yoshinori shizuma

List of Artists Researched in IB Visual Arts:

Year One

  • Shirow Miwa, Japanese digital illustrator
  • Tori / トリ, Japanese digital illustrator
  • Silvia Pelissera or agnes-cecile, Italian watercolor artist
  • Zain / ざいん, Japanese digital illustrator
  • Yoshinori Shizuma, Japanese digital illustrator
  • Claude Monet, French Impressionist
  • Hitomi Maehashi, Japanese photographer
  • Sayaka Maruyama, Japanese photographer

Summer in between Year One and Two

  • Vincent van Gogh, Expressionist painter
  • Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Philip Guston, American Abstract Expressionist
  • Jackson Pollocl, American Abstract Expressionist
  • The Gutai Group or Gutai Art Association, Post-WII Japanese Artists
  • Jane Radstrom, American contemporary artist
  • Marco Mazzoni, Italian contemporary artist

Year Two

  • Still Life Painters (1600-1880): Jacon Vosmaer, Jan Davidsz de Heem, Pieter Claesz, Anne Vallayer-Coster
  • Egon Schiele, Austrian Expressionist painter
  • Edgar Degas, French Impressionist
  • Marry Cassatt, American Impressionist
  • Euan Uglow, English contemporary painter
  • Jenny Saville, English contemporary painter
  • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French Post-Impressionist
  • Damiàn Ortega, Mexican contemporary sculptor / installation artist
  • Edward Hopper, American Social Realist painter
  • Giotto, Pre-Renaissance painter
  • Caravaggio, Italian Baroque painter
  • Anthony van Dyck, Flemish Baroque painter
  • Karl Schmidt-Rottluf, German Expressionist
  • Auguste Rodin, French modern sculptor
  • Antonio Canova, Italian Neoclassical sculptor

In two years my appreciation for artists of all different cultures expanded. At the beginning of Year I I was heavily influenced by the anime style, and then moved completely away form it, trying to branch out to broaden my understanding of art. I typed this up for the current Year I and II’s so that if you’re ever looking for “x” kind of artist, this is a pretty credible list of artists that you can choose from. I wouldn’t recommend anyone from Year I other than Monet, but feel free to use this list!

Good luck guys, use your summer wisely!