Children Speaking Your Target Language

We all know that children speaking your target language is The Greatest Thing On This Earth so I decided to link some videos of children speaking different languages. Feel free to add, even if it’s another video in a language I’ve already linked!




















“Yemoja”, illustrated by Mikael Quites

ARTIST COMMENTARY: Yemoja, one of the main orishas of the [Ifa] religion, and afro-brazilian mysticism. I wanted to show a different version of her, inspired by the shapes and powers of the sea. I did this image for the wonderful “Contos de Orun Àiyé”, a comic book project by Hugo Canuto.

Will I have black skin in heaven?
Will my nose be this wide?
My mother doesn’t have an answer.
She rocks me to sleep with slave songs
passed down through the pulpit,
and when I am baptized
there is blood in the water.
I never find God in a white cathedral,
but I always smell Jesus in the sidewalk cracks
when white boys shove me down.
Jesus, too,
must have breathed dust.
Forty acres and a mule, says my father.
Forty lashes for a fool, says my mother.
In church camp, I am taught gospel songs
and then rain dances,
for the days when God takes too long to answer.
Some days God is called Olukun
or Agayu.
The gods all share a table.
Black is power, says the pastor.
My mother has black diamond skin,
but my father’s is pale, like an empty raincloud,
so I fall somewhere in between.
When my mother says I would’ve been a house slave
while she toiled in the field,
I can’t tell which one of us she’s ashamed of.
Black is power, says the pastor again,
and plays Amazing Grace.
I’ve learned to make music
from goatskin drums and broken bones.
I wonder if I’ll be black in heaven.
My mother doesn’t have an answer.
But it would be a shame if
I’ve spent a lifetime learning to survive in this skin
just to have Him take it away.
—  Will I Be Black in Heaven?

Oduduwa by Ayo Adelagun

Artist commentary: “Oduduwa,was the 1st Ooni, King of Ile-Ife with the titles “Olofin”. His name, phonetically written by Yoruba language-speakers as Odùduwà and sometimes contracted as Ooduwa, Odudua or Oòdua, is generally ascribed to the ancestral dynasties of Yorubaland because he is held by the Yoruba to have been the ancestor of their numerous crowned kings. Following his posthumous deification, he was admitted to the Yoruba pantheon as an aspect of a primordial divinity of the same name.”

Her dance is the most sensual. Laughs as Yemaya and shakes her arms to sound her bracelets. Oshun raises her arms above her body to show her enchantment. While dancing, makes voluptuous movements and calls for sex to men with her outstretched hands and makes sudden movements of the hips. She asks for honey, showing the sweetness of sex and life. She can at times imitate of rowing a boat. When she combs her hair or admires herself in the mirror, she looks over to those around her.


It’s big girl appreciation day! 2016 has been a year full of stress and revelations. Stress regarding my last year in school, life, jobs, and relationships. I’ve learned that I am not defined by the fact that I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve never needed one. I’m yoruba, female, and the eldest of three. I’ve grown up with the fact that I have to focus on my future. And I have. I’m proud that I’m finishing my last year in university. I’ve learned to love my curves because I am not my body. There is more to me than my boobs, ass, or stomach. I am smart, funny, a whole lot of sass, and caring. And if people can’t see past my body their loss 😊
Happy big girl appreciation day to those who struggle to see past their flaws, and who rely on others for validation. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE YOURSELF FOR ANYONE. @karayray1