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Skincare and Beauty Recommendations

For all you babes, I made a list of my must have stuff to look the best you can go scam an SD

 Body- Lush Ro Argan. This stuff is the bomb. It’s a body conditioner that smells like roses and honey. Smear that good stuff all over you and let it sit for five minutes. Wash it off and your body will be soft and smooth, no other products needed. I’ve used this stuff for five years and every person that gets a whiff of it compliments me. Guys go crazy for this scent, especially in the bed room downtown haha.JUST GET IT! You get a shower and body cream in one! 

Face Cream- Laneige Water Bank Cream. This shit makes my face look like it’s been kissed by an angel. So dewy and soft! I feel like I look much younger when I apply this because it hydrates so well. Perfect to use if you want something that traps the moisture in your face and is lightweight. I’ve noticed the dehydration wrinkles I had around my eyes and mouth have diminished. My makeup goes on like a dream after I apply this. 

 Face- Kojic acid soap. I use this soap for my uneven skin tone and acne spots. I barely wear foundation because it cleared up my clogged pores and hyperpigmenation. Dirt cheap off Amazon. Haven’t had a major breakout since I used this the past 3 years. 

 Perfume- Tom Ford private Collection comes in 12 scents. With mainstream brands, I feel like ALL WOMEN’s FRAGRANCES smell the same and give me a headache. Too sweet, floral, romantic, too much alcohol, etc.Now, this collection ain’t cheap, so, get a sample from your local department store. They give it to you in a cute vial and box and the sales associates are super knowledgeable about scents. THIS STUFF LASTS A LONG TIME! I wear the Tobacco Vanille all year round. Literally, this scent is my confident booster, I smell unique and luxurious! And the scent projects like a beast, so a 4 ML sample will last you cause all thats needed is a small dab for the day!  I used to buy decants off eBay to save £££ until I got me a SD to buy me the 100 ML hehe.

 Sunscreen- Elta SPF 40. This stuff is the best sunscreen on the market and all the dermatologists I’ve seen recommended it. No white cast and absorbs into skin fast, it’s also super moisturizing! 

 Hair- Bumble Bee Invisible Oil. If you have frizzy, dry, damaged, natural, thick hair, this SHIT IS THE BOMB. This is the only product that works on my hair when I wear it curly and straighten it. It does the job, smells great, and my hair looks so glossy and healthy….best of all it doesn’t weight my hair down or feel greasy. 

 Mascara- Lacome Hypnose is the only thing I use on my lashes in the past six years. I will NEVER STRAY from Lacome’s mascara products. It makes my eyes look amazing and it’s easy to take off at night. Don’t like the other brands like Benefit or Too Faced which are hard to remove at night.

 Makeup Remover- Clinique Take Off the Day Balm. Your makeup literally will melt off when you wash your face with this! I used so many different brands from wipes to oil to alcohol and none of them worked as well as this. 

 Lipstick- Nars Velvet Lip Pencil in Bahama is the best nude/rosy color out there for all girls IMO. I use the Train Bleu colour (quite vampy) when going out at night and always got compliments! Because it’s a jumbo pencil lippy, you can line your lips easily and fill it in! Lasts all night! Taylor Swift uses their Dragon Girl  shade as her signature red colour according to the makeup artist that showed me.! Best secret lippies around!

 Foundation- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is a game changer. My skin looks radiant, dewy, and natural which no other foundation has given me. Everyone raves about it and I wish I listened earlier and quit wasting my money at MAC and Estee Lauder.

Concealer- Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer- If you don’t like wearing foundation, this concealer is all you need then. It hides my dark eye circles and any redness on my face like a PRO. Comes with a wand so you don’t need to use anything else when applying it!

