you all are receiving false information

LGBT+ Alliance 101

So you’re a straight cisgendered person and you consider yourself an ally to the LGBT+ community. But are you, really?? Well, if you commit any of the following cardinal sins, then I would say that’s a definite “NO.” Some of these sins, if you commit them, actually make you an asshole. But you don’t wanna be seen in that light by LGBT+ folk, right?? Well, I’m gonna outline to you some very simple instructions to help clean up your act.

1. Don’t go around telling your gay friend’s sexuality/gender to everyone you know.

I already discussed this earlier. It isn’t your place to be releasing that type of information, even if they told you themselves. And there’s always the off chance that you could be telling someone who’s VERY homophobic. Just let them come out on their own terms.

2. Don’t make LGBT+ people the butt of your jokes.

We already have a tough time in this society with all the hate and violence we receive. Last thing we need is someone making fun of us. And an “ally” joining in (or initiating the joke) is adding insult to injury. And majority of the jokes made by straight people promote harmful and false stereotypes about us. If you’re serious about helping us, don’t be that person. Just don’t.

3. DON’T! LECTURE! US! On how to respond to oppression!!!

We know FULL WELL what we go through and what society thinks of us. If anything, we clearly have a better idea of how we want society to accept us than straight people. So don’t tell us how to act or respond in the face of hate. You are an outsider to the community, and this isn’t something you gotta deal with every day.

4. Don’t fetishize us.

We are normal people just like you. We are not anyone’s circus or zoo, and we DAMN SURE ain’t here to be anyone’s kink. Fetishizing mlm, wlw, or trans people isn’t “being an ally.”  It’s gross. It’s dehumanizing. It’s turning normal people into sex objects. Looking right at you, Yaoi and Yuri shippers.

5. Don’t stereotype us.

We aren’t here to serve the “Gay Best Friend” archetype. All we want is to be treated like normal people.


Don’t be the asshole that keeps mis-gendering them on purpose based on what YOU think they are. If they say they are different gender than what was assigned to them, then THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE. Respect it!

7. Don’t make jokes about how a Trans person looks better than you, a cis person.

Y’know, the one where you go “Wow, you look so hot for a trans person, and I’m cis and I look ugly lol.” By saying that, you’re implying that all trans people are supposed to be uglier than cis people. Your statement is actually a veiled transphobic insult. A simple “You’re beautiful” will suffice.

8. DON’T ask a trans person what genitalia they have.

Regardless of if they fully transitioned or not, it’s none of your business.

9. Don’t ask gay people about their sex lives.

Don’t go up to a gay person and ask them “Are you a top or a bottom?”, “Who’s the man and the woman in the relationship?”, or “What’s gay sex like?” Our sex lives are none of your business. We are under no obligation to tell you intimate stuff like that.

10. Don’t sit there idly while we are under attack.

If you see a queer person getting harassed, either verbally or physically, DON’T JUST STAND THERE. DO SOMETHING!!!! SAVE THEM! The situation is only gonna get worse. Silence perpetuates violence.

So yeah, those are the Ten Commandments of being an Ally. But one could also sum up these Commandments as simply this: JUST DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

Political Post - UK

The UK General Elections are tomorrow, and I just wanted to say something. Having Theresa May as PM will be terrifying and potentially ruin the country.

Let me make a few points, in no particular order.

1) She wants to abolish the Human Rights Act to ‘better combat terrorism’.

Implication here is that she’s willing to torture to get want she wants. Torture does not work. People get tortured because you believe they have useful information. You won’t believe them if they truthfully don’t know. They will eventually tell you exactly what you want to hear, even if it’s false, just so you’ll stop. Even it doesn’t lead to torture, anyone could be arrested and held indefinitely without ever receiving a trial. It may initially get used for terrorists or terrorist suspects, but how long until it’s used on ‘suspected sympathisers’  who may happen to live on the same street as a terror suspects. Then how long until it’s ends up used on anyone who’s against the party in power? All protesters, even peaceful ones, could end up arrested and locked up for life without receiving a trial.

2) She says Britain and its police force is not prepared to combat terrorism.

Before David Cameron resigned, Theresa May was the Home Secretary, and had been for the entirety of the Conservative Government. It was her job to make sure Britain was prepared for terrorist attacks and to prevent them happening. She basically got rid of, I believe, 10,000 officers and cut the funding to the police. How can the police effectively combat anything when they physically don’t have the officers to do it?

