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TMNT/SU Fusion

Michelangelo/Citrine: Born from the remains of a fallen rebel gem, Mikey’s first memory is of waking up in Kindergarten, where he spent a few centuries alone. In gem years, he’s really quite young. His best friends include one very large rock and a few smaller rocks.

Leonardo/Azurite: An envoy of Homeworld, Leo was sent to Earth to check on Kindergarten’s progress. That’s how he stumbles upon a young gem hiding in a tunnel. Despite his best efforts to get away from Mikey and see him as simply another experiment, he becomes attached to the little gem. 

Ralph/Siam: Along with Donatello, Ralph is a protector of Earth and survivor of the gem wars. Losing two brothers in the war took a lot of him, but deep down, he wants to believe that all that he’s done and all that he’s lost was worth something, that the Earth was and is worth protecting. 

Donatello/Tanzanite: Another sworn protector of Earth, Donnie is the guardian, friend, and protector of two half-gems, Casey and April. Before switching sides with his brothers, he was involved some of the research conducted at Kindergarten. Has yet to realize the extent of the horrors Kindergarten was involved in.

Casey/Jet: A half-gem found on Earth. It is suspected that he is the son of a rebel gem who fell in love with a human, a gem who was very likely one of Ralph’s best friends.

April/Celestite: Another half-gem, April is a daughter of a very power gem named, Crystal Quartz. Crystal Quartz was one of the leaders of the rebellion, feared and respected by many on Homeworld. 

Oroku Saki/The Shredder/Black Diamond - He was arranged to marry a beautiful gem. However, she fell in love with a human and was never seen again. Due to this, he has a great hatred for Earth and all of the humans that inhabit it.

Karai/Miwa/Sun - Though corrupted by Black Diamond (the Shredder) himself, Karai retains much of her reason and personality thanks to the human half she received from her father, Hamato Yoshi. Originally a sweet girl, she was kidnapped from Earth at a young age and molded into what she is now. 

Though she is Leo’s partner, he doesn’t trust her. 


Hamato Yoshi: Hamato Yoshi is a human and adopted father of Casey and April. He was friends with their parents and has known Raphael and Donatello long enough that he considers them his children as well, despite them being thousands of years older than him. As much as he can, he tries to offer them support and guidance. 

As far as AU ideas go, this is pretty good. I’m working on fusions next. The gems are already picked out so I just need to work on their personalities. 

Plessie from Super Mario 3D World.

Somehow this took a lot less time than it seemed.
Aside from the sketch, I streamed the whole process of lining, coloring, shading and adding the background in around 1h30m.
I don’t think I’ve ever done something THIS fast.