Why You Should Read: You’re A Loaded Gun (But You Know Me Better Than Anyone)

i’ve just finished reading danny-lawrencesLawstein HSAU and i am here to give you many reasons to read it if you’re still doubting yourself

  • “Fucking Turkey Sandwiches.”
  • not your usual lawstein fic (meaning they aren’t at each others throats and want to kill each other)
  • really funny and relatable original characters
  • it has laferry i mean come on
  • adopted! danny
  • danny’s parents are the best ok
  • artist! Carmilla
  • danny is a huge nerd about space srsly
  • it deals with abuse and its written very realistically
  • half of the conversations of carmilla and danny are so sweet it made my chest ache
  • Scooby Gang is friendship goals af
  • danny is the captain of the hockey team and perry is the goalie yo
  • theres smut but its not really descriptive if graphic smut makes you uncomfortable
  • lawstein are so disgustingly adorable they are dORKS OK
  • its a high school au guys we all like high school aus

come on guys its really really good its one of the best hsau’s i’ve ever read i promise GO READ IT NOW