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Himuro Yoshiteru “Our Turn, Anytime" 

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Dingy Dysu - Bon ( Himuro Yoshiteru Remix )

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Sengoku Youko

Chapter 46: It is amazing how after so much build up pieces simply fall into place. I can’t wait until we see Senya (literally) subdue his inner demons and gains control of their powers. Yoshiteru is also a surprisingly amazing character. How can one person ever come up with such amazing and unique powers?


Let’s take a better look at the recently announced BASARA x Monster Hunter costumes for the up-coming BASARA4 Sumeragi. Famitsu finally gave us larger images along with screenshots of them in game, and some details on exactly who is wearing what: 

  • Ashikaga Yoshiteru is getting the Silver Sol Armour
  • Shibata Katsuie is getting the Rathian S Armour
  • Ii Naotora is getting the Kirin Armour
  • and Gotō Matabee is wearing a straight up Velociprey costume! 
News: The official website updates with all of the information from Weekly Famitsu

The official Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi website updated overnight as usual. We now have the official story summaries for the three new characters.

Takeda Shingen’s story

As a member of the samurai class, Takeda Shingen decides that it is his duty to investigate Ashikaga Yoshiteru’s behaviour. But then again, he repeatedly asks himself whether he will even be capable of recognising the scale of Yoshiteru’s ‘vessel’.

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A flash of steel. Remembrance. 

Alas that was just the fluorescent lighting, the light of a camera. Mikazuki’s hands tightened upon his blade, his gaze unwavering as he stared forward, eyes vacant and nearly glazed over as he stared back at pensive families and teachers giving history lessons to bored schoolchildren more excited about their eventual lunches than an ancient blade kept in the Tokyo National Museum. Their eyes staring dimly at a blade. 

He had listened at first - finding people’s interpretations of history strangely boring. They talked of battles and betrayals, yet not one of them mentioned Hideyoshi’s love of oranges or of Ashikaga Yoshiteru’s sense of mischief. Small memories lost to the sea of history and time, deemed hardly worth recounting although Mikazuki remembered. 

He also remembered a kitsune, laughter as they ran through the battlefield his sword grip sure and steady as he sliced and cut and fought - proud against the backdrop of the blindingly blue sky. Although that was years ago, years since their saniwa had bowed to them before departing for a different branch of the military leaving him and the other swords to languish in museums, truly obsolete now in the world of guns and tanks and nuclear bombs. 

Mikazuki had searched through the archives during his last moments of freedom, learning information about his past compatriots yet he could not find the kitsune - could not find Kogitsunemaru through the records, as if Kogitsunemaru had never existed at all. A myth. 

But that could not be true. Not when Mikazuki remembered centuries together. And now he does not exist?

Suddenly Mikazuki is jolted from his thoughts by the glint of white hair in the distance and he picked up his head, hardly daring to believe his eyes. As if Inari had heard his prayer there was him standing there now. Right in front of Mikazuki. Unfairly handsome in a dark suit, and Mikazuki stared up trying to catch his eye - 

      For the first time his reflection reflected back a man rather a blade. 

                                                                                                {{ kxgitsunemaru }}


Ashikaga Yoshieru gameplay