X JAPANのPATA、緊急入院で現在は小康状態、活動の一部を当面延期(MusicVoice) - Yahoo!ニュース

X Japan’s Pata who was admitted urgently to the hospital is now in remission, activities are postponed.

Rock band X Japan’s member Pata (whose real name is Tomoaki Ishizuka) was admitted to the hospital from January 15th. He was being treated in the ICU but is currently stable.

He was diagnosed with large intestine diverticulitis and portal vein thrombosis and is receiving IV treatment. Because of this situation, this year’s March 12th planned Wembley Arena performance will be postponed to March 4th, 2017 and the situation with the new album sale date will be examined.

The members of X JAPAN comments as follows:

Yoshiki: I am feeling a lot of sad emotions. I am not able to express it with just words when I think that I am disappointing the fans. I’m so sorry. I am always saying “the show much go on” but I can’t do anything but watch protectively over Pata’s condition at this time. I can only pray that there are no further tragedies with X JAPAN. Without all our fans, there is no X JAPAN. I promise that we will come back stronger than ever.

ToshI: To all our fans, to have made you worried and to trouble you I apologize whole heartedly. I am looking forward to being able to do music activities with PATA as X JAPAN again in the future.

Heath: I apologize whole heartedly for the Wembley performance and the new album being postponed. Because I want to send an X JAPAN in perfect condition to all the fans it may take some time. When we return in perfect condition, we will deliver the best sound and best stage performance so please look forward to it.

Sugizo: Without PATA, X Japan is impossible. I will continue to wait.

Presently X Japan had released a documentary film called “WE ARE X”. Amongst the sad news the film was featured in the International Sundance Film Festival which is a huge honor. It was also nominated and won the Film Editing Award. Yoshiki, the leader, attended and played a piano performace as the official opening event of the film festival on January 22nd.

While the world tour and studio album releases were forced to be postponed and is a disappointing result, I pray that even if it’s only a day faster that Pata makes a speedy recovery and so that X Japan can continue to carry out activities for their fans.