Back in September, I gave an informative speech in my college speech class about Andi Mack. Today, I am clearing out old papers and found this anonymous peer comment: “Can’t believe this is the 1st Disney show w/ gay relationship + multiracial parents” and reading that makes my heart hurt a little. Because canonically, we only have a gay *character* and not a relationship. Tyrus, so many of us are counting on you. Even random college students who have never watched the show. (((Sidenote: this student also said “‘friendom’ kind of surprised me.” Aka you guys are pretty legendary.)))

I’m liking You very much, very very much. I’m honestly very surprised by how good Penn is at a portraying a psychopath, i never really liked him in gossip girl, he now really knows how to show different emotions, maybe it’s the character that now it’s more challenging too and it’s always good to see that snack of shay mitchell, her acting improved a lot too

And then, right when you thought you might just disappear... he saw you. And you knew, somewhere deep, it was too good to be true. But you let yourself be swept, because he was the first strong enough to lift you. Now, in his castle, you understand Prince Charming and Bluebeard are the same man. And you don't get a happy end unless you love both of him.Didn't you want this? To be loved? Didn't you want him to crown you? Didn't you ask for it? Didn't you ask for it? Didn't you ask for it? So say you can live like this. Say you love him, say thank you, say anything but the truth.

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6, 20, 36

6: yes!!! I’ve only been to a few countries outside of the US. I’ve been to Israel which was an amazing experience. I hope to travel to London, Paris, Italy, Barcelona, Prague, Croatia, and Greece.

20: The Good Place was the last episode I watched. But I just finished YOU on Netflix and it was soo good!

36: I fuck with Sushi. I just found a great sushi restaurant 20 mins from my house.