Dear Future Girlfriend

Dear future girlfriend,
Lemme say I’m sorry in advance for all the times we will fight because it will probably be my fault. And I’m really sorry for all the chances you will give me to kiss you or hold your hand and I don’t. I’m kinda slow with that sorta thing so just grab my hand or grab my shirt and pull me toward you. I’m sorry for all the times I should say ‘babe you look BEAUTIFUL’ and dont. I just want you to know that its because your beauty has left me speechless.
Dear future girlfriend,
When I say that I love you I mean it. In that one phrase I will have given you my heart. So please don’t break it. I know its a little torn and missing but its not your fault.You’re not the first girl I have trusted with it. So I’m sorry if it takes time for me to open up to you. When I do I promise it will be worth the wait.
Dear future girlfriend,
I love you and will always love you. I would give you the moon if I could. I promise I will be faithful to you and only you. I will never look at another girl the way I look at you. You are my world and I will give you everything I have.
Dear future girlfriend,
I can’t wait for you to be mine


The Void Inside Me (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This idea was sprouted by one of those ads we’re the two people are texting about something really agnsty or suspenseful and you have to download the app to see the whole story. I loved the idea so much and thought no one would be more suited for it than Void. I want to thank @writing-obrien for seriously helping me out with this when I was completely stumped. Also @celestial-writing because this fic would not be finished if it weren’t for her motivating me to push through up until the very end. And @sarcasticallystilinski too for all her feedback. I think they all edited this at some point too so thank you beautiful babes, I love you all more than most. Lastly, Koneko is Japanese for kitten so says google translater. I’m sorry if I got that wrong.

Warnings: Smut; choking.

Word Count: 6860


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*is getting interrogated*
  • police: have you ever done anything illegal
  • me: i watched broadchurch on illegal websites because i am restricted from quality television and that makes me bitter
  • police:
  • me:
  • police:
  • me: what i have a blog to maintain
BTS Reaction to you being tall-

(for anon)

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Jin’s tall himself so he loved that you guys were pretty much the same height. He’s constantly telling you how gorgeous your legs are and how modelesque you look. “I don’t have to bend down to give you kisses babe, it’s great!”


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Yoongi wishes he was taller already so having a tall bae to him was slightly aggravating. He always kept quiet about it though, knowing how self conscious you were about your height already. “No heels. Ever. I already look like a gnome next to your gorgeous self.”


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Hosoek thought you being tall was SO cool. He liked the very,very slight height difference and that you guys looked so unique compared to other couples. He always complimented you on your height and made you feel like a goddess. “Babe can you reach up this cabinet for me?” “Hosoek we’re the same height.” “PLEASE?”

Rap Mon-

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Namjooon really hated that you were self conscious about your beautiful height. He loved that you looked like a model and told you so all the time. “You’re so fucking beautiful babe, oh my god.”


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Jimin didn’t particular like being smaller than you but that didn’t stop him from loving you to death and thinking you and your height were gorgeous. He always watched you just like this when you stood up to walk cause he just couldn’t believe how sexy you were. “You’re making me want you, babe.” “I’m just walking Jimin.” “I KNOW.”


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Taehyung always complimented you on your height, knowing how sensitive you were about it. Although he loved to crack jokes every once in awhile. “Hey baby, I have a question.” “Taehyung I swear to god,” “How’s the weather up there?”


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Being pretty much the same height, Jungkook wished you were a little smaller. But he didn’t love you any less and in fact complimented your height, knowing you were a little self conscious about it. “You and your legs look extra sexy today, babe.”