3) She wants the Government to be able to monitor everything everyone does online ‘to prevent terrorist attacks’

For this to happen, she’d have to go all-in. She can’t just pick and choose. She wants to get rid of all cryptography on the internet, so those who bank online, your information is now vulnerable and up for grabs to anyone who wants it. All websites would have to be authorised by the UK Government, so no Youtube, or Netflix or Dailymotion, etc. Also any website criticising the government or the Conservative party would be instantly closed down.  All technology would have to be approved by the UK Government, so nothing could be bought or developed abroad, all foreign visitors would have to surrender their smart phones, tablets, etc., upon entry. She wants companies like Whatsapp and Facebook to create back-doors to allow the Government to see what people are doing. If the way exists, it will only be a matter of time until criminals find a way to use them and cryptography’s gone so once they’re in, there’s nothing to stop them. Say goodbye to any privacy on Whatsapp, or Facebook, or forums, or chatrooms, or Tumblr, or even games like World of Warcraft where even if you could still play, you wouldn’t be able to play with someone who’s not in the UK.

4) Funding to schools will be cut.

The amount of funding schools receive will be cut by hundreds of pounds per pupil. Teachers are overworked as it is. More teachers will quit as rising living costs, and slow salary growth for most of the general population, will make it too hard to make a living as a teacher. Schools themselves will have less money to spend on hiring and paying teachers. The quality of children’s education will drop as there’ll be less teachers available, and all of those will have to work even longer hours. They claim there will be a £4 billion fund for schools to draw from to counteract the hit from the cuts. In that case, why make the cuts in the first place, if you’re just going to provide a relief fund anyway? Also, this £4 billion will only be raised by making cuts elsewhere suchs as in NHS funding.

I don’t know if any of the people who read this post are able to vote in the UK general election, but if you are, I ask that you vote for any other party. Vote for Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru, whoever, I don’t care, just please do not vote Conservative.

You know what I’m tired of seeing? People spreading and forwarding messages with false information on social media & WhatsApp. I see this all time. This food is haram, this person was attacked, this event happened, some fabricated Hadith or Islamic info… the list goes on.

You guys are smart, educated! You go to university! Stop blindly forwarding every message you receive and believing everything that you read. I know we’re all eager to help and spread useful information but often you’re doing more harm than good. It literally takes a few seconds to do a google search and check legit websites and the news to confirm what you’re about to share. And if you’re not sure, it’s better to leave it.

I can’t believe people just forward stuff without doing a single internet search on it. I automatically assume everything is fake until proven otherwise. The truth is people make up fake news, spread rumours and lie about stuff ALL the time. Even Muslims. It’s sad, but it’s best to be cynical. Don’t contribute to people being misinformed and lied to. CHECK BEFORE YOU SHARE.

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Sixteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

“What did you call me?”

The occupants of the room turned to see an exhausted and dishevelled Alexia standing in the doorway, staring at Odin.

“Lady Alexia, my father, Odin, the King of Asgard and Allfather.” Thor introduced.

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#40 - Have I entered an alternate universe...

Request: #40 with Julian. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

A/N: So Julian hasn’t been in the show a whole lot so this is based off of my own impression. Sorry it took so long! Hope you like it anon!

Word Count: 810

Walking into the Central City Police Department, I took in all the familiar sights and sounds. Quickly I pulled out my camera and took a picture of the large golden wall that read, “Truth, Liberty, Justice.” I worked as a photographer for CCPN and Iris was writing an article on the strange cases that were occurring at the CCPD. I was assigned to shadow Julian Albert, the Meta-Human CSI Specialist, who worked in the lab with my best friend Barry. I hadn’t been down to the CCPD for a while and all I really knew of Julian was how much Barry disliked him. Thankfully I wasn’t a writer because otherwise my predisposition would show. However, photography was an art and no matter the subject, even the smallest thing could be painted in the best light.

Waltzing up the stairs I bounced around to the CSI Lab where I heard two voices arguing. I knocked on the door to make the two men aware I was within earshot and the bickering ceased. Barry came to the door, “Y/n, hey!” he wrapped me in a hug, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m actually on assignment. I’m shadowing Mr. Albert for the day,” I took a step around Barry and extended my hand to introduce myself to the man with golden locks and a five o’clock shadow, “Hello, I’m Y/n Y/l/n, with the CCPN. It’s nice to meet you Mr. Albert.”

