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The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1

Probably the best song to listen to if you want to get into ‘The Flaming Lips’ as it’s very poppy, using a simple effective chord scheme with a very catchy vocal melody, however it has some psychedelic effects to it. Mainly in the way that it is quite stripped down, you focus on certain other sounds in the song such as the unusual bass sound in the chorus, and the extra synth parts. Also another unusual thing that makes the song that little bit more interesting is the drum part, it doesn’t sound completely right yet if it did, the song probably wouldn’t be so good.

ANOTHER unusual thing that is probably the main source of strangeness in the song, that is taken quite for granted by people who already know the song and like it, is the theme of the song. It’s about a battle between who I think is a japanese woman and some robots… now you can’t get much more quirky than that. However it does have it’s meaning deep down. It’s the calm before the fight in part 2, where Yoshimi is working up to defeating this evil robot which I think is an allusion to technology that has taken over wherever. I also think it has slight underlying themes too of the reliance people have of big figures, like presidents and people with authority, and how they’re all just human like everyone else. It could also be about fighting against a disease too I guess if you interpret it that way ('so she’s taken lots of vitamins’)

Album: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

Genre: Neo-Psychadelia

Favourite Part/Lyrics: The entire theme of the song, it really isn’t the usual pop song at all

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