You’re the only time I feel at home.

I still believe that safety means I’ll need a bed time story and a pillow to match my definition of a good nights sleep. I often wonder why you’re still here and haven’t left me yet. You’re the only thing holding my shadows and telling them not to be scared of their shadows, you’re the love we couldn’t stop giving. I have asked you many times before and I’ll keep asking because I don’t understand. Why do you love me? Some thoughts are heavy and it keeps us up all through the banshee screaming nights, I don’t have enough softness and tenderness like my youthful version of never crying before I sleep– some thoughts still rearrange my lego pieces into a simple I love you meant for the simple fact, you’ll never stop loving me. That’s all you’ll ever say and that’s all I’ll ever need to hear to remain sane. I’ve learned that time is cruel, but as long as you’re something more real than my next poem, I’ll have something stable to hold onto. You’re a star I’ve manage to cross, you’re the yellow light that says slow down and enjoy the night, be careful, but don’t lose your heart because they haven’t learned how to love like you. You’re not going to make a home out of everyone, so you can always make a home out of me. Some lovers kiss us goodnight, but between you and I– you’re more marble than you are glass, the owls still hoot my apologies into the whispers of I can’t believe this is happening, but as long as you’re here to say that love is something we should always believe in… as long as I’ve got those spaces between my fingers… I’ll always try to call you home.

– You’re my favorite.

You’re a journal full of poems
and I’ve never felt more at home

You’re a sky inked with moonlight
and this time, I know I’ve got it right

You’re every apology that is forgiven,
and you’re a regret I won’t be living

You’re a forest fire and smothering,
but I love you, this isn’t all for nothing

You’re my favorite song, I listen to your lyrics–
you’re the words I’d put on a post it note

We sail a small boat with holes,
if I sink with you– we’ll sing our woes

Because together with you,
I’ll sing the ocean blues

Even if we die tomorrow,
I’ll know we’ll be more than our sorrows–

We may be living with borrowed time,
but what is yours, is also mine.

Imagine it is your first year in univeristy and in one seminar you always see a guy. A guy which is that pretty you can’t even look at him straight! Even though he sits just two chairs next to you you never think about talking to him, not believing he could feel anything for you. Or see anything other in you as a girl who stupidly smiles at him handsome face. One time you talk about him with a friend of yours and she can’t understand how you could think of a guy like him as attractiv, laughs he would look like an alien. Angrily you storm out, how could she talk like that about a guy like him? A guy who never did anything bad to her or anyone. Maybe he isn’t her type but even though she could just be friendly to him, right? She doesn’t need to be that mean! As you walk around the campus outside, angrily kicking stones, you see the guy walking right towards you. You look down as you think he will pass you, not noticing your appearance at all. “Hey there!”, a deep cello like voice passes your ears: “Don’t you sit next to me in that one seminar?”, you look up and see the anglelike face in front of you, smiling at you. “I- I guess?” “Sure! We should learn together! Next monday? Ten o’clock in the library?” And so the biggest adventure of your live begins!