How to Change Username and Home Directory for Mac on OS X Yosemite

Have you ever wanted to change your username on Mac? When you opened your Mac for the first time, you may have set up your user with a weird name. Don’t worry, you can change the name. Here, you will learn how to change your short username (account name) and full name. Each user has two…(read more)
Yosemite, California (April 2015)

Among the different places we’ve gone into during our trip to America, Yosemite was the only place we went to for the first time and I LOVED IT. Yosemite is a national park located in the central eastern portion of California.  The whole place felt absolutely breathtaking! Made me feel like i’m one with nature. From the healthy early morning sun to seeing families biking around to taking long walks with a cup of coffee in hand to camping in different areas of Yosemite. The place really does have the serendipity!

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Rest in Peace Dean. You were a true inspiration and visionary. The entire climbing community is grieving today because we have lost one of our greats. Dean pushed the limits. Dean made possible what people said he couldn’t do. Thank you Dean for showing the world who you are and how you viewed it. You have changed my perception every time I watched one of your interviews. Next time i’m in the valley, i will truly honor your spirit.. for it will live on forever.