He accepted my hand, “Please, call me Julian. It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss y/l/n.” He wasn’t completely horrid but I still saw what Barry was talking about, he seemed a little arrogant.

Barry’s eyes were focused on the two of us, I could feel the way his green eyes were piercing us. Then Julian noticed too, “Don’t you have some work to do Mr. Allen?” The way he spoke to my friend helped confirm my suspicions of his entitlement.

With a scoff Barry stomped out of the room. Julian invited me to take a seat as he shuffled through some files on his desk. I decided to remain professional but not overly friendly, “So what do you need, Miss y/l/n?” he asked politely. His accent may fool other girls but it wasn’t going to work on me.

“Well, I will need some photographs of you as well as any old crime scenes or evidence you are able to share, from closed cases of course. Iris informed me that there have been some mysterious husks that have been appearing across Central City. So if you had anything like that you could share…”

“Well the husks is still an open case so I’m not at liberty to release any information to the media but I do have some things you might be interested in.”

After spending a solid few hours taking photographs of Julian, crime scenes, and evidence, my predisposition and decision to remain somewhat cold had escaped my mind. His charm as well as his accent had started to wear me down. 

It was close to one and Julian suggested grabbing lunch before heading back to the precinct. We stopped at a little cafe and ordered a light lunch. 

“So how’d you get into photography?” he asked me as we waited for our food.

“You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words?” Julian nodded, “Well I’ve always wanted to be able to tell stories but I’m a crappy writer and a much better artist. I figured if I can tell a story through my photographs then it’s the best of both worlds." 

 "That’s great that you’ve found your passion,” he smiled at me, and it was strangely genuine. 

 "Why are you looking at me like that?“ I asked trying to hide the rosy color that was rising in my cheeks. 

 "It’s um- no reason,” he was a terrible liar and I couldn’t help but smile at his sad attempt, “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?" 

"What are you talking about?” I wasn’t actually confused, I knew that I was being cold but Julian turned out to be more of a gentleman than Barry made him out to be. 

“You haven’t smiled once all day,” he laughed slightly, “I was worried you didn’t know how." 

I giggled as well, "I suppose I received some false information about you Julian.”  

“Well I’m glad you’ve been able to see past that, I would hate to imagine a world where I didn’t get to know you." 

A look of shock reached my face, "Really, and why is that?" 

"Beauty such as yours should never go unappreciated,” he reached across the table and grabbed my hand, “Would you do me the honor of joining me for dinner this weekend?" 

Quicker than I had imagined I smiled, "Yes, I would love that."

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Idk what went down but I was scooping through the explore page on insta and there was a post and it said some "fan" faked suicide and blamed gray but gray still believes it's true. Do ik if any of this is true and if this is the reason why gray has been seeming a little down in twitter?? Ps I love ur page-D

I’m not really up to date with rumors and all, mainly because I just do not care unless it’s 100% true. But I remember there was something like this circling around a few weeks (months?) back, where a person faked a suicide to get noticed by Gray or something, but it was a while back and I’m pretty sure that everyone’s informed G of it being false since the person received a lot of backlash I’d imagine. So I’m not sure he’s feeling down because of that. And thank you so much, I love you D xx

Nigerian Scammers.

Several years back I began to receive the scam emails from Nigeria. I’m sure you are familiar with these so I won’t go into a great explanation. Normally, I can just ignore them, but these were coming to an email pertaining to a domain that I owned for my computer repair business.

It started with a few, and then grew to about 20 per day - every single day. It was irritating to get an email notification only to find out that it was one of these BS emails.

I thought…what to do, what to do…then I had an idea.
I went to Angelfire and created a free website with nothing more than a counter on it.

I shelled out to a command prompt and wrote a batch file that when executed erased boot.ini, nrldr, then launched a browser which loaded the website I had created (I put a pause in it, silently recursing the windows directory just to make sure their PC made it to the website) then it would shut down the PC.

For those of you not in the ‘know’, this will prevent a computer from booting, stopping at a black screen displaying an error message. A good tech could have it back up and going with not much issue, but I was betting against that - after all, this is Nigeria.

I packaged the file into a password protected zip file and emailed it back to a few scammers stating that 'This was given to me by the bank, and contains my banking and credit card information. It is set to give a false virus warning to stop scammers, the password for the first file is <password>. Please do not steal my information, I trust you’.

