing his drunken mind can think of is to say so many hurtful things he can until you’ll hate him. He’s throwing insults at you until he finally gets you to break down and leave. He does the same, and when he wakes up the next day he feels like total crap. Hurting you unintentionally makes him hate himself and this is making him sick with self loathing and hate. He’s so f*cking stupid and he knows that you don’t want him anywhere near you right now. But he figures that he owes you an explanation and a huge apology. If you do forgive him, you’re kind of going to have to help each other. He’s still at his low point and ironically he needs reassurance from you. He’s not leaving your side though, that’s for sure. Constant cuddling and affection lies ahead.

“Well I’m not the bouncer but I do have a say on who stays and who goes,“ the vampire explained; The Sanatorium was almost finished with its renovations, with only the second floor in need of repairs. It didn’t matter however as the basement and the ground floor bars were in full operation. “So, do we have a problem here?”

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Promnis Prompt: Fever

Promnised Prompt Night #18: Fever

Noun: An abnormally high body temperature, usually accompanied by shivering, headache, and in severe instances, delirium.

Verb: To bring about a high body temperature or a state of nervous excitement in (someone).

(Note: Watch me visibly restrain myself from writing a super-long fic about Band AU boys okay.)

The show is long and gruelling, and it’s only a metric ton of cold medicine and weed that keeps Prompto semi-vertical through the haze of his flu. The show seems to stretch into forever. Bass in hand, propped against the back of the stage, Prompto pulls a performance from the depths of his ass.

When the frontman – Noctis – shouts a firm, “Good night Altissia!” he staggers off the stage and collapses into the nearest toilet.

“Dude, you do not look good,” Crowe comments from the sink where she touches up her eyeliner. The cramped backstage restroom sits them a bare few inches apart, walls covered in crude graffiti and a few sloppy autographs that might be worth something. “Too bad we can’t find a backup. What’s the deal, by the way? Nyx said you weren’t going to be driving up with us.”

Prompto shakes his head weakly, trying not to shiver at the sensation of vomit trailing down his chin. “Noct has a friend in the area I’m gonna crash with. She’s gonna take me to the airport at the end of the week. I’ll meet you guys in Lestallum.”

“Noctis? Friends?” Crowe gasps in mock alarm. “And here I thought you were the only lucky soul.”

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Making Me Blush

Requested: yes

Description: “you always make me blush so damn Much” with Ukai and Kuroo.

Originally posted by fujiiwara

Ukai was sitting at the shop flipping through a volleyball magazine when she walked in. The woman lived right down the road and was in every couple days, sometimes more, (y/n) was her name. She would always stop and talk to him for a while when she had the time. Ukai had to admit he had a bit of a crush on the young woman. She was always buying the strangest items though and sometimes he wondered if she was doing it on purpose. He couldn’t help but blush a little, even it was immature of him. Like the time she bought four boxes of extra large condoms, but then came in the next day buying small ones. Or when she came up asking if he sold any lube. The next day she bought five sticks of butter and set them down with a wink. Plus it seems like she only buys her feminine products here. Every month she comes in for a box of tampons and a package of pads. He even knew what he favorite brand was now! 

(y/n) approached the counter with her few items and set them down with a smile. Two large cucumbers, a pack of condoms and vegetable oil. “Hello Ukai.”

“Hey (y/n).” He eyed her products suspiciously. That’s it. He was going to say something. “Is your goal when shopping here to make me blush?”

“What?” she asked confused.

“You make me blush so damn much! You are always buying condoms and other weird shit to go with.” He argued. She simply started laughing. “What is so funny?”

“I was just trying to be more memorable. Maybe get you to notice me a bit more.” She confessed.

“And buying large about of condoms was your solution?” He huffed.

“I mean it worked, didn’t it? I got your attention?” She simply shrugged.

“Well that is true.” He chuckled. “So what do you say we go out sometime? You deserve a drink after all your hard work.”

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Kuroo walked up to his girlfriend’s locker and leaned right up against it so there was barely no space between them. He could feel her tense slightly. “Hey babe.”

