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Can we please discuss Jon seeing Dany and her children in action for the first time? What were his thoughts then? My favorite was Jon shoving Tormund out of the way so he could get a front row view of his boo.

I think Jon couldn’t believe that she actually came to save him. We all know that Jon is absurdly humble. The man has no idea how perfect he is and that literally everyone loves him. 

So when he said, “You won’t have to deal with the King in the North anymore” in 7.05 I think our poor smol was only half joking. Despite her painfully obvious pining and heart eyes, I think Jon didn’t really know then that she was romantically interested in him. I also think that a small part of him might have still thought that he was a threat in her eyes since he still hadn’t officially sworn fealty when they parted ways. 

But then she came, in spite of everything. In spite of how much of a long shot it was for Gendry to make it to Eastwatch in time. How difficult it would be for her to find them flying in a place she’s never seen, in a SNOWSTORM she’s never felt, RIGHT in the moment that they needed her most. 

That moment right before the fire came over his shoulder gutted me because you could see Jon slowly accepting that they were all going to die, just like he did in BotB until the men of the Vale showed up. He was just so upset. And he was angry, too. Angry at the WW and at himself I think because he always blames himself. 

But then she came, and I really think that he was genuinely surprised. Because I know he trusted in her some or he wouldn’t have sent Gendry. But I’m not sure he ever believed it would all work out. 

And then not only does she arrive but she comes IN STYLE with ALL THREE dragons. She only brought Drogon to fight an ARMY. But she brought all three to save Jon. I think that alone demonstrates her devotion, how she was willing to risk it all for him. 

And then to top it all off she is looking absolutely the most beautiful we have ever seen her look, EVER. So Jon is just amazed that 

1. The Dragon Queen doesn’t want to be rid of him. Quite the opposite. 

2. She is an absolute badass to the core and he vastly underestimated how sexy it would be to see her riding Drogon into battle. 

3. She is so beautiful that she’s an actual angel, a snow princess, the reason “Seasons of My Love” was composed, etc. 

4. She isn’t vicious, she isn’t power-hungry, she isn’t selfish, and her dragons aren’t just weapons. The quote from Tyrion is true–”She protects people from monsters, just as [he does.]”

I think this is when Jon realized his feelings for her. And then waking up to her face, waking up to see that not only did she wait by his bedside but she is visibly distraught and just desperate for his recovery … that’s when he fell. Hard.

general study tips

this is just a quick list of study habits that work for me, as a straight a’s student

1. even if it’s not in your teacher’s presentation written on a slide, if you hear your teacher mention a fact, WRITE IT DOWN. you might need it later for a test.

2. when you’re rewriting your notes/compiling a study guide, pretend you’re making it for someone else. include everything, even if you think you know it. (unless you’re low on time, in which case, just write what you don’t know)

3. when you’re trying to learn a new concept, pretend you’re teaching it to someone else. this is a form of active learning, and the act of breaking the concept down into steps that you can teach will improve your understanding of the concept. (for the longest time, i actually didn’t even know this was an actual study technique, because i’ve always done it subconsciously!)

4. don’t over color your notes!! if you really need a key for all the colors, then you’re using way too many. try to stick with 2-3 pens/pencils. for me, i write most of my notes in black ink or pencil and i write the important concepts i might need to find quickly later (such as vocabulary) in red or blue pen.

5. have your water bottle next to you (so you remember to stay hydrated; this makes focusing easier as well), as well as any other things you might need during a study session so you don’t have to keep getting up to get stuff (which is pretty distracting for me as i’m easily sidetracked).

6. make it a habit to write lists of everything you need to do by the end of the weekend (or the end of that day, depending on how much work you have). this’ll help you familiarize yourself with your tasks so you have a clear plan of what needs to get done.

7. (not really necessary, just something i like to do!) learn to eat with your non-dominant hand so you can eat and take notes and turn pages w/out ripping them instead of scrolling through social media. keep in mind that sometimes, meal times are for taking your mind off school so unless you’re really pressed for time, it’s not a huge deal if you spend this time w/passive reading, texting friends, etc.