Within 2 days, the counter on my website had went from 3 (where I tested it) to over 140.

I have YET to receive another email from scammers at this email address.
From what I understand, they hack each others email in hopes of stealing 'victims’ from each other. I hope that the down-time I forced upon them was enough to allow for at least a few people to be educated about this scam.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

I know you were a horrible person who did horrible things to me but I just can’t get myself to accept that the connection we had was all a lie.

Because yours words could have been false.

And your gestures a ploy.

Your thoughts garbage and your smile a trap.

But my heart?

It felt something real and the thing about the heart is, it’s never fooled, contrary to what others may say.

It’s not fooled because it never thinks.

Unlike the brain, it doesn’t receive and analyse information and then forms opinions and conclusions.

No, the heart only feels and feelings don’t betray.

They hurt, yes, but they don’t betray.

Not the real kinds anyway and that’s what bothers me the most.

You were a horrible person who did horrible things to me,
But you were the only person who made me feel alive.

—  creatingnikki 

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According to discousersurvey2017, who has received 2078 replies, on the inclusionst side most aces are aro, second most being panromantic. Actually, the het aces are the lowest number. The exclusionists are largely made of gay and lesbians. Aces are like fourth in the list. And it appears that most people do not use MAP. The heteroromantic part is more on inclusionists side. So yeah. Most inclusionists are pan aces aka what y'all call "lgbt aces".

you went on a blog to get this information when the majority of the time surveys especially online ones can be easily misconstrued and tampered with under false notations? like i see no reason for people to lie about their sexuality but what i was saying was that hetero ace/aros tend to fall on the inclusionist side rather than the exclusionist side. 

on that note why did you mention MAP otherwise known as “minor attracted person”??

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Hello there, My Diamond. I have received word of a statement containing private information that I request clarification of. Do you or do you not have a small penis, My Diamond?


“No I do not. Nor do I have such a thing at all. Whatever you heard is false, and I would suggest you tell me who has been spreading these rumors.”

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Is chanyeol receiving a lot of hate? I see you guys only translate positive comments and actually I really like it because I'm always seeing people saying bad things... I'ts great to see people praising this amazing person! But I am kind of curious(?) about it, do you see many hate comments on korean articles about him? Are they top comments? Thank you :)

First of all, we’d like to underline that the main reason we decided to make this blog is so Chanyeol’s International fans no longer stay in the dark about how positively received he is. We are here to let his fans find out about the great side they have always been oblivious to.

Like you mentioned, because of the unjustified and groundless negativity he receives, we feel that his international fans have been subject to false and misleading information against his favor for several years. Many people with ill intentions worked around the clock to perpetuate and propagate a made up wrong image of him rendering his own fans confused, we take it as our responsibility to clear up all the misconceptions and show his fans the truth of how he is received.

To answer your question, no, that’s not true, Chanyeol is widely loved, he is one of the most positively received members in Korea, in fact finding Korean posts about Chanyeol is an easy task because of how frequent they are. Because of his hard work, Chanyeol is on his way steadily gaining not only fans appreciation but even the general public’s approval.

You can find many articles with thousands of up votes on big Korean sites like Naver where he trends on very often after each of his successful activities, and of course we have to mention Instiz as well. These sites have in common that they are accessible by a various range of people that exceed mere fans, giving an idea of the wide appeal Chanyeol has. Those are the sites that are taken seriously. When it comes to pann, it’s considered on the level of any forum infested by fans, like allkpop or onehallyu for example, so the opinions are influenced and you are bound to find mixed reactions driven by many young rash fans, they are to be taken with a grain (bucket) of salt.

Chanyeol as a person is highly respected for his level headed mind and composed nature especially when it comes to dealing with his haters, he never fails to rise above them as the better man with his accepting and forgiving self, he is very known for how much he indulges the fans and surrounds them with love, in fact many other fandoms joke about being jealous for how much he caters to the fans, he puts his mind in everything he does and makes sure to add his creative touches here and there, his work ethics are reputable and honorable, everyone who worked with him from staff to show pds to co-artists are vocal about how hard working and meticulous he is, how they want to work again with him, take for example how he was invited back to lotj and how the pd was so affectionate towards him and promised to give him a good mission.
Chanyeol’s polite and humble manners are what made him rise to fame in the first place because everyone who watched him was able to detect the
the young kind hearted dedicated man he is, it’s hard to resist a sincere and passionate person, isn’t it?

