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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 2 Full Translation.


Report 1 (Part2/2)

I did another full translation, for chapter 2 this time, enjoy!


“It’s from Abarai kun. Can’t we gather this evening?”

Hinamori Momo’s name is also in the address field.

“Is Hinamori san also invited?…what about you?”

Understanding, and simply raising his face to reply, Genji smiled and placed his hand on the piled documents.

“Can’t you see this Lieutenant Kira?”

“….I will give your regards to everyone, Principle of the Academy”

That said, Izuru also returned the smile.

Whilst the two were talking about the situation, a woman with black hair flew in from outside the open window. Her shiny ponytail swayed with the movement of her head.

“Are you having fun?”

With both hands at her waist, she laughed, it was Shihoin Yoruichi.

“Greetings, Shihoin Sensei!”

“It’s been a while, Shihoin san”

The two tried to stand up but were halted by her hand, Yoruichi lowered her back somewhere across from Izuru.

“Well, the first time in half a year Kira. Are you getting along well with Otoribashi?

Captain of the third division, Rojuro Otoribashi, has a deep understanding of music, not only for appreciating musical composition, but also enjoying the act of playing musical instruments as a hobby.

When Yoruichi was serving as the head of the Shihoin clan, Rojuro would sometimes commission the Gagaku* squad of the Shihoin clan to repair and tune instruments that he brought from the human world.

(*note: Gagaku is a type of classical, ancient Japanese imperial court music). The relationship that existed between these two is an old friendship. Once or twice a year Yoruichi visits the offices of the 3rd division bearing gifts from the human world. On the occasions they would exchange words a few times, Izuru became an acquaintance as a result.

“uhh well, as it is. I’ve gotten used to musical performances during my duties also.”

“… You can get used to it?”

Izuru shrugged his shoulders to Genji’s question. At the headquarters and offices of the 3rd division many musical instruments are placed, lined up side by side, depending on the mood of Rojuro however, the musical performance can start during duties with disregard for others. At first Izuru criticised it, but since after the musical performances he noticed his work efficiency improve remarkably, he tolerated it.

“You turn a blind eye to it! If you took up musical instruments from that guy, nothing is left!”

“I won’t do anything”

Yoruichi nonchalant at disregarding Genji’s chiding glance. These two people seem to be doing well, Izuru smiled from his inner heart.

“By the way…. How is the work of a lecturer? Shihoin Sensei”

“Ha! Youngsters tease me…”

After a fleeting glance at Izuru, Yoruichi transferred a large scrap of paper into Genji’s palm.

“Persons who have their names here can already enlist in due form”

Genji looked at the written down names, grunting and eagerly nodding in agreement.

“What are these circles affixed to these kids?”

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