8. when you’re assigned a research project, COME UP WITH A THESIS FIRST so you know what to research. try to get all your research done within the first two days or so, to have more time to plan out how you’re going to structure it. then get your draft done (something is better than nothing) so you can revise at your own pace instead of rushing at the last minute.

9. prioritize your homework!! as someone who spends hours fencing and even misses school for fencing tournaments, is part of symphonic band, and on the robotics team (build season is suuuuuper busy), i can’t express how important this is!! if you have math first period, get that done first, whereas if you have math last period, you can do it at lunch and spend your time working on something that’s due in the morning. don’t do this all the time, but if you need to, know which teachers are more strict with due dates so if you really do need an extension, you’ll be asking the least strict teacher and will have much better chances of getting said extension.

10. if you study at home like me, change into new clothes (comfy clothes, but not pajamas) before cracking open your textbooks. it’ll help make you feel more refreshed and ready to start your homework, but not confined to uncomfortable uniforms from school. tie up your hair, if it’s long. try to study at a table/desk rather than in bed (for sleeping not studying) or on the floor (bad for your posture).

11. check out this post for productive things you can do when you aren’t studying, but still want to be productive!

hope these helped some of you!!

xoxo, sal

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Hello! Hope you're having a good day, and all the cats (fictitious and real) are well! I just have a weird question, which in terms of comic I completely understand if you can't answer, but here goes: if/when a character dies in the comic, would you stop drawing them in mini-comics/side art as well? Again, if this edges into spoiler-y terrain, please disregard this question :-)

So many of the illustrations and mini-comics deal with the characters’ pasts, I don’t see any reason I’d cease drawing them altogether. (I suppose I’d come to miss them too much otherwise.)

Guess what? I’m back!

So turns out….I was probably a little depressed. I don’t want anyone to think that I am making light of that fact if you are experiencing any of those emotions yourself. It’s just how I deal with hard topics. I make light of it or use sarcasm to lighten the load on me. 

I made some life changes…hopefully taking more positive steps, and I am soaking up as much time as I can with Gemma. I still have a hell of a long way to go, but I am going forward. I think, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. But I will save most of these musings for my mommy blog lol…the point is that I freaking missed the hell out of Tumblr…and I want to come back. 

If you guys let me that is :D. Pleaseeeee!

Much love, 


i’m in a Mood so, detroit fam shenanigans:

  • phichit: wears high heels so he can reach the top shelf because he’s a strong independent who don’t need no man
  • also phichit: climbs yuuri and celestino to reach anything eye level and above
  • *get lost driving in the middle of nowhere* phichit: so yuuri can you call the woodland creatures here to take us back home now?
  • phichit comes to detroit before he’s 18 and yuuri 100% rubs it in his face
    • “as the only adult present here-”
    • celestino: *stares into the camera*
  • yuuri pours espressos in tea to deal with mornings, phichit mixes monsters into coffee to withstand all nighters
  • yuuri and phichit flip between “old man ciao ciao” and “supreme immortal coach”
    • “don’t carry that box ciao ciao, it’s too heavy!! you’ll crush your bones!!!!”
    • “hey can you come lift a car for me? this fucker can’t park-”
  • yuuri lifts all the weights so that he can pick up the Big Doggos
  • “that’s why his hair’s so big, it’s full of secrets”
  • constantly make fun of the us, but also drove 7 hours just to visit the lincoln watermelon monument

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i have a questions about jimothy, when you say horse sized, what do you mean? if it stood next to your average horse, would its head go to the same height as the horses shoulders or the horses head, pr something else? is the highest point of jimothys back shoulder height/back height for the horse or head height? does it weigh as much as a horse? these are all very different heights!! also can i buy it one of those buckets of craft beads, with like 5000 pieces. how many teeth would that be worth?

