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Ok, but think about it...

Misaki playing pokemon go

Chiaki and Yukina playing pokemon go

Yokozawa and Kirishima having random walks at night ‘cause Hiyori wants to catch pokemons


Hey everyone! We are proud to announce that we will be hosting JR & SIH Week, December 4th through the 10th!

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I never hated most Junjou-Sekai love rivals because they all did it out of love, and their feelings are sincere. 

Haruhiko fell in love with his brother’s lover, thinking about his safety and selfishly wanting him for himself like Akihiko wanting Misaki all by himself, but never acts too much like it like a fucking yandere and considers Misaki’s feelings.

Yokozawa saw himself on how messed up Masamune was, how Masamune nearly destroyed his life out of depression, if I were Yokozawa, I would also be overprotective, even if I wasn’t inlove with the person, especially if I was faced by the person who had a part in my bestfriend’s breakdown.

Ijuuin finally met the person who brought him back to his feet when he was in his breakdown, it’s understandable why he would try to make Misaki fall in love with him.

Yanase fell in love with someone who had the same interests like him, faced with a rival that rarely had same interests towards the person they love, it was understandable that he would cling to that advantage to hope that Yoshino would also fall in love with him.And also because childhood friends in anime is usually rejected, Kanpai to Hatori and Asahina who escaped that fate. And I REALLY hope that he would end up with Mino because although KyoYuu is okay, if he ended up with Ijuuin I wouldn’t know if that would be labelled as Sekai or Junjou, besides, his personality would clash with Mino and Yamato’s personalities, and I love personality clashing couples.

Kanpai to Kaoruko, An and Matsumoto though, even if they were girls, they respected on how Misaki, Ritsu, and Takafumi were inlove with someone else. 

Kaoruko faced this in a rather, awkward way, I really feel embarassed for Misaki during those times

An faced this when she finally met the person Ritsu is inlove with, backing out when she confirmed that their feelings weren’t half-hearted. I love how fucking badass Takano was in that scene.

Matsumoto, despite not knowing who Yokozawa was inlove with, she respected that he had a lover. 

But the fucker that I can’t forgive is fucking Haitani Shin, if his lover fell inlove with Takano, how about trying to win his lover back STMF. It’s so fucking obvious that he confessed to Onodera to mess with Takano, if Yokozawa knew about that shit, I bet he would beat the hell out of Haitani. I can be patient with other rivals, but I just can’t with Haitani. Can’t wait for him to get rejected like a fuckboy.