yost arena


So I noticed this a while ago driving past Yost Ice Arena (Ann Arbor, MI)??? and I’m only now making the post. I drove past it and was like. Wow. That sports building has big windows I wonder what’s in there. Asked my sister who knows the campus and shit and she was like “Yeah that’s Yost that’s the hockey place”. I did not expect the exterior to look like that and then I thought about it and then I looked up interior shots and UH. HOT DAMN. So. Idk if there’s any other arena with windows like this, but I enjoy the idea that N used U of M’s ice facilities as inspo.

So…. not saying my dumb ass is gonna attempt to skate at Faber this Sunday, but I MIGHT AS WELL BE. I’m super excited.

( all Check, Please panels from http://omgcheckplease.tumblr.com/ )