These are Good And Valid Questions. Its shoulders (while its hands/front legs are on the ground) are level with those of a horse; while standing on its hind legs it is a great deal taller. For its spindly appearance it is extremely dense (maybe all the teeth???). And that would be enough teeth for a moderately long necklace, which you will in later years tell people are shark teeth and feel like that’s not quite right. Why are you still wearing a necklace of teeth, anyway. Why can’t you take it off. It’s so heavy.

just wanted to remind you all that i’m human too, i know a lot of my personal posts seem like they’re for a general audience but most of those are written for me, by me. i’m dealing with my own issues and i’m trying to survive. there’s a real person behind this blog even if none of you have seen my face or know my name, apart from my positive posts, i’m trying to survive too. i’m not trying to say that you can’t use those posts to help or that no one can access them it’s just, i know it may seem like i’m an optimist but oftentimes i’m very very far from that

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Buck is dedicated to cuddles while sleeping. It's your period and you don't want to be near anyone. It's all about you at this time though, so he tries to deal with it. He fails. 'Babe. Can't sleep, please come closer.' 'No, Buck.' 'Please love, just put your leg over me, just one.' 'You're like a fucking stray cat, give in one time and you're always back for more.' 'I know, babe, m'sorry.' You can't say no to him really, so you roll over and throw your thigh across his legs.

awww no this made me feel back for Buck :(

Tender Tuesday™


Jacobina: “Oh, just what you thought about me moving out when I turn 18. I think I want to move to San Myshuno…”

Penny: “That far? Have you told mum and dad?”

Jacobina: “Not yet… It’s not that big a deal is it? It’s like 2 hours on a train, that’s not insane.”

Penny: “Mum hates big cities, you know that right?”

Jacobina: “I do, but I just want to be there for a bit, you know? See what all the fuss is about. You moved to Newcrest! I can always move home.”

Penny: “Newcrest is 40 minutes away, it’s not as crazy far. And you can move home if there’s a home to go back to. Mum and dad aren’t getting any younger.”

Jacobina: “Wilf will stay with him. He’s a home bird.” 

Penny: “Jake…” 

Daily Reminder That

You really shouldn’t hate medical professionals who deal with transgender shit, and the medicalisation of being trans. Dysphoria is a thing that exists, my dudes. We can think we’re trans all we want, but if doctors say we aren’t, they’re most likely right, and for the best if they are.
Do y'all have any idea what it’s like to go on hormones and shit, when you’re not trans? That’ll give you the dysphoria you didn’t have previously.
And please, don’t demedicalise transgender, it’s the only reason basically all of us are able to pay for transition at all! If it ain’t medical, it’d classified as cosmetics (Which would lead people to believe being trans is a choice), and price would spoke up tremendously.

I miss everyone!

In case anyone wonders why I’ve disappeared-I’ve been dealing with an upper respiratory infection and haven’t had the energy to do anything. I’ve never had this before so it’s been an experience! I see all the exciting things I’ve been tagged in and can’t wait to go through them!!! I also can’t wait to get back to photoediting (if I can remember how, lol). So don’t worry (I’m mostly alive :p) and I’ll talk to you guys soon :)

SWF 14

“Sailing with Fire”

Rated M for smut.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the mage life and embarks on a two week cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can, all the while dealing with uncharted feelings.

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“Oh, it’s you two again! Welcome back!”

Lucy smiled at Jean while Natsu nodded his head towards the feminine man. They had just finished seeing the medical mage for Natsu’s motion sickness, something that they had grown tired of doing. Luckily- and also unluckily at the same time- there were only two and a half more days on the cruise, not including today.

“Hi, Jean,” Lucy greeted. “We’ve won another spa day.”

The man’s brows skyrocketed as he stared them down with his widened orbs. “You won another spa ticket? Just what kind of people are you two?”

“Just a couple of awesome mages,” Natsu answered, a toothy grin stretching over his face.

“Clearly. Well, congratulations. You already know the routine then. Ready for the massage portion?”