There has been an increase of non fans acknowledging his talents and praising his improving rap skills because Chanyeol never seizes to work to better himself and show a more effective results, everything he has earned to this point is a result of his devotion and respect for every job he was assigned including keeping the promises he makes.

Chanyeol is an all rounded person who makes many people fall for his honest charms. He is deserving of his international fans seeing how amazing he is, look at him and at every good thing he has shown, don’t let narrow minded people manipulate your image of him. He is worthy of all our love and needs even more of it sent his way.

Thank you for your question and I hope this was enough to answer it! Don’t hesitate to ask us or make translation requests! Have a nice day everyone.

Dear Hillary: when my daughter died, I vowed to live for her, and I will be a voice for her

Dear Hillary,

Firstly, I would like to say it was an honor to vote for you. I had complete confidence that America would see your courage and goodness and choose as a country to follow your light. Instead, we have chosen darkness, and what a cloud it is and will be for years to come.

I believe we are meant to be a light in the world. We all have some darkness, some more than others, but there is a light in the deepest parts if we dive into our darkest moments and find a stillness, somehow we can notice tiny cracks of brightness and find a way to let it come through. The light and dark both live side by side. They are both a part of us. That’s what makes us human. But in order to not be the poison in the world, we have to keep that light and truth moving us forward. I’m so deeply saddened by the results of this election.

I’m not just singularly sad because we may lose our health insurance through Obamacare, or that our livelihood may be negatively affected. It is a huge concern that a bully was rewarded and sets the example for my son that not only can a bully win, but implies you must be a bully in order to win. But all of that I can work through I can take on that burden and preach against it as I raise my child to be a light in this world despite those who are ruthless and unkind in the world. That part is in my control still.

What concerns me even deeper, is the authority of men and women spreading misinformation in the pro-life evangelical church movement, justifying their discomfort and spreading fear, judgement, and cruelty in the name of a divine, while endangering the health of women. I have never met a group of people so lacking in empathy.

We need to change the rhetoric. We need to educate people. The opposite of pro-life is not pro-choice or pro-abortion, as many love to claim and accuse. We too are for life. And I would go as far as saying we are more for life than the pro-lifers. I suppose this is the reason I’m writing you.

I am but a small voice with a small audience. But, I am fiercely committed to honoring my children and fighting for them in a world that doesn’t always make sense. You have committed yourself your whole career to be a voice for mothers and children, so I ask that you will be a voice for us in this.

Here’s a bit of my story.

5 years ago I was pregnant with my first child. She was very much planned and the decision to get pregnant and start a family with my husband was well thought out. We had been married not even a year, and we were excited to bring a new life into the world, into our hearts, and we were ready to raise her to be a contributing member of society, desiring to raise a conscientious person.

About 5 months into my pregnancy we received some unusual blood work results from one of the routine check ups. My doctor said it was probably a false positive, not to worry because he had literally in all his practice never seen anything like this. But to be certain he scheduled me an appointment with a Perinatologist to follow up.

I never quite know how much of our story I should share because what we have learned is that it is privileged information only for those who can be trusted to respond with empathy. Only if you can see humanity and be human in return despite your own discomfort with death. Because that is what it comes down to. America has created a culture that dehumanizes certain citizens when it comes to facing their own emotional discomfort and reaction to death. It is not just with abortion, it is with the death penalty, gun lobbying, and terrorism. But as I see how misguided people have become through politically charged fear, I’m realizing more of us need to be sharing our stories to make them human again.

We need connection. We need authentic, heartbreaking stories to pull on heartstrings. We need to be vulnerable with one another.

My husband and I went to the specialist, still thinking all would be ok. After all, if our doctor in his 60’s had never seen or heard of such concerns, how could we be the one case?

When we arrived at the doctor’s office they took us to a room to talk with a geneticist, which in hindsight is mostly a blur because at the time I thought they were pointless numbers and statistics. I figured they were routine for all patients. It was my first pregnancy, so I had no point of comparison.

The moments that followed were the absolute worst hours of my life and of my husband’s life. (I think it’s important to mention how it affected him as well, because pro-lifers and the media dehumanize women by excluding the fathers. They dismantle the family unit in order to make their rhetoric more palpable, as if they took a beautiful steak, threw it in a blender and then say, “it’s nutritious and delicious, drink up.”)