“Kuroo.” She greeted, turning slightly to face him. She had a small blush painting her cheeks. “We are in public. What are you doing?”

“Just saying hi. Is that a crime?” He smirked before kissing her cheek, the blush darkening. She sent him a small glare before heading off to class, knowing exactly what game he was playing.

As the day went on Kuroo did anything he could to gain physical contact with you. He would grab your hand, hug you randomly, and keep an arm around you. he also kept up on constantly calling you pet names. You tried as hard as you could to keep a neutral face but you knew you were failing. 

You were walking to your club activities when you felt a hand grab your ass. You spun around to be face to face with kuroo who was grinning like a cat. “Hey baby.”

“What the hell?!” You growled out. 

“Just showing some affection. Is that so wrong?” He grinned.

“You need to stop this.” You huffed.

“I don’t know what you are talking about?” he shrugged. “Well I have to get off to practice. See you later.”

After your club got out you went to wait for kuroo like everyday. He came out and snaked an arm around your waist and pressed a kiss to your temple. “Hey babe.” 

“Damn it kuroo!” You exclaimed.

“Whoa, what’s wrong?” He looked genuinely shocked.

“You always make me blush so damn much!!” You huff. Kuroo just laughed in response.

“I know babe. I love it.”

All About That Mace
Sarah Casauria
All About That Mace

So I had a spurt of inspiration whilst singing in the shower earlier, and decided to write some lyrics to All About That Bass, but the Holy Trinity version. Hope you guys like it!
(Collage edit credit goes to

ALL ABOUT THAT MACE (A song about Holy Trinity ships)

Because you know I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace, I ship it
I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace, I ship it
I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace, I ship it
I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace

Yeah it’s pretty clear, my OTP’s are few
But I can ship it, ship it, like I’m supposed to do

‘Cause they got that boom boom that all the fans chase
And all the right love in all the right places

I see them fanfictions, workin’ that plot twist shock
We know that stuff ain’t real, but please never stop

If your fics are fluffy, fluffy, let’s raise ‘em up 
'Cause every word from you is perfect from the bottom to the top

And Trinititties tell you Izanami makes you cry
Some say fans like a little more Hartsquared to read at night

There are so many gifs of my ships but I must stay strong
If you think shipping is bad you can go ‘head and move along

Because you know I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace, I ship it
I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace, I ship it
I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace, I ship it
I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace

We’re bringing Hartbig back
Go ‘head and tell them Grester shippers that
No, I’m just playin’, I don’t want combat
'Cause I’m here to tell you every OTP is perfect from the bottom to the top

And Trinititties tell you Izanami makes you cry
Some say fans like a little more Swarto to read at night

There are so many gifs of my ships but I must stay strong
If you think shipping is bad you can go ‘head and move along

Because you know I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace, I ship it
I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace, I ship it
I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace, I ship it
I’m all about that Mace, ‘bout that Mace (x3)

Long Time No Seen

Request-So I’d like to request an imagine in which Dean and Sam have a little sister that they were separated from when they were little, but then were reunited with after she heard that Ellen was close with the Winchester boys. So she drove straight to the bar and asked Ellen to call them for her 

Word Count- 890

tag- @evyiione

A/n-So I changed the request slightly so the reader has never met Ellen I hope that is okay :) Also as my birthday treat to you all if you didn’t know I’m uploading the next part to “That Boy Is A Monster,” on Monday when it’s my birthday and it may or may not be dramatic lol catch up now! :)

That Boy Is A Monster: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Take that you son of a bitch.” You say glaring at the beheaded vampire. Looking around to see any more you sighed when there was no one left. So after hiding the bodies you got in your crappy car and started to drive. You lived a lonely life, never knowing who your true Mom or Dad was. All you knew was your name was (Y/n) Winchester and you were adopted when you were little. As far as you knew you didn’t have any brothers or sisters. You were too lazy to research your family tree, you only researched for hunts. Hunting defiantly wasn’t your choice. But when your foster parents got attacked by some werewolf you wanted revenge. After you completed your first hunt alone only at 15 you didn’t turn back.