Lucy sighed dreamily, remembering fondly the last massage. “Definitely. We were actually wondering if we could put the time of the sauna to our massages instead. Would that be possible?”

Jean frowned and shook his head. “Sorry. The tickets win you specific time frames with each activity. You could opt not to go into the sauna but you can’t get more time for your massages. I’ll give you two some time to think about it during your massages.”

With that, the three headed behind the front desk and into the narrow hallway from last time. Jean led them to the same room as before, giving them the instructions once again just in case they forgot. With one last lingering, lustful gaze towards Natsu, he left the room.

“He definitely has a thing for you,” Lucy teased with a smirk.

A shiver ran through Natsu. It wasn’t that he had a problem with guys liking him. It was just that it reminded him of Master Bob, and that man was determined and scared him to the bone. “I could tell.”

Lucy laughed, shaking her head. Knowing they only had five minutes to get undressed for their massage, she promptly grabbed the hem of her shirt before pulling it over her head.

All of the disgust and fear that Natsu held before vanished the instant Lucy took her shirt off. Lust replaced it in its wake and filled him to the core. He watched as her slender fingers maneuvered the button from her jeans before she shimmied herself out of them, which was difficult for her at first given her curves.

Natsu eyed Lucy up and down, dragging his tongue over his lips, though he’d rather be dragging it over her body. She was only in a thin bra and a pair of underwear that covered more skin than most of her other pairs.

Lucy reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. Glad that it only had one clasp, she unhooked it with ease, placing it with her other clothes. She was going to move to her underwear when Natsu’s hands reached from behind her and squeezed her breasts. A shriek escaped her mouth and she turned red in the face.

“N-Natsu!” she shouted, though she didn’t make any attempts to move his hands away from her. Instead, she relaxed into his body behind her, feeling the familiar bulge against her bum. “You’re supposed to be getting undressed, you know.”

Natsu used one of his hands to swoop her hair onto one side. He then returned his hand to her breast, giving her mounds another squeeze as he sucked her neck. “I know, but I couldn’t help it, Lucy. You’re sexy as hell.”

The corners of Lucy’s lips curled upwards into a satisfied smirk. “Well we can’t have them walking in on us doing anything.”

“What if we make it quick?”

“No way.”

Natsu groaned, dragging his hands from her breasts to her hips. “Fine. But I get to take off your underwear.”

“Only seems fair that you do,” Lucy replied with a chuckle.

Natsu hooked the hem of her panties with his thumbs before sliding them off of her. She kicked them off once they were around her ankles. He stood at her rear, admiring it in all of its glory before giving it a plentiful squeeze. Lucy was a squishy person. He liked that.

“Alright, go get undressed now,” Lucy instructed as she wrapped the towel around herself. Just like before, it was short and didn’t cover as much as it probably should have.

Natsu did as he was told, shrugging his vest off and letting it drop to the floor. Getting undressed didn’t take as long for him since he didn’t have as many layers. And while Lucy kept her clothes neatly folded and stacked, he simply balled them up, not caring that his boxers were visible.

The two positioned themselves over their tables. Natsu made sure that Lucy’s towel covered every inch of her bum before squishing his face in the hole of the headrest.

Eventually, the masseuses entered the room, standing in front of them. From their feet, Lucy and Natsu could tell that both masseuses were girls this time, which Natsu was thankful for. He couldn’t deal with another guy rubbing his hands over Lucy. Only he could do that.

Just as the last time they were there, the masseuses held different lotions in front of their faces, asking them to pick the scent that they liked the most. With that, the massage began.

Lucy gave a quiet moan of satisfaction as they dragged their hands over her back, kneading into her. Her muscles weren’t as tense from when she first boarded the ship, but it still felt nice to unwind. Her back felt uncoiled and relaxed. She wished she could bring home one of the masseuses once the cruise was over. She would need it after all of the crazy jobs they went on.

