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monavia  asked:

Things I wanna hear Cent yell abt: Ailill and finnabair’s relationship and it’s deterioration

  • ailill loves finnabair so goddamn much it is known
  • it’s a big wonder why none of his children got jealous considering how much of his attention went to finnabair as a kid and even as a goddamn teen
  • it’s so pure. so fucking pure that being with finnabair shows off that ailill has a childish side which surprises literally everyone considering how his expression is almost always bland or serious as a king
  • you see him having that pure and loving smile just seeing finnabair happy whenever she gets what she wants from him and he successfully makes his lovely daughter happy like jfc dont give this man a daughter he forgets his kingly duties
  • but all good dreams come to an end
  • suddenly your daughter either asks for the impossible and tells you she wants to get married at the age of fourteen
  • you see him trying to keep the gazes of men away from her like holy shit i dont fucking trust you people because i know how you peeps treat my wife it aint happening to my lovely bean you all better fucking think
  • but what can you do when your daughter herself spreads her legs like it’s free dick day everyday like jfc let your papa rest!!!!! i didnt raise you like this
  • finnabair: what a good day to want attention
    ailill: im giving you all my attention
    finnabair: not from you
  • finnabair: whY WONT YOU JUST LET ME BE HAPPY
    ailill: listen here you talked to a guy for three days and sUDDENLY YOU WANT TO MARRY HIM? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU WHAT IN BLOODY ERIN
  • i just want ailill to rest and for finnabair to stop being a disappointment
  • but it aint happening because theres no stopping a girl when she wants dick

insecurity | tommy shelby

Hey could you possibly do one where the reader is younger than Tommy like early 20s but they’ve always had a thing and he does something which causes a huge argument and they don’t speak anymore but then the reader winds Tommy up and makes him really jealous when Michael comes along by flirting with him and all over him all the time and it brings out the worst in Tommy thanks !!

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gotta get this renee young hate off my fucking dash or i swear i’ll hit someone



anonymous asked:

I'm just asking because that post you reblogged really confused me and I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean. It's the one about a man proposing and then a man being married. Does it mean how it's weird (and sexist) that traditionally men are the ones to propose marriage but then married men often complain about how "awful" marriage is?

That’s absolutely what it means. I truly don’t understand this thing where men are expected to act like being married is *so terrible*. It’s a CHOICE. And frankly even in relationships where the woman is pushy, American culture dictates that it’s the man’s responsibility to take the step from dating to marriage. Women don’t usually propose. And even if they did, the man would still be allowed to say no.

This is the reason I can’t stand sitcoms. The stereotype of the poor oppressed man who’s stuck in a lifelong prison sentence with a nagging wife?? Seriously? YOU made the choice to marry THAT woman, and YOU make a choice daily to ignore her when she asks for your help around the house. So this whole idea is literally a man convinces a woman that he is madly in love with her, then after she marries him he treats her like a burden, and then he makes her ask him multiple times for help maintaining THEIR home and calls her nagging for it- and THEN he gets pissed off when she won’t jump into bed with him every single time he’s in the mood. 

Here’s a thought- if you don’t want to have the responsibilities of a married adult human, don’t get married! If you consider marriage to be an end to all fun, don’t get married! If you think a wife is a ball-and-chain who’s primary purpose is to drag you down and destroy your life, don’t get married! If you can’t have honest adult conversations with a female human about sharing the workload of running a home, division of resources, long-term planning, and sex, for the love of sanity, do nOT GET MARRIED. I promise you, no woman wants to be attached to a manchild who considers her a burden because she doesn’t like being his 2nd mom.