As you drove down a dusty road a road house came into view. Slowing down you saw what the sign said. “Harvelles Road House.” The name felt familiar until it clicked. Sometimes when you met up with other hunters they told you about the place, but you never went. You didn’t like the idea of making new friends. It was basically where all hunters go to drink. So deciding you deserved a few drinks and hopefully some pie you turned in and parked.

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The Honeymoon| Sanami June Bride 2017|

When Nami opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Sanji’s face. Looking directly at her.

Ohmygod” she screamed, and she almost jumped from the bed, stepping away from him “Do you want to kill your wife on the very first day of marriage?”

Sanji laughed and stepped closer to her, embracing her in a hug. “I just can’t help but to stare at you. You look so peaceful in your sleep.”

“If I had known you would be such a creep I wouldn’t have married you.” She teased him, breaking the hug. “Now get up already, it’s getting late.”

“Who cares?” Sanji grabbed her by the arm, refusing to let go. “It’s our honeymoon.”

Nami sighed. “I know it is, but we can’t be in bed all the time.”

“Why not?” Sanji asked her, giving her the best impression of her puppy eyes. “There are plenty things to do in bed.”

Nami let out a laugh, but freed herself from Sanji’s gaze. “You already showed me that last night. And don’t give me that look, we knew what we were signing up to. It’s not easy to have a honeymoon in a ship with our crewmates.”

Before Sanji could try to convince her, they heard a knock on the door.

“You horny monsters, are you done?” It was obviously Zoro. Sanji chuckled and Nami rolled her eyes, but none of them responded. “Whatever, Luffy is hungry. And Usopp said there’s an island in sight, so…”

By the time they dressed up and opened the door, Zoro was already gone. Sanji gave Nami a slight kiss in the nose, and she wrinkled it.

“I’ll see you later. And don’t worry, we’ll have our honeymoon.” She assured him.

“Where?” He asked. He had always thought The Sunny was a big ship, but it certainly wasn’t big enough for privacy, or so it seemed.

“There” Nami said, pointing the island. Usopp was yelling “land ahoy!” from behind, and they both smiled. “There has to be somewhere where we can escape from everything else, right?”

“Like a hotel room?” he proposed, with a flirty smile.

“I hate to say this, but Zoro is right. You are a horny monster” she laughed, and left Sanji with a furious expression in his face.

The crew finally arrived to the island, and to their delight, this time it didn’t seem like anything was about to eat them, or anyone was about to fight them. The palms, the sun and the light breeze were the culmination of that peaceful sensation, something that they weren’t used to feeling.

“How could there be no marines in the coast?” Chopper asked, looking around. The only thing he could see besides the sand was a big building in the distance. People were walking, swimming or just sunbathing without any apparent worry.

“Are we dead and we’ve gotten to paradise?” Usopp gulped, his eyes trying to catch every single detail that his mind could process.

“If we were dead we would be in hell, don’t you think?” Robin laughed with her characteristic grin “It’s a pirate’s life we’ve earned.”

“Whatever this place is, I’m just so happy to be here” Sanji cried, bringing down to his knees. “It’s paradise.”

“And who should you all thank?” Nami said, stepping in front of her crew, that now were looking at her, expectant for her answer “Obviously the best navigator ever, me! I had it all planned.”

“So this means…” Sanji started, and Nami joined him for the second phrase “Honeymoon mode on!” They high-fived each other, and Luffy and Franky did the same.

“I don’t get it” Luffy said later, when they were on their way to the building Nami described as a resort “Why did we high-five?”

Nami rolled her eyes before answering him. “Leave it, Luffy. We don’t want your brain injured after a long session of thinking.”

“Okay” Luffy responded, not catching the navigator’s sarcasm. “Usopp, Chopper, Franky and I are going to the amusement park, bye!”

“I’m leaving too” Zoro announced with a chuckle “It’s better to do some workout than to watch you sickling lovebirds making out.”