Meanwhile, Natsu was already snoozing away, his loud snores filling the room. The massage added with the mixed scents of the lotions put him to sleep like a baby.

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Sophie why do you feel guilty stanning Camila and 5H? It just means supporting Camila AND Lauren, Normani, Dinah and Ally? The more support they all have more the more control they get in the future.

It’s the fact that I don’t seem to be able to stan both Camila and 5H that makes me feel guilty. It’s weird because I love them individually, I love them in pairs, even in trios, but 4 vs 1 I just can’t deal with (figure of speech, not implying that they’re fighting or that they’re ganging up on Camila or that she’s a victim, or other nonsense some of you could come up with to twist my words). It’s probably true that the effect is enhanced by the fact that Camila is my favorite, but mostly I think it’s because I’m so attached to OT5 that I just can’t let it go 

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I've got an idea for a Paladin that suffers from Anxiety Attacks, similar to the Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. How would you feel it would work given that a Paladin gains immunity to Fear eventually? As well as any other advice you can give on such things.

Hmm. I don’t want to give you a solution that magically solves a real life issue people deal with out of respect. I think immunity to fear isn’t the same as the absence of fear anyway. Fear, after all, exists to warn us of danger. The difference between a paladin and others is that they can  more easily choose to not let fear compromise who they are. 

A paladin who suffers extreme anxiety shouldn’t be able to magically turn it off so much as manage to retain a sense of clarity, in so much that the noise setting their internal alarms can be adjusted to. Much like a person who’s learned how to compensate with their anxiety to live their lives, a paladin can listen past the noise to what they know is true, no matter what their mind is doing to keep them off track. 


Part 1  Part 2 

The following Monday was when you were next due to see Finn again and the entire weekend you had been thinking about your night of fun. You still caught yourself laughing at jokes he’d made or stories he’d told you. Your day dream was rudely interrupted by your brother slumping down beside you at the kitchen table and lighting a cigarette.

“Morning,” you chimed acknowledging him before digging into your breakfast.

“Tommy told me you were on a date with Finn,” he said nonchalantly like it wasn’t a big deal. You nearly choked on your oats when he said it.

“What are you talking about?” you splutter trying to not act as flustered as you felt.

“Nipped round to see him yesterday told me you two went for a date to the garrison of all bloody places,” he laughed a little thinking of his little sister in his local bar.

“I can assure you know it was not a date,” you huff sitting back in your chair.

“Well good wasn’t particularly happy when he told me. Bad enough you’re as involved with them as you are don’t need you dating a bloody Shelby,” he half joked but you could tell there was hint of seriousness in his tone. “Plus you’re his tutor, employed by him. You can’t date him and teach him.”

“I’m not dating Finn bloody Shelby can you leave it out,” you interrupt protesting maybe a little too hard.

“Alright, alright i believe you,” he smirked a little noting that your cheeks had turned a nice embarrassing shade of red.

“Speaking of I best be off, have a tutor session with him in half an hour.”

“See you later Kid.”

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what's wrong with bumblestripe? I kind alike him,

I was nervous about including him because of this aaaa…Basically, I don’t super mind Bumblestripe. I don’t LIKE him but he’s not on the level of Ashfur and Breezepelt.  But really the point of drawing this was to draw whiny, annoying boy characters who can’t deal with their feelings and handle rejection.

Bumblestripe, I think all in all is a good guy, but honestly…when everything with Dovewing started happening he got super clingy and big time played the victim and just became very guilt trippy, which…you can’t really do just because a girl wouldn’t go out with you.  (And that’s on both sides–if someone isn’t into you, you can’t try and make them feel guilty and just mope around. That’s not healthy or mature.) So yah, that’s why he’s included here.

tldr; I don’t consider Bumblestripe an antagonist, but he is a whiny, manipulative sad sack who needs to learn to deal with his emotions. :)

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Sorry grammar nazi I am an NCTzen I'm just being honest the whole " they're all unique !!1!!1" is only used by people who stan useless members and just because you like his vocal color doesn't mean he's a good singer honey and no Ten isn't even important just some examples: he isn't in any other unit then U, nobody in NCT cared about his station nor when he was in HTS ( where lost every battle except one) You can call me a troll or whatever doesn't change the facts that this guy is useless

Bitch look it’s just shit of you to act like this and not love every member. If you stan nct, you stan them all. Also are you aware that Ten had a knee surgery because his knee got hurt? Who yourself, stop hiding. And I told you to fucking leave, I don’t have to deal with your childish ass, it’s not my job to teach you respect and acceptance.

