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Am I the only one that remembers that time Zak took off his shirt to "provoke" the evil entities in a house Or he just took it off for some dumb reason to show off dem shoulders and abs

oh yes

this was during the Yorktown Hospital episode I think, and if I remember correctly, he took it off to piss off the spirits of nuns

dem shoulders indeed

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reunion fic post star trek: beyond for @gayladypilots (spoilers for st:b)


The hospital is crowded when Hikaru arrives - doctors and nurses running back and forth from one patient to another, too many littering the halls as a sentiment to how underprepared the hospital actually is. He pushes his way through the middle, nudges people out of the way and ducks under outstretched arms, because he feels unstable on his legs and he thinks he might drop if he stops.

He’d stumbled from the Enterprise, and immediately asked where his family was. The Starfleet operative was helpful enough, but there are four hospitals on Yorktown with close to a three million people currently registered upon the space station, and he doesn’t even know where to begin. Chekov does - the little genius breaks through the backdoor of Starfleet’s security to find out where Ben’s identification last binged, and then fixes it upon exit.

“I will need to speak to Admiral Harding about these upgrades…” Chekov murmurs absentmindedly, and Hikaru is thanking him aggressively, informs him to tell the Captain where he will be and takes off.

The Memoria is the closest to the crash site, and Hikaru knows that means they were right there. The knowledge makes his chest hurt, and worry makes him move faster.

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