They took us into an exam room for an ultrasound. The doctor walked in and said, “I just want to say before we get started that I am an eternal optimist, but I am afraid of what we are about to see, and I feel like I need you to know that.” They are words I’ll never forget as long as I live. I still didn’t know how concerned I should be. The mood was somber and none of us said anything at first. We watched him scan her body from head to toe waiting for him to break the silence and offer a hopeful miracle.

He was gentle and kind. “These are her hands, but her fingers are clenched in a fist, and they should be spread out wide, which tells me her brain isn’t functioning properly. This is her heart, and the valves, but the one that is supposed to carry things away is missing. And you can see right here there is a hole in her heart. Her heart is having to work extra hard right now, which is why it’s beating the way it is. You can see she isn’t moving much, that is because her limbs are freezing up, and soon she won’t be able to move at all. And her length has stopped growing, which is why your due date kept changing.”

All my husband and I could do was cry. Yet, we still thought there was hope. Maybe she would just need some surgeries. I kept waiting for him to say, “but once she is born, this is what will need to happen.” But those words couldn’t be spoken. Instead he said most pregnancies like this don’t even make it this far. Usually your body will miscarry when so much goes wrong like this, but I was one of the unlucky few in this rare category. We learned she had an entire extra set of chromosomes, a condition called triploidy. Statistically, less than 1% of all pregnancies have it, and most of them miscarry and they only really know about it because they test the tissue after the miscarriage. The unlikelihood of this happening at all was extremely high, yet here we were. And unfortunately, with this condition there are many potential harms to me as the mother.

Because she couldn’t kick me, she could die without me knowing and toxicity levels could be very harmful to me. My placenta could rupture, I could bleed out, I could list many more scenarios that were spelled out for us, but it’s pointless and personal and that’s not the part people want to hear about. I was also at high risk for other additional reasons, for which were the reason we thought we were seeing the specialist in the first place.

Our options were death or death. We were to choose which form of death we could stomach, which form of death was most humane because death was inevitably our only option. There was no other option; no other choice. This was not pro-life vs pro-choice. This was not do I carry out the pregnancy or do I not. The only thought on our minds was life. Mourning her life she wouldn’t get, mourning the life we don’t get with her. That would all be too simplistic. Wouldn’t it be so nice if only it were that simple? I get why people simplify it. I get the discomfort. We all hate death. We all want life.

Here’s the thing that simple minded pro-lifers don’t do: they judge, ridicule and offer cruelty, yet they don’t say, “hey, how can I help?” To the parents who carry out the pregnancy on hospital bed rest so the mother doesn’t die as well, they don’t offer relief for the medical bills. They don’t campaign for good therapy and child loss programs on our behalf. For parents who’s child maybe is compatible with life for limited months or years and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for in-home care they don’t say, hey if that’s what you choose to do, we will help support you and find funding for you. There’s no compassion meeting these families. No proactive movement to follow through with their said convictions. They just repeat garbage rhetoric and then say, “best of luck, glad it wasn’t me.” And some how they pat themselves on the back thinking they did something right, yet it’s so wrong, so cruel, and so very hurtful.

With the guidance of doctors, learning and educating ourselves on all involved, we took time to say our goodbyes. We planned a week of activities to do with her. Took her to all our favorite places around LA. We talked to her, told her what was happening knowing how sick she was. Tried to explain the best we could to both her and ourselves. But ultimately we didn’t want her suffering because we selfishly wanted more time with her. My body was basically acting as life support, and we knew our time with her had come to an end. That was our story together. That was our family story.

We loved our Madeleine with every fiber in us. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think or talk about her.

During our last days with her, while we were trying to create happy memories of our time with her, yet knowing it would come to an end shortly, we were attacked by an extreme religious zealot, a family friend no less, who said the most cruel things I will never forget as they surround the entirety of our daughter and her loss. We faced the worst moments of our life, tried to navigate our own loss, grief, and medical concerns, and a selfish, uneducated person came and punched us in the gut with her poisonous words, about a matter she knew nothing about.

We met with a therapist when we got the diagnosis to help guide us through the fog. She suggested letting friends and family know our daughter was sick and our time was limited in order to allow them to offer us support. Yet some took it as an opportunity to cut into us with daggers of false hope that doctors could be wrong, with cruel statements that mothers don’t let other people harm their children, and that by not saying this to me it would be a disservice.

