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Video: Yoshiki talks new music, X Japan and Motown

“The Grammy Museum held its first-ever Architects of Sound Awards benefit gala dinner and concert on November 11th at the Club Nokia at LA Live.
The awards which was hosted by Randy Jackson, honored Motown founder Berry Gordy and Grammy winner Smokey Robinson.
Grammy winners Boyz II Men and Kelly Rowland performed at the concert.

I spoke with recording artist Yoshiki at the event. Click on the video link to see what he had to say about Motown, new music and X Japan.”
—Belinda Thomas


Fragments from Yoshiki’s Interview for VOGUE magazine Part II
[ Translation courtesy of @Mikaxxxxxxxxx Thank you so much for sharing! ]

Yoshiki consulted with his mother when he received an offer to 
compose the song for the Emperor's 10th Anniversary of reign
because as he quoted, "I consulted with my mother because I
wondered if I could do such an important job. She then said,
'You should do it!' Later I was invited to a garden party, and I
brought my mother with me." She wore kimono to the party.
"My mother still wears a kimono often. I myself was raised
as a child between two cultures, music and kimono." [ × ]
"When I was about 12, I died my hair completely in red at my
friend's salon. I thought my mother was going to be mad, but
when I went home she said, 'the color should be more intense'."
(laughs) So my mother didn't get angry, but I went to school,
got caught and they shaved my head right there. So I realized,
"Ah, that's not accepted." (laughs) [ × ]
"She visits my dressing room at concerts almost every time we 
perform. But she still treats me like a child. For instance after a
concert with 50,000 to 100,000 capacity, she comes to a dressing
room and started to ask me like 'Are you eating well?' (laughs)
'You were a charisma on stage not too long ago...' (laughs)
She thinks I am still a child." [ × ]