Boyfriend Series; S.Coups/Seungcheol

- move aside jeonghan, there’s a new mom in the group
- for your first date, seungcheol takes you to a restaurant on a roof with a view of the city
- spring is finally here, so the view is breath-taking, especially since it’s nighttime and from where you both are, you can see the bright city lights and the blooming cherry blossom trees
- you both spend the entire time talking nonstop, with you jokingly rolling your eyes ninety percent of the time because of his flirting
- after dinner, seungcheol offers to walk you home and you both walk down the city streets side-by-side
- someone suddenly crashes into you from behind, making you fall forward
- but seungcheol catches you before you could hit the ground
- he asks “(name), are you all right??”
- you don’t say anything because the only thing you could think about is the fact that you’re in his arms, and his lips are….. just inches away…..
- neither of you say a word, and you both slowly lean in at the same time
- and in the middle of a park path sprinkled with cherry blossom petals is where you both share your first kiss
- seungcheol is the type to show you off a lot
- he’s always telling the other members about your greatest achievements and how lucky he is to have someone as great as you
- he mentions you so often that it raises such high expectations for them, but when they meet you, they’re like seungcheol you’re right they really ARE cool and funny!!!
- jeonghan gets offended that the other members started calling you mom because HE’S THE MOM HOW DARE YOU
- but it doesn’t turn into a rivalry because when he sees seungcheol flirting with you and doing all kinds of cringey things in general, jeonghan’s just like “you know what on second thought keep him” LOL
- he always has his arm around your waist whenever you’re together or his fingers are intertwined with yours
- you both have matching necklaces and you NEVER want to take it off
- he thinks it’s funny when you’re embarrassed or flustered, so he’s always teasing you to see your reactions
- when you go on karaoke dates, he always sings big bang songs and then gets super emotional
- his kisses are breathy and passionate, and he LOVES it when you play with his hair while kissing him
- his hands are all over you, usually running up and down your sides as he deepens the kiss
- he likes to tease you sometimes though
- like he’d be leaning in to kiss you on the lips, but when you close your eyes, he’d just laugh and kiss you on the forehead instead
- “did you think i was aiming for your lips?” “NO.”
- OR your lips would be centimeters away from his, and he’ll just move away every time you try to kiss his lips
- when you pout at his teasing, THAT’S when he captures your lips
- he calls you babe and beautiful all the time, and you get especially flustered when he calls you the latter
- loses his mind when you get all dressed up for him but tries to play it cool
- “you know, you didn’t have to get all dressed up for me ;)” “alright then i’m going to go change” “pleASE DON’T YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL”
- HATES it when you bite your lip when you’re nervous or thinking, it just makes him want to kiss you so bad
- seungcheol’s a huge fan of skinship; he’s always touching some part of your body, be it your hand or arm or waist or thigh
- he loves giving you back hugs and he kisses your neck while he’s doing so
- you always catch him staring at you lovingly and it honestly makes you feel so warm inside
- he’s always calling or texting you to make sure you’re all right, if you’ve eaten already, if your day is going well; he cares a lot about your well-being
- wouldn’t mind just spending the entire day on the couch cuddling with you
- he’s so used to being the one to take care of someone since he has twelve children to watch over, so when you take care of him, he just melts ok he LOVES the feeling
- really protective of you
- when he sees you talking to another member, or when he sees one of them get a little too close to you, he tries to hide his jealousy by throwing his arms over you both and butting into the conversation
- he does this ALL THE TIME that once, you were talking to hoshi about the surprise birthday party you were all throwing for seungcheol
- but when he butt in, he overheard AND THE SURPRISE GOT RUINED
- you were so mad at him
- “i’m sorry!! i just got jealous that you were talking to hoshi so much ;A;”
- always willing to pick you up if you’re out late
- carries things for you to show off his strength and muscles
- his feelings for you are so strong and everyone can tell; it’s clear as day
- it may have taken a while for seungcheol to say “i love you”, but after saying it the first time, he hasn’t stopped since
- he always wants to remind you that he loves you so much and that nothing will ever change that
- “hey (name), i—”
- “(sighs) i love you too, seungcheol”
- “…i was actually going to suggest we eat at this restaurant we haven’t tried yet. i didn’t know you loved me that much ;)”
- he kisses the top of your head while you’re covering your face in embarrassment and whispers against your skin “but just so you know, i love you too. with all my heart.”

B.A.P: their s/o always staring at them

Yongguk:  you could see a little shy smile forming around his lips when you do that, esp if you do it often. He won’t bother asking why you just stare at him anymore, bc he’ll blush at your simple explanation, “You’re just so perfect, I can’t help it.” Oml you’ve made him turn into putty and he loves it.

