you actually sent it right

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Dude do you make it your personal mission to take offence to every little thing u see on this god-forsaken website? Life is short. If something pisses u off, it shouldnt necessarily always call for 2k essays explaining why OP's post is wrong wrong wrong. Just unfollow or scroll quickly past. Like literally all your posts r rebuttals to others, it's becoming such a drain reading ur stuff cos all u do is complain! I like the insight u bring to this fandom usually but lately I'm questioning it

What is this even about though? Like…almost all of my posts today are my liveblogging, reblogging GIFS of Bellamy and Bellarke Fam Selfie Night pics. That’s it. I very rarely call people out on, because every is entitled to their own opinion unless said opinion is racist/or otherwise phobic.  

Literally all my posts are rebuttals to others? Are you sure you sent this to the right person? I actually went through my posts for today TWICE to see what you could possibly be referencing and all I see is me making posts about MY OWN interpretation of the show. Typically, because I’m not a coward, if I disagree with someone’s interpretation, I’ll make a comment on their original post as opposed to “subtweeting” it. 

Like…if you have a specific post(s) of mine you’re referring to please link it, because I’d love to see what you’re referring to.