“Don’t come back!” Sanji waved him goodbye, and Nami punched him softly in the chest. “What? I just want a private time with my wife, and not seeing that shitty marimo ever again. It’s not that much to ask, right?”

“Well that’s our cue to leave” Robin said, taking Brook with her. Soon enough, Sanji and Nami found themselves alone, just like they wanted.

“Now that we’ve gotten rid of them, what should we do first, my beloved wife?” Sanji asked Nami, pulling her closer to him so he could place a kiss on her cheek.

“I was thinking that since I brought the bikini you gave me we could hit the pool” she said with a devious smile “What do you think?”

As a response, Sanji lifted her up and carried her bridal style. “I think let’s go now” he said, starting to run.

Already at the pool, they couldn’t get their hands off each other. Luckily, they weren’t the only ones to do so: the whole place was filled with couples doing the exact same thing.

“What is this place?” Sanji asked her between kisses. Nami stopped him right away, and focused in her answer. She would often get too distracted by him for her brain to actually think, although she loved it.

“It’s a resort, I told you. Mainly for couples in love, couples with children and even couples who are struggling with getting a divorce or not. It comes in the pamphlet, see?” she handed him a piece of paper, and he read it carefully.

“Sounds appropriate.” He just said, before starting to kiss her again.

“Wait” she said, making him stop right away. “I’ll get us a bottle of cold champagne. I’m sure I could get us a discount.”

With a wink of her eye and a turn over her heels, she left him waiting for her return. She moved with confidence, like she owned the place. She felt good, self-assured. In fact, she felt better than ever. The wedding turned out to be such a blast, she was officially married to the man she loved and she had planned the best honeymoon ever. Now that she thought of it, she really was awesome.

“Excuse me, mister” she called the waiter, with a brilliant smile. The day couldn’t get any better, but a glass of champagne had never done any damage. “Can I get the best champagne you have? You see, we’re on a celebration.”

“Of course you are!” the waiter told her, clearly exited. She frowned and looked directly at him, confused. Was that how the staff was supposed to react normally? She didn’t think so. Looking around, she couldn’t see any other clients getting that treatment.

“Sorry, miss Nami” the waiter said, noticing her awkwardness. However, it only made things worse: how the hell did he know her name? “I… You’re Nami, right? The cat burglar, now married to black leg Sanji?”

Nami blinked twice, and slowly nodded. “How do you know that?”

“Well it was in the news. Everyone saw it. You even appeared on some big screens, and, if you ask me, you looked gorgeous.”

The waiter kept talking about how beautiful the ceremony looked and that he never thought a pirate wedding could ever be so classy, yet so funny. He even called it “the best of the century”, which Nami thought it was a little bit exaggerated. Still, she found his excitement funny, and for once, she was recognized for something more than being in Luffy’s crew. It was a nice feeling, being somehow famous. And, even better, she knew how to take advantage of that.

“Look, Brian” she said, reading the waiter’s name in his label. “I really appreciate your enthusiasm and that you loved the wedding so much, but I’m really thirsty right now, and I feel tired after all that big ceremony. Could you bring that champagne I was talking about before?”

“Well of course!” Brian assured, and rushed to the bar. In less than a minute, he was holding a cold bottle and two glasses already. “And don’t worry about the cost, it’s on the house.”

Nami let out the biggest smile she could make and flipped her hair. “Thank you! You didn’t have to!”

When she was walking out, she heard Brian’s voice again. “Sanji is so lucky to have you!”

“Damn right he is” she said, stepping outside again. However, she didn’t found her lucky husband waiting for her at the pool, but two men fighting. And one of them was Sanji, naturally.

“What the hell are you doing?” she shouted him, and he turned around to face her. “Stop that stupid fight of yours!”

“This man just insulted us! He said our wedding was ridiculous and that pirates shouldn’t be allowed to get married, how can I let this pass?” he told her, his eyes still cold from the stare he was giving the man in front of him.

The man, apparently drunk, shouted back. “Pirates getting married is just a waste of time. Sooner or later one is going to be executed, as should be. And then the other would marry someone else, because you pirates don’t have a sense of honor… I’m sure you only did it for show. Pirates can’t love.”

