Showcase at the Rising Fists meetup (07/22/2016)

The young Miqo'te would do her kung-fu bow once more as a greeting, before taking a deep breath as she readies her muscular body, relaxing her arms and legs into a formidable fighting stance. After a bit, she would start off with a quick palm strike to the air, then two more, as she follows up with elegant flowing strikes from both her arms. She would then start doing rapid kicks, first like a machine gun before splitting off in multiple directions into more like a shotgun as she would pull off an elegant display of footsmanship with both her legs swerving throughout the air as the wind aether itself seems to bend to her techniques. The wind aether would become more visible as she hops into the air and side kicks rapidly, back and forth, with her right leg as she flipped and caught herself with her left hand back on the ground. For her finale, she would go into what looks like a break-dance enhanced with wind aether swerving her, before landing on her two feet gracefully, as the wind aether settles with her final bow, taking one last deep breath to calm her muscles and as a farewell.

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