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Is it bad I'm disappointed on the effort that these girls put in seriously if you're going to show up at his apartment for sex you do it in a pair of Louis Vuitton's Burberry trench coat and underneath that you have on agent provocateur you don't stop and talk to the doormen you just walk into the place like you already live there. And to top it off you need to be a mature adult and know that even doing that is borderline harassment and to not fucking do it no matter how much you want to.

At first I was like hmmm but the last part of this message made me giggle and you’re absolutely right babe


In this place, in this universe, we are together for eternity

Bon Voyage S2 E5 🌸

Best episode so far. This episode was extremely funny because of 2seok combo. Jin and his parrot friend. I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

My jikook thirst has been quenched. They’re literally on their honeymoon. (we all thought jikook got lost because of jimin. surprise surprise, it’s the other way around. they almost got lost bc of jungkook 😂)

And Namjoon, Suga and V were so cute. Taehyung would read something from a sign and Namjoon would ask Yoongi and Taehyung what it meant. They kept making Taehyung do everything 😂😂 “Small size? Grande? Grande size?” “Take a bus?” “Three people.” “$7.5” “Domino’s pizza~” Taehyung you absolute babe!!!!! 😭❤️

So many ships in this episode too. Jin drinking from Joonie’s coffee. V saying ‘I love you’ to Hobi and Jin. Suga holding V’s hand. Vmin’s swimming session in the pool. (I wish it was longer tbh. hobi said he would jump into the pool when they arrived lmao)

RFA + Minor Trio React to Short MC (+ New Admin Info)

Alright!! So, I’m guessing by short MC you mean like, extremely short?? So, I’m going to go with an MC that’s about 5 feet tall! I hope this satisfies ^^ Please tell me if I get one of the heights wrong so I can immediately correct it~


  • alright, Zen already thinks that you’re perfect from every conversation you guys had in the chatroom
  • and then bam, you went to visit Zen on day 7 of his route !!
  • oh gosh, Zen is 5′11″ and you’re so smol next to him
  • he immediately took his phone out and started taking pictures of him with you
  • and gushed about how absolutely adorable you were to everyone who will listen and even to those who won’t
  • asks MC to get his water bottle from a shelf that they couldn’t reach
  • MC is completely unaware that he has his phone out recording them struggling and squirming to get the water bottle
  • probably captions video “look at my jagiya try and help me out~”
  • he posts it everywhere
  • e v e r y w h e r e
  • his fangirls aren’t amused *coughs* especially echo girl *coughs*
  • if any of his fans start making fun of you for your height he’ll go on strike and not post selfies and only pictures of you
  • but seriously, if he sees you upset over your height he whispers reasons why he finds your height cute and how much he absolutely adores you
  • “babe, your height doesn’t describe who you are. everything that makes up MC is the reason why I love MC, not just your height.”


  • absolutely melts
  • someone is finally shorter than him
  • he’s not the baby of the RFA anymore !!!
  • he absolutely cherishes you
  • teasing all day long!!
  • you’re short like rika
  • anyways, when he’s playing LOLOL, he places you in his lap and asks for encouragement
  • he brags to his friends about how you fit perfectly in his lap and he can play LOLOL with them
  • when MC tries to cook for Yoosung during the morning, they realize they’re a tad bit short and can’t open the cabinets 
  • they grab a chair and stand on it and opens the cabinets
  • and Yoosung went into the kitchen and conveniently has his phone on him and takes a picture of her and sends it to the chat
  • takes you around his university and shows you off to his classmates
  • he brags to Zen about how he got a s/o before he did
  • if anyone dare insults your height, he gets so upset
  • considering Yoosung is confirmed to be a bit of a yandere, he’ll glare at the person who insulted you and threatens them
  • to comfort you, the moment you get home he cuddles you on the bed and whisper about how much he loves you
  • “you’re amazing, honey. don’t worry about what they say.”


