Ruby Rose: Happy Champion leader of the crew. Her “battleaxe” is totally functional, what are you talking about??

Weiss Schnee: Knight Enchanter from the noble Schnee line from the Tevinter Imperium. She’ll use a real sword if she wants, okay.

Blake Belladona: #elfrights An elven Assassin born from the shadows of Kirkwall’s alienage.

Yang Xiao Long: Natural born Reaver/Berserker and elder half sister to their bubbly red riding hood. Who needs swords when you have your BARE HANDS!!!

………..So. The RWBY crew being optional companions in Dragon Age (I’m just using Inquisition verse at the moment). Yeah?? YEAH????? Work with me here you guys


48 Hour film……….. The theme was ducks.


Jaune Arc: A Grey Warden with Templar skills that came from a long line of other Grey Wardens. After everything escalated, he left Redcliffe to see if he could do anything. Despite him being a ween and having something to hide, he’s trying his best, okay?

Pyrrha Nikos: Outstanding Grey Warden and combat mentor to Jaune. She is an versatile Champion who can easily beat you with a sword or spear. And her shield. If you want ensured victory, Pyrrha is the way to go.

Nora Valkyrie: Reaver Surface Dwarf mercenary who reaaaaaaaally likes bashing things. She sees the Inquisition as an opportunity for fun times ahead, and she dragged Ren with her.

Lie Ren: This Dalish assassin would say he was sent to end the turmoil, as it had been giving his clan quite the trouble, but really, Nora dragged him along. It’s okay though. Someone needs to keep her from smashing all the poor Nugs.

Team JNPR >:3c Also thank you all nice words for the other set!! I am glad they are enjoyed.