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Mmh~ Hello! I seem to be lost~ Can you show me the way home~? Yours or mine would be fine...~ [vixensuggestion]


Huh?” VC turned to face the mysterious woman. It was rather late, and VC was just heading home after meeting up with her sister at the local cafe to explain the chaos of the past few months at hand. 

“Oh, sure. Where’s your place, if it’s nearby it shouldn’t be too much trouble at all! My house is a couple blocks down though, too, so…” She trailed off, doing small gestures with her hand- the other one preoccupied with pulling out her phone, seemingly ready to type in an address. 

For PreciousTaoBar’s 3rd anniversary on baidu, Tao specially wrote a small note and had someone to send it to the bar’s staff, it was totally a surprise gift for the fandom.

“To HuangZitaoBar~ ♥VVHL-EXOL, happy 3rd anniversary!

So happy and honored to have you guys being with me all the time. Thank you very much. I will always work hard, to offer the best. To us, nothing in this world is impossible ♥

Love you all ♥”


Comparing Grace and Mamrie to the Weasley twins.
Mommy and daddy are fighting.
Finishing her screenplay!

Sarah on MDK

Just so much Sarah and Hannah cuteness..


This is all so great!