yosamite sam

I want to read a Baffy story where, when Lola goes on her randomly falls head over heels spree (which she has, i think, twice in the Looney Tunes Show? Once for Pepe Le Pew and then for Daffy when she got him to say what ‘all women want to hear’), she dumps and leaves Bugs and Bugs is like legit upset about it. Like maybe he was feeling close to popping the question, or he was starting to think about asking her to move in with him– just a huge life change to show how committed he was to her. And then, BAM, that happens. And for once Daffy steps in as ‘so in sync and ready for Bugs’ needs’. (Makes me think of the episode where they were both on the same page dealing with Yosamite Sam.) But yeah, Daffy actually had big plans that night, plans he swore would make him a billionaire… and he cancels them for Bugs, because he knows his best bud needs him. (Which was honestly a good thing because that night the group he was going to meet up ended up being criminals and caught by the police.)

So yeah, Bugs and Daffy go out on a big ‘guys night out’ of their life where Bugs really gets a chance to remember why he actually enjoys having Daffy around. Have this clarity spread over time, maybe a span of a week, where Bugs just lets himself be a part of daffy’s schemes and way of life and suddenly getting an ‘oh shit’ moment of realizing that he’s in love with Daffy.

The problem, though, is that Daffy is oblivious to this and happily still dating Tina. So that leaves Bugs Bunny, for once in his life, in an underdog situation. He’s not used to not getting the girl at the end of the day. He’s not used to life making him suffer some in a situation he can’t just instantly fix through quick thinking and out manuevering some opponent. 

So yeah… that would be nice to see. Mostly because i feel it’s a lot easier to write the couple from Daffy is in love with Bugs pov. Bugs is the ultimate guy to look up to, to inspire to be! Everybody falls for him. But Daffy is a charming trash can– let’s see Mr. Right fall for Mr. Wrong.