Park Myung Soo: What Relationship Do You Two (Hyuna & Junhyung) Have That You Came Out Together? Do You Guys Call Each Other Often? What Do You Talk About?

Junhyung: We Call Once In A While. Mostly We Talk About Music. 

MC: We Heard That Junhyung Is Popular With Female Idols. 

Junhyung: I Heard The Rumours. But I Couldn’t Really Tell. I Was Never Asked Out, Either. 


Hyuna: I Think That Your Pajamas Are Important. What You Wear Depends On Your Mood. On Days I Want To Be A Late-teens Star, I Wear A Two-piece Lingerie & Slip To Bed. Is It Weird?

MC: No. [Junhyung’s Laughing] Because It’s Funny. It’s Funny That You’re Alone But You [Dress] Like That. 

Hyuna: I’m Not A Weird Person Who Does That Every Day. There Are Times I Dress Comfortably To Bed, Too. There Are Times I even Wear Just Long Pants. 

Lee Soo Min: I Also Like Pretty Pajamas. That’s Why I Have A Lot Of One-pieces At Home. But When I Wear Those To Sleep, The Skirt Rides Up. 


beast through the years.

you mean more to me then i’ll ever be able to express. i’ll forever be a b2uty. i’m thankful for these past six years and thankful for the many more to follow. let’s see each other for a long time. thank you for everything. 

happy 6th anniversary