  • she’s smol herself, so it’s a shock to see someone shorter than her
  • does she secretly treasure the fact that you’re shorter than her? y e s.
  • she will tell you that it doesn’t matter, but to her? it’s so adorable that it hurts
  • and that’s coming from Jaehee. she’s extremely bashful too, so she won’t say it out loud, but it’s obvious she gushes about you on the inside
  • she probably has more pictures of you then Zen on her phone and on the walls of her room
  • probably even has a picture of you framed in the café
  • she encourages you to do whatever you want, such as wearing heels
  • she finds it just as adorable
  • alright, if anyone makes fun of you??
  • oh gosh
  • don’t even get me started, this girl has a black belt in judo
  • don’t do it
  • d o n o t
  • it’ll make MC feel bad for people who did it
  • you swear you might have to call the ambulance for them but Jaehee drags you away
  • “but Jaehee they’re unconscious on the floor”
  • “oh well they know better than to mess with you”
  • and if you and Jaehee see the insulter in public they’ll avoid you like the black plague
  • if you got insecure over your height, Jaehee will close the café for the day
  • makes a special coffee just for you and pampers you with treats and encouragements
  • “your height doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t represent who you are. look at me, I’m only a few inches taller and I beat their ass, did I not?”

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20 + 27 😘


I can’t quite believe I’m writing you a prompt considering you’re my absolute favourite babes. Hopefully you enjoy it just as much as I enjoy reading your fics.

Both are drunk and happy and “Sorry. You’re just…really adorable.”

Somewhere along the timeline of Robert and Aaron’s relationship, Robert had well and truly become a part of the Dingle family. As much as he hated to admit it, he loved the idea that he was protected by the biggest family in the village, but knew if he ever did anything to hurt Aaron, they’d be able to hurt him and hide all of the evidence within 10 minutes.

Tonight, however, Aaron and Robert had been at a Dingle family party, something about some people coming to the village to visit for a few weeks. They didn’t exactly need an excuse to get the entire family squashed into the pub, drinking the bar dry with the excessive amount of alcohol consumed. Aaron had done the typical husband thing and introduced Robert to the visitors, proudly showing him off as though he was a piece of meat.

Aaron’s cousin, or whoever the blonde girl was had kept buying Robert an endless stream of pints, the entire family watching as he was drunk within the first two hours of being there. Aaron had been laughing as he watched his husband go red in the face as he danced around the bar with his cousin and distant auntie.

Aaron got equally as drunk, but nowhere near tempted to get up and dance with his family. Instead, he walks up to Robert and stands behind him, letting his hand land on Robert’s arse and squeezes as he kisses his neck and whispers “You ready to come home, mister?”

Robert turns around under Aaron’s touch and wraps his arms around his neck, leaning forward and kissing him. “Definitely.” He says after he pulls away, hearing a wolf whistle from Charity.

They stumbled up the road to their home, arms on each other’s back and Robert’s insistent mutters of how much he wants Aaron as soon as they get home.

Aaron shoved Robert into the bedroom while he went to brush his teeth and when he walked into the bedroom, he found Robert’s clothes thrown over the floor and his husband led in bed, the purple quilt wrapped around him fully, over his head so his hair’s covered, but his feet hang out the end. Aaron chuckled as he walked closer to the bed, sitting on the edge and wiggling out of his jeans.

“What’re you laughing at?” Robert asked.

Aaron turned to face him, laughing harder this time. “Sorry. You’re just…really adorable.” He said, before pulling his shirt off and lying down in just his boxers.

Robert gasped, his cheek pressed against the duvet making him look like a child. “Aaron Sugden, I can’t believe you just said that.”

“Aaron Sugden, eh? Clearly you’re living in a dream world.” Aaron stated, putting his phone on charge and then facing his husband. “Can I come under?” He asked, tugging at the quilt around Robert’s face.

Robert shook his head.

“Why not?” Aaron whined.

Robert just started giggling, pure bliss across his face and his eyes lighting up to an even brighter blue. “Don’t tell anyone,” He whispered after calming his laugh down. “But I’m naked.”

Aaron nodded, “Ohhhh, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. But it’d fine that you’re naked with me.”

Robert leaned forward and kissed Aaron’s arm. “You can come in but you have to be naked too.”

He looked at the white boxers that covered Aaron’s manhood, before Aaron got the hint and peeled them off, looking at Robert who now had his arms open wide, the duvet spread across his width and nothing covering his body at all.

Aaron shimmied forward and landed in Robert’s arms, who covered Aaron with the quilt and linked their legs together before they fell asleep.

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