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This is a bit of an odd ask but there's just something I love about groups. Headcanons for that one time all 8 members of the IT really let go and did it in one group, maybe in Yu's Room? Also happy birthday!

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I’ll do more than what you asked anon, because this request is just too good to pass up.

Investigation Team

  • Ok so their first time was after Adachi’s defeat. A lot of stress needed to be relieved. A lot.
  • There is tons of touching and grabbing and cuddling. Affections are being thrown around left and right.
  • Christmas Eve was spent with the girls strip-teasing for the boys and a lot of bonding the entire evening.
  • They try to be as quiet as possible. Don’t want Nanako or Dojima to find out.
  • It hasn’t stopped the team from doing it on the living room though. Boy does Yu have to leave that place spot-on clean to avoid suspicion.
  • The usual pairings are Yu/Yosuke, Yukiko/Chie, Rise/Teddie and Naoto/Kanji, but there is a lot of changing in-between. 
  • Sexting. Good lord, group sexting. Rise and Yu use this the most to get the others riled up fast.
  • The girls thoroughly enjoyed the sexy armors they got from Kashiwagi. Yukiko and Rise in particular use theirs to their advantage.
  • I don’t think we need to say anything about the cabinet incident in the snow trip. There is more than one way to warm things up besides a bonfire. 
  • Thankfully Margaret did not caught them in the act.
  • After the events of Izanami, the team has considered bringing in Marie. God knows that girl needs love by the bucket loads.
  • According to an overall vote, Yosuke gives the best blowjobs, Rise the best handjobs, and Chie the best footjobs. 
  • Naoto, Yukiko and Yu win the best dirty talk vote however. 
  • Teddie and Kanji are the best cuddlers though, nobody beats them there.
  • Yu, Rise, Naoto and Chie tend to be the doms, but are willing to sub from time to time depending on the partner.
  • Ebihara suspects something is going on, but has no proof as of yet.
  • The Amagi Hot Springs. Yep, they’ve done it there too. Yukiko scheduled it for a private meeting and boy oh boy was that a trip.
  • Chie and Rise love to take it through all the holes. Yukiko and Naoto are more conservative on that front however. 
  • Keeping the harem a secret has been the team’s greatest challenge, but they’ve done a pretty good job so far.
  • A lot of communication and consent happens before and during the sessions. Kanji, Teddie and Naoto in particular worry the most when things get down and dirty.
  • Toys are not used in general, unless asked and the other members accept. The team kind of prefers it vanilla because they feel they would bond better that way.
  • Oh yeah, there was another fun moment after P4D. A lot of stress was relieved then at Rise’s trailer. Nobody found out.
  • Rise has considered to bring in Kanami, but she’s uncertain and hasn’t talked about it with the team yet.

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Man, imagine Mr. Hanamura always fretting and worrying about his son(s) and the rest of the group because he saw how they would limp out of the tv with visual wounds and he would always ask if they're ok when they come over.

Honestly can you imagine how terrified he would feel!? Like he’d see these kids walk out of a TV covered in bruises or scratches, trying to cover them up. He’d probably understand that whatever inside there is dangerous and he’s seen them take weapons inside.

Can you imagine him just nervously watching the cameras, hoping that his son and Teddie would come back!?

Oh god can you imagine if the team came out of the TV and Yosuke wasn’t anywhere to be found. And without a second thought,  Mr Hanamura just bolts out of his office to the electronics section, he grabs Souji/Yu and starts shaking him. “Where’s Yosuke!? Where’s my son!?” and Souji/Yu won’t look him in the eye. And he gets more desperate “I know he’s still in there!  Where is he!? Where’s my boy!? Tell me dammit!”. 

The team won’t look at him, they won’t answer. And slowly the realization sets in, Mr Hanamura just collapses. He’s lost his son, he’s lost his whole world, and he was powerless to do anything about it.

YOUTH by ♣3

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