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BTS reaction to you having a Daddykink please?

FINALLY SOMEONE REQUESTED SMTH FFS. I will not add GIFs since it makes my page all glitchy, deal with it hoes. 💖

Oh and this is actually more a scenario-reaction thingy since I can write more if I do it this way.

You both were alone sitting in his studio. He was working on his Mixtape while you were on your phone as you suddenly heard a frustrated sigh from your boyfriend, dropping his pen and throwing his head back in his chair, rubbing his eyes. You stood up from the couch, walking over to him. He sat there with his legs spread, head still thrown back and oh fuck, he looked so sexy this way. You bit your lower lip gently as you placed yourself down on his lap, smiling gently at him. His head slowly going down, looking at you as he gently placed his hands on your hips; “I’m sorry babe, I should give you more attention and stop working for a moment.” You looked at him and smirked softly “It’s fine… let me help you relax now… Daddy.~” Yoongi looked at you for a few seconds, not moving a single muscle, making sure you knew what you just started. He grabbed your hips hard and pushed you closer to his body so you were sitting right on his lap, your crotch over his as he spoke in a dangerously, low voice
“What was that..?” , “Take your clothes off now. Daddy wants to fuck you right on this chair”

You both were pretty vanilla, you had sessions where he slapped your ass from time to time or teasing you slightly, making you whimper while he was chuckling at you. Both of you enjoyed this a lot but no one was brave enough to confess (ha, pussies). One night he came back home, frustrated from practice. Since he was already kind of triggered to go hard on you this night you decided it would propably be the best opportunity to tell him about your Kink. He was being really harsh and kissed you like a hungry animal, you pushed him slightly away from you. He thought he was being too rough and was about to apologize before you stopped him and shyly confessed. He started breathing harder, taking your hair in his fist and pulling slightly on it before kissing you really wild again, whispering inbetween
“Fuck babygirl…” , “Let Daddy take care of his naughty kitten now.”

This little shit. Honestly he’s so fucking Kinky and loves sex with you so he would jump right into it.
You both were having a really rough, hot session since you haven’t had sex for two weeks. You were on your knees and your head was leaning on a pillow as he pounded into you from behind really hard, not slowing down for a bit, holding onto your hips to make his thrusts even harder. You both were so into it, you were a moaning mess as you suddenly, surprising yourself, yelled out: “Aah.. f-fuck me harder Daddy!” You shoved your face into the pillow from embarrasement but after you said that you could swear how Taehyung started moving even harder, pulling roughly on your hair and giving your ass a few hard slaps, squeezing it after that.
“Shit… call me that again, say it again Slut.” , “You like how Daddy is pounding his cock into your naughty pussy?~”

Jimin liked to play games and have his fun but he was really unashamed to say the things he wanted out loud.
You both took a shower together, it was really giggly and cute the whole time as he sang a few lines from random songs in funny voices to make you laugh or splash some water on you. After some time he started kissing you more and more, each kiss getting more intense than the last one. He told you to turn around so your back would face him, making it easier for him to wash you. You closed your eyes and enjoyed his gentle, soft touch until he came down to your ass and squeezed it roughly, earning a soft moan from you. He stood closer to you, lowering his head to whisper in your ear as he slapped your ass hard which you moaned at. “You like it, babygirl?” He slapped you again. “You like that, mh?” the more he slapped you and talked to you in such a seductive way you gained enough confidence to finally let the words slide out of your mouth “Mhh.. yes Daddy…” He bit your ear gently and started rubbing your thighs, wanting you to call him that again.