Himchan:  in any other situation, he’d think this was weird…..but it’s you. He stares right back at you, eyes never leaving yours, and a smirk never leaving his lips. It’s almost as if he’s challenging you to look away, “yeah, stare all you want, I know I’m beautiful babe” He loves when you give him so much attention.

Daehyun:  even with his flirty and sarcastic nature, he still can’t help but to blush and hide his face in both his hands. “You’re such a dork, y/n, stop distracting me from work” but there’s no doubt that he loves being adored like this, esp from you.

Youngjae:  planting his chin on his hands, he’ll stare lovingly back at you, batting his eyelashes. He knows you do this often and it really doesn’t bother him, in fact he finds it very amusing when you blush bc he’s caught you looking.

Jongup:  he’d act just as awkward as you’d expect, fidgeting in his seat if you weren’t looking away quickly. He’d quietly ask if there was something wrong, and a small “oh…” leaves his lips. Jongup grabs your hand and quickly kisses it, finding your little habits adorable yet terribly embarrassing.

Zelo:  he’d feel your gaze on him from anywhere tbh, he already knows you’ve been staring. One solution would be to kiss you so you could stop making him blush and giggle like a schoolboy, and the other would be to bury his face in your neck so you couldn’t see the affect you had on him. 

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Exo's reaction to their girlfriend sucking on their lips after applying lip gloss on their lips.

A/N Thank you for the request. We do not own these gifs. credit to owners. Enjoy -T✨

Baekhyun: Baek would just stare at you, longingly. He would stare at your lips, wanting to kiss you so bad, but let’s be honest, he would complain immediately afterward about how sticky the lipgloss is.

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Sehun: he would do his lethal lip bite that he knows drives you crazy. The shine on your lips would make him want to taste it desperately. But, considering your relationship wasn’t public yet, he would have to settle for biting his lip to drive YOU crazy and waiting until you got behind closed doors.

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Chanyeol: Yeol would do his tongue thing.

He would subconsciously slightly stick out his tongue while you were talking and his eyes would not come off of your mouth.

“Chanyeol? Are you even paying attention to me?”

“Huh? Yes? I think I was?”

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Xiumin: This boy would tease the fuck out of you. Sexually, not in the manner of making fun of you, of course. He would raise his eye brows and lick his lips, making a big scene about how sexy your lip gloss looked on your lips.

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Yixing: He would get so shy and sweet and smiley and flirty. He would never tell you that he loves when you wear gloss, because he likes how it makes your lips look, but it would secretly be one of his favorite things. You would ask him why he’s so smiley, and he would never tell you why.

“You just look extra beautiful today, babe. That’s all.”

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Jongin: Nini would be SUCH a brat about it. He would take his hand and wipe the gloss off of your lips because he isn’t a fan of it. (It would probably be because it makes your lips look better than his and we all know he can’t have that.)

“Jongin! Why are you being so annoying about this?!”

“I just wanna kiss your plain lips! Is that such a problem?!”

“It is now that I have fucking lip gloss all over my cheeks because you smeared it everywhere!”

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Junmyeon: He would buy you his favorite flavor all of the time. He would say that if you’re going to get him all sticky by kissing him with it on anyway, it may as well taste delicious while it’s happening. (I bet he would like peach flavored a lot.)

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Kyungsoo: Soo probably wouldn’t be a fan of lip gloss. He would say that it looks good on you, but would politely ask that you take it off before you kiss him. So, of course, you would attack his face with lip gloss kisses, leaving shiny prints all over the place that he would roll his eyes about and wipe off.

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Jongdae: He would like watching you put the lip gloss on. Jongdae seems like the kind of guy to like lips and kissing a lot, so you putting it on and rubbing your lips together a lot to smooth it out would be a total turn on for him. Almost as much as it would be for him to kiss it off of you.

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