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What do you want?

Hey guys so I have a few cute ideas for reddie and stenbrough but i dont want them to flop so heres the names of them and summary’s:

  • Drifting ( Reddie )

Summary: Richie is now popular in Derry’s one and only High School and without realizing it he drifts away from the Losers but Eddie thinks it’s for the best as he soon falls for the the who was once a Loser.

( heres a lil part from the story: Richie made his way into the lunchroom with his new “group” he looked over at the Losers table Bill and Stan were in their own little world talking, Mike, Bev and Ben were laughing and Eddie was looking down picking at his food he always look distant from the group and Richie felt bad almost like he pitied the boy. )

  • Forever Broken ( Reddie )

Summary: It has been a few months since Richie and Eddie broke up. Eddie’s anxiety got worst and his life was slowly fall apart and Richie notices but will they work if they try again? 

( heres a lil part from the story: Richie noticed Eddie’s absence in school and it started to worry him. Eddie was never absent or late to school. Richie wanted to go visit him and check up on him but he knew that Eddie hated him he knew it and accepted it. That was until he overheard Bill and Ben two of Eddie’s closest friends talking about Eddie and how he’s been. )

  • Snow Days ( Stenbrough )
Summary: It was a day filled with snow in Derry, Maine nothing the people who lived in Derry weren’t use to. The Losers stayed in watching the snow listening to Christmas music and huddle in little groups and talk. Richie noticed Stan straing at Bill the whole day so he took it upon himself to get Stan to go to Bill and talk to him.
( I dont have the story written down so I dont has a lil part for it to show )
So which one ( 1 ) would you guys like to see? 

“when i just came to seoul and didn’t understand anything, it was jin hyung who helped me a lot. i love you.” - jungkook


infodumping about the ocean


she had the world // panic! at the disco


pocket finger hearts from kenta ♡


-meeting at school and he thinks you’re so cute right off the bat

-he would try the whole ‘play it cool’ thing but you’re just so gosh darn cute he finds himself falling head over heals in love with all the cute little things you do

-once you’re together he’s just so happy


-he loves telling you how much he loves you and hearing how much you love him


-he loves touching you. hand holding. arm over your shoulder. hugs. everything.

-he’s constantly smiling when you’re around

-him telling you about the Upside-down

-protecting the shit out of each other

-just ultimate power couple

-getting matching nail-bats

-the kids looking up to you

-being the mom just like Steve’s the dad

-”did we just sort of adopt six kids?

-Steve giving advice to your ‘kids’ and you immediately debunking his terrible dating advice

-the kids looking up to you guys and you’re perfect relationship thats built on love, trust and friendship

-stealing his shirts or sun-glasses

-matching Halloween costumes

-Dustin telling you all the cute things Steve says about you while you’re not around

-but Dustin also telling Steve all the cute things you say about him when he’s not around

-movie cuddle dates

-dates where you drive around and talk

-kisses where you both just end up smiling and giggling because you’re so in love

-never ever ever down playing how in love with each other you are

-studying together

-long phone calls on your land line that make your parents upset because they want to use the phone

-making a couple cassette tape of all your couple songs 

-sharing ear phones on your walkman

-being so in sync

-like you’ll both be listening to one of your kids and he’ll pull out a cigarette and you pull out a lighter and while still looking at the kids you’ll light his cigarette for him

-long make out sesh’s in his car

-constantly complimenting each other and there’s just so much positivity it kind of grosses everyone out 

-Max coming to you about having a crush on Lucas

-Lucas going to Steve about having a crush on Max

-totally setting them up together and then you and Steve watch them be cute like proud parents

-him leaving you little thoughtful gifts

-driving the kids around in his car and you blast music and sin duets together that make the kids sort of uncomfortable

-he holds your hand while he drives and the kids in the back are like “Steve! both hands on the wheel!”

-king of chivalry, if you’re ever cold, his jacket becomes your jacket

-you guys cant go 24 hours without seeing each other

-honestly, he’s my squishy little love boi