you aint about that life hoe

anonymous asked:

i'm in a FUCK THAT HOE kind of mood. I loved her for years and suddenly I'm too boring? I'm not good enough for her? SURE she has NEW friends now. she says that she never meant to literaly talk to me like trash and when I ask her no ALL I WANTED was to spend time with her, tell me about her day, talk to me about ANYTHING but i couldn't even have that. If anyone tells you that they are your soul mates they are FUCKING LYING to you. Best friends aint shit. YEARS of my life feel like nothing now.

shit i’m sorry. i feel you so hard because i’ve been there and i know it fucking sucks. not even just once, but this literally happened to me three times… if she’s gonna treat you like that she ain’t worth it so in conclusion: fuck that hoe indeed. also re: your other message, don’t be sorry at all and if you need to vent, then vent away!! let it out!!! <3