yoshiko creations


Yesterday was a day of lasts. I spent the morning in Tochigi, the last stop for Yana-sensei’s 10 year Anniversary Art Exhibit. They added so much stuff since the first one, and I have to say, I am desperately in love with the new exhibit art (pictured on the sign above.) It’s probably a good thing the signed prints sold out or I might have actually tried to buy one.

I did get the last edition of the Yoshiko Creations, Tasse~Milk, some gold spoons, bath salts, clear files, and a notebook. I bought a spare ID/train pass case and I have an extra set of limited edition badges, so I’ll put those up in my shop sometime soon.

Apart from the additional goods, they also added the lines and sketches for some of the newer promotional art. (Nothing from the Green Witch Arc, though) Also, for 500 yen, you could rent Ono Daisuke’s audio commentary, which was entirely worth the money, though the earpiece they provided had terrible sound quality, so I would advise bringing a pair of descent ear-buds if you’re still planning on going. Commentary was done in character, calling attention to 12 separate marked displays. Apparently, Sebastian’s favorite piece in the collection is the color illustration from Chapter 78, because he appreciates the dinner presentation. He also commented that Kuroshitsuji was originally meant to be a single volume publication, like Rust Blaster, but thanks to support from Gfantasy readers, Ciel’s contract was extended and Sebastian’s meal postponed. Also, there was at least one instance of Sebastian attempting to rap.

I’m really glad I got to see Toboso Yana’s artwork one last time. Her pencil lines are phenomenal, and I really wish they would publish more of her unfinished work, especially the scenery reference drawings.