Hoseok was just kind of Kinky. He for sure loved to call you his Babygirl and asking you in a teasing way how you wanted him and how much you wanted him. But he always made sure that you are completely fine with what he did or say to you.
So that one time you decided to make him know what you wanted and how you wanted it. You and Hoseok were watching a movie at home, well you actually stopped watching it around 10 minutes ago as you decided to go down on your lover. You had his Cock in your hand, rubbing the tip of it slowly on your lips and licking it all the way from the base up to the tip. Hoseok smiled warmly at you, stroking your hair. “You havin’ fun down there darling?” You nodded “Yes… Daddy tastes so good..” Hoseoks face became dark and full of lust, completely turned on by this side of you, making you take his whole dick into your mouth by pushing your head down on it. “Mmh yes.. suck my cock like a good doll..”

It was Namjoons birthday and you decided to gift him a long and hot night. He was sitting on a chair as some slow music was playing quietly, giving you more confidence in your moves as you gave your boyfriend a lap dance in some sexy, black lingerie. Finally you sat down on his lap completely, grinding on his crotch. He placed his hand on your lower back, locking eyes with you and feeling his Cock growing. “Mmh.. You’re already twitching.. Daddy.” As soon as the word left your mouth he took your hair in his hand and tugged at it to kiss your neck and mumble against it. “Daddy..? that’s what you like Kitten?” he chuckled softly but dark as he walked you to the bed and threw you gently on it, hovering over you. “I love my babygirl all kinky and needy for Daddy.”

You were really shy and still not completely sure about telling him since you were not sure if Jungkook would like being kinky and all dominant. But you thought you should give it a try since he never judged you for anything. You were lost in your thoughts as Jungkook hugged you from behind and kissed your neck gently as he whispered; “Hey.. what’s wrong Baby, you look a little lost today.” you blushed deeply and turned around to face him, you took a deep breath and looked down as you confessed what you’ve been thinking about. As soon as you finished - Silence. You looked up at him only to find him smirking at you. You just boosted his confidence so hard with telling him how you want him to treat you and that you think he actually would be able to satisfy your fantisies. He took your hand and walked to the bedroom winking at you. “Let Daddy make you a mess for him right now, doll.”

Not happy with Jungkook + Namjoon but I ran out of ideas so fuck it

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I mean it's more like someone saying, I prefer black people over white people, or I prefer Hispanics over asians. It's fetishizing a race. Asians aren't the same as a hair color. And races are not the same as hair.

We’re getting on a really touchy subject here, I’ll answer because I believe you can understand my point without starting a war.
I don’t think making a big deal of race is a good thing. I mean it’s ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT to have representation and respect and pride for the race you belong to, but it doesn’t have to restrict people to just that!
Why liking asian girls is an offense to asian girls?
If someone says they have a particular attraction for italian girls should I feel offended or disgusted?? Why?
All those people that fangirl over k-pop singers and then korean guys in general, almost with obsession are considered nasty?
To me as long as you don’t damage anyone, you can like whatever and whoever you want.

And with this I close this topic.
Let Michael be whatever race they want but the best Michael will stay George. I’m out.

Announcement Explaining A New Update

Is a little darling I care much for who has, as of lately been under some serious stress and unnecessary pain through inbox hate.
The child doesn’t deserve this.
And now because her friends are recieving hate as well, she is trying to get anon to send it to her.

This is an announcement for all her followers who normally ask anonymously.
I understand you’re shy
I understand you’re nervous.
I understand you don’t send the hate.
For her mental safety and so we can help her get better. I’ve taken the responsibility (as online mum? XD) and made a deal with her, that she turns off the anon function in her ask box for the time being.
Please understand.
I’m just trying to keep Emmy safe for us all.
Thank you
Stay strong
Stay perfect
Stay you ~💜❤