Nami let out a deep breath. She was still holding the champagne, so she left it on the ground.

“Honey” she called Sanji, and he turned to face her with a smile. He knew what she was going to say next, and he could recognize what that little but devious smile meant in her face. “Beat this asshole.”

With the man so drunk he struggled to move and Nami’s cheers and claps supporting Sanji, the fight ended almost as soon as it had begun.

“Repeat that words again and it will be my wife who will finish you off” he spitted to the man lying on the floor. Then, Sanji turned to see Nami’s happy smile, and she threw herself into his arms.

“That was great. But no more fighting, please.” She said, with her signature puppy eyes. He couldn’t escape now. Not that he wanted to, anyway. “Just me, and you, and our free bottle of champagne.”

“Your plans are always the best” he said, kissing her. “But I still wonder how that man could find out about our wedding.”

“Well, as the brilliant mind I am, I know the answer to that” she whispered, “but I can tell you all about it when we’ve had our deserved drinks.”

“As you wish, love” he told her, pouring the champagne into the glasses and serving one of them to Nami. “To my perfect wife, who planned the perfect honeymoon. Cheers!”

“Cheers!” she laughed, before starting to tell him her little experience with a waiter called Brian and the biggest wedding of the century.

Author note: Wow. This was such an experience. It has been a challenge since I had to do it in such a short time, but it was a blast! I hope you liked it as much as I did!

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Ummmm 28 and lilourry please :)

(this is basically won’t get to space if you haven’t got a rocket verse)

“I don’t care that it’s 2:00 am, we need pie.” Louis folded his arms and sat down in the middle of Liam’s living room floor. “Or a sausage roll. Oh my god, we need fucking steak bakes.” He tried to stand up. “Gotta get to Greggs.”

Liam put a hand on his shoulder, and gently shoved Louis down onto the sofa. “It’s two in the morning. Greggs is closed.”

“Don’t care,” Louis said. He’d had a lovely evening all by himself with a lovely bottle of tequila and some lovely lemons and some less lovely salt and now he was perfecting his best mutinous face because Liam wouldn’t let him go to Greggs for a steak bake. “Where’s Harry? Harry would let me go to Greggs.”

“Greggs is still closed,” Liam sat down next to him and tucked his hand into Louis’s. “I’m sorry you were all by yourself tonight.”

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Pairing: Shizaya
Theme: movement

Shizuo had an odd habit that Izaya realized only once it was too late.

He never asked Izaya to move.

Not that Izaya was ever in the way often (because Izaya was usually the one busying himself around,) but Shizuo had never asked ‘can you move aside for a bit?’

If he needed to get past him, he’d just wait until Izaya realized he was in the way to step aside.

If he needed the pillow Izaya was using, he’d just stare at him.

If he needed something Izaya was sitting on, he’d try to slowly pull at it until Izaya snapped at him to cut it out.

It had surprised Shizuo but he scratched the back of his head and mumbled an apology and was quick to take the small ruler that he needed to return to Akane.

And from then on, Shizuo’s odd habit was resolved. It wasn’t as if the habit was that awful of one to have; rather, Izaya just hated feeling like he was in the way and the fact that Shizuo wouldn’t tell him and just leave him in that position made him more annoyed. He could handle Shizuo’s cigarette ashes dusting his cheeks occasionally when his head was in Shizuo’s lap. He could handle Shizuo’s milk overtaking half the refrigerator. And he could even handle the blond’s inherent messiness, the way clothes were strewn about and everywhere.

But being in the way for longer than needed, Izaya couldn’t handle.

The next time Shizuo needed something, Izaya could see him approaching from the edge of the room and pretended to continue reading, waiting for him to ask. But instead of words, Izaya felt strong arms slip under his knees and shoulder, picking him up.

Red eyes were wide and the book was raised suddenly to cover his face as he was placed in another couch and picked up again to be returned to his original position after a bit.

“Is that better?” Shizuo asked, not noticing Izaya’s blush.