We only acted out of deep love in all our actions. We only considered our daughter’s pain over our own. Child mortality and mother’s dying in child birth used to be quite high, and modern medicine has changed that, so I understand wanting to cling to hope. But life and death is very much a part of life. When grandparents, parents, spouses and even pets are on their death beds, we sometimes act selflessly to ease them out of unnecessary pain. We relieve them of their life support or euthanize them. It’s how we show compassion. It’s how we do what is humane. And we show it also, to our unborn children as well.

I understand if when faced with these worst moments of your life, facing impending death everyone’s reactions and needs will be different. For one, the pregnancies and risks will vary. If some people need to carry out a pregnancy selfishly or unselfishly because they need to let their brain process the grief and catch up to this new reality they face, they should take their time, by all means. The point is, we can’t force people by law to govern how they process the worst news of their life. We should meet them with kindness and understand its uncharted territory. “We need to offer the words, "I love you, I’m so sorry you are facing this. Death should come for the old, but sometimes it comes too early, and you can take whatever time you need to accept and face that. That is your personal choice.”

We are the faces and stories of the families affected when people try to simplify and categorize people, pitting them against one another as pro-life and pro-choice. We are all for life. We need to change the rhetoric. We need to ensure government does not control aspects of family grief and the health of women, mothers, and spouses who could be left widows and widowers, and children who could be left motherless because of an unsafe sibling pregnancy.

I share my story from a place of authenticity and vulnerability because we, who have been through it, have to be the voice for those who inevitably will painfully go through it after us.

We are the faces and families their votes hurt. We are the lives their votes put into danger and who they wound with their words. We have to change the conversation and painful, damaging, poisonous rhetoric.

I am only a small voice with a small audience. So I write this, asking, pleading with someone of higher authority, with a bigger voice than me, please help protect us. Please fight for humanity and goodness against the poison that is spreading in our country. Please help the church movement to learn compassion and stop simplifying families and death when it’s so much more complex than anyone on the outside could ever imagine. Please listen to the families, mothers and fathers, who have faced it first hand.

When we lost our daughter, we vowed to one another and her that because she couldn’t live her life, we have to live ours for her. Her life meant everything to us. I’m so glad we got the time we did with her despite all odds and statistics. So I will fight fiercely for her and the world that my son grows up in. I will be a voice for those who cannot.

If there is ever an opportunity to work with you on behalf of other women like me, it would be an honor to serve beside you. I don’t know how to start the change, but in my small corner I will try to do my part.


Thank you so much to all of you who have taken time to read my blog post helped me spread the word by sharing it with your own audiences. It has already been reposted and reblogged over 20 times, and I truly am so grateful to be surrounded not only by supportive communities who are humane, but who also will fight alongside me in this. I hope we can reach as many people as possible and really create change in the way Americans see death and humanity. And I feel so honored that you would help give my voice a platform. So, thank you friends and friends of friends whom I have never met for sharing this piece I wrote. Feel free to keep reposting!

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truffles, i'm so upset ;n; mjs has posted new, detailed spoilers about the first episode and they are horrible! but why would she post that much detail unless it was true? i can't watch klaine broken up again or blaine dating karofsky.

Good morning, nonnie.  One of many, I see!  I was worried as soon as I pulled up my tumblr that something had happened.

So.  Let’s get down to business.

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hello I'm Rhi from band girl confessions, I'm trying to contact everyone in that ask that was mentioned and apologize to them. We receive asks like these all the time but I wanted to apologize for this one because it had false information in it and it has been deleted. Again I'm very very sorry. Have a wonderful day and thank you for your time

thanks for apologizing. I appreciate you removing the post.
I actually think it’s ridiculous that people think i would date ryan for popularity. what good does followers on the Internet do for me in real life? NOTHING.
also let me put this into perspective for all the little trolls that like to run their mouths: dating someone who is in a band isn’t all that glamorous. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that my boyfriend gets to travel the WORLD doing what he loves and I will support him doing so for as long as the band exists BUT coming home to an empty house every night, cooking dinner for 1, going to bed alone, seeing him every other month for a few days.. does that sound ideal to anyone? I do it because I love Ryan with every fucking fiber of my being. Always have, always will.


hey guys, there’s been posts and anons floating around about @thetomlinsondaily being affiliated with fyz and i just wanted to clarify that that’s not true at all. it would be really helpful if you could spread this information because they’ve been receiving a lot of backlash due to false accusations.