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hello there!! I just found your videos and after watching like 10 or so i am still fucking coughing. you are absolutely (persona 4) golden. like, when I originally played the persona series, i did laugh, but i laugh so hard at your videos it fucking hurts. thank god you exist honestly because tonight was garbo and you used a bless skill on me tonight. also your art is superb, you're really skilled at what you do. honestly thanks for existing. ryuji & yosuke best boys 👌

oh god haha!!! Thank you so much this is really really sweet v///v )/ I put a lot of effort and love into my videos so I’m happy to see that you’re enjoying them.

I’m really happy that I can let people join me on these adventures in story driven games, it makes everything feel a lot more special.

and thank you so much again!!! ahhh I’m blushing >///< );

The IT plays Cards Against Humanity online

[Yu is card czar]
Yu: “How am I compensating for my… tiny penis?”

Yosuke: This card is making me uncomfortable, AND I have nothing good.
Rise: Me too.
Yosuke: Yeah, right? Totally gonna burn a card here…
Chie: Somehow, I don’t think that’s what she meant.
Yukiko: Pfft I, I thi-ink I have a, good c-ha-ard…
Kanji: I like mine.
Yu: The sooner we get over with. The better.
Teddie: The King’s orders are absolute!!
Naoto: No.

[everyone puts their cards in]

Third Base,
Sixteen feat of scarf bondage,
Being a dick to children,
A lifetime of sadness,
My ‘Second In Command’,
Being a motherfucking sorcerer

[cue the whole IT losing their minds, trying to figure out who wrote in the second-to-last card; all while Yosuke dodges accusations]

Yosuke: HELL no that’s not my card!-
Chie: Well then WHO’S IS IT?-
Rise: No way! It HAS to be yours, Yosuke-senpai- I’ve seen the way you look at senpai!-
Yosuke: I’m TELLING yo- wait- WHAT Rise?!

[Yukiko is in the middle of a debilitating laughing fit]

Naoto: I would normally consider reverse psychology-
Kanji: But is it really Yosuke-senpai’s card?

[Everyone goes quiet at Kanji’s doubt]

 Kanji: I mean. I donno ‘f sure, but it feels like it could be Ted…
Teddie: It’s not mine, and it’s not Yosuke’s.
Rise: Well you seem sure! But what proof do you have?
Yosuke: My card was ‘Bees?’. I have have a pretty lame hand right now…
Teddie: And MINE was ‘Third base’!
Chie: We could just come clean with our cards! Then we’d know!
Yukiko: And yet, doing so seems wrong to me…By the way, are we just going to glance over the scarf bondage?-
Yu: Yes.

[Everyone is silent for a few beats]

Naoto: I propose this, Yu-senpai: if you were to pick the card in question, we would all see who wrote it.
Yosuke: Yeah, I can’t deny it; a card like that is actually good-
Chie: So it IS yours!-
Yosuke: Is NOT!
Yu: I do like the last one… But I have to know…

[Yu selects the second-to-last card]




Yosuke: I. Kinda of… Hate you, right now. Naoto.
Naoto: I apologize for taking advantage of the expected turmoil; But I saw an opportunity.
Rise: Well, there goes ‘Sixteen feat of scarf bondage’…

Yu: Good.

  • Yosuke: Boyfriend? I don't want to be Yu's boyfriend.
  • Chie: Well, what do you want, then?
  • Yosuke: I don’t know! I just want to be with him all the time. I want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. I want to hold his hand and smell his hair. But I don’t want to be his stupid boyfriend!

Persona 4 Sweater Meme

>> read captions << >> In case you can’t see them: >>

Yu: *stands proud*

Yosuke: “I-it’s not what you think it is!”

Chie: “Do we really have to wear these?”

Yukiko: "This is kinda embarrassing"

Rise: "These sweaters are cute!“

Teddie: "I feel pretty!”

Kanji: "I don’t mind wearing this while kicking the crap out of shadows!“

Naoto: "This is an utterly embarrassing sweater. I do not approve this kind of clothing!”

Adachi/rest: CABBAGE BEWBS!

One of them is not like the other. 

Shades of the Shadow -- Prologue
Emilian Doyle
Shades of the Shadow -- Prologue


For the members of the long-disbanded Investigation Team, the arrival of both Rise Kujikawa and Yu Narukami back in town means excitement, adventure, and fun times are drawing near. Each individual eagerly awaits the moment when Narukami will arrive by train once again as they go about their daily lives, reminiscing on what was, and dreaming of what will be. Little do they know, the quiet town of Inaba, Japan is about to be shaken violently awake once again.

Click the readmore for lyrics, more information about the musical, and for artist’s notes on the song!

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Every day's great at your Junes (especially for Yosuke)
  • Yosuke: *answers the phone* Hello?
  • Teddie: It’s Teddie.
  • Yosuke: What did he do this time?
  • Teddie: No, it’s me, Ted, it’s actually me.
  • Yosuke: What did you do this time?

Day 6. Time for AUs! 


Corporate Biznatch AU never gets old also suits are fun to draw also most of these kids are *totally* ready for Serious Business look how serious they are

Except Naoto, Shirogane’s rockin the financial analysis world something big and she wonders why she has to deal with this dumb company how did they even become a company in the first place

Ryuji and Yosuke.

• Yosuke shelters an intense, unspoken need to protect Ryuji, in and out of battle. When Ann comments on how Ryuji won’t ever have a meaningful relationship with anyone because of how clumsy and stupid she feels he is, Yosuke fiercely counters with: “What do YOU know? Any girl-or guy, if he swings that way-would be LUCKY to have Sakamoto-kun as a boyfriend!”

• One day, at a team meeting in Junes’ dining area, Ryuji says something and Yosuke just hugs him. Hard. Without saying anything. Then walks back into Junes.

• Yosuke affectionately calls him ‘Rocket’, just as best buddy Yu is his 'partner’. Ryuji beams over the nickname.

• Ryuji’s pushed into the TV by Kamoshida. Yosuke’s beside himself with panic: “We’ve gotta get in there NOW!” “I’m not gonna lose Rocket, no matter what! I told him I’d look after 'im and that’s what I’m gonna do, dammit!”

Kanji and Teddie spying on Souji and Yosuke together
  • Teddie: I can see what's happening.
  • Kanji: What?
  • Teddie: And they don't have a clue.
  • Kanji: Why...are you singing?
  • Teddie: They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line, our trio's down to two.
  • Kanji: There are four of us Teddie, we're not even a trio. What are you even doing?

Persona 4 Dancing All Night is getting intense

Thinking about doing a Yosuke dating sim. Probably mostly fluff, any bad ends wouldn’t really be bad, there’d be some conflict/drama like in any good story, but, well… think my fics. 3-4 routes, all with different romance plots. All Yosuke, ofc.

What do you guys think?